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    Contributed by: Nathan Maat | Published: January 2008 | Views: 77258 | email icon Email this Article | PDFpdf icon

    Nathan Maat
    12 Years R/C Experience
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    An often over looked area of the r/c hobby is the scale realism of battles and war. R/C boating has taken this aspect of the hobby to new levels with very realistic simulated battle ships, often hand built.

    Tanks is another segment that is growing in popularity in large part due to the scale realism in ready to run models. What once took hours of painting and detail work can now be purchased off the shelf.

    VSTank has a large range of tanks in their lineup that allows nearly any budget to get involved in the fun. In this review we're going to look at the M1A2 Abrams NTC and Leopard2 A5 Winter tank set along with the M1A2 Abrams Desert and Russian T80 NATO tank set.


    Model ........................ VS Tank

    Price ......................... $59.99
    Type .......................... IR Tank
    Length ...................... 3.5"
    Width......................... 1.75"
    Height........................ 1.5"
    Included..................... 2 Tanks
    2 Controllers
    CD Clips

    The tanks arrive neatly packed with almost everything you need to get started immediately. Included in this package are instructions and tips, two tanks and controllers, a dual sided battle field and CD clips. Batteries are not included.

    On the back of the controller is a small screw to secure the cover for the 4 AA batteries required to operate the tanks. There are several ways the cover could be secured and they chose to screw it tight. I would rather see clips or magnets as they don't require tools, tend to last longer and are much quicker.

    The controller itself is quite user friendly and will feel familiar to any video game user.

    The charge receptacle is nicely hidden behind a hinged smoked plastic cover. Flip the cover down and slide the tank onto the charge jacks. Sliding the tank onto the charger does require you to be gentle as you push the tank into its locked position. Although it appears durable, it is not something younger kids will be able to do without a little guidance and practice.

    The instructions recommend you charge the tank twice out of the box before use. Thereafter you can charge as needed. I found it took about 5 minutes to charge and had no problem lasting until your battles were finished.

    The tanks are pretty well constructed and I really enjoy the scale detail whether they're sitting on my desk or in battle. The scale appearance definitely helps me enjoy these tanks more. Also include are antenna's to enhance the look of the tanks even further. Providing traction are actual rubber treads.

    On the bottom of each tank is the ID number. The controllers are interchangeable so by looking underneath the tank you'll find which number it has been assigned 1-4. Match the tank number to the number on the controller and you're ready to battle. This is also where you'll find the on/off switch to the tank.


    On to the battles. VS Tank offers some suggestions for multiple games that can be played with the tanks, they include: Sumo, Linked Towers, Cowboy, City War, Climbing Race and Tug of War.

    Two players only. Move your opponents tank outside of the battle circle as quickly as possible. The one who falls outside of the ring is declared the loser.

    Two to Four players recommended, requires CD jewel cases and connectors. Each tank will start at its own tower. Each tank must not fall from the elevated battlefield, or else they will be considered defeated. When the tank is shot 5 times, it is also considered defeated and must be taken away from the field.

    Two players only. Each tank starts by facing backwards to one another in the center of the battle ring. Both tanks will move forward until the edge of the ring, turn around and shoot at each other. The one who is hit first is declared the loser.

    Two to Four players recommended. A free for all battle with large obstacles acting as real walls, the one who is left standing will become the winner.

    Two players only. Each tank starts at the bottom of its own slope, and both start climbing towards the top of the highest tower. Both players are allowed to shoot at each other to slow down their progress. If one side falls off, then the tank will have to start off from the tower that they just passed through. The one who reaches the finish line first will be the winner.

    Two players only. Tie a string to each tank and the first tank to pull the other outside the battle circle wins.


    These games will occupy quite a bit of time and I was amazed at how many different people enjoyed the battles. It seemed to me the adults enjoyed battling each other more than the kids. And with the quick charge times, it's a perfect opportunity to change the games, setup a new course with the CD's or whatever you decide and can think of to play.

    The controllers are familiar to any gamer. They're comfortable and easy to use without much thought. The controls are in the places you expect them and instinct takes over pretty quick. Since the controllers are interchangeable, I couldn't help but wonder if that could be a strategy used during war time. This as it turns out is a viable option during battle. If you're at risk of being shot, switch to the opponents channel and it will cause his tank to run sporadically. This will then hopefully confuse your opponent long enough to get the heck out of there and line him up for a shot. It may not be intended to be used as such, but it's yet another way to make things interesting.

    I'm not sure if it's the charm of the tanks and something that is to be overcome during battle or not, but control when you turn is not all that precise. Tap the direction pad hard left or right and the tank does about a 45 degree turn at a time. This means lining up the opponent can be a challenge. You have to figure out how to turn the tank and the barrel to get the shot you're after. It makes games like Cowboy much more difficult that it sounds in the description, and really lends to some tension as you're anticipating getting shot while you get into position.

    There is the option to turn while driving, but that is a vary slight left or right movement. It takes practice to get the hang of how you want the tank to perform best. Driving the tank is half the difficulty when it comes to most of the games. The barrel is the easy thing to use as it's pretty smooth and stops when you lift your finger from the trigger.

    We had fun with the tanks. They look great, charge quickly and are pretty advanced for the size. With the way these are built and the technology used it may not be possible right now, but I sure would like to see them charge about $10-$15 less than the current list price. Regardless, VS Tank has built some pretty cool desktop (and beyond) fun.


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