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Weatronics GPS and gyros

Old 10-02-2010, 09:58 PM
David Gladwin
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Default Weatronics GPS and gyros

I have just been testing my new GPS plug in unit and checking its accuracy.

A few points.
It was last switched on in London, its now in Sydney, 10500 miles away, took 40 seconds, indoors, to get a fix , amazingly fast.

However it seems the position was over 20 miles out when checked against car and Garmin hand held GPS.

Checked other Wea GPS unit, same problem. Then the penny dropped.

The GPS co-ordinates on Weatronic equipment are in degrees and fractions of degrees to 4 decimal points, NOT degrees minutes and seconds as most of us are used to and as presented on most equipment. !

Might save some head scratching.

We live and learn.

Regards, David,.
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