RCU Review: VMAR Easy 3D

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    Contributed by: Greg Covey | Published: July 2005 | Views: 28927 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon


    Manufacturer Info

    VMAR Distributed Exclusively in North & South America by:
    Richmond RC Supply Ltd
    Phone: 604-940-1066

    Hits and Misses
    - Rugged
    - Integrated decals
    - Custom parts
    - Removable wing halves
    - Wide range of flight speed

    - Manual errors
    - Electric conversion was difficult to balance CG
    - Wingloading a bit high


    • All Light Weight Wood Built Up Construction!
    • Canopy pre-installed!
    • 7075 T6 Main Landing Gear for light weight strength!
    • Plug-In Wings!
    • Scale Fibreglass Cowl! Precut for VMAX 46PRO & 52PRO and most popular 46 size engines!
    • Huge Ailerons, Rudder and Elevator!
    • Pre-hinged Control Surfaces... Factory Installed and Pinned!
    • Full Color Illustrated Assembly Manual!

    Watch the video of the VMAR EASY 3D AR

    Windows Media