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Geoff Barber on: Designing & Installing Instrument Panels
If you're like me, and I think a lot of you are, you just can't help but add a few easy details to your airplanes. One of the easiest way to add detail, without spending countless hours and dollars, is to install an instrument panel in the cockpit.

Minnflyer on: Fun with PVC
I was never big on using stands. I've had a few of those Styrofoam things, and I've cut some half-rounds out of a cardboard box or two, but I rarely ever kept one for very long. Then, a few years ago, I bought a plane at an auction that came with a homemade PVC stand. I eventually sold that pla...

Minnflyer on: Kit Building 101
With the advent of quality ARFs in recent years, we have seen a huge influx of new people to the sport. Inevitably, many of you eventually decide to try your hand at building. Most are very successful while some others are not. Some of the more successful builders choose to build many more kits...

Minnflyer on: Takes a CLOSER look at CA Hinges!
The very first "How-To" article I did for RCUniverse was on installing CA Hinges. The article was very helpful to many people, but while it showed the proper way to install them, it fell short of explaining what not to do and why. Therefore, we are going to go a little more in-depth this tim...

Mike Buzzeo and Ken Isaac How should I start out?
One of the questions we hear most often on RCU is, "How should I start out?" We wish there were a simple answer to this, but the fact of the matter is, there are so many different ways that it can boggle the imagination. So, in an attempt to unclutter your mind a little, here are five things fo...

Minnflyer on: Lets Talk Tanks
Fuel tanks are one of those things that we veteran fliers usually take for granted, but that can be very frustrating to the beginner, so here is an article that will hopefully answer many of the questions the beginner might have about setting up a tank.

Minnflyer on: How to Build a Sanding Box.
I have always tried to do my major sanding projects outdoors. It always seemed to work out well time-wise in that, I would usually get a new plane for Christmas, and by early spring, when the big sanding jobs came along, the weather would be tolerable. But several things have changed since I li...

Minnflyer's Wing Repair: Fixing a Leading Edge
Unfortunately, it's not all that uncommon - You were coming in for a landing and clipped a tree, or a pole, or some other obstacle and now your wing has a nasty gash in the leading edge complete with a few broken rib-fronts. Now you're wondering what to do.

Wing Repair Article
While some people may seem intimidated by cutting open a wing, especially on a new, unassembled plane, it's not difficult. Just think through the process and follow some basic steps.

Video How to Another Look at Covering
"What's the secret to a good covering job?" That's a question that has been posted many times here at RCU. A few years ago, I did a basic tutorial on covering, but it was just that… Basic. So when it came time to cover a wing I recently finished, I decided to videotape the process to give you a...

Balancing Upside Down!
It seems that lately we have been getting a lot of questions asking if it is correct to balance a low wing plane upside-down. The simple answer to this is "Yes", but a more accurate answer would be "Usually, but not necessarily always". Once you understand the basic principle, you'll easily see...

Bill Pryor How to Crate/Ship a Giant Scale Airplane UPDATED!
I often see ads for planes that say you can pick them up, but they're too big to ship. Wrong! Nothing is too big to ship.

David Johnson on: How to Cut Carbon & Fiberglass Spinners
A short time ago I found myself n the position of needing to cut out a spinner for a recently completed Extreme Flight 87" Yak. After much research I found some beautiful carbon fiber and fiberglass spinners available from Bisson Custom Mufflers

Red on: Converting your NiCad charger to Lipoly

Basics of choosing a motor and ESC/MSC and Brushed vs. Brushless Systems
There are always a ton of threads about motors and ESCs and they are all usually variants on the same questions. In this article I will go through and explain the basics of choosing a motor and ESC/MSC, and talk about brushed vs. brushless systems.

RCU Forums: Proper Pinion Selection
"Excuse me, sir. I'm new to this sport and I was wondering, what is the best set-up for my truck, and just how fast will it go?"

Matching Elevator Halves using Hitec Programmer
Without perfect symmetry an airplane will snap out of high elevator maneuvers, roll in loops and generally not handle well during precision or pattern flight. For that reason it is imperative that split elevator surfaces move equally both in speed and travel.

How to assemble a Race Pack
One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “How do you assemble your own battery packs?”

How to Build A Better TLT-1
These little beasts are a lot more fun to play with than their full size counterparts. I don’t have to tell you why, if you’re reading this it’s because you’re interested in a TLT-1

E-conversion the Hyper 7 PBS
Have you noticed how much the RC world leans more and more towards nitro and pushes electric to back stage? Most people will tell you that electric is slow and just can't keep up with nitro powered RC's. This is because they have not experienced the extreme power of brushless.


Matches: 44
Showing Records 1 - 20
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