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    Contributed by: Jim Stanton | Published: April 2006 | Views: 47801 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon

    Review by: Jim Stanton  Video By: Bob Faria
    E-Mail: jstanton@bigriver.net


    Manufacturer Info

    Distributed exclusively by:
    Brillelli Model
    Aircraft Engines
    34638 Plum Hill Lane
    Avon, MN 56310
    Sales &Support Phone:
    (320) 249-7420

    Website: www.brillelli.com

    Ease of Assembly



    Scott Ellingson and Mark Brill of Brillelli Model Aircraft Engines introduces their Brillelli 25GT Engine.   I can say I that I was  very impressed by the way this engine looks, it has the appearance of a much more expensive engine and is lighter than most of the more well know engines manufactured on the market today. 

     OK lets get to the review.


    Engine: Brillelli 25GT
    Price: $165.00 w/ Mag or $265.00 w/EI
    Size: 25cc
    RPM Range: 1,700 to 10,000
    Flying Weight as tested: 3lbs 9oz w/mag or 3lbs w/EI
    HP: 2.3 w/APC 16x8
    Suggested Props: APC 16x6, 16x8, 17x6, 18x6, & 20x6
    Radio equipment: Hitec Eclipse 7

    Length, back of prop to backplate - 5.5 in.
    Width, muffler to carb - 5.5 in.
    Height, plug to bottom most part of engine - 6.75 in.

    First Impressions & Getting Started
    View of Head
    Right Side
    Left Side

    The package was delivered by the USPS in perfect condition.  I was very impressed with the workmanship of  both Scott and Mark of Brillelli Model Aircraft Engines.  This engine looks like it has all the qualities of a much more expensive engine.  The first thing I did was check the weight and it came out to just 3 lbs 9 oz right.(13 lbs 13 oz with motor mount) 

    I had told Scott that I was going to be installing this on my Giant Big Stick and I had planned on using the stand offs that where supplied by Great Planes.  Scott said he could build a custom motor mount that would make the installation a little easier.  I told him to go ahead and he made a very nice looking motor mount that weighed 4 oz. and was highly polished.  You can see it in the photos.  The head on this engine is even polished to a very high luster.

    Straight Up
    Total Weight

    The mounting of this engine with the motor mount Scott made was straight forward.  All I did was drill the 4 - 5/16" mounting holes into the mount and installed 5/16 blind nuts in the firewall of the Giant Big Stick.  Than I used four 3 1/2" x5/16 bolts with the stand offs.  I used loctite on all of the bolts to make sure nothing would come lose during flight.  It took less that 30 minutes and I had the engine mounted.  Brillelli even drills out and taps the 8x1mm prop bolt so you can use a metal spinner of your choice (Check out photo labeled Mounted Right Side). 

     I had a 8x1mm prop spinner that I wanted to use so I went to the local hardware store and bought a 8x1mm bolt that was 3 1/2" in length.  First I had to thread the 8x1mm bolt all the way to the bolt head,  then I screwed the bolt into the prop hub until it bottomed out.  After that I took my rotary tool and cut off what I did not need.  You can see the final setup in the photo labeled Mounting Complete. 

    Mounted Left Side
    Mounted Right Side
    Mounting Complete

    Prop Testing

    After I mounted the engine and installed the prop, I took the plane to my test stand.  There Bob and I tested this engine with a wide variety of props.  I had one gallon of fuel already mixed with one package of Opti 2- 2 cycle oil and one gallon of 87 octane.  I followed the instruction sheet that Scott and Mark provided and primed the engine by choking the carb with my thumb and flipping the prop a couple of times. (You must have the kill switch active when you do this or the engine could start when you are not ready).  I  turned off the kill switch and took my Heli-Maxx starter and hit the prop spinner with it and the engine made three revolutions and came to life. 

    I  ran two tanks of fuel through the engine before I did any testing.  During the break-in period I ran the engine at 4000 RPM for two minutes then to 6000 rpm for two minutes until the fuel ran out, which took about 23 minutes with my 14 oz fuel tank.( I love the savings gas engines give.) The Brillelli 25GT was running great and I did not even have to make any adjustment to the carb for low or high end.  I let the engine cool 10 minutes after each run.  On the third run I started testing the props.  Here are the results.

    MAS 16x8 --- 7800RPM ---- 12lbs thrust
    MAS 18x8 --- 6800RPM --- 12lbs thrust
    Dyanthrust 18x6 --- 7600 RPM --- 12lbs 4oz thrust
    MAS 16x8 three blade --- 7600RPM 12lbs 7oz thrust

    APC 17x6 --- 8800RPM --- 14lbs thrust

    APC 18x8 7700RPM --- 14lbs 8oz thrust

    After taking these readings I decided to use the APC 18x8 prop on my Giant Big Stick because the total weight with the engine was 13lbs 5oz.  I felt this prop would give me the speed and thrust I was looking for in a gas engine of this size.


    Test Flying

    With the engine test run finished and after installing an APC 18x8 prop we gathered up all our gear and went to the field.  It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and a very light breeze.  I filled the tank with the gas I had mixed using Opti-2 2cycle oil and primed the engine.  I turned on my Hitec Eclipse 7 radio and checked all servo's to make sure everything was in working order.  I turned the engine over with my Heli-Maxx starter and she fired right up.  I let her run for about one minute at around 4000 RPM then idled down and checked my idle, it was right on the money at 1900 RPM.  I taxied her out to the flight line and made a couple of runs up and down the runway just to see how well she tracked and responded to the throttle.  Everything was working great so I turned her into the wind and she took off at half throttle.

    The first flight was just to get the feel of the plane and this engine.  I could tell she was pulling strong and seemed very happy with the Giant Big Stick as a home.  I did a couple of loops, rolls and inverted flight.  The engine never missed a beat.  After 15 minutes I came in for a very soft landing, taxied her over to the flight line and hit the cut switch on my radio and the Brillelli 25GT shut right down.

    The second through forth flights I hand flipped the engine and she started with-in 2 or 3 flips each time.  All of the flights where great and the Brillelli 25GT never gave me any trouble.  After the third flight this little engine was really pulling this big bird through the air with ease.  With each flight the engine seemed to be breaking in more and more. She would pull this 13.5 lbs plane straight up and into a nice hammerhead.  The response from idle to full power was very good.  I could tell that this engine on a 13.5 lb airframe has the power to pull you out of almost any trouble you might get yourself into

    See the Brillelli 25GT in action!

    High Resolution 17.3 MB
    Med Resolution 6.32 MB
    Low Resolution 3.77 MB

    This Brillelli 25GT engine has a lot of power for the price.  She fly's the Great Planes Giant Big Stick like a charm.  The Brillelli engine has all the power one needs to fly a stunt plane of this type and just have a ball at the field, however,  this engine will not do 3d flying on a plane of this size and weight.  If you have a airframe that weighs 8 lbs or less this engine just may do the 3D thing for you.  With a  price tag of only $165.00 it will be very hard to find another gas engine that runs like a Brillelli 25GT.  I know you will not find any better customer service than what Scott and Mark provide at Brillelli.  All in all if you are looking for a 25cc gas engine for that next big bird and do not have the $400.00 for a 25cc with EI take a good hard look at the Brillelli line of engines.  You will not be disappointed


    Manufacturer Information

    Distributed By:
    Brillelli Models Aircraft Engines

    34638 Plum Hill Lane
    Avon, MN 56310
    Sales & Support Phone:
    Website: http://www.brillelli.com
    E-mail: scott@scottellingson.com

    product used: Brillelli 25GT

    Great Planes
    Model Manufacturing Company

    P.O. Box 9021
    Champaign, IL 61826-9021
    Website: http://www.greatplanes.com

    Hitec RCD USA, Inc.
    12115 Paine St.
    Poway CA, 92064
    Phone: 858.748.6948
    Fax: 858.748.1767
    Website: http://www.hitecrcd.com/

    Website: http://www.opti2-4.com/
    E-mail: http://www.opti2-4.com/contact_us.htm

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