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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: August 2011 | Views: 57080 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Venom Gas King of Shaves
    Top photo
    Review by: Matt LeMay

    Matt LeMay


    Venom Racing
    Phone: 1-800-705-0620
    Fax: 208-712-3053


    Name: King of Shaves gas RTR boat
    List Price: $1299.99
    Overall Length: 58"
    Beam (width): 15"
    Height: 9"
    Overall Height (including Rudder): 13"
    Weight: 16lb
    Fuel Capacity: 24 oz

    Engine: Venom 26cc 2 stroke gas engine with pull start & tuned pipe
    Drive System: Single pre-balanced and sharpened metal prop & single rudder
    Tools Included: Four allen wrenches of needed sizes & socket wrench
    Radio equipment: (Included) Venom VR3T FM computer radio system


    • Twelve AA batteries (8=radio & 4=receiver)
    • 89 octane gasoline
    • Two cycle engine oil


    Fast and stable
    Awesome looks
    Tuned pipe is now stock
    Updated carb is now stock
    Pre-balanced metal prop
    Awesome sound

    Would like to see a 2.4GHz Radio

    Cardboard packaging scuffed the finish


    Gas & Electric KOS
    Gas & Electric KOS
    Gas & Electric KOS


    The Venom King of Shaves arrived in a giant box. The double boxing helped to prevent damage to the boat, however there was a scuff on the top of the hull caused by a cardboard cross-brace. This was easily removed with a bit of wax and elbow grease.


    The realistic styling and beautiful finish quickly got me drooling. Venom's eye for detail is truly astounding. Not only did they capture the shape of the full size boat but other details such as air scoops, exhaust pipes, mirrors, decals, and clear windshield with silver rivets were also included. The graphics are sealed under a beautiful high gloss finish.

    This 58" boat is massive compared to Venom's 34" electric King of Shaves as seen in the above photographs. They truly make a beautiful pair. Check RCUniverse for the 34" KOS review as well.


    The hull's design incorporates several different levels as well as many different angles. This is one ingredient in the recipe for a sturdy hull. I do believe however, the fiberglass could stand to be a little thicker in two areas. These areas include the front top deck, and mid to rear sides. The fiberglass is plenty thick for running the boat, but these are the areas I typically grab the boat for launching, retrieving, and transporting which results in some extra abuse.

    I will take it upon myself to strengthen these areas using a simple method that not only adds sturdiness, but additional floatation. I will buy a can of non-expanding spray foam designed for sealing doors and windows sold at local hardware stores. I will carefully build a support with the sticky foam by spraying it inside the hull beneath the King of Shaves logo being sure not to stress the fiberglass or cause unwanted water traps.

    For side support, I will purchase fiberglass cloth and resin from my local auto parts store. There is plenty of room inside the hull to build up these areas. Once this is done the recipe will be complete creating a sturdy durable hull that can be manhandled a bit. These steps are not necessary to enjoy your boat, but will help the hull last a very long time.

    Two reversed air scoops in the rear of the boat serve a dual purposes. They provide a great escape for air flow and also work well for draining any water that might have come onboard.

    Down the center of the hull two quarter inch plywood struts not only help to support the hull but also support the radio tray and engine. These beefy front to rear supports are waterproofed and sealed with resin. The left plywood brace is also used for a gas tank mount. The other side of the tank is zip tied to a small plywood tab glued the the hull. This small tank brace came unglued from the hull. After regluing, I also inserted some closed cell styrofoam for added support.

    The Hatch:

    The beautifully constructed fiberglass hatch contains clear windshields and functional molded air scoop. A screen mesh is glued inside the scoop to help prevent debris or bugs from entering the hull and provides added realism. Two white molded faux air scoops are screwed to the hatch and help complete the King of Shaves amazing asthetics. Side-view mirrors are glued to the hatch for over the top detail.

    To install the hatch, insert the two metal tabs located at the front of the hatch into the slots in the front of the hull opening. Fasten the two anodized metal spring loaded locks at the rear of the hatch by pushing down and twisting 1/4 turn. The finish of the hatch is just as beautiful as the rest of the hull.

    Left Side
    Rear angle
    Under Side
    Catamaran Hull
    Realistic Details
    Faux Air Scoops
    Top Hatch
    Faux Exhaust Stacks
    Functional Air Scoop
    Hatch Lock
    Adjustable Strut
    Balanced & Sharpened
    Rear View

    Rudder & Prop:

    A large aluminum rudder is mounted to the center line of the boat and contains a water pick-up. The black metal rudder mount is secured to the rear of the hull by four bolts threaded into an interior metal plate. A single high torque metal gear servo operates the rudder with two metal push rods. Each push rod has a rubber accordion seal where it enters the hull and radio box.

    The DHP M4685 metal two blade propeller comes sharpened and balanced out of the box and is fastened to the drive dog with a lock nut. The height and angle are adjustable to fine tune ride characteristics.


    The 26cc two stroke engine is mounted to the hull with heavy duty red anodized machined aluminum engine mounts. These mounts include rubber shock absorbing grommets to help keep excess vibration to a minimum. The carburetor and exhaust pipe have been changed from earlier versions. Venom made these changes to increase performance and remedy leakage. The pipe that now comes with the KOS is Venom's high performance tuned pipe. The carburetor that now ships with the KOS does not include a manual choke lever, however it offers higher performance.

    A red kill switch is located on the hull for quick and easy access.

    Two water pick-ups are located at the rear of the boat. A single water pick-up is located under the hull and another on the rudder. There are water outlets on both sides of the boat. Water cooling is performed at the exhaust manifold through a red anodized aluminum cooling block. The tuned pipe's cooling system is machined right into the pipe for added reliability. The head of the engine is fitted with a black metal water jacket for head cooling. For additional cooling, the air scoop on the hatch let's air in and the two rear facing scoops at the rear of the hull allow air the flow out freely.

    Engine Specs:

    Displacement: 25.4cc
    Bore: 1.338in/34mm
    Stroke: 1.102in/28mm
    Max HP: 2.02@10,000 RPM
    Idle RPM: 3,500 +/- 150
    Fuel Type: 87 octane with pre-mix 2 stroke oil
    Ignition: Electronic
    Net weight: 3.5 pounds
    Manual Pull Start


    26cc Gas Engine
    Inside Layout
    Tuned Pipe
    Gas Tank
    Water Cooled Pipe
    1 of 2 Water outlets
    Water Pickup
    Exhaust Outlet


    A Venom VR3T 3Ch FM computerized radio provides control to this large boat. The Venom VR3T 3 channel FM computer radio has many great features. The multi data display screen clearly displays settings such as end point adjustments, Steering dual rates, sub trims, channel reversing, 15 model memories, steering/throttle center, modulation, brake mixing, function mixing, throttle hold (for gas vehicles), and fail safe.

    The buttons are marked and laid out well with an auxiliary switch on top as well as steering dual rates on the handle. Throttle hold is also located on the handle to help start the gas engine.

    The Venom 4ch PPM/FM receiver operates on the 27MHz frequency. The receiver is compact and safely bedded in foam inside the sealed electronics box. Beside the receiver lie the four AA receiver batteries. Two Venom VEN-1825 high torque metal gear servos are mounted to the plywood deck also inside the sealed electronics box. One servo controls the throttle and the other controls the rudder. An on/off switch can be switched from outside the sealed radio box by an extended metal lever. A clear cover keeps water out while still allowing visibility to the electronics and is held in place with eight screws.

    Computerized Transmitter
    Sealed Radio Box
    High Torque, Metal Gear Throttle Servo
    On/Off Switch
    High Torque, Metal Gear Steering Servo
    Kill Switch
    Mix Bottle & Instructions
    Included Tools

    A few additional items are necessary for running your King of Shaves boat like 87 octane gas, gas can, 2 stroke oil, and funnel. Venom provides a mixing bottle with necessary instructions for achieving the proper fuel ratio.

    KOS motor



    Break in:

    I followed the instructions for breaking in the engine by mixing 20 parts gasoline to 1 part 2-stroke oil for the first three hours of operation. I set the boat up in my back yard using a hose to keep a constant flow of water running through the cooling lines. I let the boat idle through several tanks of gas revving slightly only as needed. The boat started and ran easily during this process. No needle adjustments were required.


    Performance & Handling:

    There was a wind & wave advisory out the day of testing but that didn't stop us. I brought the KOS out to the lake and before I even got it started many people gathered around. Their excitement only grew upon hearing the engine wind up as the bubbly white spray was thrown from the rear of the boat.

    The large boat handled the waves well and was faithfull to return as I instructed. The pure display of power was admired by people both on shore as well as on the lake. Passing boaters creeped by as they watched in awe as the King of Shaves put on a show.



    The 58" King of Shaves gas boat performed wonderfully in both calm and roaring water. The C1 catamaran hull conquered the waves regardless the attack angle. Whether side cutting a wave or hitting it dead on, the KOS held its ground. It was a blast watching the 58" KOS jump from swell to swell. Keeping me alert however, were the forceful gusts of wind. Every now and then a gust of wind would catch the hull's channel which gave the boat an airy feel causing me to quickly let off the throttle.



    On calm waters the KOS is very stable during high speed cornering. Turns are sharp and precise.

    Caution is required while maneuvering turns in rough waters. The ribs molded into the sponsons help the boat to turn sharply, however they can catch a wave during high speeds which creates an unstable feel and immediately gets your adrenaline pumping. During six plus hours of running the gas King of Shaves in advisory weather, I wiped out one time. This wipe-out was at full throttle, while turning to the left and catching a swell. As you can imagine, it wasn't pretty. The boat completely rolled over and landed right side up. The water grabbed ahold of the air scoop and pulled the hatch off the boat. This resulted in a little damage but nothing devastating. The main repair I needed to make involved reinstalling the hatch locks into the hull. This was easily fixed and I also added a little more stability to the locks when reinstalling. Take a look at the wreck below!



    The KOS quickly reaches top speeds with some cavitation, but not much. Acceleration is quick and exhilarating. The engine responds very well to throttle input and accurately holds RPM.

    Top Speed:

    Out of all the boats I have brought to the lake, this one is definitely the one that got the most attention. With a top speed of 36 MPH coupled with it's sweet exhaust tone, large hull, and gorgeous looks people cannot keep their eyes off of it. I actually had a guy ask me to tow his kayak and his friends were joking and discussing how well it would do it.

    A stock ready to run boat of this size traveling in the mid 30's is quite impressive.

    Run Time:

    Each tank will provide around 30 minutes of run time depending on your driving style.

    See the 58" gas King of Shaves C1 RTR off shore racing boat in action!
    Rough Waters!

    See the 58" gas King of Shaves C1 RTR off shore racing boat in action!
    Calm Waters!


    The engine runs great, the electronics work flawlessly, and the looks are astounding.

    Venom's 58" King of Shaves ready to run gas boat is already a great boat and after performing a few minor fiberglass tasks, it's an absolutely awesome boat.

    This is a great boat for someone wanting to venture into large scale gas boats. It's easy to work on, easy to start, and easy to drive. This boat provides all the thrills and emotions a gas boat should, with a few extra grins thanks to the amazing detail.

    I would like to give Venom a special "ataboy" for going the extra mile adding details to make this boat a true head turner.

    manu and credits

    Venom Group International
    United States of America
    14028 N. Ohio Street
    Rathdrum, Idaho 83858

    Email: customerservice@venom-group.com

    Phone: 1-800-705-0620
    Fax: 208-712-3053
    Website: www.venom-group.com


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