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Searsey 02-23-2010 05:31 PM

Planes for a VPP 4D Flying
<span style="font-size: larger">What is a good foam plane for indoor 4D flying using a VPP? Anyone know the model airplane and what motorRJ Gritter uses on the youtube videoat theETOCevent in 2009</span>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl0EXJ0RUkA
<span style="font-size: larger">I am new to this fourm so I maybe in the wrong section, any help would be appreciated.

devinatoraviator 04-14-2010 08:50 AM

RE: Planes for a VPP 4D Flying
I don't know what motor RJ Gritter was using at ETOC but a good plane for a VPP setup would be and Electrifly Flatouts series plane and Electriflys VPP setup. It comes with motor and a template for the servo cutout. Alls you need is another servo to operate the prop pitch. My only problem with the Flatouts series is the hinging system with the carbon fiber rods and snap hinges. Get rid of it bevel the surfaces and use hinge tape.


The link above is a review on the Electrifly VPP system on rcu.

FLYBOY 05-29-2010 09:12 PM

RE: Planes for a VPP 4D Flying
I bought the VPP setup and found it to be a POS. The servo doesn't have enough to control the prop. any other suggestions?

exeter_acres 05-29-2010 09:45 PM

RE: Planes for a VPP 4D Flying
RJ is flying the MX2, his own design.
Can be purchased at Fancy Foam

The VPP setup (and about the only one that really works) is the Mamo Models VPP setup.

He is using the Hacker A20-34S
He uses a 2S setup...some guys use this with a 3S.

varun3d 12-24-2010 05:34 AM

RE: Planes for a VPP 4D Flying
Please help me with this . Where can i find the whole setup as in:

1- the plane i require or suggested planes
2- the esc etc
3- the vpp motor and controller(most important)

The plane preffered are flatouts. I want to know the whole set up i.e. what to order.

As there are no updated posts on this matter.

varun3d 12-24-2010 05:38 AM

RE: Planes for a VPP 4D Flying
Can you please help me what motor to buy with the fancy foam model Mx 2 also which vpp setup.

thanking you in advance again


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