RCU Review: Extreme Machines Monster XX RTR monster truck

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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: December 2010 | Views: 66178 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Monster XX
    Top photo
    Review by: Matt LeMay


    matthew lemay



    Extreme Machines
    Phone: 1-510-618-1700

    Distributed by:
    Phone: 1-800-591-3869
    Website: www.target.com


    Ready to run
    Four wheel drive
    Cool body graphics
    Very affordable
    Ball bearings in gearboxes


    AM radio
    Plastic bushings at wheels

    For the price, I can't complain!



    The Monster XX, made by Extreme Machines RC, is a 1/10 scale AWD ready-to-run hobby grade RC truck sold at Target for under $100.

    Lets take a look at what sets the MonsterXX apart from the other toys on Target's shelves and try to figure out how they were able to get the price so low.



    Main photo

    Name: Monster XX RTR monster truck
    Price: $99.95 price may vary

    Drive: 4WD
    Length: 16.5 in overall length
    Width: 12.25 in
    Height: 6.8 in
    Weight: 4.5 lb with battery pack
    Includes: Fully assembled Monster XX 1/10 scale AWD electric truck, 2-Channel Radio System, 6-cell battery pack, & charger.
    Motor: 550 brushed
    ESC: Electronic speed controller with reverse
    Radio: 2-channel AM radio system w/ standard size steering servo



    • Eight "AA" alkaline batteries for radio



    The MonsterXX was packaged like a typical "shelf item," with a clear front package so isle dwellers can easily see what's inside.

    Inside the package you won't find a typical toy grade RC. The appearance of the Monster XX is like any other hobby grade RC. The graphics are printed on the inside of the plastic shell, which is held on by four body clips. There's even a small wing attached to the rear of the body.

    The aggressive over sized tires are of medium firmness which will offer plenty of traction as well as sufficient wear.




    Left rear
    Right rear
    Left rear
    Right rear



    The black plastic chassis looks very much like the DF02 chassis made by one of RCs leading kit manufacturers. On the left you'll find the rear facing motor which sits behind the electronic speed controller, receiver, and steering servo. The center drive shaft runs down the center of the chassis while the right side is designated for battery use.


    A lower arm and upper fixed link make up the suspension. The plastic seems to be sturdy and the design looks beefy enough to handle a life of bashing. The upper suspension links as well as steering links are solid plastic and are of fixed length. The suspension arms are held to the chassis by a curved u-shaped pin which secures both left and right arms. The front pin is held in by the front bumper and the rear by the rear bumper. There is no binding of the suspension components and every thing moves freely.

    Four coil over shocks soften hard landings while providing an exciting amount of bounce. The shock bodies are of oil free construction despite their appearance.

    The simple shock tower design doubles as a body post perch. The plastic again appears to be sturdy from its dimensional design.

    Drive train

    The 550 brushed motor, with cool blue heat sink, drives a nylon spur gear. The spur gear splits the power between the front and rear differentials. The rear of the spur gear is connected to a metal bevel gear that drives the rear differential. A plastic drive shaft which rides the center of the chassis delivers power to the front differential. The two differentials are constructed using all metal gears which are lubed with grease.

    At one end of the metal dog bone drive shafts, four plastic diff cups consist of a metal inner shaft and plastic outer cup. On the other end of the dog bones, the wheel drive cups of the same basic construction secure the wheels and are suspended by plastic bushings. Lock nuts ensure the wheels will stay in place through all that bashing.


    Top of chassis
    Chrome wheels
    Front suspension arm
    Steering assembly
    Rear shock tower
    Steering knuckle
    Dog bone driveshaft
    Drive cup, bushings, knuckle
    Spur & diff gears
    Inside differential
    Spur gear w/ bearings

    Transmitter & Receiver

    A 2-channel AM radio system with servo reversing, steering trim, and throttle trim also includes a steering dual rate knob. The pistol style controller has a foam padded steering knob for comfortable gripping. An unlabeled receiver is mounted to the steering servo using foam servo tape.


    A standard size steering servo is protected by a plastic servo saver horn.

    Electronic speed control & Motor

    A fin cooled electronic speed control is mounted to the chassis with servo tape. The brushed 550 motor is cooled by the blue anodized heat sink. An on/off switch is mounted, face down, to the chassis behind the motor. Screws hold the switch securely in place.

    Battery & Charger

    A green 2500 Mah 7.2v 6-cell NiMh battery pack and wall charger are included.


    Electronic speed controller
    On/off switch
    Steering servo w/ servo saver
    Battery tray


    Action shots




    Test Run

    The most likely place this vehicle will be driven is the yard, so that's where I did my testing. The monster XX drove through the grass and fallen leaves with ease. The large tires made a spectacle out of throwing the leaves into the air. This truck is equally at home on pavement as in the grass.

    My leave covered driveway proved to be exciting. The Monster XX's low center of gravity allows for stable cornering at top speed. Applying steering and full brake will send the truck into a tail spin/u-turn maneuver.

    The truck responded well to the controller inputs however, I noticed while adjusting the steering trim, the trim knob operated in reverse. The actual steering was fine and I was still able to make the necessary trim adjustments through out testing.

    This vehicle uses digital proportional throttle and steering, so if a small throttle input is given, the vehicle will drive slow. As you steadily increase the throttle input, the vehicle gets faster. The same goes for the steering controls.

    The Monster XX is definitely a fun truck to drive. The bouncy suspension reminds me of my very first hobby grade monster truck. My mother bought it for me in 1989 and after building the kit, my black monster truck was the coolest thing in the neighborhood. I drove circles around the other radio controls on the block. Yeah, those were good times. Well, back to present time.

    I placed a skate board ramp in the yard and hit it full speed several times. The large tires allow easy flight control. I wasn't able to produce enough wheel spin for a backflip on the small ramp, but it still jumped great.

    The truck held together very well. After several battery charges and both my son and I driving, the Monster XX came through with no major damage. The front diff began to make a little noise after several hard landings, but it still operated fine. I inspected the gears and noticed no excess wear, so I think a shim might quiet it down a bit. The boys made several single wheel landings (cartwheels) and all plastic parts with stood the beating just fine.

    Top speed

    To test the top speed, I ran the Monster XX up and down the street in front of my house. I taped my Garmin GPS unit to the truck and set it to record top speed. It was obvious the tires were out of balance, which caused some unwanted wheel bounce. After a few runs, I checked the GPS and it recorded a top speed of 19.5 MPH. I decided to clear the top speed readings and give it a few more tries. After several more attempts, the GPS screen read 19.5 MPH. That's close to the claimed 20 MPH and without the excess wheel bounce, I'd of probably reached it.






    See the Monster XX in action!
    Download and Watch in Windows Media Player here


    The Monster XX is a great way for someone to be introduced into the hobby. I'm not recommending anyone trade in their 1/8 scales by any means but, for someone on a strict budget, this would make a great first truck.

    There's one thing that makes this truck stand way above toy grade RCs, it's upgradable. All electronics can easily be swapped out as a drivers skills increase and when the demand for a greater top speed increases, drop in an after market motor. This is important for those who like to keep their first RC vehicles for many, many years.

    manu and credits

    Extreme Machines
    Phone: 1-510-618-1700

    Distributed by:
    Phone: 1-800-591-3869
    Website: www.target.com


    Comments on RCU Review: Extreme Machines Monster XX RTR monster truck

    Posted by: rcnut9 on 12/17/2010
    I have one of these, for the price they really are awesome
    Posted by: SyCo_VeNoM on 12/20/2010
    Minor correction. "The black plastic chassis looks very much like the DF02 chassis made by one of RCs leading kit manufacturers" Should be "The black plastic chassis is a perfect copy of the DF-02 chassis made by one of RCs leading kit manufacturers" I have one of these, and a DF-02. I can honestly say virtually EVERY DF-02 part will fit on it with absolute 0 modifications, along with all the aftermarket DF-02 parts. The only parts that Tamiya doesn't make are the front shock tower, and the body posts, which are the only truly unique pieces on this truck.
    Posted by: tele1974 on 12/29/2010
    This truck is no longer available. I was fortunate enough to pick up one of the last ones on clearance at target. Great starter truck for my son.
    Posted by: tymtofly2 on 01/29/2011
    Xtreme machines informed me they had to pull the trucks from Target's shelves. People were buying them, running them into a tree or the like, and returning them for a full refund. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
    Posted by: zman5000 on 02/12/2011
    i got one at goodwill as a salvage piece, and it was all there and it runs great, handles great and has a ton of upgrade potential
    Posted by: Moserkid on 03/25/2011
    shiesh go buy the duratrax EXT2 for $20 more and have a real truck with aluminum shocks, magnaflex parts with warenty, ball berings, and lots of other good upgrades
    Posted by: masterhacker1989 on 04/08/2011
    Ha, figures, there's a reason rc's are kind of a specialized thing, the general public is too stupid to understand they break
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