RCU Review: TNT Landing Gear Presents ETOC 2005

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    Contributed by: RCU Staff | Published: April 2005 | Views: 100125 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    RCuniverse coverage of ETOC 2004

    RCUniverse.com is proud to provide you photo and video coverage of the 2nd Annual Electric Tournament of Champions (ETOC). The ETOC was hosted by TNT Landing Gear Products and organized by Tom Kroggel, and Bob Sadler. FLY RC magazine was the host print media publication. RCUniverse.com was the host online media, and SKS Video Productions was the official video production company for this years event.
    Those who still think that a wing's shape is primarily responsible for an airplane's lift have never experienced the drag-defying, gravity-governing maneuvers of an ETOC foamy in the hands of a champion pilot.

    The 2005 ETOC was the largest indoor flying event yet, attracting an estimated 1,800 people. Hosted at the Waite Gymnasium, bleachers on both sides of the venue were packed with fans waiting to see the graceful air ballet routines of many of the world's best 3D pilots. Set to personal music compilations, each routine was filled with some of the most difficult and entertaining maneuvers one can imagine. Having an over-powered foam airplane that essentially flies like both a helicopter and an airplane was absolutely necessary as hovering formed the foundation for many of the aerobatics.

    Although the list of pilots was impressive (see below), it was the work of a lesser-known individual named Scott Foster that caught the fancy of the fans. Working with a Nikitis Aircraft "Animal" 4D airplane outfitted with a variable (reversible) pitch propeller, Scott mesmerized the crowd by torque rolling his plane directly toward the ground only to stop it in mid-air before it hit and reverse it! The scene was reminiscent of Roadrunner cartoons in which Wiley Coyote would ride a missile to the ground, pausing mid-air for a second to wave before pummeling himself into the ground. The difference is that Scott did not pummel his plane, and instead pulled off some brand new maneuvers using the variable pitch propeller. He also was able to hover the plane nose down for several seconds which was a sight to behold

    The crowd was also treated to Quique Somenzini's graceful and agile aero-ballet as Quique performed flawless knife-edge passes, rolling harriers, knife-edge box loops and more. Team RCU stick jockey, Mark Leseberg showed that he is clearly the master of foamy hovering by hanging his plane with nearly motionless precision and authority. Team RCU veteran, Chip Hyde drew cheers for his masterful control of the aircraft from both the sidelines and mid-court. It is also worthy of mentioning that Sebastiano Silvestri's plane gave us a glimpse at the future of 3D foamy aircraft. No longer relegated to flat and formless features, Silvestri's foamy sported a "3D" fuselage, translucent green canopy and sweeping curves that gave the indoor flyer the lines of a hot Italian sports car (what else would you expect from Silvestri?).

    Our coverage of the event will give you a taste of the show. We are pretty certain that after watching the videos, you'll begin making plans to attend next year's show. At the very least, you'll want to pick up a video copy of the entire event from SKS Video Productions.

    ETOC video courtesy of  SKS Video Productions!
    ETOC & E-X Games 2005 Dual DVD
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    For additional coverage of the 2005 ETOC, you can look for an upcoming issue of Fly RC magazine, and SKS Video Productions will have full video coverage featuring all 3 rounds of the event as well as the awards ceremony on DVD and VHS in the upcoming months.

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    The ETOC 2005 included the following pilots:
    All video courtesy of SKS Video Productions.
    Pilot Round Video and Size
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