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u-boat 11-27-2010 07:43 PM

tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
hi Guys
I would like very much to start a project with my tamiya 1/16 r/c tiger This is my second tiger the first one has been done in panzergray with the logo of the pz.reg.Grossdeutschland so i would like to do this one in dark yellow within the pz.abt 503 or 505
is there anyone that has a good knowledge of this 2 german heavy tank battalions that could help me realize my tank accurately for one or the other ABTs ?
Thank you for your reply

rivetcounter 11-28-2010 05:28 PM

RE: tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
Depending when you want to depict 503 they operated in Russian and Normandy, 505 spent all its time in Russia again depending on which front and time frame you wish to depict depends on the Tiger latter variants would be the steel wheeled version or the Mid version a very good book to start with would be “Tigers in Combat” Vol 1 or if you are wanting a free reference the only place to look on the web is here http://www.tiif.de all tiger Abteilung are covered on this web site if there is a particular picture you wish to model let me know where it came from or a copy of the picture and I may be able to tell you a little more

u-boat 11-28-2010 05:52 PM

RE: tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
Hi rivetcounter
Thanks very much for your reply and link
I am a member of the tiif.de/ excellent website
i would like to replicate tiger 332 of the pz.abt.503 ideally as it was in 1943 on the eastern front
this tanks are a march 1943 production tigers as a rule they should have left the factory in overall dark yellow
there are many pics of tiger 332 unfortunately all in b/w it seems to have no camo
This tiger 332 was received in March 1943 end by the pz.abt 503
According to author W.Schnaeider in his book Tigers in combat 1 page 8 is stated that in spring 1943 the 503 painted its tigers in a strange mixture of dark yellow /olive green which is strange in my opinion as we know the tigers by that time were suppose to be in dark yellow overall colour
Having stated this i would like to ask you if this statement of painting tigers in a strange mixture of dark yellow/olive green is a verifiable ,trufull,or credible fact?
What would be the best way to accurately depict this tiger 332 in terms of colour in model form?
thanks very much for your reply

torpedochief 11-28-2010 08:49 PM

RE: tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
Hey U-boat!


Yep Mark has given you the best site for research. If it is TIGER related Mark is the go-to Guy!

Here is a site you might find useful.


Looking forward to seeing your TIGER!


u-boat 11-30-2010 01:14 PM

RE: tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
Hi Torpedo
thanks very much for your link is excellent

acrijos 07-18-2012 01:04 PM

RE: tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
I really recommend TIGER I  On the Eastern Front by Jean Restayn. It has all the details and history of the Schwer Panzer - Abteilung 503 "Feldherrnhalle". and the Schwer Panzer - Abteilung 505, plus all other units in the eastern front. It not only narrates the history, but has a lot of pictures of the individual tanks and also color plates showing the different camo patterns. It is the definitive work on Tigers on the eastern front.

Panther F 07-19-2012 01:23 AM

RE: tiger 1 tamiya pz.abt.503 or 505 ? please help
I recommend "TIGER I On the Eastern Front" as well but you do realize this is a 2 year old thread and the enquiring member hasn't been around for almost a year? :D

Join us in the Main Section for more up to date and current threads! ;)

~ Jeff

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