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    Contributed by: David Johnson | Published: January 2006 | Views: 46567 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon

    Review by: David "Mordib" Johnson - email me

    Ikarus USA

    See the SU27-XXL in action!
    5.6 meg Windows Media Format

    Ease of Assembly
    Aerobatic ability

    Simple, fast assembly
    Attractive, vibrant colors
    Includes motor & prop
    Light in the air

    Could use a little more power
    No brushless option
    The Ikarus SU27-XXL is the "Big Brother" to Ikarus' SU27 kit. Big brother is right! This is a BIG foam plane. Not having experience with the smaller one, I looked forward to trying out my first "foamie jet". Would it be difficult to assemble?

    Kit Name: SU27-XXL with Powerset
    Price: $66.95
    Wingspan: 30.5"
    Length: 41.3"
    Flying Weight : 16 oz
    Engine Used: Supplied brushed motor
    Prop: "Wingo" prop
    Transmitter: Futaba 9CAP
    Receiver: FMA M5
    (2) Futaba S3108
    Battery: Electrifly 3 cell 1500 Mah Lipoly
    Channels/Mixing Used: Elevon Mixing required
    Manufacturer: Ikarus
    Carton contents
    Glue fuse tops together
    Bevel surfaces
    The SU27-XXL is made of all 6mm foam (Depron?) with pre-painted graphics... the colors are vibrant and look great! At first I pondered how difficult this might be to assemble, but as I was about to find out... it was a piece of cake. It took me less than 2.5 hours to build to RTF state!  The plane is so big that the fuse top is in two pieces. You glue the two pieces together and tape the seams with tape. I opted to use epoxy and 1" packing tape.  Then the ailerons are beveled. I used a hobby knife to carefully shave the bevel in place then finished with a sanding block.
    Bottom of fuse
    Tail and frame
    Mate with fuse top
    The bottom of the fuse is then epoxied in place. All of the parts are indexed or notched for a tight interlocking fit. While that assembly set up, I assembled the tail & frame.  Finally joining the two assemblies together, I used a couple 3 lbs weights to hold it firmly together while the epoxy set.
    Motor mount
    Bottom view of motor
    The last part of the airframe is added... the fuse top/canopy. See? I told you it built quick! A motor box is assembled, then glued onto the airframe. The supplied "powerset" is screwed to the firewall and a wingo prop (supplied) is pressed on. I placed my receiver and ESC near the trailing edge of the fuse box closest to the motor.
    Antenna routing
    Battery Pack
    You need to be careful with the antenna so it doesn't get caught in the prop. I simply routed it around and held it in place with small strips of packing tape. Another view of the motor install shows the slot for the prop to pass through. The switch for the ESC was set in the leading edge of the fuse box and the battery ended up about half & half on the leading edge.
    Servo install
    Unique surface coupler
    Receiver & ESC
    The plane only needs two servos and uses elevon mixing for control. To enable the 4 elevon control, special laser cut control horns are supplied and are a breeze to connect and adjust. Again, the final radio install is clean and neat.
    Finished bottom
    Completed aircraft
    Another completed view
    Hey... did you blink??? Because this plane is ready to fly in less than 2.5 hours. When assembled it truly is a large and impressive looking foamie and looks like it's ready to enter into a dogfight!
    Brushless upgrade
    One last update... I had an opportunity to try out a test brushless setup in the SU27XXL. A slightly modifed version of the Picollo Pro Heli motor & ESC. In speaking with Ikarus, a specific brushless option for this airframe is forthcoming.

    We went to the local park on a fairly calm day. I was worried about the handlaunch, but it was really an easy thing. Just make sure your rates aren't too high as it can be twitchy when you first get to your sticks.

    The wingo prop whirred loudly and gave the SU27-XXL a powerful sound. In all honesty though the power was just adequate.With a little speed build up a nice loop could be performed, and it would roll well and flew very cleanly like a jet should. It would slow down to a crawl on landing and just lay down on the ground. Flight times were pretty decent as I flew for close to 10 minutes on a 1500 pack and still had juice to spare.  And that with throttle at mostly 3/4 setting throughout the flight.

    It looked really neat in the air and I couldn't help wondering what it would be like with a brushless upgrade! So after some dicussion I opted to do just that. A brushless motor and ESC replaqced the stock brushed motor & ESC, As expected, the SU27XXL really came alive! A real speed demon with scalelike power! Large loops, blinding fast rolls and an overall pick me up fromthe stock setup.

    See the SU27-XXL in action!
    5.6 meg Windows Media Format


    As it stands, the Ikarus SU27-XXL is a fine offering. It looks great, builds fast and is a decent parkflyer as supplied. Add a brushless motor and it's even more enjoyable... offering greater speed and full scalelike abilities. For the money, it's a good value and if jets are your thing... I believe you'll like the SU27-XXL very much.

    Ikarus USA
    TEL (239) 690-0003

    Futaba Corporation of America
    Distributed Exclusively in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico by:
    Great Planes Model Distributors
    P.O. Box 9021; Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Website: www.futaba-rc.com
    Products used: Futaba 9CAP transmitter, S3108 servos

    Great Planes - Electrifly
    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    (217) 398-8970
    Website: www.electrifly.com
    Products used: Electrifly Lipoly Packs

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