I own an older ZDZ 40-RV that I believe have a defective pump diaphragm on the Bing carburetor. It always has been hard to prime, and after it started once there were no problem restarting it afterward. Last time it ran it was extremely hard to get it primed. Now when it starts it will run at high RPM's but will die when you try to idle. In the past there where no problems with the idle speed, the engine is well broken in, and it was running flawlessly last time it flew.

I am convinced the problem since day one has been the carburetor pump, and now it's completely dead. I looked in the RCShowcase on-line catalog and there are only Walbro and Tillotson carburetor rebuild kits available, but nothing for the older Bing's. Can anyone tell me if there is a Bing carb rebuild kit available somewhere, or which model Walbro can be exchanged for the Bing?

I will appreciate any help on this matter since this little 40cc puts our more power than most 45's, maybe even some 50cc's out there. I will love to have it back in the air soon