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Wea Data Unreliable. Warning

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Default Wea Data Unreliable. Warning

As Wea will not engage with me, I feel this is probably the best forum to get this information out.. I have been trying to contact Wea for several months about this issue, but they have refused to respond to me.

On doing in depth investigation of all my log files after losing my Weatronic Micro 10 equipped Bandit to a lock out, I have found some very alarming issues..

I am posting this to warn all WEA users that the data the SD card stores does not reflect what is actually going on at the receiver.. THE DATA DOWN LINK IS COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE, AND WILL NOT TELL YOU IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

Take a look at the screen shot below, and the highlighted line. This is from an actual flight on my Micro 12 equipped Super Bandit.. You can see at 623 sec, the frame counts on both Rx drop to zero. At this point my model is out of control.

YET, THE RX STATUS VALUE REMAINS AT 8???? From the Wea manuals, an Rx status value of 8 means “ HF-Connection ok (uni or bidirektional mode)”
Clearly not the case in this instance.

As yet I am un sure why these zero frame count are being recorded. They occur on many of my flights, but one thing I am sure of, they are really happening.. I have a $10K bag of trash to prove it. It may be the known cable problem, but I would not expect this type of fault with a loose cable. Who knows??

My advice is do not trust any of the data being returned from the Rx.

All my Wea gear is currently grounded.

If anyone wants copies of these log files I would be happy to send them or post them here.

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Default RE: Wea Data Unreliable. Warning

In what 104 means?
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