RCU Review: Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D ARF - 46

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    Contributed by: Marc Vigod | Published: September 2003 | Views: 209645 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon

    Great Planes
    Model Distributors

    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Phone: 217-398-3630
    Fax: 217-398-0008

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    Ease of Assembly:
    Completeness of Kit:
    Covering Quality:
    Basic Flight:
    Advanced Flight:
    Stall Characteristicst:

    • Fast easy assembly
    • Excellent instruction manual
    • Attractive trim scheme & color
    • Extensive quality hardware package
    • Fiberglass Cowl & wheel pants
    • Capable 3D aerobatic performer
    • Slow speed flying characteristics
    • Just plain fun!

    • Not as stable in gusty conditions

    • Fully covered wing, fuselage, tail
    • Fuel tank, tubing, clunk
    • Spinner
    • Motor mount & bolts
    • Pushrods
    • Pre painted fiberglass cowl
    • Pre painted wheel pants
    • Canopy
    • Decals
    • Steerable tail wheel
    • Wing bolts, control horns, clevises.
    • Other assorted hardware

    Great Planes has certainly made its mark on the "3D" world for the average flyer with their famous .60-size "U-CAN-DO-3D" model. Now, hot off the heels of this, one of the most successful model aircraft ever made, is its little brother, the 'U-CAN-DO-3D 46".

    This scaled down version of the UCANDO is designed around the popular .32-.51 c. i. (5-8.5cc) 2-stroke or .52-.70 c.i. (8.5-11.5cc) 4-stroke engines. It also requires a minimum 6 standard servos and a 4-channel radio. Since the UCD 46 is smaller, the overall final price tag will also be lower with the use of the very popular and relatively inexpensive 46-size displacement engines. The plane is priced to sell at a street price of $149.99.

    Construction is of built up balsa and ply and it is covered in 4 colors of MonoKote. The cowl & wheel pants are painted fiberglass and the landing gear is made of aluminum. Great Planes outstanding hardware is provided and includes a glass motor mount, pushrods, engine bolts, wheels, fuel tank, control horns, pushrods, clevises and a spinner.

    At a glance you can see that the tail is a bit different when compared to its big brother. The stab is placed up higher and the rudder is shaped a bit different. I believe this was done to minimize some of the coupling tendencies that the larger UCD has shown in certain maneuvers. Great Planes has retained the covering pattern but changed the colors. I personally like the colors on the smaller UCD.

    Last year I wrote a very detailed review of the .60 UCD in our very own RCU Magazine. In that review, I covered in great detail the entire construction process. In this review, I will use details of that review and will make changes or comments where there are differences. Overall, the construction and assembly of both planes are virtually identical, so a complete rewrite of the UCD 46 from scratch would be unwarranted. I also reused a few images where applicable. The manual shows a lot of detail including many pictures. They are a perfect build guide as they should be. I have included a link below to view the assembly manual for this model.

    I have also included plenty of video in this review. There's a "First Look" video of the plane out of the box and also a "video weigh in" of all parts. At the end in the flight performance section, I have 4 videos showing the UCD 46 in action. So without further delay let's get this party started!

    Windows Media Player Format
    Video one shows the parts as they come out of the box.
    Video two shows each part being weighed.