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    Contributed by: Geoff Barber | Published: May 2013 | Views: 42902 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    RCUniverse.com Review of the Tactic TTX650 Transmitter
    Geoff Barber

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    Jim Buzzeo
    (AMA 74894)

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    Distributed by:
    Great Planes Model Distributors
    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021

    Looking for a full featured 6 channel computer radio that won't break the bank? Maybe (like me) you have a stable of the popular TX-Ready Flyzone Micro airplanes. Perhaps you're new to the hobby and have gotten the (GOOD) advice to buy 'the most radio you can afford'

    Recently my flying buddy Geoff and I were asked to review the new Tactic TTX650 Computer radio, and we both agree Tactic has hit this one out of the park!

    Loaded with features typically found on radios that cost twice as much, we think the TTX650 is one of the best values to be found.

    • Large LCD screen
    • User-selectable Switch Assignment
    • 20-Model Memory
    • Digital Trims on Elevator, Ailerons, Throttle and Rudder
    • WIRELESS Buddy Box System! (Compatible with another Tactic 2.4 radio)
    • Servo Reversing, Sub-Trim, and Travel limits on all channels
    • Ball Bearing Stick Gimbals give Smooth, Precise Control

    Below I've noted what I thought was 'Missing' from the TTX650. Realistically it's more a wish list because at this price point, this product isn't 'Missing' a thing!

    • Neck Strap
    • LCD Backlight

    Name:Tactic TTX650
    Price: $149.99 (acurate at time of review)
    Stock Number: TACJ2600
    Description: 2.4GHz 6-Channel Transmitter
    Channels: 6
    Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum Secure Link Technology

    Input Power: Four "AA" alkaline, NiCD or NiMH cells (4.0 - 6.0V)
    Antenna: Built-in, non-removable
    Charge Jack:For Use with Optional NiCd/NiMh battery pack

    Not Included

    I was glad to see that Tactic uses heavy moulded cardboard instead of Styrofoam for its packaging. In my opinion, a product's packaging needs to protect the product, but does not need to outlive it (and sit in a landfill). It does the job it's intended to do, and is recyclable!

    I like the large LCD screen - the layout was simple to read, even when only taking a glance while flying! Tactic sure packed a lot of features into the TTX650 case - it may not be quite as large as other transmitters in physical size, but it's a comfortable fit in my hands.

    Battery access is easy via the large hatch on the back, and the TTX650 has a built-in charging jack should you decide to use an optional NiCd or NimH battery pack. Tactic does have optional charging leads (TACP0101) available. I also liked the neck strap attachment on the transmitter, but I was just a little disappointed that there was no strap included - then I remembered that the TTX650 can be bought for under $150.00. At that price I can go get my own strap...

    I was also pleased to see that the stick length was adjustable, AND Tactic sent a non-ratcheting helicopter throttle bar in the box! The TTX650 also came with four alkaline 'AA' batteries to get started.

    One of the really cool features about this transmitter is that the pilot can assign functions to any of the switches! This is not a feature usually found on a $150.00 radio! The antenna also pivots and rotates to 5 different positions.


    • 20 Model memory
    • Easy-to-use pushbutton programming controls
    • Intuitive, straightforward menus
    • Large, easy-to-read graphing LCD screen with adjustable contrast
    • User-selectable switch assignments
    • 4 Programmable mixes and 8 pre-programmed mixes
    • Airplane and helicopter programming
    • Compatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft
    • Quad-bearing gimbals
    • Adjustable stick length and tension
    • Wireless trainer system with selectable channels
    • Reversing, sub-trim and travel limits on all channels
    • Dual rates and exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)
    • Digital trims with slow/fast adjustment
    • One up/down timer, one battery timer
    • Adjustable low-voltage alarm
    • 4 'AA' alkaline batteries included
    • Charge jack for optional NiCd/NiMH packs
    • External antenna that rotates and folds for easy storage
    • Transmitter Functions:

      Model Select

      Model Management

      Trim Settings

      CH5 and CH6 Assignment

      Channel Assignments

      Trainer Function


      Servo Reversing (all channels)

      Sub-Trims (all channels)

      Travel Limits (all channels)

      Dual Rates (aileron, elevator, rudder)

      Exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)

    • Airplane Functions:

      Wing Type (normal, V-tail, delta, single aileron, dual aileron, aileron + flap, 2 aileron + flap)

      Throttle Curve

      Throttle Cut

      Aileron Differential

      Aileron/Flap Adjust

      Aileron Mixer

      Elevator Mixer
      Air Brake Mixer

      Flap Mixer

    • Helicopter Functions:

      Swash Type (1 servo, 2 servo 180 degrees, 3 servos 120 degrees, 3 servos 140 degrees)

      Throttle Cut

      Throttle Hold

      Throttle Curve

      Pitch Curve

      Gyro Mixing

      Swash Mixing

      Swash Limiter

      Throttle Mixing

      Rudder Mixing


    The included instruction manual is very well written, and has great illustrations. The manual gives you all the essentials and programming information you may want. Compared to many other manuals, there is plenty of actual usable information covered. Another very nice touch.

    Download the manual

    A Couple Of Personal Adjustments

    Personally, I like the stick tension set pretty tight, and this was easily changed following the manual. This was done from inside the transmitter case, so removing the battery and six screws from the rear cover was necessary, as seen in the first photo.

    Editors note: If you do not feel comfortable removing the rear cover form your brand new transmitter, please seek assistance from someone with experience.

    After reading through the manual and finding the 'extra parts', Geoff decided to replace the standard ratchet bar with the helicopter variation - this kept tension on the throttle stick, without the notched feeling normally associated with throttle movement.

    Programming Highlights

    Setting up the basic functions was a snap. There were a couple of 'pages' in the model setup section, but going through each of the selections was self-explanitory.

    Under the servo settings menu, there are several options, including reversal, travel, and sub-trim. The TTX650 covers almost any wing type and servo setup from single aileron servo to two aileron and one flap servos and even a delta-wing selection! There is also a selection to switch between conventional and V-tail types.

    Most pilots, these days, use exponential and dual rates. This transmitter definitely has those options covered, and the dual rate switch is user-defined! Channels five and six can be assigned to any switch, making setup customizable for every pilot. Another nice feature is the ability to change the output of the four main channels - say, for instance, you want to assign the rudder on your Flyzone micro Tiger Moth to the aileron stick - yes, you can do that within the programming in this transmitter!

    Tactic has covered some of the basics with pre-programmed mixing, but has also allowed space for four user-defined mixes as well!

    Some of the other neat options on the transmitter are the timer, range check, audible warnings.

    In addition to all of the airplane programming, the TTX650 also covers helicopters with a wide array of swash plate types, throttle and pitch curves, throttle cut (a great safety feature on a heli), gyro and swash mixing, throttle and rudder mixing, and FOUR programmable mixes as well! I'd say that Tactic has the whole heli aspect covered pretty well!

    So now that we've been through all of the different screens, it was time to try out a few aircraft.

    First on the list was a brand new Flyzone Tiger Moth I had sitting in my office. I figured this would be a good test so (without looking at the manual) I decided to see how long it would take me to link to the Tiger Moth and set up the servo travels and direction. Four minutes later the Tiger Moth was ready to fly. Later, I was showed the airplane to a coworker, (who also owns a TTX650) and he noticed I kept the standard configuration with the rudder surface controlled via the rudder stick. (This IS actually my preferrence - I'm a bit of a purist regarding which stick controls which surface) his comment was 'you DO know you can use the aileron stick to control the rudder, right?' 'Well, sure I COULD by changing the output withing the transmitte, but I LIKE my rudder on the left stick.'

    Over the next few days, Geoff and I threw everything we could at this transmitter. From the little Tiger Moth to a 600 sized electric heli, a Hellcat, Beaver, micro Super Cub, even the elevon-equipped Eraze. The TTX650 worked perfectly for all of the different types and sizes of aircraft we used for testing! Keep in mind, this is NOT a transmitter designed ONLY for smallish park flyers. It is a full fleged, full range (when linked with a compatible full-range receiver), AND full featured six-channel computer radio!

    The best way to describe how the TTX650 worked is that it did so flawlessly! I don't own a plane that I WOULDN'T fly using this transmitter!

    With a street price of less than $150.00, I wasn't expecting to find so many high end features inside the TTX650. The way this transmitter feels, the way it works, it's simple yet complete programming features are typically found only in radios costing over $300.00. Speechless is not a term I'm particularly familiar with, but I found myself at a loss of words on more than one occasion while using this transmitter! The good people at Hobbico and Tactic should be proud of themselves for having brought a product to the market which fills a void that badly needed filling. Now I can finally get rid of the pile of 'disposable' transmitters that I've accumulated over the years.

    It's 70°F and sunny outside right now, and I have a date at the local field with my new favorite transmitter. Go get one - you will NOT regret it!

    Distributed by:
    Great Planes Model Distributors
    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021

    Distributed by:
    Great Planes Model Distributors
    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021

    P.O. Box 9078
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Comments on RCU Review: Tactic TTX650

    Posted by: Warwix on 05/22/2013
    Just a couple of thoughts: A wireless buddy box system - Cool. A wireless buddy box system that only works with other tactic radios and doesn't have an optional port to connect via cable with other transmitters - deal breaker. If you plan on training with someone at your local club, talk to their instructors before buying a radio that you might not have a partner for. That or buy two of them. Also, the price it is right in line with the Spektrum Dx6i. Unless you are absolutely in love with the flyzone aircraft and are jaded towards the Spektrum name, I really don't see how this radio will compete in an already crowded market.
    Posted by: ec121 on 06/21/2013
    The manual isn't too clear on how to configure the flap function. You have to have the servos pointing the same direction to enable the use of a Y harness. It is hard to mix two channels for flaps.
    Posted by: etpompea on 07/29/2013
    What is "FHSS spread spectrum Secure Link Technology"? How many channels does it use/scan/hop around? Tactic's web site does not explain this and after trying to do some research on this, I still haven't found an answer. I did find that is uses the frequencies: 2.403-2.480GHz, but it doesn't say if it uses all, a bunch, or just a few. Also, until I read this review, I thought this radio came with rechargeable batteries and a charger. So, if you have to buy a transmitter pack and a charger, you're going to spend another $20-$30. The Dx6i does come with rechargeable batteries and a charger, and currently sells for $140.
    Posted by: rabidbat96 on 05/24/2015
    This one have a backlight on it?
    Posted by: rabidbat96 on 05/24/2015
    I have this same transmitter, and without a backlight it stinks.It's only real good use is for real flight simulators where light is not a factor.
    Posted by: richard dee on 07/03/2016
    I really think your review is spot on .Any radio is going to have it's different quirks .I have started with the four and bought the six .Now I have the 850. I think they are the best product for the money all around.I have seen 35 page manuals eclipse seven God help you...
    Posted by: J330 on 09/15/2016
    Thanks for the review, I just bought one. It's been six years since my last radio purchase. Love it. The spring rate on the sticks are nice and light. The receiver cost is fantastic. I have no issues with needing a backlit radio, the programming I do at home and have nothing to do at the field but trim out my plane. If I need to tweak anything differently, I usually do it at home. I use Lithium batteries, they go quite a while, still on the first set after a month of use.
    Posted by: jeffie8696 on 12/24/2016
    I have had this radio and I conclude it is a good quality product at a good price.I used it for some time on a variety of planes and it worked very well. However, in my experience the new Flash 7 from Hitec is a much superior value because it is not much more expensive, has one more channel, will operate in SLT mode so you can use inexpensive Tactic receivers and has telemetry when using telemetry capable receivers .
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    The comments, observations and conclusions made in this review are solely with respect to the particular item the editor reviewed and may not apply generally to similar products by the manufacturer. We cannot be responsible for any manufacturer defects in workmanship or other deficiencies in products like the one featured in the review.

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