After flipping more than I desired I finally found a way to start both of my new 50 NG's. It's very simple, follow the method Mike recommends but when it's time to start it, I leave the choke just cracked open a little. It starts the first time almost every time. I turn the choke off after its running for a few seconds and sucks in some fuel. Using the normal method it simply does not start and stay running with the choke fully open. The only way it starts with the choke fully open is if the engine was just stopped hot and restarted within seconds. So it's the 5-5-1 method but leave the choke slightly open for the last flip. Then after it's running a few seconds open the choke. It works for me every time, I hope it helps someone else. The engines both run flawlessly, not a single complaint. With another brand I used to get inverted dead sticks while doing tricky 3D stuff, but not with these engines. Not one single dead stick on either engine in 5-10 gallons.