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rcpilot1982 08-17-2012 06:46 PM

I need help with my erazor 450 pro carbon edition 2.4ghz
I am having a problem with the radio.I have the dip switches set from left to right.Up up down down and the rest up.I have the very front servo plugged into channel 1 marked elevator.I have the back upper servo plugged into the aux 1 channel for pitch,and the bottom rear servo plugged into channel 2 aileron.

The trouble is that i am able to get all 3 servos to rise and fall as i push the throttle stick up and down.I am able to get the elevator working correct in that if i push the elevator stick forward the front servo dips while the 2 rear servos lift so the elevator is working correctly.

If i give right aileron the servo to the left dips down and the servo on the right lifts up,so the aileron is working in reverse.The only way i can fix this is if i mess with some dip switches i can get the aileron and elevator working correctley but all three servos no longer rise up and down together 2 of them might go one way and the other goes another way.

I figured that i should just be able to reverse the aileron channel to fix the swash from tilting to the left if i give a right stick movement but all that does is cause the 2 rear servos to lift up and down together instead of going opposite ways to tilt the swash left and right????

Is there any way to adjust any swash mix by way of reversing a channel or something? could i please have some directions??

What i was able to do was with the dip switches on the radio set from left to right.........down down down....down down down up....down down down.I have the aileron working in the correct way as well as the elevator......but all three servos move down when i bring the throttle stick up so the pitch is reversed......lol.....and i cant fix it

RTCharlie 08-20-2012 10:46 AM

RE: I need help with my erazor 450 pro carbon edition 2.4ghz
Check out this link and see if it helps, it has a lot of information about the E Razor 450.<div>http://www.mycoolrc.com/reviews/ReviewERazor450.html
</div><div>-Charlie </div></div>

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