Have a 80 B2 and love it. On its 4th season, totally dependable. Started break in with Bel Ray H1R at 40 to 1 and have remained there

Noticed the first season, that I had to drop the trim to get the idle slow enough for landing. I fly with a 9C and have the digital trim set at the smallest graduations. Suspected Sulivan rod as problem, and changed it with carbon fiber push rod.

Didn't get a change, but it didn't bother me, or the motor from what I could see.

Depending on wind, sometimes I had to drop the idle, and sometimes I didn't.

Just wondering why the increase in RPM. Last weekend it was cool air and great flying, and had to drop the idle to land.

Don't know of anyone else with any motor doing this, and I'm told I may be a bit rich. Only carb adjustment was 2 years ago and I made a very small adjustment on the low end.

Any help greatly appreciated