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gm2282 12-26-2012 07:41 AM

Dumas 1800 rc 35" waco wmf-5 E-kit
Hi out there ! Iwas wondering if anybody has built an flown a dumas 1800 rc waco 35"wmf-5 e -kit got one for x-mas and how should i power it for outside/inside flite ? new to E-FLITE wiffies said this is more my size! (HA-HA)???? fly giant scale . where should i look to find motor/esc / an what size? thanks email is gregmesecar@yahoo.com in case you dont want to use threads on rcu thanks

P-39 fan 02-06-2013 10:45 AM

RE: Dumas 1800 rc 35
Hi Greg, I have built this Dumas Waco. It is one of the better Dumas kits. I flew outdoors, but only in light winds. You can use 2- 9 gram servos, a 20 amp esc, and a small brushless motor of about 125-175 watts. I flew mine on a 1300, 3 cell lipo and the balance came out per plan without additional wt needed. I think that a power to wt ratio of about 60-80 watts per pound should work. I covered mine with litetex, a lightwieght iron on fabric material that can be bought in various colors. Good luck on your build.

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