I'm always looking for inexpensive colored tissue for covering stick/tissue models and doing very light weight trims for anything else with a doped finish. Yesterday I took a chance (big chance, a whopping $1.00) on a package of colored tissue paper I found at the Dollar Tree chain of dollar stores.

Colored tissue needs to do three things:[ul][*] Shrink a bit, but not so much it crushes delicate structures after being wetted[*] Be color fast when wet down with an atomizer[*] Be color fast when doped
[/ul]Other dollar store tissues I've taken a shot on failed the color fastness tests and bled all over the place (Chinese stuff). This Dollar Tree stuff is different. It doesn't bleed in water or with dope, and the shrink was just right. At 30 sheets for a buck its hard to go wrong! There were several colors in the package pretty much matching those on the package wrapper in the pic. After hitting the blue with a thinned coat of nitrate dope it seemed like the color became even more vibrant. Good stuff

One of the best things about this Dollar Tree tissue -- its made in the USA