RCU Review: Atomik Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:18 Scale Ford Raptor

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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: December 2012 | Views: 39346 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon


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    Review by: Matt LeMay

    author Matt LeMay
    Matt LeMay



    Vertical Partners West - USA Office 14028 N. Ohio Street
    Rathdrum, ID 83858

    Toll Free Number: 1.800.705.0620
    Outside USA: 208.762.0620

    Customer Service: customerservice@atomik-rc.com
    Customer Feedback: feedback@atomik-rc.com

    Website: www.atomik-rc.com


    Vehicle: Atomik Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:18 Scale Ford Raptor 150 RC Truck
    Short Course Truck
    Scale: 1/18
    Drive: 4wd
    Fuel Source: Electric
    Length: 10.71 in (272 mm)
    Width: 6.61 in (168 mm)
    Height: 4.09 in (104 mm)
    Weight: 21.1 oz (598 g)
    Motor: 370 Brushed Motor
    Battery: 7.2V 1000mAh NiMH Battery
    Charger: NiMH Wall Charger
    Radio: 2 Channel 2.4GHz with 2:1 Receiver/ESC
    ESC: 2-in-1 Receiver & ESC Combo
    Shock Type: Coil-over, oil-filled, plastic with aluminum caps
    Bearings: Complete

    Needed: 4 AA batteries for the controller


    • Great looks
    • Liscenced by Ford
    • Liscenced by Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan
    • 2.4GHz radio
    • Just fun to drive
    • Simple design makes it great for beginners
    • Small size limits terrain options
    • Brake/reverse is unpredictable
    • Non adjustable suspension
    • Plastic drivetrain

    Brian Deegan

    Who is Brian Deegan?

    Motocross legend, off-road racer, team owner, and businessman ?The General? Brian Deegan is a pioneer in action sports.

    At age 17, outfitted with only a credit card, a dirt bike, and an old truck, Brian left his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska for Southern California with dreams of becoming the next big name in motocross.   Brian?s skills quickly impressed everyone he encountered, and he soon rode his way onto a Supercross Team.

    In a pivotal moment in 1997 at the Coliseum in LA, Brian made history and pioneered what is known today as Freestyle Motocross by ?ghost riding? his bike across the finish line ? astonishing the crowd, stunning the AMA officials, and setting into motion a new breed of competition.

    Today, Brian is the most decorated Freestyle Motocross rider in the competition?s history with 13 X-Games medals to his name, including X Games 17 Gold medal in Rally Cross.  He also holds the elite distinction of being the only rider to compete in every X Games competition since the games? inception.  In the last year, Brian has dominated the off-road trucking world, taking both Lucas Oil Pro 2 Unlimited and Pro Lite Unlimited Championships, being named Lucas Oil Rookie of the Year in Pro 2 Unlimited, and taking home the 2011 Lucas Oil Driver of the Year (which he also won in 2010).

    Brian currently competes in Motocross, Freestyle Motocross, Rally Car, and Short Course Trucks as founder and owner of the Metal Mulisha.

    Brian?s road to the top has not been without challenge.  His career is marked by multiple near-death experiences, several broken bones, a lost kidney, and a severe spleen injury.  In the end, it has been Brian?s fearlessness and rebel attitude that has established him as one of the top talents and competitors in the sport.

    While Brian continues his domination of the Motocross arena, his partnership with Ford Racing has allowed him to translate his success in Motocross to four-wheel racing while bringing a new sense of energy, talent and excitement to the world of action sports.

    Atomik RC is bringing some of that excitement to the RC world with their Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:18 Scale Ford Raptor 150 RC Truck.



    There's no doubt the Atomik Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha 1:18 Ford Raptor RC truck is a great looking vehicle and will display great on a shelf when not in use. Don't be fooled, this Ford Raptor is more than a shelf queen.

    The polycarbonate body is trimmed and the flashy graphics are printed on the inside of the body. Atomik did a great job of capturing the look of Deegan's race truck. The only decals Needed to apply are the headlights and tail lights.

    The body and tires rub a bit while the suspension is fully compressed but it wasn't a problem while running.

    Wheels, Tires, & Suspension

    This truck has some great looking tires. The hollowed out chevron/block tread pattern is cool and coupled with the medium soft compound, they should provide plenty of traction.

    Looking inside the rim's mounting hole, you can see a flot spot which sits on a flat spot on the axle. While this eliminates the need for a drive hex, it also limits your options for spare rim and tire combos.

    The suspension is the typical lower H-arm with upper link. The plastic upper link is solid and offers no adjustment. All suspension components are in a fixed position and do not offer adjustment. This simple design will keep beginners from changing settings for the worse, ensuring the vehicle remains in a decent set up.

    Four plastic bodied oil filled coil over shocks are used to dampen the ride. Metal caps are used on both ends ensuring oil will stay in place.

    The shocks and links can be popped off providing an easy to work on platform.

    Drive train

    Atomik supplied the short course truck with metal ball bearings supporting the entire drivetrain, including wheel bearings. To keep weight down, the rest of the drivetrain is primarily plastic. This is acceptable for this power source, but I would have liked to see some of the key components as metal to allow for brushless upgrades.

    This vehicle is designed for the younger crowd so I must keep that in mind.

    The 4wd drivetrain uses two gear differentials and dog-bone style drive shafts which incorporate metal pins for added strength.

    As you can see from the picture below, removing a few screws allows you to remove the entire upper half of the chassis. This allows easy exposure of the drive train and is easy to work on.


    The small 370P brushed motor provides plenty of power for this little truck. There is an On/Off switch mounted to the water proof 2-in-1 ESC/receiver. Unlike other hobby grade vehicles, this vehicle isn't designed to easily replace the motor, ESC, receiver, or steering servo. Each of the components is soldered directly to the ESC/receiver unit. There is obviously a connector for easy removal of the battery.

    The Metal Mulisha truck comes with instructions, decals, battery, charger, controller, and truck. The only thing needed to run is a set of 4 AA batteries for the controller.

    The 2.4GHz radio system provides uninterrupted control and eliminates the worry of crossing signals with others lucky enough to have cool RC vehicles.




    Performance & Handling:

    The Brian Deegan Ford Raptor RC pickup truck by Atomik is definitely a handful! Although the top speed isn't mach-5, because of the Raptor's small size, it seems fast. Off the line, the Raptor is snappy and quickly breaks the tires loose.


    Stability and Cornering

    Cornering is something the Raptor is begging to do. Because of its wide stance and short wheel base, the Raptor can turn on a dime. The Raptor is a handful to drive and is a great truck to hone your reflexes.


    The Cool looking tires hook up well on pavement and the soft compound allows side bite, which sometimes flips the vehicle. The Raptor is fun to drift with and offers a good amount of torque.


    As long as momentum is carried, the Raptor does well on medium height lawns. A combination of front body height and tires allows the raptor to climb over the grass, don't stop though or you may not get going again.


    It's common with vehicles this size to have trouble on medium sized gravel, and this truck is no different. I guess it would be like driving a full size truck over a bunch of HVAC (central heating units) units. Not something that one would do successfully. Anyway, the 1/18 Raptor flipped over several times from the unevenness of the gravel.


    Dirt is where this truck likes to be. Although its small size posed a challenge on the track, it was fun to drive. Sure, rocks and small washouts flipped the truck, or at the very least disoriented it. It was still a good time fishtailing around the turns doing all I could to keep it under control.

    The Metal Mulisha Ford Raptor jumped like a champ. It was difficult to make most of the jumps on the large track but it jumped predictable with a decent arc.


    Smoothness of electronics

    Steering worked flawlessly. The response time was average and acceleration was proportional. Braking however was unpredictable. It seemed when I tried to ease the brakes, it went into reverse. I found my self either spinning out a lot or just not using the brakes at all. That was kind of disappointing because this would be a great performer otherwise.




    See the Metal Mulisha 1/18 Ford Raptor Truck in action!






    See the REAL Metal Mulisha Ford Raptor short course truck in action!




    In all the Atomik 1/18 scale Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Ford Raptor RC truck would be a great truck for someone getting into RC or someone wanting something better than that toy RC in their closet.

    This truck is not for those who like to adjust and tweak everything on their cars because, well, there's nothing to adjust.

    Because of the fun I had with this truck, I have to say anyone whose into RC could and probably would enjoy this vehicle. It's anything but boring to drive and definitely keeps you on your toes.

    manu and credits


    Vertical Partners West - USA Office 14028 N. Ohio Street
    Rathdrum, ID 83858

    Toll Free Number: 1.800.705.0620
    Outside USA: 208.762.0620

    Customer Service: customerservice@atomik-rc.com
    Customer Feedback: feedback@atomik-rc.com

    Website: www.atomik-rc.com

    Website: http://www.ford.com


    Website: www.briandeegan.com

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