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charlie111 03-17-2011 01:23 AM

Alternative Aircraft
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Check my concept of a Rotarywing Aircraft Charlie 111 Almost finished with a new and improved version.The one in the photo is the first prototype!! Thanks

TruBlu02 03-22-2011 06:28 AM

RE: Alternative Aircraft
Looks cool! Has it flown yet?

charlie111 03-22-2011 04:38 PM

RE: Alternative Aircraft
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The first prototype lifted but, has'nt made a flight yet.I now have an 8 ft rotating wing that weighs grams the 1st weighed about a pound and a half.It now weighs about a lb. and a half total with motors capable of 30.000 r.p.m.s The first one was built quike without much forthought and I soon found out I needed a counter rotating prop for one side reversing the motor rotation was easy.But, the rotation is now reversed on the rotating wing allowing me to use stock props on both sides giving me an equal airflow on both sides!! Thanks for the compliment! I don't know why they have'nt thought about building them this way.There safer and won't hurt the enviornment at all if they are made rechargable full scale?

charlie111 03-23-2011 01:26 PM

RE: Alternative Aircraft
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It should'nt be long befor it's completed .Mounting the motors and making a cowl for them.But' I can only work with fiberglass when our friends go home seems they don't want to smell it.I'll try to take some pictures and mail them to my email.That way I might be able to send you some pictures of the progress?I am new at cell phones and computers? Charlie 111

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