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Review: The Walkera Super FP

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Default Review: The Walkera Super FP

Hey guys,
I was contacted not long ago by one of Lightake.com's staff, Mr. Zhou, who asked me to do a review and possibly select products for them to sell (They are starting to focus their efforts on hobby grade products). I picked the Mini CP, the QR Ladybird and the star of this review, the Super FP. Not much needs to be said about the Mini CP and the Ladybird... They are well known and have their own dedicated threads which provide great info for owners and shoppers alike.

This review was written on May 7th, 2012. Information regarding this helicopter may change as Walkera improves the receiver and parts... but you can trust that, although this sample was provided by a company, I am completely honest in the review and I am receiving no financial compensation (besides the sample itself.) So feel free to discuss every aspect (Good and bad) of this helicopter in this thread. Still feel unsure if this helicopter is right for you? PM me and I'll try to analyze your situation for you, if I have time.


The Walkera Super FP is the newest member of a new generation of Micro flybarless fixed-pitch helicopters, like the Blade MsrX and the Walkera V120D01. Utilizing 3 axis gyros, these helicopters are great for beginners because of their simple rotor structure, efficiency and stable-yet-maneuverable flight performance. These flybarless fixed pitched birds sure have come a long way since the still relatively recent Solo Pro, MSR, Trex 100, V911 and 9958 helicopters (Which are also fixed pitched but aren't as maneuverable.) Flybar strikes and the toilet bowl effect are things of the past.

Now onto the Super FP itself.

The Super FP is a fixed pitch helicopter built on the popular Mini CP platform. It is marketed at beginners stepping up from coaxial or fixed pitch helicopters with flybars. Parts are mostly interchangeable with those of the Mini CP or the Genius CP...though there are parts that are unique to this helicopter. (namely the rotorhead, the RX board, the servo holder frame and the servos themselves.)


Inside the package that I received is the RTF version of the Super FP. Contents of the box include the following:
1x Super FP helicopter
1x 3.7V 240mah battery
1x GA006 battery charger
1x 2402D (Devention 4 channel) Transmitter
2x Instruction manual CDs
1x Instruction manual booklet
and some spare parts.


The Ready-to-fly (RTF) package includes the 2402D transmitter, which is the most basic transmitter available from Walkera's Devention line. I like that it is 2.4Ghz, meaning that the signals are stable and interference is rare. However, the transmitter does lack features that are helpful to beginners- things like dual rates and the telemetry function that the helicopter itself features. I hope that revisions would be made in the future for these features to be added onto the TX. That said, the transmitter's performance is more than adequate for this 4 channel bird. If you are a beginner and you like this hobby, then try to invest in something like the Devention 6S or 8S. That way, you'll be able to fly your Walkera helicopters/muticopters to their full potential.


At first glance, the Super FP may look a lot like the Mini CP with a different canopy... That is mostly due to the shared structure between the two helicopters. Under the canopy, the differences are clear- different board, servos, rotor-head, servo holders etc. But this commonality with the Mini CP (which in turn shares a lot of parts with the Genius CP) is great because most parts are readily available. Meaning you won't be grounded due to a lack of parts.

The servos are precise and responsive. They are controlled by the board though, so these are 5 wire servos instead of the standard 3 wire servos. I hope that this means servos are cheaper, but we'll have to see about that.

I do love the look of the new canopy. It looks great just sitting on my table. Let's hope it fly's as well as it looks!


It's great weather for flying here in Beijing. There's barely any wind during the day and so I put 6 AA batteries in the stock transmitter and charged the 240mah battery.
With the trims centered, the Super FP lifted off the ground with ease. It was perfectly trimmed out of the factory and I took it up for some FFF testing. Previously, my only experience with FBL FP helis was with the V200D01. It was great but had some odd flying characteristics that I just couldn't tune out. I was expecting the same thing with the Super FP but found that it tracks straight in forward flight, doesn't have the V200's tendency of bobbing up during fast forward flight...and is surprisingly fast. I'd describe it's flying characteristics as “Similar to the Mini CP under normal mode.” The only difference being that there's a slight wobble if you bring the RPMs down real low...which seems to be a common characteristic of all flybarless FP helicopters.

The tail holds true and the rudder responds very well. Some said that the servos might be a little sluggish since they are controlled by the main board..but that wasn't an issue at all. I did find that there wasn't enough throw on the ailerons when I did fast turns... so I might change the settings on my 8S... but in my opinion, the Super FP RTF package is more than enough to teach beginners the basics

All in all, the FP is a joy to fly and I think it'll be replacing my Mini CP for most flights from now on. The only complaint I have with this heli is of it's short flight time. I got around 3-4 minutes with the stock 240mah battery (beeps at 3.5 volts). Hope my 400mah batteries (on their way!) would provide longer flights.

In flight pics courtesy of the gf!


The Super FP performed better than I expected. In my opinion, it would be great for those stepping up from coaxials or those that have flown fixed pitch helicopters but still need a little more confidence before stepping up to CP helicopters. It's fun to fly even for those with experience and looks stunning in the air. The flight characteristics are better than any FP I've flown so far.
I suggest purchasing 350 or 400 mah batteries (it's so much fun to fly that 3 minutes won't be enough)

Other than the flight time, I have nothing bad to say about the Super FP. It will enjoy it's new home on my desk while the others stay on the shelf.



Always a hard question to answer. In my 10 years of r/c flying experience..I've seen people who can fly advanced aircraft with little experience and vice versa. BUT if you can fly coaxials or other 4 channel flybarred helicopters, you shouldn't have too many problems with the Super FP. I think it's wide range of flying characteristics (from gentle to aggressive) means that it suits a wide range of pilots.. and it won't be phased out too quickly as your skills grow.


Mr. Zhou provided me with a coupon code for those that see this review. 5% off!
Coupon Code:LIGHTAKEWH612

The RTF Package, as reviewed here, is available here:
[link=http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.53523~C.@FBQUBXZ57112012CO]Walkera Super FP RTF (Mode 2)[/link]
For those with Devention radios, the BNF version is available here:
[link=http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.53522~C.@FBQUBXZ57112012CO]Walkera Super FP BNF version[/link]
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