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    Contributed by: Matthew LeMay | Published: August 2013 | Views: 11049 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Traxxas EZ PEAK 5AMP
    Top photo
    Review by: Matt LeMay

    author Matt LeMay
    Matt LeMay



    Phone: 972-265-8000
    Toll-free: 888-TRAXXAS
    Email: support@Traxxas.com


    Product: Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger
    Battery Types:
    NiCad & NiMH
    Power Source: AC/DC
    Charge Outlets: Banana Plugs, Charge lead w/ Traxxas Connector, USB, RX Charge Port
    AC Input: 100–240 Volts
    DC Input:
    12–18 Volts
    Charge Current Range: 1.0A–5.0A (50W Max.)
    NiCad/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 4-8 Cells
    Receiver Battery Cell Count: 4-5 Cells (1A Max.)
    Net Weight: 340g
    Dimensions: 147 x 104 x 40mm


    • USB port
    • RX port
    • Uses AC or DC power supply
    • Easy to use
    • Many features make it great for beginners
    • Would be nice if it came with other popular connectors like Deans, EC3, & Tamiya


    Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger is a great addition to Traxxas' charger line up. Although it only charges NiCD and NiMH battery packs, it has some features worth getting excited over.

    As you can see in the above pictures, the charger's button layout is simple. Two buttons. The left button is used to select the desired amperage, and the right button is used to start and stop the charging cycle.

    The amperage can be set to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and designation is shown with an LED light above the selected setting. This is all located on the left side of the charger.

    The five LED lights on the right side of the charger are charge progression indicators. This allows you to keep track of how much charge your battery has taken. The battery is completely charged when the green LED is lit.

    Mounting options

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger can be set on a pit table or hung on the wall. Two slots on the bottom of the charger will slide over two properly spaced screws. This is a good feature, but a bit impractical for charging RX packs. It would work as long as the charger was mounted close to the table surface or a shelf was beside the charger for setting the battery packs on while charging.

    Charge Leads

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH charger has three separate charge output options.

    The typical banana style connectors are for charging your RC NiCD or NiMH battery packs. Traxxas includes a charge lead with Traxxas connector at the end.

    Next to the banana plugs is the receiver charge port. It is designed to be used with Futaba style RX plugs but other RX plugs work as well. My 1/5 scale vehicles have a small two wire plug. After comparing the wire orientation to a Futaba plug, I was able to plug the 1/5 scale RX pack directly into the RX port. NiMH RX packs use a red and black wire. As long as the wires are on the correct charger pins, all is well.

    A USB port on the other side of the charger allows you to charge USB devices such as phones, cameras, ipods, micro battery packs, and more.

    Power Options

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger can be powered by an AC wall outlet, or a DC supply such as a 12 volt car battery.

    This allows you to charge batteries at you house or anywhere your full size vehicle is. Just be sure to start your engine and let it run now and then to charge the battery. This may keep you from getting stranded.

    The Traxxas charger includes both AC plug and DC alligator clip cable.

    An internal fan helps keep the charger cool during charge cycles.



    Using the Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger:

    *Before using any electrical device, you must first read the instructions and cautions.*

    It's time to put the Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH charger to the test.


    Charging NiMH Packs

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger can have your Traxxas Slash packs charged up in no time

    I charged the Traxxas 7-cell 8.4v 3000MAH NiMH Power Cell at 5 Amps in 42 minutes. Traxxas recommends charging this pack at 3 Amps or less, but I needed to find the quickest charge time for that pack on this charger. The pack got warm and at the very end of the charge cycle, got hot. Three Amps is a much safer charge rate and still charges the pack in about an hour.

    Quick charging NiMH packs at too high a current can generate heat in the battery pack. It's normal for the pack to get warm during charging, but if the pack gets hot, unplug it and let it cool. After the pack has cooled, you can continue charging at a lower Amp setting.

    Extreme temperatures ruin the packs cells and greatly reduce the life span of a battery. It's convenient the Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger has multiple amperage settings, allowing you to find the perfect balance of fast charges and safe temperatures.

    Basically, your NiMH charge times are going to be limited by your batteries ability to safely accept a charge, not the charger.

    Charging Sub sized NiMH Packs

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger juices up smaller NiMH packs too. Although this charger was designed for RC use, it works great for charging AEG airsoft gun battery packs too.

    Notice in the middle picture, I'm charging my phone at the pit table while I'm charging pack for my 1/16 Traxxas Kyle Busch racing truck.

    The small 6-cell Traxxas Series 1 Power Cell took 35 minutes to charge at 2 Amps. Traxxas recommends carging this pack at .3 Amps for a longer pack life.

    Charging RX Packs

    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger is an easy solution to charging RX packs for nitro and gas vehicles as well. I did notice a false charge indicator while charging the RX pack at 3 Amps.

    I lowered the Amp setting to 2 Amps and it accurately charged the pack. I didn't pay much attention to the charge times of the RX packs, however they are inline with my other quick chargers. Very seldom do I ever run a RX pack down completely, in fact, it would be dangerous to let it fully drain while in the vehicle. As we all know, without a charged RX pack in a nitro or gas vehicle, the vehicle will run away uncontrollably. I make sure I charge my RX packs as soon as steering response gets sluggish. With that in mind, charge times for RX packs will never be consistent as the current level in the pack when beginning the charge is never the same.

    Although the charge times are similar to other quick chargers, I can avoid the dredded hunt for the RX charge lead. The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp charger has the RX lead built into the charger itself, ridding me the oportunity to lose it.

    USB Devices

    The thing I like most about the Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger is its ability to charge USB devices.

    If my phone battery gets low while at the track, no problem. If my GoPro or GoPro remote gets run down while filming, no problem. I can take a quick break, grab a drink, and chat with friends. Before you know it, I'm ready to resume recording. Awesome!

    The USB port is also great for charging Traxxas' new heli and quadcopters. You can take the charger with you to the park, or wherever you will fly. Connect the charger to your car battery for many hours of flying fun.


    The Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger is an eayt to use 5amp NiMH charge. As long as you know which amperage to charge the packs at, you're good to go.

    This is definitely a great beginner charger and I find myself using it to charge my phone and GoPro camera often.

    My son enjoys driving the Slash, so I'll be bringing this charger for him to charge his NiMH battery packs. It has more than enough power and it is simple enough for him to use.

    Although this charger was sold with RC vehicles in mind, I do believe I'll be taking it to every Airsoft battle I attend. Not only does it charge my boy's AEG NiMH packs, it charges my phone too. Unfortunately I'll be bringing a separate charger to charge the LiPO battery in my gun, though I rarely need to charge it at the arena.

    If you need a good, easy to use NiMH or NiCD charger, with the capabilities of charging receiver packs (for nitro and gas) and USB devices, the Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5 Amp NiMH Charger might be the one you're looking for.

    *Please note I pushed the limits of the battery packs during review of this charger. I recommend following the manufactures suggestions for battery charge current to avoid battery damage*

    manu and credits


    1100 Klein Rd
    Plano, Texas 75074

    Phone: 1-972-265-8000
    Toll-free: 1-888-TRAXXAS
    Email: support@Traxxas.com
    Website: www.Traxxas.com


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    Posted by: PulseXT40 on 08/12/2013
    $50 for a 50 watt
    Posted by: PulseXT40 on 08/12/2013
    Posted by: PulseXT40 on 08/12/2013

    Posted by: PulseXT40 on 08/12/2013
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