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    Contributed by: Burc Simsek | Published: April 2014 | Views: 25654 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    RCUniverse.com Review of the Aeroworks Laser 200 ARF

    • Great scale looks of original Laser
    • Hidden switch and fuel DOT
    • Quality hardware included
    • Flying wires
    • Quick building
    • None found
    Before the Extras, there was Leo Loudenslager's Laser 200 which dominated the US national aerobatic championship titles in the 1980s. Using this airframe, Leo won a total of 7 US and 1 World Championship titles. The Laser 200 was actually one of the first airframes that Aeroworks used to manufacture and they have now brought the Laser 200 back as a 30cc Quick Build ARF which promises stunning scale looks and unlimited performance.

    Being a Quick Build ARF from Aeroworks, a significant amount of the work has been done for you which includes hinged ailerons, pre-drilled cowl holes with blind nuts, routed strings to aid in servo lead extension placement and many more time saving features which makes the assembly process of the Laser 200 a quick one. One of the biggest features that might attract your attention is the quick release canopy which allows for quick access of the ignition and receiver switch along with the fuel DOT which can be installed inside of the canopy.

    I was very pleased to hear that I would get a chance to prepare an article on this iconic airframe so read on to see my impressions after putting one together and flying it for a few dozen flights.

    One of the biggest features of the Laser 200 ARF is the capability to mount the fuel DOT and the receiver/ignition switches inside the fuselage making for a very clean look on the exterior of the aircraft. 

    The tail setup for the Laser 200 is a pull-pull for the rudder and two tail mounted servos for the elevator. The ARF arrives with formers that have routing channels for the servo extensions and to make it easier to route the servo leads, a string has been pre-routed for you.

    The business end of the Laser 200 features a cowl that is held on by six bolts that attach to pre-installed blind nuts on the fuselage. A small cut out is made on the bottom of the fuselage to accommodate various exhausts. The firewall is marked for center and several patterns are provided for common engines such as the DLE30 and 35RA variants.

    Laser 200 30cc

    Price: $499.95 

    Key Features:

  • Strong Light Weight Construction
  • Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
  • Painted and Pre mounted 7075 Aluminum Landing gear
  • Complete High Quality SAE Hardware Package Included
  • Adjustable pushrods with centering nut
  • Two Piece Wing
  • Carbon Wing Tube
  • Professionally covered in ULTRACOTE™
  • Pre-Hinged Wing with Pin style Hinge (Ready to Fly) No gluing
  • One Servo Wing
  • Large control surfaces double beveled for maximum throw
  • Pre Mounted Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
  • Pre Mounted and Tinted Canopy
  • Quick Release Canopy Hatch
  • Pre installed and fuel proofed engine box
  • Laser cut engine mounting templates provided
  • Extra Ultracote™ covering provided for small repairs
  • Pre assembled Gas Fuel tank
  • C.G. Buddy to find the perfect C.G. easily
  • 8 to 10 Hours assembly Time


    • Length (Rudder to Front of Cowl): 64"
    • Length (Rudder to Front of Spinner): 67.5"
    • Wing Span: 76"
    • Wing Area: 1121 sq. in.
    • Cowl: 8.75"
    • Weight: 11.5 to 12.5 lbs

    The canopy is easily removed using a spring loaded latch on the top and makes a very firm connection once attached. Strings have been pre-routed trough the wing and fuselage to aid in servo lead placement. The horizontal stabilizer has already been stripped of covering and for you.  

    Like the full scale Laser 200, the ARF arrives with flat control surfaces that are held to the fuselage with very nice control wires. The wires are cross threaded so it is very easy to install and adjust the tension on each surface. The Elevator requires two servos mounted in the tail and the rudder control is provided by a pull-pull setup installed in the fuselage. The hardware that is provided is top-notch.

    The assembly process of the Laser 200 is a quick one thanks to the many pre-fabricated and pre-assembled components that arrive in the ARF. A printed manual is not provided however a pdf version is available on a CD and it is very detailed. Following the manual, one should not have any issues in completing the assembly of the Laser 200.

    The ailerons arrive pre-hinged so all that remains is to install the control arms and the servo. The length of the control rod can be adjusted in place thanks to the reverse threading on the rod. The rudder and elevator servos are an easy install in their respective locations. I used the servo arms provided with the Hitec 7954SH servos and found that I could achieve the documented throws in the manual when connected to their outermost mounting locations.

    The main gear is installed to the fuselage and wheel cuffs are provided to make the overall installation a bit more pleasing to the eye. The tail gear is aluminum and is attached easily using a few screws.

    The stabilizers are glued to the fuselage and the control surfaces hinged using pin type hinges. The flying wires are solid rods which are reverse threaded and installation and adjustment is a snap.

    I used an OSGT33 to power the Laser 200. I had to use 2" standoffs to achieve the desired spacing. 

    The side mount muffler of the OSGT33 leads to a cutout that is a bit more than desired but overall is not very offensive. I think a DLE-35RA would make for a cleaner installation with its rear mounted muffler.

    The Ignition module can be mounted to the bottom of the firewall and the provided fuel overflow valve can be attached here as well.

    OS GT33

    Price: $419.99 

    Key Features

    • Electronic ignition accepts LiFe, LiPo, NiCd and NiMH power and also offers low voltage warning
    • Rear mounted Walbro carburetor
    • Pitts style E-5030 aluminum muffler black in color, 5dB lower in noise than the competition
    • Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of purchase


    Displacement: 32.99 cc 
    Bore: 36mm
    Stroke: 32.4mm
    Total Weight: 2.7lbs (1230g)
    Gas/Oil Mixture: 30:1 - 50:1
    Output: 3.85HP @ 9000rpm

    I used two 2500mAh 6V NiMh batteries and mounted them to each side of the firewall to achieve the desired C.G. location. The gas tank and the throttle servo are mounted in the fuselage and the airframe is essentially ready for flight. The OSGT33 shaft will require a space to mount a propeller that is larger than 18". I used a piece of scrap tubing wrapped in some thin tape to achieve the proper diameter and mounted a 19x8" Xoar propeller. I used a 3-1/4 plastic GP spinner with an aluminum backplate and it has worked out great so far.

    I have to start by saying that I have never had an airframe that has attracted so much attention as the Laser 200. It seems that every time I brought the Laser 200 to the field, I was greeted by shall I say more experienced pilots that knew of the original airframe and were flocking around the Aeroworks rendition to see how it was built and telling me stories of the version that they had 20 years ago and many other stories about the full scale airframe and Leo himself.

    I also have to apologize to my editor as I kept this airframe longer than normal before turning in the finished article but this gave me the opportunity to fly the Laser 200 more than usual. In fact, it has been my primary airframe for the last few months and I can comfortably say I have worked out the kinks and understand reasonably well how it flies and likes to be flown.

    With that out of the way, I can say that the Laser 200 does not disappoint. Over the last few months that I have been flying it, it has performed flawlessly in almost every aspect and under varying weather condition and flight envelopes that I have thrown at it. Flown as a sport plane, the Laser 200 presents as a large and powerful airframe that can obey your command and is fit for purpose in just tearing holes in the sky. You have to pay special attention to the throws as I found the documented throws, even the low rates, to be higher and more reactive than I would like. With the low rates turned down, the Laser 200 becomes a very smooth pattern flier, one that can be used for IMAC or Sportsman type of flying. 

    With low rates, rolls and snaps were very controllable with no noticeable corkscrew effects and with the OS33GT up front, the airframe has very good vertical. Though, I felt that the OS was not making as good power as some of my other 35CC airframes, but this could be because the engine is still new.

    With the rates thrown to high, the Laser 200 can perform any post-stall maneuver you throw at it with ease though it is not as stable and forgiving as a comparable Extra or Yak would be. Rolling harriers were easily performed with relative ease and no major adjustment to overall timing that I am used to. Hovering and torque rolling did not present any issues as well though the airframe could benefit from loosing a touch of weight as built by using lighter components.

    Overall, I was very pleased with the performance of the Laser 200 but going forward, I think I will adjust the linkages to get mechanical advantage towards the lower throw range of their limits so the airframe will shine in more of a sport to pattern range. 

    Aeroworks Laser 200 ARF

    The Laser 200 is another great airframe from Aeroworks. Being a QB ARF, it assembles easily and comes with many small features such as pre-hinged surfaces, concealed switch and fuel DOT location, a quick release canopy and spare ultracote patches and a CG buddy to help set a perfect C.G. which further solidifies Aeroworks position as a leader in the ARF manufacturing aspect of our hobby. 

    In the air, I found that the Laser 200 can perform as advertised with a near unlimited flight envelope. After flying the airframe for the last few months, I was more comfortable converting it to a sport/pattern envelope rather than trying to keep it setup for across the board control throws as I think this airframe shines more in that department. For all out 3D, I would still recommend the Aeroworks 30cc Extra 250 QB-L

    Comments on RCU Review: Aeroworks Laser ARF

    Posted by: tipstall 131 on 05/26/2014

    Posted by: tipstall 131 on 05/26/2014
    This is not the right review article according to the review title (laser arf)
    Posted by: akfreak on 06/19/2014
    Where is the Laser Arf
    Posted by: freefall2907 on 06/27/2014

    Posted by: freefall2907 on 08/20/2014
    IT does not get anymore ARF than this Aeroworks Laser if you have never assembled one your in for a treat,,,
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