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volts for ignition?


Old 02-02-2006, 08:39 AM
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Default volts for ignition?

I checked everything in the plane: fuel tank is ok, lines are ok, spark plug had a little carbon build up but I cleaned it and installed it again and the carb did not have any dirt in it.
I have a few questions about the ignition battery:
Is it better to use a 6 volt batt?
If when using a 4.8 volt batt, the voltage goes down but the engine still works, does it have a weak spark? and if so, could that be the reason why the spark plug gets carbon build up?
If I´m getting 7200 rpms at 3000 feet above sea level, is it safe to close the needle to 7400 rpms?
I know the engine came out of the box with 7460 rpms, can I leave it like that?
will it turn the same rpms with a 22x8 bambula (I´m using a bambula 20x10 right now)
Can you give me a list of reasons why an engine can get the carbon build up on the spark, so I can look for them and make adjustments.
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Old 02-02-2006, 10:52 AM
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Default RE: volts for ignition?

the engine will go into a "run slow mode" when the voltage gets low, spark energy is at baseline output.
over 6V spark energy will increase 1Kv.. If it is a Falkon unit you CANNOT input more than 6.7v. ZDZ brand with S/N 1511 and higher you may input up to 9v. High operating temps are the biggest culprit for carbon build up. Type of oil and fuel quality are the next biggest culprits. Check baffling and exit air MUST incorporate a spoiler, typical CHT 190-220F. You MUST adj the engine to YOUR elevation, prop and exhaust combination. To leave it a bit rich especially when new is always good.
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Default RE: volts for ignition?

I'm new to gas and the engine I purchased has CH ignition. Can I use a 6 volt 2100 Mah battery for the ignition?
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