RCU Review: Multiplex Space Scooter

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    Contributed by: Greg Covey | Published: July 2005 | Views: 50450 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon


    Manufacturer Info

    Multiplex Modelsport USA
    12115 Paine St.
    Poway CA, 92064
    Phone: 858.748.6948
    Fax: 858.748.1767


    • Complete RTF package
    • Short and simple assembly
    • Easy repairs with regular CA and kicker

    • Short flights with stock battery

    The new Space Scooter park flyer from Multiplex USA is an advanced version of the original Hitec/Funtec Sky Scooter.

    The Space Scooter features a thin semi-symmetrical airfoil and improved streamlined fuselage, The Space Scooter also takes the latest in aerodynamic technology and blends it with Multiplex's unique ELAPOR foam to bring you a fantastic park flyer that is very durable and can be easily repaired with regular CA and kicker! The new RTF package comes with EVERYTHING you need included except for eight AA-size transmitter batteries and is available at Tower Hobbies. Space Scooter parts are interchangeable with the original Sky Scooter.

    RTF Package Includes Pre-installed:

    • Hitec Focus 3 FM Radio
    • Hitec Mini FM Receiver
    • (2) Tiny-S Servos
    • Pico X-08 Speed Control
    • Permax Speed 400 motor
    • 3:1 gearbox and folding prop
    • 7-cell, 600mAh NiCd battery
    • Peak charger


    Kit Name: Space Scooter

    32.5 in (862mm)
    Wing Area: 356 sq in (23 sq dm)
    31.2 in (792mm)
    19.3 oz (550g)
    Wing Loading:
    7.86oz sq ft (24g/sq dm)
    Center of Gravity:
    4.3" (110mm) back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage sides.


    Everything comes safely packaged in the box with custom cardboard compartments. The Space Scooter is designed to easily disassemble so it can be stored back in the box along with the transmitter, battery pack, and charger.

    There are very few parts to assemble the Space Scooter so it is ready to fly in only minutes!

    The multi-lingual manual is really meant for the kit version and is not really needed unless you are a beginner. The transmitter needs 8 AA-size batteries installed in the slide out compartment. The 7-cell, 600mAh NiCd flight pack is ready to plug into the peak charger which connects to a car battery or 12v DC supply.

    The assembly is very minimal. First, you plug in the tail piece and secure the control linkage with the supplied hex wrench. The tail piece is simply secured by a single rubber band.

    Next, you plug the aileron servo lead into channel 1 of the receiver and then plug the wing into the fuselage. Again, everything is held by a single rubber band, but. this time, you attach it to the longer white post that is pushed through the fuselage hole just aft of the middle.

    I routed the antenna wire through both rubber bands and also tied a knot around the white plastic post as a stress relief. I sometimes have a habit of stepping on my antenna wires if they are long like this one.

    The final steps are to peak the NiCd battery and apply the decals.

    Flight Time

    My Space Scooter was ready to fly at 20.5oz with the stock 7-cell battery that weighed 5.5oz. I checked the control surfaces for proper direction and alignment when the transmitter tabs and stick were centered. I needed to adjust one of my ailerons using the supplied hex wrench to loosen the quick link.

    The Space Scooter performed flawlessly in 10-15mph winds. The ailerons were a bit tame for my liking but set well for beginners. I will increase the throw one hole at the control horn before taking the video. Flight times were about 5 to 7 minutes with the stock NiCd pack depending upon how hard it was flown.

    When I exhausted the stock 7-cell pack, I tested the 2-cell BalancePro Lithium pack and the flight time jumped from 5 to 15 minutes with plenty of aerobatics!

    The lighter Space Scooter loops and rolls with greater ease!

    Watch the video of the Space Scooter

    Windows media