SEPTEMBER 14 - 16 2012 is our Annual EPIC TANK BATTLE WEEKEND! (FRIDAY - SUNDAY) held at Bomber Field in Monaville, Texas. This year’s events will be on Saturday and Sunday. Friday the 14th is completely informal and the field will be open ready for battle but nothing formal is planned at this time since most of our members will be arriving early Saturday morning sometime.

Don’t forget everyone, if you’re new to 1/16 scale IR tank battling, this is a great opportunity to learn more about this great hobby, have some fun and make new friends. We utilize the Tamiya Battle System or any System that is Tamiya Compatible is welcomed. Even if you don’t have a tank, please come join us anyway.

Texas Armor Battle Event: $20 registration per-person for our entire event, all proceeds support TAA battlefield maintenance and upkeep. Free parking to all Texas Armor Members?

At the same time as our tank battles are going on, Bomber Field will be having their epic Wings For Freedom: 24th Annual B-17 Gathering & Scale RC Big-Bird Fly in event that will be going on from Sept 14-16. There will also be children’s attractions including RC car driving on a small dirt track. Food will be available, which will include hamburgers, hot dogs served fresh from onsite kitchen. Cold drinks, candy, and chip will also be available.

Spectators: $7.00 for everyone 13 and up and children under 12 are free.

Texas Armor Tentative Plans are the following:

Friday Sept 14th:
* Set-up of battlefield
* Open to anyone that want to battle

Saturday Sept 15th:
* 8:00-10:00 am Registration
* 10:00 am Tank battles start
* Evening Battles

Sunday Sept 16th:
* Battles till last one goes home
* Clean-up of battlefield

Location: Bomber Field in Monaville, Texas.
Directions to Bomber Field can be found here:
Texas Armor Association Website:

SO GET YOUR TANKS READY, CHECK YOUR BATTERIES, GET YOUR TANKS 100% running BEFORE THE BIG WEEKEND. FIELD REPAIR technicians will help you keep your tanks running, but best to bring them ready to battle.

This will be a great weekend of R/C TANK BATTLES, R/C WARBIRDS, R/C JET, R/C BOMBER FLYING and maybe RC SHIPS.

Hope to see you all there!