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    Contributed by: Matt Gunn | Published: May 2007 | Views: 117037 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon
    Team Associated's Monster GT 4.60 SE

    Review by: Matt Gunn

    Monster GT 4.60 SE
    Distributed exclusively by:
    Associated Electrics, Inc.
    26021 Commercentre Dr.
    Lake Forest, CA 92630-8853
    Support Phone:
    (949) 544-7500

    Website: www.teamassociated.com

    Monster GT in Action
    CLICK HERE to Watch

    Ease of Assembly

    Engine very easy to tune

    Good reliability

    Out-the-box performance

    Stock A-Arms
    Transmission one-way bearing prone to failure
    AA batteries leave much to be desired

    There's one thing that I love in this world and that's the smell of nitro methane billowing from a finely tuned 2-stroke engine. Maybe it stemmed from years of flying model airplanes or as a teenager standing in the front yard driving my friend's nitro stadium truck 'till it was too dark to see. For whatever reason, it began calling me again, and the answer this time was Team Associated's Monster GT 4.60 SE.

    Rc monster trucks and bashing have become quite popular and as a result, trucks of all types have flooded the market. Choosing one can be a real test and the final decision is often dictated by price, performance, and reliability. The Monster GT scores well in all three categories, making it an excellent choice for beginners as well as the novice or seasoned veteran.

    Name: Monster GT 4.6 SE
    Price: $399.99 retail price
    Length: 22"
    Width: 17"
    Wheelbase: 14.5"
    Dry Weight: 12.39 lb
    Engine: AE 4.60 with pull start/drill start combo
    Receiver battery used: Reedy 6v, 1100mah hump pack
    Radio equipment: (Included) AE 3-channel XP3 AM transmitter, AE 3 channel receiver and 3 servos

    • Air Filter Oil
    • Fuel Bottle
    • Glow Igniter
    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • 12 AA Batteries
    • Fuel (15%-30%)

    Other Helpful Items

    • Temperature Gauge
    • Thread lock Formula
    • After Run Oil
    • Fail Safe Unit
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack (Receiver)

    Right Side
    Left Side

    My first impression of this truck was "Wow, this thing is big!" The Monster GT resides somewhere in the land between 1/8th scale and 1/6th scale and lives up to Team Associated's code name: BFT, or "Bigger, Faster, Tougher." Upon opening the box, you will notice the truck is practically ready to run. Install the axle pins, wheel hex drives, and the wheels and your done! There is even an addendum that AE has inserted into the box that covers these three steps just in case. I suggest thoroughly reading the user's guide before firing it up for the first time. There is important information regarding the Monster GT's setup and engine tuning specifications that should not be overlooked.

    Looking at the Monster GT sans body, you get a feel for the roominess within. Every part seems to have it's own personal space, no pushing or shoving here! This is due in part to the large plastic chassis guards. They increase the deck size and do an excellent job of keeping out dirt and debris; two things the Monster GT likes to throw around! The radio tray does a good job of protecting the electronics from dirt and moisture but it is not sealed. Water can and will enter it if you submerge the truck. After a few tanks of fuel, I noticed quite a bit of dust had made its way into the battery box. The receiver box has remained relatively clean inside.

    The business end of the Monster GT is the AE 4.60 engine. AE has equipped the big block with a pull start and a hex-shaft/drill start so there's always a way start it. The engine produces enough power to move the thirteen pound truck rather quickly and with a few modifications, becomes even more potent. We're talking wheelies on demand!

    The shocks are sprung a bit on the light side from the factory. Upgrading to heavier springs is necessary to reduce bottoming and increase high speed handling. I suggest one red and gold spring at each arm as a good starting point.

    AE 4.60 Pro
    Front bumper minus the extensions
    Shocks with Team caps and heavy springs

    The front and rear bumpers are extremely strong and have held up to plenty of high speed encounters but the chrome bumper extensions have been known to break off in a low speed collision. Body posts are another item that can take a beating. If you run it hard, be prepared to invest in a few of these. With all the power that the engine makes, what good is it if you can't stop? The Monster GT's brake rotor is large with positive feel. Even with heavy usage, there is very little fade. Remove the spring from the brake linkage and replace it with a piece of equal length fuel tubing for more braking control.

    Power is transferred from the motor to the wheels through a 2-speed transmission with reverse gears. Overall, the transmission is strong enough to handle the motor in stock form but if you get bitten by the hop-up bug, be prepared to hop-up the transmission also. The Achilles' heel of this transmission has to be the reverse gears. They are all metal and add significant weight and rotating mass which will eventually strip the nylon second gear and cause the one way bearing to slip. The symptoms are an increase in rpms before takeoff and no shifting. One way to correct this problem is to do away with reverse by installing a forward only conversion, or FOC. If you can deal without reverse, I highly recommend this conversion and you will notice an increase in acceleration and top speed.

    The Monster GT's enormous brake
    2-speed transmission with shift point adjuster

    To prepare the truck for it's initial run, I oiled the pre-filter by placing a few drops of pre-filter treatment in a small plastic bag and kneaded the filter until it was saturated. Be careful not to use too much oil as this can restrict airflow to the engine. Next, I installed the batteries in the transmitter and the receiver. Battery life with non-rechargeable AAs is short compared to rechargeable ones. I suggest purchasing a hump pack for the receiver immediately or else you'll be going through batteries every few days. Plus, the added power from a hump pack also makes the steering servo move a little quicker.

    The carburetor is set from the factory but it's always good to check it yourself. This means closing the high-speed needle until it bottoms and then backing it out 2 3/4 turns. The low-speed needle should be backed out 6 1/2 turns from closed. I found that in order to keep the engine running, I had to back the low-speed needle out only 5 turns. Your settings may vary depending on elevation and ambient temperature.

    With your radio gear turned on, double check all the servo throws and make sure the slide in the carburetor opens fully when the throttle is squeezed. Make it a habit of checking your wheel nuts after every run. They like to loosen up and will cause a hub to spin. Believe me, this will ruin your afternoon. Fill the tank with the fuel of your choice. I use Blue Thunder Sport Formula 20%. Now, the moment you've been waiting for!

    3-channel XP3 radio
    Included tools
    Users Guide

    I arrived at the park around 5:30pm. There was plenty of daylight left so I decided to take my time going over a mental checklist. I primed the engine via the handy little primer bulb and attached the glow igniter. After 3 pulls the engine sputtered to life. A few adjustments to the needles landed that sweet spot and I pulled it out onto the field for a couple of warm up passes. The break-in period on any nitro engine is extremely important and Team Associated has included all the necessary steps to break-in the big block and fine tune it for performance. Even if you know nothing about nitro engines, don't worry, AE has gone the extra mile with a start-up guide that easy to understand. After the recommended break-in procedures were complete I was ready to tune the engine for maximum power. Again, the user's guide has you covered. It explains in detail the steps needed to make the truck run strong and covers most symptoms of an agitated engine.

    One word describes the Monster GT 4.60 SE in action; LOUD! I have driven quite a few monster trucks and the it is by far the noisiest of the bunch. If you take it to a public park, be ready to attract some attention. My latest modification was to replace the stock pipe with a Team Losi Sport HT pipe and header. This combo improves bottom end acceleration, throttle response, and knocks off a few decibels!

    Steering on the Monster GT feels solid yet there is quite a bit of under steer under power. I replaced the plastic bushings located the bell cranks with bearings and added 10,000k diff oil to the front and read differentials. The result was better steering response, improved acceleration, a tighter turning radius under power and virtually no steering slop.

    The engine and clutch provide enough hard hitting power to the wheels to satisfy most drivers, but there will always be those who want more! I chose to upgrade the stock clutch shoes with some aluminum ones made by OFNA. They are lighter than the stock shoes and come with heavier springs. The result was a huge improvement in acceleration.

    The two-speed transmission operated flawlessly on the truck's maiden voyage. Shifting was precise and predictable with no hesitation. Shift point adjustments are made easy with a two-speed access cover located on the transmission case. Reverse is easy to engage, just bring the truck to a full stop and push the forward/reverse button located near your thumb.

    The suspension did a great job of soaking up the biggest bumps I could find but bottoming out became a real problem once I started getting into the throttle. Team Associated sells medium and heavy springs for the Monster GT and using either reduces bottoming significantly. Another weak area is the stock a-arm. I replaced my front arms with ones made by RPM. They have a lifetime guarantee against breakage and look beefy!

    The speed of this truck is impressive. I clocked it with a hand-held GPS at 38.4 mph. This was the fastest speed I could squeeze out of the engine without changing gears and that's just fine with me. Accelerating on grass and blacktop produces instant wheelies. Who doesn't love wheelies?

    Monster GT in Action
    CLICK HERE to Watch

    Team Associated has created an incredibly fun monster truck that looks and plays the part. It's sheer size and weight puts it into it's own class but still runs strong with it's lighter cousins. For quality, ease of assembly, and price I give the Monster GT five stars. It holds up well to repeated abuse but, like any rc monster truck, it does have it's limits. Hop up parts are readily available and offer great performance boosts for those seeking that extra edge. I would recommend the Monster GT 4.60 SE to anyone looking for a reliable out-of-the-box truck that will perform like more expensive trucks but wont break the bank.

    Monster GT 4.60 SE
    Distributed exclusively by:
    Associated Electrics, Inc
    26021 Commercentre Dr.
    Lake Forest, CA 92630-8853
    Support Phone: (949) 544-7500
    Website: www.teamassociated.com

    Horizon Hobby
    4105 Fieldstone Rd.
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Support Phone: (877) 504-0233
    Web Site: www.dynamiterc.com
    product used: Blue Thunder Sport Fuel 20%

    OFNA Racing
    7 Vanderbilt
    Irvine, CA 92618
    Phone:(949) 586-2910
    Web Site: www.ofna.com
    product used: OFNA alloy clutch shoes, blue

    RPM R/C Products
    14978 Sierra Bonita Lane
    Chino, CA 91710
    Phone: (909) 393-0366
    Web site: www.rpmproducts.com
    product used: A-arms

    Comments on RCU Review: Associated Monster GT 4.6 SE

    Posted by: webdr on 01/02/2008

    Posted by: murph1411 on 06/05/2008
    I really liked this review and after being out of nitro RCs for about 7 years, this review helped me decide to buy a MGT 4.6se. I get it tomorrow thank for the review.
    Posted by: svroddy on 03/09/2009
    Instant wheelies? I didnt see one in that whole video.
    Posted by: almaidah on 09/19/2009
    i think this truck is a peace of shi*. i just bought this truck and i dint even run it hard yet, during break in the thing broke ( break locked up from a loose screw thats lost so i need to buy a new tyranny case just to use breakes and the steering servo for steering went out i waited a week for this truck and didnt get to enjoy it. it sucks thats why i buy traxxas
    Posted by: Bluethunder3320 on 10/15/2009
    i want this truck i have the mgt 3.0 want a upgrade
    Posted by: ausrcnut on 08/20/2010
    Is this truck the same as a MGT 8.0...ie, the MGT 8.0 is the 4.6SE with a 8.0 shoe-horned into it..???
    Posted by: ausrcnut on 08/20/2010

    Posted by: 378 on 01/30/2011
    ausrcnut, the 8.0 is it's own truck. Associated made it even bigger than the 4.6 to handle the brute force coming out of that massive engine.
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