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zx11ninja 03-09-2009 04:25 PM

Upgraded 4#3B: Programming Turbo Ace 3A ESC
Hi all.

If there is anyone out there who can help me, I would appreciate it greatly.

Using the 1S (3.7V) upgrade guide at wowhobbies.com, I have successfully upgraded my 4#3B metal head helicopter to full brushless (both main motor and tail motor). However, even with all of this power, I can barely get my helicopter off of the ground. I assume that I need to program the ESCs correctly.

I have read the instructions for programming the Turbo Ace 3A 1S ESC via the helicopter's transmitter. I assume that if I am using two ESCs, they must be programmed individually, and not at the same time. This would mean that I must disconnect one of them while the other is being programmed.

Having said all of this, I have some basic questions for anyone who can answer them in a detailed and friendly manner:

When you program an ESC, does it maintain its settings even after power is removed from it?

Can two ESCs be programmed at the same time, or must I disconnect one of them and program each individually?

The instructions for programming the Turbo Ace 3A ESC are not the best in the world. Does anyone know of an online source for programming instructions?

Is there a programming card available for the Turbo Ace 3A ESC? If so, can anyone provide an online source?

Thanks in advance.


HansV 03-10-2009 07:47 PM

RE: Upgraded 4#3B: Programming Turbo Ace 3A ESC
Sounds like there might be something wrong. I think that this ESC should work right out of the box. Which motor are you using? Feigao?

Let me try to answer your questions:
1) Yes, it will remember programming even after power is removed. You don't need to program it for every flight.
2) As far as I remember you have to switch it on by giving full throttle. Since the tail motor is not using the throttle stick you can program them individual. No need to unplug them. For the tail motor you start with full left rudder to enter programming mode.
3) No, it is not the best, but will do the trick. I am not sure if you can use this one: http://www.acehobby.com/ace/PDF/Elec...ushlessESC.pdf
I usually program my ESCs using a programming card, but never programmed any for the 4#3B.
4) Probably the one from XHeli will work, but again, I never tried it.

Also, try to calibrate it. This is done by powering on with full throttle (eg. entering programming mode).



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