Greetings, just received the Alien Aircraft F4U Corsair kit in the mail, and because I like to build as much as fly, I'm interested in other forum reader's opinions on the kit and what changes, if any, they made. All of my adult years building and flying experience has been with larger scale nitro airplanes, so the small size of this model will in itself be a challenge.
Some things I will change along the way:
(1) Single servo for the ailerons, to make room for ...
(2) Another servo for flaps. A Corsair must have working flaps.
(3) Rudder connection will be pull-pull and inside the fuselage.
(4) Elevator connection will be inside the fuselage.
Last but not least (I need suggestions here)
(5) Electric retracts for small airplanes. I know they are out there. Suggestions based on experience?
Thanks in advance, I might to a photo build sequence on the project if there is any interest. Bill Tucker