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mark nichols 06-25-2009 07:21 AM

zdz40 plug wet
Hi I have a zdz 40rv from new and firstly it is brilliant been no bother to start and pulls my Gp yak 54 around with mega authority on a mejlick 21x8. Now my plug is wet and slightly oily, but the engine ticks over well holds full throttle without sagging. Ive noticed that the throttle up is slightly slower than previous so is this an indication that iam too rich on the low needle. As i say it a brilliant engine just after 4.5 gallons its gone a bit rich maybe! im not sure..


Greg R. 08-30-2009 10:07 AM

RE: zdz40 plug wet
Sorry i dont have the answer for you I am A proud new owner of a ZDZ 40 RV. I slapped it on an Rc Guys Super Decathlon. I have about a cup and a half of fuel ran through it and now I can not get it to draw any fuel these are the setps i have taken.

Fuel lines are clear with no defects

i disasembled the carb (walbro) did not find any debry

there is a little tiny hole on the diaphram side of the carb if i slightly push down on that i can blow into the vent tube pushing fuel out of the carb

why wont this draw fuel on its own

Please help I cant wait to fly this beauty

Thank you Greg

Greg R. 08-30-2009 10:18 AM

RE: zdz40 plug wet
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here r some pics

Zeeb 08-31-2009 09:41 AM

RE: zdz40 plug wet

No one answers questions here for RCS since they were bought out by TBM.

Suggest you contact TBM for assistance.

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