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edwal07 01-27-2010 01:49 PM

NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
Hello fellow hobbists,
In this forum I plan on doing a thorough full build post of the FlyModel Ultimate 50cc (sold by NitroPlanes) and the DLA56 engine. I will address issues on the construction of the ARF, both positive and negative. I plan on using the DLA56 engine on the nose, and will give honest figures of thrust and running abilities. For pictures, full documentation, I am planning on doing a User Review in RCUniverse, but waiting for the Plane and Engine to be listed for this to occur. I will have my engine on the 28th of Jan. I have had the plane for over 2 weeks and only checked it for shipping damage. It is packed pretty well with no dings or dents. The yellow and white with black trim looks great, the decals are in color, red and black and look fantastic. I know the price is great, but we all are leary when something is priced many dollars below the top end line. But that is what I am after, the most bang for the buck, names are just that names, I don't pay for names just to say I have one. I look for quality and dependability, in this post that is what we are looking for. Just because it costs less are we getting less? We will see! I have seen a few yaks of the top brand and the same Yak from a competitor that without the name engraved or decals, they are almost identical.
Stay with me and we will do this thing together. Your opinions are welcomed, your suggestions cherished. Lets have fun! We will see how this baby flies.
You can see the plane at [link=http://www.nitroplanes.com]NitroPlanes[/link]

edwal07 02-02-2010 02:23 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
As of today 2/2/10, I am awaiting my Pitts Muffler, Smoke Pump and associated items for installation. I have the plane, receiver, servos, fuel and smoke tanks, engine, opto kill switch, batteries, switches (one for the engine and one for the receiver), engine, spinner, and prop. I hope to begin at the middle of the month of February. I wanted all the options ready and available once construction starts. Just wanted to update on the progress.

Texastbird 02-11-2010 02:39 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
Have you tried to run that engine yet?

edwal07 02-11-2010 04:59 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
No, I haven't, but it has been run for over an hour by someone else and performed well. I know him well, otherwise I would not have bought it.

georbeckha 02-27-2010 09:42 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
I have had the Ultimate 50cc from Nitroplanes for over a year (Purchased on their Black Friday sale in 2008!!) and have only just started to build it.
I also got their Yak 54 50cc at the same time and that is still in a box to! LOL

Anyhow, I have been working on mine on and off now for a couple of weeks. Power is going to be an Aerovare 52cc Twin and XOAR 20x10 prop.

I have a few pictures of it so far on our club's site as well as our forum
[link=http://pictures.********aces.com/The_Flying_Aces_R_C_Club_Picture_Gallery/sf3_thumbs0.htm]Ultimate Pictures[/link]
[link=http://www.********aces.com/SMF2/index.php?topic=19.0]Club Forum Build Notes[/link]

I am impressed with the hardware pack they give with this plane. Even if they are 3 short on the ends for the pushrods (In my kit anyways) so it is just as well I have a few spare in my parts drawers.

I have noticed that the ply where the lower wing location dowls push thru is quite light and flimsy so I am pobably going to reinforce the insides with a little Carbon Fiber strand - Just in case. I may do the same with the area around the Elevator Servo's as well.
So far no major modifications have neen needed except for a larger hole was needed in the firewall to make room for the carb etc. That area may get the Carbon Fiber strand treetment as well as the toothpicks into the firewall for reinforcment.


edwal07 03-01-2010 10:15 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
Good job George,
Looking mighty good. I still haven't been able to get the time to start my ultimate. I am finishing up a Crashstoration of my Pitts 30% that I made parts out of last July. My wife bought it for me at Perry Ga. last year and the agreement was I had to finish restoring the Pitts before any other project. I need to finish sanding the wings and then everything will be ready to recover. I have been itching to get the Ultimate out of the box and start the build.
Keep me updated on your progress. I too am impressed with the linkages. I have a set of hardware from the AeroWorks 20-300 just in case I get the urge to update, but want to stay with the assembly as shipped for the build review. Of course updates and mods will be noted where needed.
I also beef up the firewall on all my models. Doweling and pinning as needed with aluminum angle and bolts if needed. With a powerhouse up front you need all you can get, or have peace of mind that it won't unwind while flying.

edwal07 03-30-2010 01:17 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
Sorry about posting. I have been really busy at work and still restoring my Pitts. Next week, should be the offical start of building. I have all the items ready to install, and really excited about the DLA 56. I also build Field Stands which I have been doing since the weather has improved. Check out my website at [link=http://Eds Flight stands]www.edsrcfieldstands.com [/link]and you can see my stands. Will update as soon as the process has started. I have heard some good things about the DLA 112's on other forums, I just hope the 56 will do as good.

edwal07 08-12-2010 08:25 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
1 Attachment(s)
Sorry it has taken me so long to get the Ultimate going. But it is in full swing. I started the assembly and inspection of the parts as I went. The ailerons were very straight forward with 4 hinges per wing half which I considered ok, however out of all the hinges one was assembled wrong, therefore I bought robart hinges to upgrade as I would need more later. As I started the stab and elevators it was immediately evident the elevators did not have enough hinges, only 2 per side, not enough. I used dowels to fill the holes and drilled holes for three hinges per side. The rudder only had three and none at the bottom to help support the control input plus the tail wheel, so I added another hinge at the very bottom to help with the torque of the rudder control horn and to help stabilize the tail wheel.
The stabilizer is slid into the fuse. After cutting the covering I saw very little support or glue area to hold the stab. I will add more epoxy thru the servo hole mounts to the bottom of the stab to help secure it in place.
Mounting the motor opened up another area of interest. I found the ply doubler on the left front was seperated and not glued. The firewall is held in with 4 tabs and slots with angular supports. However the two on the very front were misshaped and one not fully complete. The glue was only splotchy at best, a small tweek with a screwdriver and the left side came off, the top of the right was just as bad, but at least the bottom part had some glue. I removed both and cut 2 pieces of 1/4" hardwood and glued them in place. I added epoxy to the sides and clamped the front in place until the glue dried. Then I drilled and pinned (1/8" dowels drilled thru the sides into the braces) the sides to prevent any problems in the future.
The DLA 56 and its' included supports were an exact fit, the distance from the firewall to the spinner should be 6.52", the DLA and its standoffs are 6.75", the cowl should be a nice fit. Very little cutting will be required on the firewall as the carb is good in its position. The Pitts muffler bolted right on and had no interference problems. There is a support buss mounted on the muffler that will fit even with firewall, so I intend to run an "L" bracket from the firewall to the buss.
Here are a couple pics of the progress. Will add more after this weekend.

edwal07 08-16-2010 12:25 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
8/13/10 - Progressing slowly but here is what I have found out since I started building it. (1)The triangle braces on the front of the firewall are miss shaped and have maybe 2 drops of glue on them, tear them off and replace them. (2) The bolts for the landing gear mount were the wrong size. (3) I was missing 1 set of aileron control linkages (Nitro Planes sent them to me after a phone call, really quick.) (4) ReGlue every seam, joint, etc.. that you can reach and try for those you can't. (5) The firewall is not secure enough, drill 1/8" holes from the side into the middle of the firewall and pin with 1/8" hardwood dowels. (6) There is an added page which shows a tailwheel with springs and according to their website it is for 50-150cc planes, the one included in my kit is for 40-60 size which is the one shown in the instructions. (7) The instructions are very simple and leave alot to be desired in translation, definately not a first time kit, only for an experienced builder. (8) I added 2, 1/2x1/4" inch braces across the inside bottom of the fuse forward of the radio tray and just behind the lower wing dowel to provide more support if you pick the plane up from the bottom. (9) The cutouts on the wings for the servos are to small and need to be widned and lengthened for your servo to go in. (10) I do not like the exit for the servo wire on the lower wing as it is at the forward part of the wing and makes you have to reach into the plane to get the wire, a "Y" will fix this for you, but still is aggravating to get to. (11) The lower wing mounting bolt is hard to reach and has very little room to install. (12) While the rudder support is substantial the stabilizer has little or no area to glue to, make sure once you install the stab, turn the plane upside down and add epoxy in the stab area where the side of the fuse meets the stab. (13) The elevators came drilled for only 2 hinges per side, I used dowels to fill these holes and redrilled for 3 hinges per side. (14) The rudder needs one more hinge at the very bottom to help and support the linkage and tail wheel.
That is all I have up to this point, I have mounted a DLA56 on the nose and it is just right on the length from the firewall with its included standoffs. I am starting the control linkage installation, servo, radio, and electronic installation. After that the fuel and smoke tanks and the final touches. I will keep this forum up to date on my progress. The review will be posted on RCUniverse when I am completed.
Thanks, any questions please ask.

edwal07 08-16-2010 12:28 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
1 Attachment(s)
Hello again,
I have joined the top wing together and firmly glued the inside of the rib area. I also added a dowel in the large hole behind the joiner just for extra protection. It fit really nice with very little gap which filled in with epoxy. A strip of covering would make it look even better if I could match it. I have contacted the factory and received a reply about the tail wheel assembly, as the manual has an added page with a tail wheel with springs and longer. They say the one I have is correct and will send me a picture of it, I can say it was a one day response, fast. I also addressed a couple issues I had on the glue joints. Last night I installed the servos in the elevators and wings. Linkage comes tonight. I am planning on installing a 32oz fuel tank and a 24oz smoke tank which fit perfectly behind the motor to just aft of the tray above the wing tube. Plenty of room in the fuse for the A123 batteries, 2 for the plane and 1 on a regulator for the engine. More pics to follow on the engine installation.
The engine is mounted in position. The pitts muffler has a mounting boss on the right side. I took a 1/2" x 1" Stanley L bracket and cut it down to size and drilled new holes which was then bolted to the muffler and then screwed to the fuse, hopefully that will help to prevent any vibration cracks I have experienced on other Pitts Mufflers. I will add more pics tonight.

charlesp 08-18-2010 08:04 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
Do u have a gap between thebottom wing and the fuse? I have a gap on both sidesd was wondering if ti was the eay it was builf. thx

edwal07 08-18-2010 12:39 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post

ORIGINAL: charlesp

Do u have a gap between thebottom wing and the fuse? I have a gap on both sidesd was wondering if ti was the eay it was builf. thx
First check to see if the wing tube is bottoming out in the wings. If you only have one wing installed will the wing pull up flush when the holding bolt is installed? If it does maybe the wing tube is to long and bottoming out inside the wings. Push one wing in all the way and install the holding bolt.Install the otherwing, as you push thewingon the tube does it stop before it reaches the tube and do you have a gap only on that side? If it does thenthat is the problem.Holding the wing with light pressure toward the fusemake a mark on the tube at the fuse and at the wing rib.Remove the tubeand measure the distance between the marks you just made, remeasure one more time, then mark and cut that amountyou measured fromone end of the tube, that will solve that problem. Recheck the fit, you may have to trim again, better to cut off to little than too much.

I am fitting the wings now. I glued the top wing instead of leaving it in two pieces as I had heard of problems on the ribs seperation at the end where the wings go together and added glue inside before joining the wing halves.
I placed the bottom wings on but did not put in the bolts to hold them in so they could move during fitting. I installed the top wing and had trouble with the wing braces. It seemed as though I was pushing the bottom wing down. I measured the distance from the middle of the leading edges. I had 14 1/2" on one side and 15" on the other, something was just not right. I removed the braces and shifted the upper wing around again and installed the braces. Now I have 15" from the middle to the ends on both sides, really quirky, I have no idea. I do have a small gap toward the front of the bottom wing and along the top where it meets the fuse. I am really not happy with the setup. I am planning on changing the small holding bolt to a larger one, of course you will have to replace the blind nut in the wings but I think that is a good thing. I will let you know more tomorrow after I change the bolts and do a little more tweaking on the wings just to make sure they are right. I also want to put my incidence meter on both wings to see where they are. On a Bipe you want about a +1 to +1.5 degree positive incidence between the top and bottom wing so the top wing will stall first. You want a 0 degree incidence on the bottom. Will update you on what I find out.

charlesp 08-19-2010 07:38 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
I did check and the tube is not bottoming out. When i put the bolt in to tighten the wing to the fuse the gap is still there on both sides


charlesp 08-19-2010 07:39 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
srry gap is on the LE

edwal07 08-19-2010 03:54 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
Yes just a quick check and I also have a small gap where the leading edge meets the fuse. Let me ponder on it some and see if there is something that we can do about it. The easiest would be to take a piece of balsa and shape it to fit into the gap, mark the outline of the wing and do a primary cut, then sand it to contour with the wing. I will look closer at it tonight and see if there is enough covering overlapping the rib to put in a spacer and reiron the covering. Will update later.

charlesp 08-19-2010 08:02 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
ok thats what I was planing on doing also. I wanted to make sure it wasnt just my plane. Did u get hardwere with your plane? all i got was the tail wheel and bracket.

edwal07 08-19-2010 09:40 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
I rechecked and found only a slight gap once the bolts were installed, nothing I would worry about, they fit really good. How much gap do you have. Did you buy this kit new? You didn't get any hardware with this kit other than the tail wheel? I really don't understand unless you bought a used kit from someone.

charlesp 08-20-2010 12:04 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
plane is new ored this last xmass from my girlfienr for me. When i got it i didnt check that everything was there cuse i didnt want to lose anything. and now its ben 8 months since then and she bought it ealy too. What was I supose to get?


edwal07 08-20-2010 01:09 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
  You said all you got was a tail wheel?  No other hardware, ie: landing gear, cabanes, upper wing mounting supports, control rods, pull pull cables, wheels, nuts and bolts?  Go to nitro planes and look at the picture with all the parts in it, you will see bags of hardware.  If you don't have any of these, call Nitro Planes with your order number and tell them, see what they will do.
 I got mine in January, started it at the end of July and I was short 2 aileron linkages, they sent them to me, and it took only 3 days.

charlesp 08-23-2010 06:34 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
srry what i mean is I dont have any controle hardwareie. rods hornes that kinda thing. Dont even know I this bird is supose to have them as this is my first gasser and big plane/

edwal07 08-23-2010 07:20 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
You should have alieron, rudder, and elevator linkage rods, rod ends and thru surface attachment points plus all nuts, bolts and screws. Center cabane mounts, outer cabane strut mounts, landing gear, wheels, wheel pants, tail wheel assembly, and all their mounting hardware.
When you say control hardware are you speaking of Servos and servo arms? They include servo arms in this kit. I am confused when you say control hardware. If this is your first big kit may I ask how many planes have you built? According to my experience so far with this plane it is definately not a first time kit, there are many things I have ran into that would be disasterious for the first time builder, especially with the manual and lack of explanation. If you are not a first time builder, please look carefully as you build and pay attention to everything.
I have just about completely thrown out 80% of the hardware and used different materials, ie: nuts, bolts, screws, and control linkage. To soft for me. A picture of what you have would speak a thousand words. What engine are you planning on putting on this plane?

edwal07 08-23-2010 07:40 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
1 Attachment(s)
This weekend I worked on setting up the control linkage. The aileron linkage they sent me which I was missing is correct except the attachment points are to short, about an inch shorter than the two I had. The more I looked at the linkage the less I liked it, the threads on the rods to shallow, just not enough "bite" for me on the rod ends, seems like a possible area for them to pull out of the rod ends.
In the beginning I stated that I wanted to see the quality of this kit! How it builds, and the hardware supplied. At first glance the hardware looks good and really complete, it is! However it is not top quality material. I however did not expect it to be due to the price, but I had hoped it would be better than it is.
I ordered the hardware from the Aeroworks 20-300 to use on a rebuild of a 29% Pitts. I am glad I did as the control horns, aileron linkage and rod ends fit this bird perfectly. I like the left and right hand threads on the rods with the boss in the middle which makes adjustment very finite and easy. I also ordered the tail wheel to go on this plane, I am just not satisified with the one that came with it.
I would have used all the hardware for this review, "but" I did not want a plane that I would feel unsure of come flying time. And I also wanted to give others ideas how to upgrade this ARF if they so chose. I am sure the plane would fly with what came with it, for how long, that I could not say, that is my reasoning on upgrading and adding to. Just a matter of quality and dependability.
As you can see in the photos below the Aeroworks control rods/ends and control horns. You can see the offset of the control horns, installed as Aeroworks directs in their manuals and products. You can also see at full deflection that the rod is now straight in line between the servo and control horn, which gives just a slight bit more of deflection than if you mounted it straight at the neutral position.
As you can see, this is why I went with the Aeroworks control rods, you can see the shallow threads on the lower rod and it sems to be made out of light aluminum, the upper rod had deeper threads of which I feel more comfortable knowing it will hold in the rod end.
Also a photo of the upper center cabane mount that I made out of 3 pieces of 3/16" ply to correct the wing spacing explained in a previous post. I used an outer cabane strut to mark and match the cut on each piece of ply. Then take the middle piece and trace the mounting tabs on the wing so that when you glue the pieces together they will push down into the mount and fit snuggly up against the wing. This allowed me to move the upper wing up 1/2" in the center to match the outer cabane strut braces which were 15" center to center on the leading edges. I covered the bottom edge of the mount before glueing to the wing allowing me to dowel the original mounting tabs to the mount and cutting flush with the sides, a more secure mount. Then cover both sides. It looks good and also makes the mounting very strong.

charlesp 08-24-2010 08:46 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
This is not my first build, just my first gasser.I have built and fly all types of planes. Three of witch were not ARF. Primo 80. Dazzler, Extra 300,( ARF ) F5F Hellcat, P40 warhawlk, P51, Mustang, Yack 54, Cesna 40, Ultrasport 40 just to name a few. I just dont know if the large birds (gassers) come with linkage rods, rod ends and surface attachment as manny pilots like myself will probly just buy the stuff any way. I do that with alot of the arf kits becouse i just dont trust them.I am to poor to go cheap


edwal07 08-24-2010 09:41 AM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
  Yes this kit should come with all that hardware.  However I like you tend to replace anything in question as per my last post.  If you do not have those items call Nitro Planes and explain what you have and what happened.  They should help you out.  You can get a hardware kit from Aeroworks for about 65.00 for the 20-300 ultimate which has all the items you will need except for the elevator rods which you can make up yourself.
  I just wanted to know your level of experience since you said this is your first  big gasser.  Be glad to help however I can.

edwal07 08-28-2010 06:03 PM

RE: NitroPlanes Ultimate 50cc and DLA56 - Full Build Post
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After an off week we start up again on the Ultimate. Wiring including ailerons, receiver, switches, ignition switch, ignition, and ignition battery with regulator.
The center cabane rear supports need to be removed to install the aileron wiring connectors and then reinstalled. I used yellow tie wraps to secure the wiring to the struts to match the color scheme. I made a custom "Y" harness for the upper and lower ailerons, one "Y" for the top ailerons then about an 8" straight and then another "Y" spliced in with a 10" pigtail to plug into the receiver. I used 10" because I used a ferrite ring on the end of the harness to help and reduce noise. These rings can be purchased from Horizon Hobbies. I use these extensively on any long rus of servo wiring when using a gasser with electronic ignition. You run your wire into the ring and wrap it a minimum of three turns and keep the ring as close to the receiver as possible, they work extremely well.
The ignition battery was mounted on the left engine box and the ignition on the right side engine box. The DLA 56 comes with a Rexcel Electronic Ignition. Wiring loom is included to wrap your wiring to prevent chaffing especially where it enters and leaves the motor box. I use tie wraps to secure any loose wiring. Lowes Home Improvement Stores sell adhesive tie wrap mounts that work great to apply to the fuse and then tie wrap your wiring harness, they come 10 to the pack for less than $3.00. Makes things nice and neat and keeps them in place.
An extension for the remote receiver and mounted halfway between the hatch opening and tail with velcro. Pull-Pull cables and control arm were installed. Batteries, smoke pump, fuel and smoke tanks, and fuel and smoke dots are on the menu for the next work session. Getting close, but still lots to do.

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