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    Contributed by: Burc Simsek | Published: December 2012 | Views: 48056 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    RCUniverse.com Review of the HeliMax Axe 100 CP Tx-R

    • Available in RTF and Tx-R versions
    • No Assembly
    • Flybarless CP head
    • Ships with Two batteries
    • Nice wrap around canopy
    • Durable

    • Would benefit from a more powerful motor.

    Its no secret that flybarless helis have almost but taken over the flying fields in the recent years. The Axe 100 CP is a new entry from Heli-Max which offers a flybarless collective pitch head and promises 3D capable performance in a small package.

    The Axe 100 CP is available as an RTF (including transmitter) or Tx-R versions. The Tx-R version utilizes the AnyLink system which has been very popular recently allowing for the modeler to use their favorite transmitter to control the Axe 100 CP.

    The Flybarless head on the Axe 100 CP is controlled by an integrated triple-axis gyro system which promises stability and performance in varying conditions that range from indoor flight to outdoor conditions in light winds. So lets take a quick look at a Tx-R version of the Axe 100 CP and see how it performs,

    The Tx-R version of the AXE 100 CP arrives in a very small and nicely decorated box.

    What you get with the Tx-R version, is the Axe 100 CP heli, two batteries, a charger, some spare parts (blades, linkages) and a small screw driver.

    I really like the yellow color scheme with the nice wrap around style canopy.

    Heli-Max Axe 100 CP

    Price: $159.98 (Tx-R) $199.98 (RTF)

    Key Features

    • TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization)
    • Installed receiver, motor, ESC & Servos
    • (2) 3.7V 200mAh LiPo Batteries
    • AC LiPo Charger
    • Spare main blades, linkages and tail rotor plus screwdriver.


    The features that make the Axe 100 CP a superior aerobat are also the ones that make it one of the most innovative helis available. A flybarless, collective pitch head gives it a wide performance range, making it easy to maneuver and control in the smallest of spaces. The triple-axis gyro system offers pilots protection from outside forces and adds confidence-boosting stability.

    Both the RTF and Tx-R versions also feature SLT compatibility, as well as two LiPo flight packs, a charger and other extras.


    Rotor Diameter: 9.5 in (241 mm)
    RTF Weight w/bat: 1.6 oz (46 g)
    Length: 9.5 in (241 mm)

    Included in the spare parts bag is a set of blades, two flybar linkages and a tail rotor. A small screw driver is provided as most of the bolts on the Axe 100 CP are Philips head type. A wall charger and two batteries are provided. An adapter is provided to connect the battery leads to the JST connector that is available on the charger. The canopy is held in place with two very small grommets. A touch of CA on these grommets will make sure you do not have to search for them fi they ever come off as you remove the canopy.

    The triple-axis gyro system along with they AnyLink? receiver are all integrated in a small circuit board placed in the nose of the helicopter. The motor sits off to one side and has a direct connection to the main gear. One of the main features of the Axe 100 CP is that it has actual servos in to drive the swash plate. The connections from the servos to the swash are direct links. The swash plate is connected to the main grips with two linkages which resemble direct flight control systems that are popular in larger helis. The swash plate has two settings for adjusting the sensitivity of the Axe 100 CP. I tried both and seemed to like the shorter arms better for outdoor flying. The battery is inserted in a small slot in the nose of the heli and held in place with friction. I did not have any issues with the battery sliding out during flight which was pleasing. 

    Tactic AnyLink Adapter

    A transmitter alone can only do so much. But a transmitter with AnyLink? can do wonders. It's so revolutionary that a patent is already pending, and so simple to use that it takes only seconds to add. Yet, once it?s installed, your transmitter will be able to fly:

    • All Tx-R? (Transmitter-Ready?) airplanes;
    • Most electric aircraft equipped with a 2.4GHz SLT? receiver.
    But that?s not the only amazing thing about AnyLink. Here are three more:
    • AnyLink works with virtually any transmitter, regardless of brand, band or modulation.
    • AnyLink enables your transmitter to send out a true, 2.4GHz signal ? and operate with all of the interference-free dependability of a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum system.
    • AnyLink offers all of the convenience, versatility and benefits listed above for far less than the cost of a new 2.4GHz radio system.

    The Axe 100 CP Tx-R will require an AnyLink? enabled Transmitter. I used my Futaba 8FGS transmitter with the module neatly secured to the back.

    The Axe 100 CP requires a single servo swash type. I setup the recommended ranges in the manual and had to reverse the throttle channel. 


    Getting the Axe 100 CP ready for flight is very easy. Using a Futaba 8FGS, I selected a new heli model with single servo setup. I followed the manual to set the endpoints for the AIL and ELE channels and the gyro sensitivity. After charging the batteries I was ready for my first hover which I can say went without a hitch.

    Installing the battery and spooling up the main blades in normal mode, I was easily able to lift the Axe 100 CP in a stable hover. I played around with the Axe 100 CP a bit to get familiar with the cyclic responsiveness and was pleased to find that the Axe 100 CP is quite quick on the cyclic. If this is your first CP heli, you may want to turn down your endpoints till you get adjusted to the cyclic controls. I flew some simple upright maneuvers like pirouettes, tail in circles and simple funnels to find that the tail control was on spot and did not let go at all. The Axe 100 CP felt like a larger machine and did not exhibit the small twitchy characteristics of a smaller heli.

    After getting a bit more comfortable with the reaction of the Axe 100 CP in normal mode, I switched to IDLE1 mode and attempted my first roll to an inverted hover which went quite well. I noticed that the Axe 100 CP is quick on the cyclic but could benefit from some additional power. As you increase the collective to start a roll or a flip, the head speed does drop and requires some collective management to complete the maneuver in an acceptable fashion. More power demanding maneuvers such as tic-tocs are unfortunately possible as the head speed is simply not there. Having said that rolls,flips, funnels and piro-flips are all possible with some careful inputs to the collective to prevent bogging.

    Two of my favorite moves that I could perform with the Axe 100 CP are where you roll the Axe 100 CP inverted and land on the ceiling and scraping the blades on the ground while inverted. The Axe 100 CP is so light that when you start scraping the blades on smooth surfaces like tile, you can get away without going any damage to the blades and even land inverted.

    When it comes to durability, the Axe 100 CP would rank very high amongst any of the smaller helis that I have had the opportunity to test. On more than one occasion, I have made contact with walls, tables, lamps, and the ground and in most cases, I was able to pick the Axe 100 CP back up and continue flying without any damage. On harder crashes, I broke the tail boom and one of the flybar  connecting rods but nothing that could not be fixed easily with the availability of replacement parts.

    Flight time is about 3:30 minutes with the majority of the power being available in the first few minutes. Having two batteries helps but I would recommend getting a few more batteries and parallel charging them to keep the fun going.

    Heli-Max Axe 100 CP

    The Axe 100 CP is a solid micro heli that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. The level of performance that is provided with the flybarless head and the T.A.G.S. will allow for a wide range of sport and 3D maneuvers to be performed comfortably. While I am not crazy about motor driven tail systems on any of my helicopters, I did not have any issues with the tail of the Axe 100 CP failing to provide a locked in feel through the range of maneuvers such as funnels, mini hurricanes and piro-flips that I was able to throw at it. 

    The flight time of the Axe 100 CP with the provided battery is a bit on the low side but approaching the average of 4 minute flights that are available in other offerings of this size. However, the Axe 100 CP does ship with two batteries which will help keep you in the air longer. I was pleased to find that the Axe 100 CP ships with actual servos and that replacement parts were inexpensive and in stock.

    The durability of the Axe 100 CP should make it a great candidate for advancing pilots as their first CP heli while the performance that the flybarless head and T.A.G.S. provides should satisfy the demands of more advanced pilots. If you are looking for a micro heli, make sure the Axe 100 CP is on your list. 

    Distributed by:
    Great Planes Model Distributors
    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021

    17260 Westheimer Parkway
    Houston, TX 77082


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