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Snowboard_Nut 06-28-2011 09:47 AM

EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
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My first order with Xheli. (Order #: yhst-94582326164583-404584) Will be ordering my electronics to complete this kit from Xheli, along with tools and other kits in the future based on how your customer service handles the problems I have with the kit I just received. I ordered a EXI 18H15-CF450-V3 and upon initial inspection I have noticed 3 problems that are critical for the flight of this helicopter.

#1 - The stabilizer bar(EXI-31109) that holds the paddles is bent in 2 axis when compared to a straight edge being held next to it.

#2 - The fiberglass main blades; one measures 4.95mm thickness at the grip width, the other measures 4.69mm! A .26mm difference. Impossible to fly the helicopter with that 4.69mm grip thickness blade.

#3 - The tail rotor control set (EXI-31122) has a bronze bushing inside it that slides back and forth on the tail drive gearset shaft(EXI-31145). There is a large amount of looseness(slop/play) in that bushing, either the tail drive gearset shaft was machined too small of a diameter, or the tail rotor control set bushing was machined too large. Also notice the blade grip bolts are 2 different lengths, I would assume this will cause a balance problem.

I have attached pictures of the stabilizer bar compared to a straight edge(Problem #1). I also have video on the Youtube Link listed here showing digital calipers being used to measure the main blade grip thickness difference(Problem #2), and also video on the Youtube Link listed here also demonstrating the problem with the tail rotor control set/tail drive gearset(Problem #3). Thank you for your time, I hope this is handled properly as I look forward to having a good USA-based supplier for my future RC needs...

Problem #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRa43d68tAo
Problem #3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJuadv4XxYE

Forum support1 06-28-2011 10:39 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)

Would you like me to send you all those parts will that fix your problem.


Snowboard_Nut 06-28-2011 01:17 PM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
Yes, thank you for a speedy reply. I also do not know the part #'s for the screws for the tail rotor blade grips. Will this be assigned a support ticket # that i can reference to? Also, if not asking too much, can you reply back to me and let me know that you have all the parts or not and when they are shipped? Thank you for your prompt reply and patience helping all of us out.

EXI-PRO-3252 (325mm Main Blades)
EXI-31109 (stabilizer bar)
EXI-31122 (tail rotor control set)
EXI-31145 (tail drive gear shaft)
Screws for tail rotor blade grips (can't find a part #, they are the screws that actually attach the tail rotor blades to the grip holders, the only part # i see that has the screws is EXI-20123.)

Forum support1 06-29-2011 10:42 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
Would you just like to send me back that kit for a refund cause that alot of damage parts in the kit i would love to send this to the factory so they could fix the issue.


Snowboard_Nut 07-05-2011 10:39 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
I don't want anyone reading this to think the kit is anything short of being an excellent value for the money, everyone needs to keep in mind that these are mass produced as economically as possible by people who will probably never be able to afford one. The kit is very impressive for the money! I'm a CNC machinist, and I am use to dealing with measurement tolerances of .001, and on some jobs .0001. As a matter of fact, my shop was the supplier for the majority of the drivetrain used in a real helicopter that was sold and produced as a kit helicopter, it was a one-seater, 64hp 2-stroke, experimental craft produced from the mid 1990's until around 2004. It was called the Mini 500 by Revolution Helicopters , the assembly was done in part of our shop that we rented out to Stitt Industries that was in the process of converting existing kits to Solar-brand T62 turbine engines being acquired from military surplus to replace the underpowered Rotax 2-strokes. Though I don't have alot of RC heli experience, I do understand the critical tolerances of putting a real person into a real "kit" helicopter. So with that said, lets get back to the subject at hand. I would prefer not to send the unit back as then i would have nothing to show for my shipping charge loss, and also I'm tired of waiting for all this stuff to arrive finally. So I have done some more research in the previous problems and how i would like to finally resolve it.

#1 - No doubt about it, the stabilizer bar is bent and I expect a replacement. (EXI-31109 $1.10)

#2 - One of the main blades grip thickness is just not acceptable, technically I don't need BOTH blades replaced, but I DO need one that measures approximately 4.95mm, it's up to you to decide if you want to send me just one of the blades from a pair of (EXI-PRO-3252 $3.62) or just send me a pair to give me a better chance at getting a good blade. If you do decide to send just a single blade, PLEASE make sure someone with some calipers measure it BEFORE sending it to me or i will begin to get frustrated.

#3 - I have had a chance to get information on comparing the tail drive gearset shaft(EXI-31145) with a similiar Align brand unit, and the shaft measurement is identical(2.95mm), so that part is ok, the problem strictly lies in the tail rotor control set (EXI-31122 $5.51), the bronze bushing is just too big, i'm not sure if a replacement control set will be the same problem or not, but irregardless i feel it is Xheli's responsibility to at least send me one to try to correct the problem, and if it does not correct it, then i will buy an Align part at that time without complaining anymore to you about it. Here in the USA bronze bushings are made by a Sintered process which produces excellent consistency, but Asian processes are NOT the same, and I doubt that China is buying USA bushings for their production. And as far as the screws in the tail blade grips, no biggie, i will just use a grinding wheel to shave them down, as i planned to balance the screws even to get everything as balanced as possible, as we even did this on the real Mini 500 heli i mentioned earlier.

So, total cost for the parts I need:

EXI-31109 $1.10
EXI-PRO-3252 $3.62
EXI-31122 $5.51


I appreciate your communication in regards to this, please follow up to advise me when I can expect these parts. And once again, to everyone out there, this is a wonderful kit, and an incredible engineering feat for the money, I HIGHLY recommend it! Thank you....


Forum support1 07-05-2011 10:59 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)

Got it I will get those parts out for you today.


Jetskier 07-09-2011 05:36 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
I have the same problems and I have two, one is built with all the cheap electronics they recommend except I have an Align tail servo, I am using Blue Lipos, the other is just for parts, with the problems it still flys pretty good. I did however order the Align tail thing that has all the slop in it cause both have the same problem. i am a newbee and had the good guys set it up for me. I am also going to replace more parts with Align as needed but so far its still a nice heli and a good value.

Snowboard_Nut 07-10-2011 04:22 PM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
Looked at your profile, Junction City, KS... I'm in Kansas City, I used to be a USACI car stereo judge back in the 90's and dealt with a high-end stereo shop In JC.... Can't remember their name, but they were Pro all the way, and had great shows! They would bring the store's demo car's to the KC competitions and clean up the KC 'audio scene' with their KS demo cars.... Small world. Anyways, yeah the slop in the tail-pitch control bushing is sad, i'm afraid to even try to fly it like that, i'm hoping the replacement corrects it. With that much slop in it, the gyro doesn't stand a chance of correcting that much. They are sending me a replacement, I expect it will be the same, but we will see. I will post after i receive it... if it's sloppy too, then Hobbytown in KC will be getting my business for an Align tail-pitch control... As you indicated, I can't complain at all, for the money, this kit is ballz on!!! Things like the fiberglass main blades having different grip thicknesses though, seriously, how hard is it to give the guys running the mold presses for these blades a set of calipers, and scrap off the ones that are obviously going to pinch the aluminum blade holders too much and then distort them for future blades that WILL be the right thickness.... I hope i didn't seem harsh towards Xheli, I keep reminding myself of what i paid, and what i got, but i do expect the craft to have some precision irregardless. What radio gear are you using?

Jetskier 07-11-2011 02:37 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
I am usuing the DX7, you are right about the GYro, I have the Detrum Gy401, it does have a hard time, because the slop creates a lot of vibration. i just recently took off the training gear and can do some forward flight but pretty much just hover it now till I replace the tail part. I saw you were in KC after I replied to your post, I am pretty sure the car stereo store you are talking about is Audio Junction.

Snowboard_Nut 07-11-2011 11:33 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
Thanks Eric for your help. I know you can only do so much. I did a Follow-Up Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79oPa2zzBgw in regards to the replacement parts. I have come to realise why cheap blades are 'cheap'... I'm going to invest in some nice Cf blades and would like to find a source that actually hand-specs the grip width at the brass insert for consistency, I think people would feel more confident paying a little more to know that they are getting proper thickness blades. The stabilizer bar is perfectly straight, once again, thank you. I have yet to mount the tail pitch control slider linkage, so I will also let people know about that once I do. I'm still very happy with the value of this kit, and as most people already expect when buying these, each model has specific problems that are just to be expected and know that you will have to replace certain parts. The intention of these detailed posts is not to flame Xheli in anyway, it's just to let people know that when they order the EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 kit, that they should also order quality blades in the price range of $12-$20, and possibly an Align Tail Pitch Control Slider Linkage. I still HIGHLY recommend this kit based on value! Thanks again for your help, I received these replacement parts 6 days after you agreed to send them out.

Snowboard_Nut 07-12-2011 01:59 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
@ Jetskier... Yup, Audio Junction! There used to be an installer there named Darrell... He was about as Red-Neck as they come, but he knew how to do incredible things with his cars.... I once saw his personal car, he had taken power mirror assemblies from a junkyard, then he mounted his mids/tweets in the custom fiberglassed kickpanels, and then he had the remote switches to be able to 'aim' them to the focal point of the car, rather it be driver or passnger listening position. Absolutely incredible KS engineering! Nice skii's ya got there! My last ski was a 650SC Kawasaki..... Traded it in for a Honda CBR600 street bike, but I'm bout ready to give up the 'dangerous' aspect of street bikes and get back into some skii's, afterall, the water just feels better this time of year versus a 125 degree helmet on your head, plus the beach bikini's give such better landscape scenery.... What kind of skii's are they? As far as the EXI Heli, yeah, the tail servo is going to be constantly stressed for corrections with the 'slop' in the tail pitch assembly, surely it would wear out a nice tail servo rather quickly. I still haven't mounted my replacement Tail Pitch Control Set they sent me, but upon initial measurement of the ID of that bronze bushing, it appears to be close to the 2.95mm shaft of the the tail drive.... Perhaps X-number of kits were produced, all using the same stock of parts, then once the tolerance problem was recognized, then the inidividual parts that were to be available became more precise.I will post a Follow-Up Vid once i get it installed.

Jetskier 07-12-2011 02:17 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
Those are 2006 Kawasaki 15 F, four cylinder, four stroke fuel injected 1500CC. I love motorcycles and have been riding and racing since I was 8 years old, but had to give them up after i had a kid and could not afford to get hurt. I live 10 minutes from Milford Lake so I have been riding Jetskies since 1993 and have been hooked. A nice boat maybe in the picture in the near future cause now I am getting a little older and you get real sore riding makes it hard to get out of bed Monday mornings to go to work. I just discovered that even the Align tail pitch control may also have slope cause allot of people are doing whats called the fuel tubing mod where you cut a piece of fuel tubing, some use a canopy grommet and place it on the lower ball link, just do a search and you will see some pics, I did it to mine last night and does seem to take the slop out, I will try to test it when I get off work and let you know.

Snowboard_Nut 07-17-2011 09:40 PM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)
This is a direct copy of the 'Review' I just left on Xheli's main site in regards to this kit, though I point out some defencies in the kit, at the same time I praise it based on value. Will be interesting to see if Xheli will 'approve' it for post.... I feel I was more than fair, and I have not once slammed Xheli and said it was 'horrible'... Although, as a consumer like others out there, I feel this is valuable info. In the end, I am truly happy with my purchase!


For the price, EXCELLENT VALUE! I did have a few problems with the kit out of the box and Eric with Xheli through the RCUNIVERSE.COM Xheli Support Forum adressed directly and replaced defective parts in his best attempt. The stabilizer bar that holds the paddles was bent in 2 axis, and the other 2 problems were demonstrated in these YouTube videos; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRa43d68tAo

Eric quickly sent out a replacement stabilizer bar that was perfect, a tail rotor pitch control set, and a new set of main blades. here is a YouTube Follow-Up video of the replacement parts i received.

I have come to the conclusion that anyone purchasing this kit at such a great price should factor in the cost of a 'Good' set of CF main blades, the fiberglass blades are just too inconsistent in the 'root' blade-grip thickness, and you sure don't want to 'sandwich' your head's aluminum blade grips with these unless your creative enough to make shims to prevent it. I was able to use some thin plastic that was used as packaging of a blister-pack of an unrelated product i had in my trash can, and it worked great! But still, the fiberglass blades, both the one's that came with the kit, and the one's he sent as a replacement was a complete failure without making my own shims. The tail rotor pitch control set i have not mounted yet, but i suspect it will be the same as what came with the kit, so plan on purchasing an Align replacement part, they are only like $5-$8 dollars. Without replacing this part, your tail servo will be very 'busy' making corrections for the slop in the bushing that rides on the tail rotor shaft. I got this kit while it was $39.95, i notice now it shows $57. At the price i paid for it, i still believe iot is an EXCELLENT value, however, at the current $57 price i may not have the same opinion...

Forum support1 07-21-2011 10:32 AM

RE: EXI 18H15 CF450-V3 (A few problems out of the box)


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