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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: September 2010 | Views: 44252 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Aquacraft SuperVee 27R

    Review by: Matt LeMay


    Distributed by:
    Great Planes
    Model Distributers

    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Telephone: 217-398-3630
    Toll free: 800-637-7660

    Website: www.aquacraftmodels.com


    Ready to run
    well balanced
    Very Fast
    2.4GHz radio
    Optional Decals


    Not LiPo ready


    Aquacraft has improved their already popular SuperVee 27 offshore super boat.

    The new SuperVee 27R is loaded with improvements including a stronger power plant, 2.4GHz radio system, stronger hull seam joint, new cooling equipment, new hardware, and improved handling thanks to a change in the center of gravity.

    It sounds like we may have a winner in our wake so keep reading to see how all of this fits together to give us the new SuperVee 27R.


    Main photo

    Name: SUPERVEE 27R RTR
    Price: $329.97 varies with dealer
    Hull Length: 27"
    Overall Length: 31"
    Width: 8.13"
    Height: 5.5"
    Weight (w/battery): 5lb & 4oz
    Motor: Water cooled 6-pole 1800Kv Brushless motor
    ESC: Water cooled 45A Brushless ESC w/Deans® connectors
    Running Gear: Black anodized aluminum rudder & turn fins
    Propeller: 3 blade 40mm Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
    Radio: Tactic TTX240 2.4GHz radio system w/Tactic SX100 servo


    • Four "AA" batteries for radio
    • Two 6-cell NiMH battery packs w/Deans® connectors
    • NiMH compatible charger
    • Marine grease
    • Miscellaneous hand tools




    The hand-laid fiberglass hull, red paint, and clear coat all contribute to the beautiful appearance of this boat. The shallow vee hull design is not only attractive, but is great for spec class racing.

    Aquacraft includes a full decal sheet which includes everything necessary to achieve the factory designed trim scheme as well an optional design in case you want something different. I don't dislike the trim scheme shown on the box, but I think the boat looks much better with the included optional decals applied.

    Left angle
    Right angle
    Left side
    Right side
    Left angle
    Right angle
    Left rear angle
    Right rear angle
    Left angle
    Right angle
    Left top
    Right top


    Running Gear

    The flat black appearance of the running gear was achieved by anodizing the aluminum parts. The rudder, turn fins, "Stinger" strut, and brackets are all aluminum. A brass stuffing tube is slid inside the strut and runs the length of the flex shaft.

    The running gear is tunable giving you opportunity to finely adjust the SuperVee 27R's handling to your liking. The rudder and turn fins can be sharpened for less drag. The strut can be angled up or down to change the depth of the propeller. This will effect speed, run time, and motor temperature.

    Adjusting the trim plates will determine how much of the hull rides under the water surface. This in turn will effect how loose or tight the boat feels. A looser boat, which means less of the boat in the water, is faster but more difficult to control. A tighter boat, more of the hull surface in the water, is easier to control but the boat will be slower and run times are slightly shortened.

    As you can see there are plenty of options to keep you busy achieving that perfect race or leisure setup.


    The fiberglass hatch uses a secure yet simple to operate fastening system. The front of the hatch has a plastic tube resined in place. This pin slides into a hole in the fiberglass hull. The rear of the hatch is fitted with a pin style fastener. This fastener pops into a spring loaded bracket in the rear of the hull. To release the hatch, turn the latch 1/4 turn and the hatch can be removed.

    There is a 2" piece of foam glued to the inside of the hatch to keep it afloat in the event of an accident.

    Left turn fin
    Running gear
    Adjustable trim tab
    "Stinger" Strut
    Hatch latch
    Foam inside hull
    Spring loaded latch
    Inside transom


    Aquacraft has included a Tactic 2.4GHz radio system. The TTX240 2-channel transmitter only requires four "AA" batteries and includes options such as steering and throttle trims and reversing as well as steering dual rates. The dual rates could be helpful for a non-seasoned boater to help prevent capsizing.

    The TR324 3-channel receiver uses (SLT) Secure Link Technology and does not require an external antenna. The lack of an external antenna means less places for water to seep in and then the obvious, it looks better. The receiver is placed loosely inside the sealed electronics box. I applied some double sided servo tape to the back of the receiver and fastened it inside the box.

    Steering power is provided with an Aquacraft SX-100 servo. The servo is mounted to a plastic servo tray inside the sealed electronics box and is secured with four screws.

    2.4GHz Transmitter
    Steering servo
    2.4GHz Receiver

    Motor, ESC, and batteries

    I would like to start this section by talking about the new motor. The SuperVee 27R comes with an Aquacraft 6-pole 1800 KV brushless motor. Cooling is provided by water flowing through the black anodized aluminum cooling jacket. This motor is more powerful than the original SuperVee 27 motor and the specs are as follows.

    Motor Specs:

    • Diameter: 36mm
    • Length: 56mm
    • Shaft Length: 15mm
    • Overall Length: 71mm
    • Shaft Size: 5mm
    • Weight: 212g
    • Input Voltage: 7-18.5v
    • Max. Constant Current: 50A
    • Max Surge Current: 80A/ 5secs.
    • No Load Current: 5.0A
    • kV Rating: 1800 rpm/V
    • Watts: 925Max

    ESC Specs:

    • Length: 80mm
    • Width: 38mm
    • Height:17mm
    • Battery connecters: Deans®
    • Input Voltage: 12-14 cells NiMH (8-20V w/o BEC)
    • Output Current: 45A continuous
    • Output Current: 60A max surge
    • Max Output Power: 900 watts
    • On-resistance: 0.003 ohms
    • BEC: 5.2V/2A
    • Thermal Cutoff: 110C/230F
    • Timing Angle: 10deg

    The electronic speed controller (ESC) cooling jacket is made of black anodized aluminum and has two cooling canals running along the top in parallel. Water first enters the cooling system through a transom mounted pickup line. The water then travels through blue silicone tubing to the ESC, then to the motor, and is discarded through an aluminum fitting mounted in the side of the hull.


    The ESC is not designed to be used with LiPo batteries. Two 7.2V battery packs are required to run the SuperVee 27R. I am using two Duratrax DTX5000 batteries. These are 6-cell 7.2V 5000mAh NiMH battery packs (part DTXC2151). These batteries should supply great overall engine performance as well as long run times.

    Water cooled ESC
    Motor mount
    Rubber wire boot

    Water outlet

    Water outlet

    Shaft collet
    Radio box and battery mounting strip
    Brass stuffing tube-end


    Batteries and Metal Propeller have to be bought separately. High-Performance Metal Propeller must be balanced and should also be sharpened for the best possible performance.

    Action shots


    Performance with stock prop:

    I tested the Aquacraft SuperVee 27R using the stock fiber reinforced plastic propeller first. I installed two fully charged DTX5000 NiMH battery packs and hand launched the boat into the lake.

    Hand launching the SuperVee 27R produced minimal cavitation and the boat was on plane in no time. There is no doubt this is a fast boat. I started off with a loose set up and the entire hull was coming out of the water. It is fair to say feathering the throttle was necessary to keep my speed up while ensuring the boat remained right side up.

    There were some instances where I got worried as the boat danced across the water, but that was just part of the excitement.

    Starting from a dead start introduced some unwanted cavitation. It required being quite aggressive to get the boat up to speed. This was due to the three bladed plastic propeller and can be improved by replacing it with a GrimRacer High-Performance Metal Propeller.

    Cornering was predictable at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Full throttle steering required finesse as to be expected at such speeds. I could easily trim the boat to handle smoother at full throttle by slightly bending down the rear trim tabs. The batteries are now getting low and I'm ready to check out my pictures.

    Performance with Grim Reaper 42x55 High Performance Metal Prop:

    I took an evening to prepare an Aquacraft GrimRacer 42x55 metal propeller (AQUB9725). This propeller is sold separately and will need to be sharpened and balanced.

    I mounted the prepared prop to the boat and took it back to the lake. I installed two fully charged DTX5000 battery packs and hand launched the boat. I immediately noticed a difference how quickly the boat was up to speed. I could tell the top speed was higher as well.

    I came to a dead stop in the middle of the lake so I could test cavitation. The new prop launched the boat to plane much quicker than the stock prop did. Cavitation was almost nonexistent. The boat felt much more responsive which makes it more enjoyable to drive. I highly recommend the metal prop for this boat.

    I stuck my GPS unit inside the hull to record top speeds with both types of props. Look below for the results.

    Top Speeds:

    This is the Top Speed with the stock prop
    This is the Top Speed recorded with
    the Metal prop.


    See the SUPERVEE 27R in action!


    The Supervee 27R is not your typical beginner's basher. This boat is geared toward experienced boaters who are wanting to race or just go incredibly fast. If you are a beginner, hold on to your drawers, and be prepared to exercise throttle control. This boat is fast and is a blast to operate. I highly recommend 5000MaH packs and the aftermarket GrimRacer 42x55 High-Performance Metal Prop even if you aren't going to race.

    Whether you're wanting a competitive super-boat in the FE class or put blank looks on your friends faces, this boat is up to the challenge.

    manu and credits

    Aquacraft Models

    Aquacraft Product Support:
    3002 N. Apollo Drive, Suite #1
    Champaign IL 61822

    Telephone: 1-217-398-8970
    FAX: 1-217-398-7721
    Email: boatsupport@hobbico.com
    Web Site: www.aquacraftmodels.com

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