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Zeeb 09-26-2011 04:10 PM

YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
Hey Guys,

This is one of the older engines with the regulator on the bottom of the engine.

Took the fuel system of the little beast apart since it had been sitting for some time and initially ran well but after about 8 tuning runs and a test flight, it wouldn't start again. Acted like it wasn't getting fuel and if you spun it with the starter for longer than usual, it'd kind of try to start, cough, backfire and start running backward better than it did forward. Tried messing with the idle bleed and the high speed needle but not the regulator. I suppose it's possible it was flooded but I wasn't seeing any fuel drip out of the cowl so I kind of figured it was starvation rather than flooding.

On disassembly today I didn't find anything suspicious which kind of disapoints me, I'd hoped to find a problem. Any way I replaced the diaphragm, piston and flushed all the regulator passages, took out the throttle piece from the barrel as well as removing the idle air bleed screw and flushed the input through the high speed needle valve as I don't think I've got a socket to pull that thing out.

Now here's the issue/question; the small black screw with the spring on it which engages the slot in the throttle piece/blade, how far in does it go? I actually counted how many turns it took to get it out and that seems a bit loose on re-assembly but if I tighten it more, it opens the throttle blade. So how do you set that?

I also flushed all the lines from the tank, replaced the check valve and an inline fuel filter and again didn't find anything amiss. Haven't tried to restart it yet, but if any of you guys could help me with that screw setting or have any other ideas why it wouldn't start, I'd appreciate it..... :)

Oh, this engine is probably five years old but I didn't use it at all until about a year ago and it's got about a gallon of CoolPower 30% through it, been running strong as h*ll.

Thanks in advance!

tande 09-26-2011 04:32 PM

RE: YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
Hi Zeeb....The screw in question is simply a "STOP"; set it so you have the throttle opening YOU want when the throttle/stick & trim are all the way down....This screw AIN'T keeping it from running ;).....For starters, is the fuel/system holding pressure?....After spinning the engine with a starter with throttle full open & then waiting 10/15 mins. then pull the tank pressure line plug, do you hear/feel the pressure release? ....If not, this is where you start, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST....A properly operating fuel system will hold pressure for days if not weeks....FWIW

ThumbSkull 09-26-2011 04:36 PM

RE: YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
That is your Idle set screw. Most guys set it so it can just get to fully closed and then use the TX to set idle and kill (fuel/air starve).
If you screw it in more, then you can set the minimum idle, but then you can't kill it with the TX.

Zeeb 09-26-2011 04:43 PM

RE: YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
Thanks guys, I suspected it was a hard idle setting deal. Any other speculation on why the little beast behaved the way it did?

Hardy 09-26-2011 06:44 PM

RE: YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
When my 110fz not will start the first thing is a new glow plug. Then test the check valve to see if it is holding pressure. Spin the engine for several minutes than open a the line you fill the tank with you should hear the pressure relief from the fuel tank. After sitting for a long time the regulator and the check valve can become loaded with oil. In this case I just turn the plane upside down on a stand and prime the engine by putting a little fuel in through the muffler. Hand turn the prop several revs to get fuel in the cylinder, connect the glow and spin it. After a couple of these bursts she ready to go.
My engine is four years old and the regulator has never been apart. A wonderful engine.

Zeeb 09-26-2011 07:06 PM

RE: YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
Well this is my second 110 and the other one never gave me any issues over sitting for awhile. In this case I took the little beast out, put in a new glow plug, new fuel and did a complete re-tune. Must have started it 8 or 9 times that day and figured if there was an issue I'd see it there, but no problems starting and it was turning a 16x6 APC prop at d*mn near 10,000 RPM peaked.

Took it to the field a couple days later and it fired right up, did a short flight to set the trims with a new radio and landed. Got ready to fly again with another radio I wanted to setup and the thing wouldn't start. Changed the glow plug again, no dice. Checked for pressure in the tank and while that might have been down a bit more than I expected, it was pressurized. Started richening up the low end as that's usually the most common problem for me is getting it set while it's warm and then it is too lean when cold. Went all the way in on the low end air bleed, tried opening it up three turns, even reset the high speed needle and it just flat woudn't play.

There was a little distortion on the diaphragm but other than that I found no obvious issues unless any gelled fuel got pushed out and I didn't see it, no dirt in anything I saw either. I'll take it out in the morning and see if it'll start but I'm always leery when I don't find anything wrong, especially if it starts tomorrow.... lol

Zeeb 09-27-2011 06:22 PM

RE: YS 110FZ throttle barrel setting
Well for anyone interested, I took the little beast out today and it fired right up.... :)

Haven't got a clue where the problem was, but will assume it had something to do with the regulator, which bye the way gave me grief setting it, been too long playing with GS gassers I guess... lol

Any way it's running great, try it in the air again this weekend.

Thanks for the input and suggestions.... :D

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