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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: April 2011 | Views: 65307 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    RedCat Rampage XB-E RTR
    Top photo
    Review by: Matt LeMay

    Matthew LeMay


    Phone: 602-454-6445
    Fax: 602-626-3543
    Email: support@redcatracing.com

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    Name: Rampage XB-E RTR
    Scale: 1/5
    Price: $799.99 varies with dealer
    Length: 29.53"
    Width: 21.26"
    Wheelbase: 20.28"
    Weight (w/batteries): 18lbs
    Motor: 980kv brushless
    Drive Train: 4-wheel drive
    Included Batteries: Two 11.1v 3s 3600mah 25c LiPO packs & charger
    Radio equipment: (Included) 2.4GHz & 1/5 scale servo w/ servo saver


    • Eight AA batteries for transmitter


    • Big 1/5 Scale

    • Excellent acceleration

    • Very Stable

    • 2.4 GHz Radio

    • includes LiPO Batteries

    • Drive shafts restrict negative camber adjustments

    • Long charge times w/ included charger



    Left side
    Front view
    Right side

    Rampage XB-E RTR 1/5 scale electric buggy

    It?s no secret the Rampage XB-E is a big buggy. Everything on this thing is big. Removing the buggy from its box revealed the XB-E is no lightweight either.

    The buggy was packaged well and arrived safely to my door. The rear wing needs to be installed, which is very simple. The XB-E includes a set of six allen wrenches, a six way socket wrench, instruction manual, 2.4GHz radio, two 3s LiPO battery packs, and charger.

    The manual includes an exploded view as well as parts reference.

    The XB-E chassis is 0.4cm thick and consists of a lower deck with upper brace. The screws in the XB-E chassis are countersunk.

    Left angle
    Rear View
    Right angle
    Left Topless
    Right Topless
    6" Tire

    Wheels, tires, and drive train

    The 6? tall medium compound tires are mounted to black plastic wheels and are able to shred the ground with their big square knobbies.

    The drive train is beefy as well. A steel spur gear drives two steel center dog bone drive shafts. These drive shafts command the front and rear differential units. The XB-E has two large fluid filled differentials.

    Inside the differential you will notice only two planetary gears. This is because they are oversized and don?t leave enough room for a third. These diffs look like they can hold up to much abuse.

    The rear of the vehicle uses large dog-bone drive shafts while the front takes advantage of CVD joints. Did I mention everything on this buggy is huge?

    I have a single issue so far. The drive shafts appear to be a little long. I noticed this when setting camber. Setting the desired camber squeezes down on the dog-bones and adds unwanted stress to the suspension components. My only option was to leave the camber alone and hope it handles well.

    Center Drive Shafts
    CVD Joint
    Rear 1/3
    Inside Diff
    Single Speed Spur Gear


    The suspension design is similar to that of an 1/8 scale buggy and offers many adjustments. The lower H-Arm and upper adjustable link support the hub carrier. The suspension parts are made of thick plastic.

    Sway bars are used in the front and rear to increase stability.

    The aluminum adjustable shocks are threaded for quick adjustments and can be mounted at different angles for different handling characteristics. The shock towers are of metal construction with a plastic overlay.

    Oil filled shock
    Sway Bar
    Aluminum Shock
    Suspension Link
    Adjustable inserts
    Rear Suspension


    A 2.4GHz radio system is included with the Rampage XB-E. The transmitter runs off eight AA batteries and includes functions such as servo reversing, steering and throttle trims, steering dual rates, and a bind button.

    The receiver is safely enclosed in it's own box with an on/off switch mounted on top. There is no label on the receiver, so I'm not sure of the brand. During testing, it worked flawlessly.

    The huge steering servo, measuring 2.5" across (NOT including mounting tabs), is held in place with four screws and is protected by an adjustable servo saver.

    2.4GHz Radio
    Steering Servo
    Chassis Layout
    Motor & ESC
    Fan Cooled ESC
    Motor Mount
    Brushless Motor

    Motor , ESC, and battery packs

    The Rampage XB-E is equipped with a 150 Amp Hobbywing brushless electronic speed controller which regulates current to the 980Kv brushless motor. An electric fan aids in cooling the Hobbywing ESC and large cooling fins help to keep the motor cool.

    Like everything else on this buggy, the motor and ESC are big. The brushless motor is almost as long as one of the 3s LiPo battery packs. Speaking of battery packs, the Rampage XB-E includes two 3s 3600mah LiPO battery packs. That makes a total of 22.2volts with a moderate discharge rating of 25c.

    A LiPO balance charger is also included with this RTR combo which is great news for beginners. Like all RTR kit chargers, it's easy to get tired of waiting for the batteries to charge. The included charger will put out a charge current ranging from 0.5A to 0.8A. That's not much current for charging 3s LiPO packs, which is why a higher power charger will soon be a good buy. The included charger does have both 3s and 2s charging capabilities.

    esc spesc


    Included Tools
    3s LiPO Batteries
    Battery Charger
    Action shots


    Performance & Handling

    I'll start by addressing the power capabilities. The Rampage XB-E has plenty of power! I had to be careful where I tested this buggy because of it's shredding capabilities. If grass upsets you, this buggy will excite you. If you haven't figured it out yet, you guessed it, it tears up the lawn.

    The beautiful green grass at public parks were absolutely out of the question as testing grounds. It didn't take me long to realize my front lawn probably wasn't the best area for testing either. I was thinking how cool it was watching the grass fly into the air and my wife was thinking how busy I was going to be spreading seed. I may not have gotten to raw dirt, but I could easily see the tracks in the yard where the XB-E tore up the grass.

    I didn't want to go through the normal testing routine with this buggy because I felt it offered much more than other buggies and large scale vehicles, which is why I decided to go to the woods first. With its large scale and 4WD drive train, many options open up for having fun with this beast. I was able to blast over rough terrain containing dirt, rocks, fallen limbs, grass, and thick leaves. I even barreled through thick brush with little trouble.

    The power is evident when slamming the throttle. Anything that starts out under the XB-E, ends up on top of or behind it. There is some strange sense of accomplishment and empowerment when driving the XB-E. ?I am Man, I tear up lawn.? It's large size is great for overcoming larger obstacles and the 4WD is great for getting through the tough stuff.

    The 1/5 scale size of the Rampage XB-E gives it the illusion of going slower than it really is. 38 mph seems more like 30 mph from a distance. There is no mystical reason for this illusion, plain and simple, it's BIG! 38 mph is nothing to sneeze at for a vehicle of this size. Just don't run into your leg.

    I finally brought the XB-E to the local outdoor track. The water supply was still turned off from the winter months so the track was dry. This caused the XB-E to behave in a loose manner. I personally don't mind this because I tend to set my vehicles up a little loose anyway.

    The XB-E had no trouble maneuvering around the tight corners with its sharp turning radius. The XB-E feels secure and planted which takes the worry out of rolling over. Exiting the corners was eventful. The dry hard packed surface made the XB-E struggle for traction. Most corners were taken at 1/4 throttle and gradually increased to full during the exit phase.

    Because of it's size, the XB-E seldom saw full throttle inputs while on the 1/8 scale track. With that being said, you can see in the video it still got around the track quickly. Due to its weight, it?s necessary to steer sooner to account for the added momentum.

    Jumps went well as long as you hit them straight on. A vehicle of this size has less forgiveness than an 1/8 or 1/10 scale buggy. When I noticed the XB-E in an awkward midair frontal flip, I applied full brake to save the suspension components from damage. Stressing a single A-arm due to an uneven landing will eventually break these large suspension components. I found it safer to land flat on the roof than on just one wheel.

    Hitting the jumps straight on produced desirable results. The nose tends to hang slightly and some throttle input pulls the nose up level in most cases.

    The XB-E is easy to drive and offers many pleasing driving characteristics. I would say that overall, the XB-E is stable, responsive, and predictable.




    See the Rampage XB-E in the Woods!

    See the Rampage XB-E on the Track!



    The Rampage XB-E is definitely fun and easy to drive. Because of its size and 4 wheel drive system, there's not many places the XB-E won't go. Below are a few items I decided to rate separately to summarize my experience with the Rampage XB-E.


    Turning Radius:

    Top Speed:
    38 MPH


    Hard surface= Good
    Grass= Great (the Shredder)
    Loose dirt= Great
    Hard packed dirt= Moderate


    Run Time:
    Good (Depending on my driving style, it ranged from 8-12 minutes)


    RATING SYSTEM KEY: Poor, Moderate, Good, Great

    manu and credits

    RedCat Racing
    23 West Watkins Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85003

    Phone: 602-454-6445
    Fax: 602-626-3543
    Support Email: support@redcatracing.com
    Sales Email: sales@redcatracing.com
    Website: www.RedcatRacing.com

    Comments on RCU Review: Redcat Racing Rampage XB-E RTR

    Posted by: 378 on 05/01/2011
    Four things. First of all, Radio Control Zone is gonna be pissed. I didn't see any attribution of that little chunk of generic metal to them. Secondly, 8-12 minutes per charge? I get that out of my 1/10 nitros. Come back when it will match the 45 minute runtimes of the gasoline version, Redcat! Thirdly, electric 1/5th scale? WTF? Have the hippies taken over the RC industry or something? Finally, at least they include lipos. Good god this thing would be awful on nickel batteries...
    Posted by: tymtofly2 on 05/01/2011
    378 Why don't you explain why radio control zone will be pissed.
    Posted by: tymtofly2 on 05/01/2011
    I'm thankful there are so many types of rc vehicles out there as well as all the different rc manufacturers. Some people prefer planes, some prefer cars, some prefer gas, nitro, and electric. That doesn't mean something is wrong with them because they prefer one over the other. It also doesn't mean because some 1/8 scale racers prefer nitro that there's something wrong with the other fuel sources. I'm glad those hobbyists with noise restrictions in their communities are still able to have fun running electric powered vehicles. Those with chemical sensitivities are also able to enjoy this hobby with the advances made in electrics. Just because I would rather drive a "full scale" monster truck it doesn't mean I need to snuff my nose up at the scaled down versions. Many of us are able to enjoy "all" aspects of RC and would probably get bored with just one choice. I thank you all for reading my reviews and hope you continue to enjoy this great hobby. Matt
    Posted by: ntrain42 on 05/09/2011
    What a POS...........
    Posted by: Burc on 05/11/2011
    Great pictures...
    Posted by: ehroof on 06/16/2011
    nice driving on that track with a 1/5, seems like it handled real well.
    Posted by: thirdgen89gta on 09/29/2012
    Its an RTR car, which means since they are providing the batteries they are going to cheap out on them. ANd honestly? (2) 3S 25c 3000mah batteries? Yes, those are definitely cheap. A car this large should probably be running twin 4S batteries, or perhaps even twin 5S batteries with a low KV motor to keep the amp draw down. But you've obviously never driven a 8th scale or larger electric vehicle with a good power system. When you watch an 11lb 8th scale truggy powered by a MMM/2200kv setup and good batteries simply flip onto its lid like paper in the wind you realise just how much power is actually on tap compared to nitro or gas. The acceleration is mind bending.
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    The comments, observations and conclusions made in this review are solely with respect to the particular item the editor reviewed and may not apply generally to similar products by the manufacturer. We cannot be responsible for any manufacturer defects in workmanship or other deficiencies in products like the one featured in the review.

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