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    Contributed by: Greg Covey
    Aerosound R/C

    Review by: Greg Covey
    Flying Photos: Papa Jeff Ring
    Video Pilot: Scott Miller


    Dealer Info

    Benedini Sound Modules
    Distributed exclusively by:

    Aerosound R/C



    Authentic Scale Sounds
    Two Amplifiers to Choose
    Multiple Engine Sequences
    Machine Gun Sounds

    Requires Soldering Skills
    No Pushbutton for Activating the Learn Mode

    Aerosound R/C - High Voltage Combo

    Aerosound R/C is the sole distributor of the exceptional Benedini R/C aircraft sound systems for the U.S.A. and Canada. These sound systems, perfected by Thomas Benedini of Germany, are truly remarkable. Many installations in electric powered aircraft have already been done, and I have added the TBS Micro Soundmodule to my Hangar 9 1.50-size P-51D for an incredible scale effect.

    A Benedini sound system will make the difference between just another model and a model that looks and sounds like a real aircraft. The TBS Micro digital sound units reproduce original recorded engine sounds at a 22.050KHz sample rate for the highest sound quality. The engine range covers starting, engine idle, acceleration, speed dependent engine sound, returning to idle and engine shut down. With many types of engine recordings to choose from you can now add realistic sound to any R/C aircraft.

    Two powerful amplifiers are available to give an incredible volume level in a wide range of applications. Imagine the rumble of a Rolls-Royce V-12 Merlin engine as you taxi out to the runway or hearing the doppler effect on a fast flyby.


    Since my airplane power system used a 10-cell Lithium pack, I choose the 50v audio amplifier so I could connect it right to the ESC power lines. The engine sound control is either connected in-line to the throttle channel or to a spare channel for additional scale control. I needed to make my own cable, with female servo connectors on both ends, to connect the second channel control to my receiver for the machine gun sound. The photo above shows only one speaker for my initial testing setup. I later added the second speaker in series as shown below.

    I managed to stuff the metal frames of the two 4" speakers in the small scale nose of my P-51D. A small portion of the frame protruded from the bottom of the cowl. I used a Dremel tool to cut the fiberglass cowl.

    The Aerosound 4” speaker is custom manufactured for Aerosound with selected components and a powerful neodymium magnet to be as light weight as possible yet deliver the best possible sound at high decibel levels. They measure 4” in diameter by 1.69” deep and weigh 6.6oz. each. The sound level produced on my setup is about 98dba. Up to 102dba has been achieved using two 16oz speakers.

    Since the contacts to initiate "Learn Mode" are very tiny and require a small pliers to activate, I added my own pushbutton to easily activate the Learn Mode for fine tuning my throttle control points once the system was installed in the plane. The tiny TBS Micro Soundmodule was not easy to solder the wires onto for my added pushbutton.

    After the first test flight, I later drilled many small holes in the cowl to help aid the sound volume.

    Test Flying

    We flew the P-51D with the Aerosound module at a local electric R/C show. It sounded great and the audience really loved the added scale effect of hearing a Merlin V12 in an electric conversion. The video below shows the realistic scale sounds with the various sequences like starting, engine idle, acceleration, returning to idle and engine shut down.

    Aerosound P-51D Video (17meg)


    The overall performance of the sound coming from the P-51 approaches realism and gives a great scale effect to the model. I think this product will add a new dimension to electric flight...especially competitive scale applications. Although you cannot create your own sounds, you can reprogram them into the TBS Micro Soundmodule and there are many real recordings to choose from at Aerosound RC. The whole sound system draws less than 4 amps with both speakers connected so it does not adversely affect the flight time.

    I am happy with the current sound level in my P-51 and I saw no evidence of interference from the added circuitry. The sound level is close to scale but I am considering several other improvements for next season. One is to replace the small drilled speaker holes with a single large opening and cover it with cloth. Another is to replace the medium end 4" speakers with more expensive versions that have larger magnets and can handle more power. The 50v amplifier has a volume adjustment on it and is not running anywhere near the maximum level for the 4" speakers. The amplifier can easily overdrive the 4" speakers so care must be taken when adjusting the volume level.

    I simply did not have the freedom to create speaker boxes in my P-51 model due to the limited space. The main purpose for a speaker box is to increase sound level. This comes at the cost of some weight and additional space. Other models like the P-47 have a much larger fuselage than the P-51 so they can make use of techniques like a speaker box or larger speakers.

    The Benedini sound system made my P-51 sound like a real aircraft. Many of us have been waiting a long time for this technology to make it into the R/C market. That time has arrived and it is exciting to be a part of it!

    Manufacturer Information

    Aerosound R/C

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