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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: January 2011 | Views: 73000 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Evader EXT2
    Top photo
    Review by: Matt LeMay


    Phone: 1-217-398-8970
    Fax: 1-217-398-7721
    Email: carsupport@duratrax.com

    Distributed exclusively by:
    Great Planes Model Distributers®
    PO BOX 9021;
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Website: www.gpmd.com


    Ready to run
    Cool body graphics
    Stress-Tech guarantee


    AM Radio


    The Evader EXT2 is a great entry level stadium truck that can be upgraded into a racer.

    Good looks and durability are only two of the things that make this truck great for the new racer. Lets take a closer look at the Evader EXT2 stadium truck.



    Main photo

    Name: Evader EXT2 RTR Stadium truck
    Price: $119.98 varies with dealer

    Drive: 2WD
    Length: 16.1 in
    Width: 12.9 in
    Height: 6.6 in
    Weight: 3.6 lb
    Includes: Fully assembled Evader EXT2 1/10 scale 2WD electric stadium truck, 2-Channel Radio System
    Motor: Photon Speed?2 brushed motor
    ESC: Sprint? Electronic Speed Controller (w/ reverse)
    Radio: TACTIC 2-channel AM radio system
    w/ TSX200 steering servo


    • Eight "AA" alkaline batteries for radio
    • 6-cell or 7-cell NiMH or NiCD battery pack
    • Compatible battery charger
    • Lipo cut-off (if using 2s Lipo)




    There is no doubt the EXT2 is a sharp looking stadium truck.

    The electrifying graphics and aggressive tires give this truck that extra growl factor. Included is a set of decals which allows you to choose the attitude of the truck. Three options are available for the lights and grill. I chose the bloodshot eyes and vicious mouth for my lights and grill. There are also some sponsors as well as product names to apply.

    A clear wing is included in the accessory package which I mounted with double sided mounting tape. You may see this wing by scrolling down to the action shots.



    Left angle
    Instructions and extras
    Right angle
    Left angle
    Contents of extras pack
    Right angle
    Left rear
    Right rear
    Left rear
    Right rear
    Left w/decals
    Front w/decals
    Right w/decals



    The durable plastic tub chassis is laid out well and is the same design as the evader DT. The battery compartment easily holds 6-7 cell NiMh stick packs and 2s Lipos. You will need to purchase a low voltage cut off if using Lipo batteries.


    Lower H-Arms and upper adjustable ball links make up the suspension. Compared to the DT, this truck has a much wider stance thanks to the long suspension arms. Because of the molded Magna Flex parts the suspension can take much abuse.

    The plastic hub carriers and steering blocks offer multiple adjustments such as toe in/out, camber, wheel base, travel, and ride height.

    The plastic bodied oil filled shocks use metal leak resistant caps to help keep the oil inside and the shock functioning properly. The white springs are soft enough to soak up the little bumps while still providing enough stiffness to keep the chassis from constantly bottoming out.

    Drive train

    I am pleased to see Duratrax using bearings which helps the drivetrain components spin smoothly.

    The pinion and spur gears can be seen through the clear plastic protective gear cover. Unscrewing the black plastic plug will allow access to the slipper clutch adjustment nut.

    The only plastic gear inside the gearbox is the outer diff gear. I am pleased to see the use of a metal idler gear. These gears all move smoothly and are free of any hindrances. Inside the differential are four metal bevelled gears which are held in place by two metal cross pins and smothered completely in grease. The diff's action is fairly smooth. The firmer the diff screws are tightened the more the diff binds and the looser the screws the smoother it gets. There is a sweet spot I was able to achieve.


    Duratrax is so confident in the quality and durability of the stress-tech plastic parts they will replace any stress-tech plastic part you break during the first 12 months you own the truck for FREE. The plastic parts included in the stress-tech guarantee are listed below.

    Stress-tech parts

    • Ball cup set
    • Battery strap
    • Front body mount set
    • Front brace
    • Front bulkhead set
    • Front bumper
    • Rear chassis plate
    • Chassis
    • ESC mounting set
    • Gearbox set
    • Hub carrier set
    • Rear hub set
    • Knuckle arm set
    • Motor guard
    • Shock parts set
    • Shock bushing
    • Front shock tower
    • Rear shock tower
    • Steering servo mount set
    • Front suspension arm set
    • Rear suspension arm set
    • Transmission brace
    • Wheel set

    Just about all the major chassis components are guaranteed so you can run the Duratrax Evader EXT2 with confidence!


    Front shocks
    Metal shock cap
    Front mount
    Rear suspension arm
    Rear suspension
    Front suspension arm
    Pinion and spur gears
    Protective cover
    Adjustable slipper clutch
    gearbox and motor
    Inside the differential
    Inside the gearbox
    Rear carrier with bearings
    Rear shock tower
    Battery tray

    Transmitter & Receiver

    A Tactic 2-channel AM radio system with servo reversing, steering trim, and throttle trim is included. The Tactic 2-channel TR210 receiver is mounted to the chassis with double sided mounting tape.


    Protecting the Tactic TSX200 steering servo is an adjustable servo saver. The TSX200 is a standard size servo which makes replacements simple.

    Electronic speed control

    The Duratrax Sprint ESC w/reverse is strapped to the rear of the battery compartment with the same plastic strap used in the DT. I'm not a big fan of how the strap blocks direct view of the ESC's led lights, but it is definitely secure.

    The ESC is already programmed. Turn on the switch mounted to the side of the ESC and wait two seconds. The ESC is now ready to use. If you should find the need to set the ESC follow a few easy steps listed in the owners manual and you will be ready to go. The on/off switch is located on the side of the ESC and is held in place with double sided tape.

    This ESC is capable of handling a 6-cell or 7-cell NiMH/NiCD pack. If you choose to use a 2 cell Lipo, you will need to install a low voltage cut off to protect your battery from over discharge.


    The Photon speed 2 brushed motor seen above provides power for the Evader EXT2. Bullet connecters installed between the motor and ESC allow quick and easy removal.

    Electronic speed controller


    Action shots




    Test Run

    Because of the all terrain tires, I chose to test this truck both on and off road. It is a stadium truck, so I had to try the track first.


    Using a duratrax 6-cell NiMh battery pack I made my way around the track several times. The rear tires had no problem breaking loose but it was lacking top speed so I threw in a 7-cell NiMh stick pack. The long stick pack fits right into the battery tray after removing the foam block in the rear.

    The trucks top speed increased to a satisfactory level. Much finesse is now necessary to keep the truck in a straight line. The tires were lacking some grip on this particular track, which consisted of a combination of moist areas as well as dry areas.

    Low speed turning radius was a little lacking but easily solved with a little throttle. The throttle causes the rear tires to break loose which swings the rear of the truck through the turn. If you are not careful, the truck will spin out. The tires make this truck is a little challenging to keep the same line, but extremely fun to drive.

    Jumping the truck revealed predictable flight characteristics. On bigger jumps, the front end has a tendency to reach for the sky. Hitting the brake levels it out some but not much. Most jumps the truck flew level but the bigger jumps weren't quite as smooth.


    On the pavement the truck handled well, for a truck of course. The large turning radius was more noticeable on the pavement. The rear tires hooked up well enough to cause the front to push while on throttle. Making tight turns on pavement requires using the brake properly. Jacking on the brake in the middle of the turn causes the rear end to break loose enough for maneuvering the tight corners.


    There is no doubt the Magna Flex plastic Duratrax is using is some tough stuff. You know it has to be when they are willing to replace so many parts free of charge for up to a year.

    I'm fairly cautious with which trucks I let my boys drive and I had no problem letting them crash, I mean drive, this one. This truck can take much abuse, I've witnessed it first hand.




    See the RTR Evader EXT2 2wd stadium truck in action!

    Download and Watch in Windows Media Player here


    This truck has many things going for it, to begin with, it's about $120 bucks!

    On or off road this truck handles well. It would be simple getting the Evader EXT2 ready for some competitive stock racing. Replacing the tires with soft spikes would make a huge difference in handling. To make things easy, Duratrax already offers many hop-up parts including graphite and aluminum parts. Here is a link to some optional parts.

    This truck would be great for a beginner wanting to get into RC truck racing with the option to upgrade as their skill level improves. Another bonus is the stress tech guarantee.


    manu and credits

    Phone: 1-217-398-8970
    Fax: 1-217-398-7721
    Email: carsupport@duratrax.com

    Distributed exclusively by:
    Great Planes Model Distributers®
    PO BOX 9021;
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Website: www.gpmd.com


    Comments on RCU Review: DuraTrax Evader EXT2

    Posted by: mc4798 on 01/22/2011
    Very good review
    Posted by: cswtornado on 01/28/2011
    I wish Traxxas had the free replacement parts guarantee! :P
    Posted by: tymtofly2 on 01/29/2011
    Thank you mc4798.
    Posted by: Revolauncher on 01/31/2011
    Nice driving!
    Posted by: Moserkid on 03/25/2011
    considered this but got the 2wd stampede
    Posted by: Jefferson1964 on 05/05/2011
    this truck is very sweet expecially for the price. I luv traxxas but duratrax got my attention with this truck for a nice track and basher for a whole lot less money. Thanks for the review
    Posted by: BKoz559 on 12/31/2011
    I just gave one to my son for Christmas and after a day at the park, I was happy with my decision. I tried it myself and I too agree that the tires are good all-terrain tires but they are not great off-road tires. Upgrading the tires to a set of quality racing tires will drastically improve how it handles on dirt. With 7-cell packs, the speed is pretty quick; a lot better than I expected. For the price, they give you ball bearings and an awesome warranty but, they lack a battery pack and charger. A Traxxas Rustler costs about $190 with a battery and a bogus charger but, no bearings or "Stress-Tech" warranty. Between the two, I say EXT2 before the Rustler. You can add in a 7-cell pack and a sport charger for a few more bucks and have a great RC package.
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