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    Contributed by: Greg Covey | Published: October 2008 | Views: 89336 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    ParkZone F4U Corsair

    Review by: Greg Covey
    Flying Photos: "Papa Jeff" Ring
    Video Pilot: Greg Covey


    Dealer Info

    Distributed Exclusively in the U.S.A. by:

    Horizon Hobby, Inc
    4105 Fieldstone Road
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Ph: (800) 338-4639
    Toll Free: (800) 338-4639
    Fax: (217) 352-6799


    Complete RTF Kit
    Quick and Easy Assembly
    Power System Included
    Battery and Charger Included
    Superb Flying Performance
    Rugged and Easy to Repair
    No Painting or Decals Needed
    Spare Parts Available



    ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF/PNP

    ParkZone's version of the F4U Corsair features Spektrum DX5e radio technology, a 480-size brushless outrunner motor and 3-cell LiPo battery pack for ultimate control, exceptional performance and increased flight time. The optional fixed landing gear and steerable tail wheel allow for smooth takeoffs and landings. If you fly off grass, wing bottom skids are also provided to replace the landing gear. The attention to scale details in this plane is amazing, from its historically representative 3-color trim scheme to the pilot figure inside the cockpit. It even includes an optional 3-blade prop for even greater scale realism!

    The Corsair delivers incredible looks and the immediate gratification from quick assembly that the ParkZone plane owners have grown to love. Further, the Spektrum DX5e radio technology and Z-Foam' construction provides pilots with the durability and reliability they require in a park flyer.


    • Wingspan: 44in (1118mm)
    • Overall Length: 35in (889mm)
    • Flying Weight: 30 oz (850 g)
    • Motor Size: 480-size 960Kv outrunner brushless motor (installed)
    • Radio:Spektrum DX5e 2.4GHz DSM2 (included)
    • Speed Control: E-flite Pro 30A Brushless with Switch-Mode BEC (installed)
    • Recommended Battery: 3s 11.1V 1800mAh Li-Po (included)

    Key Features:

    • Ready to fly right from the box'everything you need is included inside, even the batteries
    • Spektrum' DX5e 5-channel full-range 2.4GHz DSM2' radio system
    • 4-channel control ' throttle, rudder, aileron and elevator
    • E-flite® Pro 30A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
    • Steerable tail wheel and fixed landing gear allow for smooth takeoffs and landings
    • 11.1V, 1800mAh Li-Po battery offers high level of performance and power
    • Variable rate 2'3 cell DC cell-balancing Li-Po charger safely charges and conditions Li-Po battery
    • Historically representative 3-color trim scheme, inverted gull wing and pilot figure
    • Durable and lightweight Z-Foam' construction
    • Powerful 480-size, 960Kv outrunner brushless power system
    • Scale 3-blade and 2-blade propellers included
    • Plug-N-Play® version also available (PKZ4675)
    RTF Contents:

    The ParkZone RTF Corsair comes well packaged and equipped with a 480-size brushless motor, a 3-cell Li-Po battery, the necessary Li-Po 12-volt charger, 30-amp speed control and DX5e 2.4GHz DSM2' radio. Out of the box it can be completed and ready to fly in just minutes. It is truly a ready-to-fly warbird!

    The included AA cell batteries for the transmitter simply install in the back after sliding off the battery cover. Note that the polarity of the batteries must be correct during their installation.

    The Plug-N-Play® version is just as quick to finish and only requires that the builders install their own receiver and provide their own battery and transmitter.

    The first step after removing the parts is to charge the flight battery. The included Li-Po balancing charger connects to any 12v supply capable of delivering at least 3 amps. First, set the charger switch to the "3-cell" setting and turn the "Amps" knob to "2.0". Next, plug the balance charge lead into the larger 4-pin port on the bottom right of the charger and press the "Start/Stop" button.

    Your 3-cell LiPo pack will automatically charge and balance all the cells. In about 60 minutes, when the battery pack is fully charged, you will hear a beep for 3 seconds and the green LED will stay on solid.


    The assembly starts by attaching the wing. After feeding the aileron servo wires through the access hole in the bottom of the fuselage, the wing is secured with a 3x30mm screw. Since the aileron control rods are already connected, all that is left to do is plug in the aileron leads to the pre-installed Y-harness inside the fuselage.

    The magnetic-hatch canopy comes completely assembled as does the prop and spinner. Unless you are an experienced pilot that wants to change to the included 3-blade prop for a scale enhancement there is nothing to to assemble here. The 3-blade scale enhancement comes at a cost of a slight loss in performance.

    The ParkZone F4U Corsair comes with landing gear and a steerable tailwheel to fly off pavement or landing skids to fly off grass. The landing gear simply press and snap into place. The skids are held to the wing leading edge and bottom with pre-applied double-sided tape. They can also be additionally held with the included screws but I did not find it necessary.

    The horizontal stabilizer simply slides into the slot in the rear of the fuselage and gets taped into position. After connecting the elevator control horn, you can then trim it as necessary using a live radio system. Remember to also check the aileron centering and operation. I found it best to first center the electronic trims on the transmitter (designated by a long beep) and then adjust the clevis on the control surface as needed.

    Horizon Motor Mount Screw Precaution Bulletin

    It has come to our attention that under rare circumstances one of the motor mount screws may come in contact with the 3S flight battery. To prevent any possible damage to the battery pack , especially from a hard nose-first crash, we suggest that you remove the screw and replace it with a shorter one (2.5 x 6mm) or cut some of the excess length off with a cut-off tool or wire cutters. It will be necessary to first remove the propeller and cowl to access this screw. If you have any further questions, please contact the Horizon Hobby Product Support group at 1-877- 504-0233.

    I did not find it necessary to shorten the length of the protruding screw as the battery pack fits very securely in place. It would take a catastrophic crash to force the battery out of the hook and loop strap and through the foam retainers into the protruting screw. However, if you are not sufficiently confident with your flying skills, then I would recommend the above procedure. Check the model from inside the fuselage first (through the open canopy area) to see if the issue has been resolved in new lots.

    Test Flying:

    I tested the Corsair in a local park down the street. The plane has so much power that you simply toss it out in front of you. An overhead toss to launch is not needed. After a few clicks of elevator trim, my Corsair was ready for some fun.

    The Corsair could fly inverted, roll, and even loop from level flight. When I slowed it down to fly inside the soccar field, I was impressed with how it handled in the air. Even at reduced speed, I had plenty of maneuverability. Inverted flight requires a bit of forward stick to keep it level. The high power level makes Split-S turns and hammerheads easy to perform. Landings were slow and easy without any power but it did glide for quite a while before touching down. My flight times lasted from 8 to 10 minutes depending upon maneuvers.

    ParkZone Corsair Video (10meg)


    The ParkZone F4U Corsair delivers great looks and the immediate gratification from quick assembly that the ParkZone plane owners have grown to love. Further, the Spektrum DX5e radio technology and Z-Foam' construction provides pilots with the durability and reliability they require in a park flyer. The transmitter is a DSM2 spread-spectrum radio that can bound to other Specktrum receivers and used on multiple models.

    Since the ParkZone Corsair also comes with a 3-cell Li-Po battery, a battery charger, a completely installed power system and radio system, it can be completed and ready to fly in just minutes. It is truly a ready-to-fly warbird!

    Although the Corsair flies very stabile and lands without power, I would recommend it to intermediate pilots to ensure a successful experience. With the proper flight experience, only a small area the size of a soccer field is needed to fly.

    If you love warbirds, the ParkZone F4U Corsair is just what many parkfliers are looking for. The model is small enough so that you can keep it assembled and ready for action. It makes a great lunchtime flier that you keep right in your car. The performance and ruggedness of the this plane has proven to be a lot of fun!

    Manufacturer and Distributor

    Distributed Exclusively in the U.S.A. by:
    Horizon Hobby, Inc
    4105 Fieldstone Road
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Ph: (800) 338-4639
    Toll Free: (800) 338-4639
    Fax: (217) 352-6799
    Website: www.horizonhobby.com

    Distributed Exclusively in the U.S.A. by:
    Horizon Hobby, Inc

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    Comments on RCU Review: ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF/PNP

    Posted by: RTice on 10/27/2008
    Nice. Short and sweet. You beat the other guys to the review. No misses? hmm. The protruding screw has punctured a few batteries here and there. Also, the 3-blade prop for many, if not most people, has been too far out of balance (even after trying to balance it). Many have found it unusable. Either you were able to balance it or they corrected the problem at the factory.
    Posted by: aalope2001 on 10/27/2008
    I bought my plane Sunday and quickly attempted to get it in the air. My first attempt resulted in a prop/nose dive to the pavement. I soon realized the CG was off and so after a minor battery adjustment the plane was in the air on the second attempt. It was close to sundown so I only had it in the air for a few minutes. Immediately I noticed this plane is not as forgiving as the Parkzone T-28 and the color scheme will take some getting use to. Twice I found myself trying to determine the orientation of the plane and fortunately I had enough altitude to gain control of the plane. After the second close call I decided to bring the plane back down. I now know I need to find a new location that has smooth asphalt for takes and landings. And I need more open space for error correcting time. I will say this plane is very nice and worth every penny.
    Posted by: steelfire23 on 11/18/2008
    Hi I have this plane and its great my son and I enjoy it alott at the local park ... Well a month later the aileron servo stripped... So I replaced it now on its 20 or so flight the motor is toast it is almost seized. It slowed drasticaly yesterday and almost dead sticked so I brought it down to spin the motor it sounds like its full of sand and grinds... I emailed parkzone and Im awaiting word Ill keep you posted..
    Posted by: apwachholz on 11/19/2008
    IMO the Parkzone F4U Corsair is completely geared for an experienced pilot. aalope2001 has it correct, it is not as forgiving as the T-28, however, the T-28 was made to be a fighter trainer while the F4U was a dog fighter from the start. And as such it performs that role great in this Parkzone kit. I love how it turns on a dime!! RTice is right as well, the 3-blade prop must have a major error in the manufacturing process as I've heard a few stories of the props being way off balance, including mine. But overall for the price you can't go wrong if you want a fun foam flier that looks and performs really good. If you're an experienced pilot looking for a good entry kit into electrics, the T-28 or the F4U Parkzone RTF kits are a great way to begin.
    Posted by: kjahc on 12/03/2008

    Posted by: rcflyercrisman on 12/16/2008
    i found my corsair to fly as good as my t-28 but it is not for a beginner i have not tryed my 3 blade prop i like the looks better than the t-28 but i like the landing better on the t-28 because of the tricycle landing gear aqwachholz makes a good point one is a trainer and one is a war winner and that z foam that its made of is the best i would like to see more planes made out of that stuff
    Posted by: GSK on 12/18/2008
    I am generally pleased with the Corsair ,But It seems to have developed some tropical disease The foam after 5 flights is bubbling up like a golf boll in some parts of the fuselage and wings. Paint is separating around the foam leaving It with a honey comb affect . Seems to be getting worse sitting In the workshop. Some comments made at the field have been made about It falling apart.I would like some feed back on this problem .
    Posted by: yosephwhite on 12/10/2009

    Posted by: nigrb on 12/22/2009
    Hi steelfire23, Just wondering if you had heard back from Parkzone? My dad has the Corsair and a stripped aileron servo caused a crash and considerable damage/expense. Cheers
    Posted by: chandley43231 on 12/18/2011
    hope you read this thread an tell me what is the best way to color my wing or airframe after i repair it i end up with white streaks an want to use the correct color an process thanks chandley
    Page: 1
    The comments, observations and conclusions made in this review are solely with respect to the particular item the editor reviewed and may not apply generally to similar products by the manufacturer. We cannot be responsible for any manufacturer defects in workmanship or other deficiencies in products like the one featured in the review.

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