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    Contributed by: tristan knapp | Published: November 2013 | Views: 37278 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    HPI Blitz RTR Review

    Review by: Tristan Knapp

    HPI Racing
    3002 North Apollo Drive
    Suite 1
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Phone: (888) 349-4474
    Email: support@hpiracing.com
    Website: www.hpiracing.com

    Blitz RTR Video
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  • Consistent on the Track
  • Rugged
  • Sway Bars Not Available
  • Introduction

    HPI Racing delivers another robust race ready Short Course Truck, the Blitz RTR. Out of the box, this truck is ready to lead the pack. Whether it's speeding down the street or flying through the tightest turns at your local track, the Blitz RTR is ready to deliver.


    Stock Photo (Not as tested)

    Kit Name: Blitz RTR
    Price: $249.99 Varies With Dealer
    Scale: 1/10
    Drive Train: 2-Wheel Drive
    Length: 548mm
    Width: 296mm
    Height: 184~200mm (adjustable)
    Wheelbase: 329mm (adjustable)

    HPI Blitz RTR Stock Specs

    Motor: 15T Firebolt brushed
    ESC: SC-15WP Waterproof, with reverse
    Servo: SF-10W Waterproof
    Radio: TF-40 2.4GHz Pistol Grip
    Battery: 7.2V NiMH Plazma
    Battery Charger: 110V wall type
    Body: Precut and painted Skorpion
    Tires: Maxxix Trepador, D-compound 4"
    Wheels: MK10 satin chrome finish with simulated bead locks
    Shocks: Composite body, oil-filled

    HPI Blitz RTR As Tested

    Motor: Turnigy Trackstar 17.5T Brushless Sensored
    ESC: Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro
    Servo: Hobbico CS-170
    Radio/Receiver: Spektrum DX3E/SR-300
    Battery: Gens Ace 5000mAh 65C
    Battery Charger: Thunder Power R/C TP610C AC/DC
    Body: Custom Painted Skorpion
    Tires: Suburbs 2.0 SC 2.2"/3.0" M3 (Soft)
    Wheels: Pro-Line Split Six 2.2/3.0 One-Piece Wheels (Black)
    Shocks: HPI Blitz ESE Aluminum body, oil filled
    Chassis: RPM Front Suspension Arms & Bulkhead, Blitz ESE Firm Rear Suspension Arms, Blitz ESE Ball Cups, STRC Front & Rear Chassis Brace, STRC Finned Aluminum Motor Mount, STRC Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Set


    First Look

    HPI chose quality components to make the Blitz a top notch short course truck. The 15T Firebolt brushed motor, waterproof ESC, waterproof servo, 2.4GHz pistol grip radio, composite body oil-filled shocks, satin chrome wheels, Maxxix Trepador D-compound tires, Plazma 7.2V battery pack, and wall charger make the Blitz RTR a serious basher and an entry level racer. I have been racing for some time now and I demand more from my race truck than the stock components could offer. The upgrades I have chosen turned the HPI Blitz RTR into a racing truck ready to win.

    I am writing this review as the truck sits now, a competitive racing machine! I will discuss what led me to install the performance parts I chose and compare the performance of the stock vs. the aftermarket parts.

    Wheels, Tires, and Drivetrain:

    The HPI Blitz RTR comes with a quality set of wheels and tires. The Maxxix Trepador D-Compound tires are among the best for bashing. They offer long lasting tread for those speed runs down your street. Although, they are good all terrain tires, I needed more traction to be competitive on my local race track. For this, I have chosen Pro-Line Suburbs SC 2.0 Tires. For the track I race on, they offer substantial traction improvement. These tires are solely for the track. If you run these tires on the street, they will become bald quickly.

    The stock MK10 chrome wheels are a great choice. Not only do they look awesome with the simulated bead locks, but they are also durable. The wheel hexes are tough and won?t strip out easily. I only chose a new set of wheels to make it easier to install the new tires. Trying to unglue and re-glue a new set of tires to a used set of wheels can be a real challenge. As a rule of thumb, I always buy new wheels when I buy new tires.

    Combine good traction with a bulletproof all metal gear transmission and you end up with a truck ready to win. The Titanium top shaft and lightweight slipper/spur carrier reduce rotating mass to use every ounce of power available. The universal drive shafts allow for aggressive suspension settings. One of the major benefits of the Blitz is the available firm high impact ball cups. I have yet to pop off a ball cup on this tough truck. It's even difficult to get the ball cups off while it's on the work bench. There is nothing worse than being in the lead and something simple like a ball cup pops off.


    HPI included the trailing and in-line steering blocks. These options are great to have as they let you choose whether you need more steering on or off throttle. I chose to use the inline steering blocks. They offer more off-power steering, which I like better on the tight technical track I race at. Plastic steering racks often flex under great power. When installing a strong servo, a metal steering rack is needed. It allows the servo to deliver a large amount of power consistently and with precision to the wheels. STRC offers a very strong Aluminum steering rack. It is a great addition to the Blitz. It has an adjustable servo saver that will help protect the gears in your servo. It?s all aluminum construction doesn?t allow any flex and remains tight under all conditions.

    The stock SF-10W Waterproof servo is a quality budget servo. Having a waterproof servo is great in case you hit a huge puddle or like driving in the rain and snow. A waterproof servo is not needed for racing. The plastic gears in the SF-10W often cannot take the abusive conditions that go along with racing. I like to use a strong and fast servo for racing. For this, I chose the the Hobbico CS-170 steering servo. At six volts, this servo boasts an insane 333oz-in torque with a speed of 0.15 seconds. The CS-170 can actually walk the Blitz forward from torque alone! Overkill? Not if you and your rival are trading paint on the final turn. That extra torque may be what it takes to win the race. The stock front suspension arms (also called a-arms) and bulkhead on the Blitz will get the job done. But I noticed a small amount of play between the suspension arms and the bulkhead. This was especially prevalent after installing the high torque CS-170 servo. The servo would actually pull the suspension arms toward the rear of the truck when turning all the way left or right. I ordered the RPM Front A-Arms and Bulkhead Kit. It was amazing to see the difference after I installed this kit. The a-arms don?t pull back anymore, keeping the steering geometry consistent.


    The HPI Blitz RTR includes one of the best RTR radio?s available, the HPI TF-40 2.4GHz. Some of the features offered by the TF-40 are steering dual rate, steering & throttle trims, and steering & throttle end points. In my opinion, having adjustable steering & throttle end points are one the most important features a radio can have. It allows you the set how far the servo will turn. Since the turning radius of every vehicle is different, this allows you to get maximum turning without damaging your servo. I opted to use the Spektrum DX3E radio. It does not have any significant advantages over the HPI TF-40, I simply prefer the ergonomics of the Spektrum DX3E. The Spektrum DX3E has interchangeable grips that allow you to adjust the size of the handle to fit your hand.


    HPI included a nice set of composite body oil-filled plastic shocks. These shocks are more than adequate for both bashing and racing. I decided to install the Aluminum shocks used on the HPI Blitz ESE. The Aluminum shocks are much stronger and allow for an additional Delrin washer that reduces shaft movement and friction. The Delrin washer also helps to prevent shock fluid from leaking out around the shock shaft. I also prefer the dual Aluminum pre-load collars on the Blitz ESE shocks over the single plastic pre-load collar on the Blitz RTR shocks. The dual pre-load collars can be tightened against each other to ?lock? them in place. This allows a consistent ride height that will remain set throughout your bashing sessions and races.

    Motor & ESC:

    The HPI Blitz stock Firebolt 15T brushed motor will propel the Blitz RTR to top speed quickly. It has more than enough power to tear up the local park or race track. Combine the Firebolt 15T motor with the SC-15WP waterproof ESC and the Blitz RTR will fly over jumps and smash through puddles and keep coming back for more. I?ve chosen to use a Turnigy Trackstar 17.5T sensored brushless motor combined with a Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro ESC to power my HPI Blitz. The Turnigy 17.5T sensored brushless motor delivers so much power that this truck can easily launch you to the front of the pack. I prefer using a sensored motor because you can easily feel the sensitivity of the throttle. On very tight technical tracks, this can play a huge factor. The Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro is an amazing ESC. With a built-in fan, you won't have to worry about over heating this beast. Pick up an optional Castle Link to see the performance this ESC is really capable of delivering. It can run C.H.E.A.T. mode timing boost and a whole array of other tuning options to give you that extra edge when you need it most.

    Performance and Handling

    Stability and Cornering:
    The Blitz corners well and rarely rolls over. Although, it does tend to powerslide through the turns on the track, it's not as noticeable on pavement. Possibly adjusting the differential fluid would alleviate this.

    With just over one inch of ground clearance, it's just not enough to enjoy driving in the grass. Most of my time in the grass was spent spinning out trying to gain some momentum, which can cause the electronics to overheat. Now let's move to the dirt, where this truck truly shines.

    Alright, now we're having fun. Whether you're spraying dirt at your local track or the nearest construction site, this truck loves the dirt. Like I said before, this thing does not roll easily. You have to put some serious effort in to making it roll. So dirt is where you will find me and my Blitz most often.

    Now the Blitz could very well be the toughest short course truck around. For this reason, jumping is where I had the most fun with my Blitz. Since the motor is mounted on the left, I mounted the ESC and receiver on the right and moved the battery as far left as I could, hoping to achieve a decent balance point. Now the truck stays pretty level in the air. With a 17.5T motor, it's harder to level it out with throttle. I use more or less throttle on take off to keep the truck level. But even in the hands of a beginner, you will have no problem enjoying this truck mid air!

    Overall Handling:
    Lack of rolling is a great thing. I would like to see some more tuning options such as a sway bar kit. But at the end of the day, the Blitz handles pretty darn good in most enviroments, with the exception of grass. If you are a grass basher, consider some larger tires and raising the ride height...at the expense of rolling over more often.

    HPI Blitz in Action


    After getting some track time at my local speedway with the Blitz, I have a lot of confidence in HPI. The Blitz puts down consistent laps back to back. The suspension is smooth and predictable. Combined with a sensored Turnigy Trackstar Motor, the throttle is very smooth and allows for precision power in and out of the turns.

    HPI Racing has out done themselves once again. The Blitz is a tough truck that can take a serious bashing. All while being capable of hanging with the best on the race track. Whether you want to bash or race, this truck will not only impress your friends at home, it can get you on the podium at the track!

    Stop in to your local hobby shop and pick up an HPI Blitz, you won't regret it.

    Dealer Contact information

    Distributed Exclusively By:
    Great Planes
    1608 Interstate Drive
    CHAMPAIGN, IL 61820
    Support Phone: (217) 398-3630
    Website: www.gpmd.com
    Product Used: Blitz RTR

    HPI Racing
    3002 North Apollo Drive Suite 1
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Phone: (888) 349-4474
    Email: support@hpiracing.com
    Website: www.hpiracing.com
    Pruducts Used: High Performance Ball End Set (White), Firm Rear Suspension Arm Set (White)

    385 S. Lemon Ave. #E183
    Walnut, CA 91789
    Website: www.teamstrc.com
    Pruducts Used: CNC Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Chassis Brace (Gun Metal) , CNC Machined Finned Aluminum Motor Mount (Orange), CNC Machined Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Set (Orange)

    Castle Creations
    540 North Rogers Road,
    Olathe, KS 66062, KS
    Phone: (913) 390-6939
    Fax: (913) 390-6164
    Sales Email: sales@castlecreations.com
    Support Email: support@castlecreations.com
    Web Site: www.castlecreations.com
    Product Used: Mamba Max Pro

    Horizon Hobby, Inc.
    4105 Fieldstone Road,
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Phone: (785) 883-4519
    Web Site: http://www.spektrumrc.com
    Product Used: DX3E , SR-300

    Hobbico, Inc.
    Champaign, IL
    Phone: 217-398-0007
    Web Site: http://www.hobbico.com
    Product Used: CS-170

    P.O. Box 456
    Beaumont, CA 92223
    Phone: 951-849-9781
    Web Site: www.prolineracing.com
    Product Used: Suburbs 2.0 SC 2.2"/3.0" M3 (Soft) , Split Six 2.2"/3.0" Black one-piece Wheels

    RPM Products
    14978 Sierra Bonita Lane
    Chino, CA 91710
    Phone: (909) 393-0366
    Web Site: www.rpmproducts.com
    Product Used: Front A-arms & Bulkhead Kit

    Gens Ace
    Genspow GmbH , Werftstraße 23
    40549 Düsseldorf ,Germany
    Phone: 0211/88925610
    Web Site: www.gensace.com
    Product Used: 5000mAh 7.4V 65C 2S2P HardCase Lipo Battery

    Thunder Power RC
    4720 W. University Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
    Phone: (702) 228-8883
    Web Site: www.thunderpowerrc.com
    Product Used: TP610C AC/DC Battery Charger

    Turnigy Power Systems
    Web Site: www.turnigy.com
    Product Used: Trackstar 17.5T



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