Again a good question. Check my videos and share you opinions.

As per my own opinion goes. I flew V100D03 and then V100D08 and I find that though V100D03 with WK-2801 Pro radio can do lots of 3D but still V100D08 offers more power, more head speed and better stability doing 3D.

Its durable too and total flying weight with battery is just 63g wow ain't that something

Some people asked me to compare it with mcpx. I have it and i flown it too, but again comparing something new to something old doesn't make sense. You want a comparison review, well watching videos and flying one all by yourself can easily tell you which one is better.

Walkera has come a long way and I like their new mini indoor helis and performance they offer. Of course there are things need to be improved and I am sure with feedback from users like us, Walkera will do those improvements asap.

on our maiden flight we managed to break battery tray, and tail rotor but thats not a biggie. Best thing is the thing keeps flying and keeps ripping 3D without problems.

Check the videos and share your opinion. Would love to hear from people what do they think of new V100D08

AliShanMao from