RCU Review: Tom Pierce RCU Member Strikes Gold!

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    Contributed by: David Johnson | Published: April 2004 | Views: 33290 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Toledo 2004 "Best of Show" Interview

    RCU Member Strikes Gold!

    By David "Morbid" Johnson

    RC Universe member Tom "NEO" Pierce made headlines at the 2004 Weak Signals RC Expo held April 2-4, in Toledo, Ohio. Tom entered his 85" SBD Dauntless in the static competition at the show, competing alongside a seemingly endless number of top notch RC models.

    These models were entered in a number of categories including airplanes, boats, cars and helicopters. They were also broken down further into categories such as sport, military, designer, etc. Toms SBD was entered in the "Sport Military Scale" division alongside many other fine scale RC warbirds.

    When the show concluded on Sunday afternoon, the awards were presented to each division. Tom took first place in his category, winning a beautiful warbird painting by an internationally acclaimed artists, as well as a new JR X-378 radio system.

    But, that's not all! After all the awards were given out, the coveted "Best of Show" award was still looming on the stage. To Toms surprise, he was called up on the stage yet again to receive the honor of winning this award. Celebrating the Wright Brothers "100th Anniversary of Flight", the Best of Show trophy was a solid gold replica of the Wright Flyer in a beautiful glass case, and appraised at over $10,000!

    The most amazing tidbit is yet to come... Believe it or not, Tom has only been in RC for 2 years and this SBD model is his very first scale RC plane! He picked up a set of Jerry Bates plans in his first year in the RC hobby and began building it to "learn how" to make scale RC warbirds. Looks like he figured it out!

    We had a chance to catch up with Tom after he picked himself up off the floor and ask him about his plane and the experience of "striking gold" in Toledo. Check out the photos on this page to see Toms striking SBD model and An error has occurred in the display of this article. A notice has been dispatched to our Editors. Thank you.

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