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Header pipe for a DA 85 gas engine
Have a header pipe for a 85 cc gas DA engine,was on engine. Not sure what make it is but looks good and has a pretty thick flange.Will sell for $24.00 with shipping.

Pickup only. Southern Indianapolis. Off highway 37 and Southport road.

Bind your radio and go fly. Receipt included. Local pickup only. South Indianapolis. Highway 37 and Southport Rd.

Jett 90L
For Sale is a Jett Engineering 90L. I am not the original owner but it was sent to Dubb for a complete inspection. It has a clean bill of health and is in excellent condition. Looking to get $200

Hangar 9 Sundowner 50
New, never flown Hangar 9 Sundowner 50 ARF. I installed a Jett 90L but lost interest. I can sell the plane alone for $150 OBO or with the Jett 90 for $350.

Great Planes Revolver - 70
This plane does have some scratches and wear. Canopy has a crack from being dropped and wheel paints have cracks in them from use, other than that the plane looks new. Included: Used Great Pla

2- 94851 Airtronics Digital servos
2 - 94851 Airtronics Digital servos used 161 oz-in @ 4.8 volts speed/60 degrees .23 192 oz-in @ 6.0 volts speed/60 degrees .19 Extra servo arms included

4 - 94774 1 - 94775 Airtronics Digital Servos
4 - 94774 Digital servos 3 used and 1 new in box 1 - 94775 Digital servo used 94775: 124 oz-in @ 4.8 volts  speed/60 degrees .17           &n

NEW 4 1/2" CF Spinner (Uncut)
NEW 4 1/2~|| CF Spinner (Uncut) Solid backplate No center bolts Note: I'll drill the backing plate out for you depending on your configuration.

Large canisters
Large canisters used (few dents) but excellent condition. Wil included the 2 headers (DLE 170) for free.

perry fuel pump
New never used.

In flight fuel mixture valve
A couple never used in flight mixture valves typically used back in the ducted fan days.

17X6 18X8 19X8 20X8 20X10 PROPS THAT WERE DRILLED FOR DLE35 AND DA 50 HAVE MORE PIC'S OF PROPS BUYER PAYS SHIPPING PRICE IS FOR EACH 15.00 not being able to answer questions thru rcu try

I have no idea
I got this in a box of stuff from a local modeler getting out of the hobby, what you see is what you get !!!!!!!!! It looks to have never been had any fuel in it.

6 1/2" Aluminum Spinners
6 1/2~| Aluminum spinners 2 pcs -cut for 2 blade and solid back plate undrilled. $55.00 each 1 pcs- cut for 3 blade and solid back plate undrilled. $55.00 Does not include center bolt. I pay s

Ziroli F4U Corsair With a 6.4 CI 104 CC inline twin
Ziroli F4U Corsair 93 wing span is powered By 6.4 CI 104 CC Quadra Sabitino in line twin tru turn spinner , Has about 25 flights Fiberglass fuse Built up wing glassed and painted all control surfaces

Wren Turbines MW44 Gold
Have had this one sitting around to long. Never came up with a air frame to put it in...... Brand new in the box as it came from JHH back in 06. This is the gold edition rated at 10# thrust.

JR 12X
Selling this radio for a friend that bought a new radio (spectrum 18) simply so he could bind to a new to him (used) turbinator jet. The radio is in excellent condition and over all has had littl

SULLIVAN STARTER WORKS FINE BUYER PAYS SHIPPING not being able to respond questions thru rcu try confederatesea@yahoo.com

Gas Engine Mini Tachometer
New Gas Engine Tachometer only 1  available! 1:Use P1C16f628a microcontrollers 2:Do not need batteries, power from the ignition 3: Standard Futaba Plug(Black-negative Red-Postive and W

Pitts muffler DLE-30 -- plus others
Brand New PITTS Muffler. High strength aluminum parts with sand blasting anodizing Finish. Will fit DLE-30 CRRC, GF26i, 26cc Etc. any engine with mounting hole spaced 34mm center to center.

Rattlesnake 1780
Rattlesnake 1780 by model shipways new in box kit # 2028 Length 28' hight 18~| hull width 4 1/4' scale 3/16~| to 1 ft $125.00 + shipping or trade for airplane kit or ??

9503 Spektrum Radio

Charles Morgan
Charles W Morgan Model ship new in box Length 30 3/4~| height 25~| width 9 5/8~| Kit # 2140 By Model shipways paid $ 239.00 sales price $135.00 + shipping or trade for 4cycle or gas engine

LPU:Flightline F7F Tigercat PNP
I dont want to sell this but its just a little to big for my field and my garage . It has about 10 flights on it. Never crashed or hard landed. Its such a sweet flyer . Everything works 100% on it. Ev

32x12 PT Carbon fiber Prop
PT carbon fiber 32x12 prop Drilled for 170/200/222 or similar bolt pattern Excellent condition. PM me if interested. $80.00 shipped

Hobbico Accucycle Elite
FEATURESCharges and Discharges 1-3 cell Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer packs For LiPo packs that are wired for balancing, a LiPo Cell Balancer such as Great Planes ElectriFly Equinox (GPMM3160) i

AeroWorks Extra 260 50cc
Contains 55cc EME Engine (runs great! only 3-4 gallons of fuel through it), Redwing RC power box, (2) 2 cell LiFe batteries, all metal gear servos (235oz.), RotoFlow Fuel Tank, 3-D 24x8 prop, set up f

PIETENPOL SKY SCOUT 1933 1/4 Scale By S2 Models vary hi quality kit new in box. $200.00 + shipping Wing span 82~| engine .40 up? wing cord 15~|. Vary detailed building instructions

NEW IN BOX : 20% Maxford Models CURTISS JENNY ARF , 20% = 105~| wingspan, 40-50cc Gas or 160-180 Glow List for $669, My Price for $500. Great Deal. Go to www.maxfordusa.com website for photo and s

Super Tigre G-34 Heli
SUPER TIGER G 34 ABC Heli : BENCH RUN ONLY !!! Never mounted. Bought new, original owner. Bench run only with after run oil used after testing. Never mounted on an airplane, put back in the bo

BT 13 Vultee SNV New in box kit this was the trainer before the AT 6. the wing span 73.5~| Scale 1 3/4~| to 1' Weight * to ( LBS. Power .80 to 1.20 $195.00 + shipping

JR crystals ... ch 15 to 60 ... both Tx & Rx (Tx is black & Rx is gray) and DUEL CRYSTALS (the red ones) All of these are 72mhz ... nothing else ... $10 each All of my idems are guaranteed to

JR XP9303
JR XP9303 ... I have two of these... one H & one A/S version. I use the H for both heli's and planes. In my opinion, its the best all around radio out there. These are in excellent shape. comes with

Prices for for one receiver .... without crystal. Crystals are 10 each ... there in another ad. FM RECEIVERS: 2 NER 226X FM 6 ch .... $25 each 1 NER529X FM 9 ch .... $30 each 2 NER 549X FM 9 ch .....

New Prices, Final Sale
---UPDATE--- Getting alot of offers and questions but if I accept or respond I have not been getting a response. I believe RC Universe mail system is messed up and mail is not getting sent or receiv

Irvine 20 Mk 2 ABC
NIB with muffler and papers. Irvine engines are top quality with probably one of the best carbs .

Balsa USA Nieuport 17
1/4 Scale Nieuport 17. Just built, never flown. WS80 in; WGT 14lbs Zenoah G26. Covered with Solartex and painted with rustleoum silver. Vickers gun; Lewis gun; DuBro wheels. Futaba servos aluminum c

Futaba T4EXA
Futaba T4EXA Transmitter. Channel 48. New demo unit, never used. Transmitter and charger only $45 shipped. Thanks

Great Planes Avistar 30 Lower price again225
Now asking $225...Will sell to best offer at the Murfreesboro swap meet 3/18. TNX Brian Lower price. Now asking $250.............This is a Great planes Avistar 30 with a 90 inch wing. It has 15

Balsa USA Sopwith Pup 1/3 - 2.7
I have a really nice 1/3 scale Sopwith PUP by Balsa USA, needs new wing cables and longer axel for wheels. Has Zenoah G62, 9 Channel Hi-tech receiver. Hi-tech 5645 servos in tail 640s on Ali. will tra

garage sale 3 planes one price
see pics other plane is a citbara it thunder tiger 90 ,call for details 8123457837

Proctor Nieuport 28 C-1
New in box with factory seal, Proctor Nieuport 28 C-1 kit. I have never opened this box, but I do know Proctor and know it to be a beautiful kit! This will not be built any time soon, so I would like

Futaba GY502 AVCS Gyro with LCD Controller
The features of the AVCS system are as follows: Features: AVCS (Angular Vector Control System) gyro developed for use with 60-size helicopters SMM (Silicone Micro Machine) technology is the integrati

Sig Kadet
It is an all built up plane, 80 inch wingspan, airleron servos are installed. Too big to ship.

Defiant MKII KIT
DefiantII kit NIB (BIG BOX) As purchased from Handglider. See additional pics here http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/rc-pattern-flying-101/3869416-defiant-mkii-8.html Asking $575.00 Now $525.0

Align T-Rex 600N PRO FBL
This Heli is the bomb.....pro built with nothing skimped on...perfect shape too!!!! T-Rex 600n Pro FBL Align ds650..tail "      "ds8717 cycl Redline 53 (Red he

Spektrum Digital Servo Programmer (micro)
Here's the Spektrum blurb on the programmer --> Quote: Spektrum’s Digital Servo Programmer offers the ultimate combination of precision and customization for Spektrum digital micro servo users.

DA60 Prop Hub (NEW)
New and never mounted DA 60 Prop Hub --> $30 plus shipping in CONUS My Cost was $60 plus shipping when I bought it awhile ago. Don't have the engine anymore. If using Pay Pal, add funds accordi

Garage Sale Ad!!
Clearing out all of my RC aircraft and equipment. Goldberg Yak 54 - 77~| - OS 1.60 2 stroke - high torque servos - JR Matchbox - FM receiver - slight leading edge damage on wing

E flight lp5dsm radio
E flight lp5dsm radio $30 shipped in the US Trades considered.

Traxxas Rx 2019
Traxxas 2019 receiver Includes complete set of Red (27.045) crystals $15 shipped in the US Trades considered.

Traxxas Rx 2019
Traxxas 2019 receiver Includes complete set of blue (27.255) crystals $15 shipped in the US Trades considered.

Traxxas xl-1 esc
Both esc were tested and work. See pick for the connectors included. $15 shipped in the us for each Or $25 shipped in the us. For both Trades considered.

Losi micro rx board and radio
I upgraded my micro and have this left over. Includes: Radio ( top tip of the antenna is broken) Micro t board. (Worked when removed from the truck) Crystal set #4. 27.145 $25 shipped

Traxxas tq radio
Traxxas tq radio. Antenna on this one is broken. $15 shipped in the us. Trades considered.

Traxxas tq radio
Traxxas tq radio. $15 shipped in the us. Trades considered.

Traxxas tq3 radio
Traxxas tq3 radio. Missing battery door. $15 shipped in the us. Trades considered.

104" Yak54
104" Yak54 New airframe, 1 flight. BME 102 Twin. runs excellent. Spectrum AR9110 receiver. (Flying with spectrum. could transfer SD card) Will include 2- 2200mAh 2s batts. Hitec high voltage

Hobbico Accu-Cycle Pro Series Elite Charger
Hobbico Accu-Cycle Pro Series Elite Programmable Charger, Discharger and Analyzer for R/C System Batteries. As easy as you want — as versatile as you need! Why spend more money than you have to.

Hobbico digital voltmeter mk III
Hobbico digital voltmeter MK III in box with instructions. Digital Voltmeter in Excellent condition. Includes Voltmeter Test Probes! And Battery! These are a must for all R/C pilots. This can pr

Align T-Rex 600N Parts
3 AGNH60003T-1 Main Rotor Holder 1 AGNH60020 (H60020) Auto Rotation Tail Drive Gear 1 AGNH60019 (H60019A) Main Drive Gear 1 AGNH60149 600 Canopy Nut 1 Metal Flybar Control Arm for T-REX 600 Helicopter

Foremost Jet
Picked this plane up at Florida Jets in a 3 plane deal. It is something i'll never use. It had a Wren 44 mounted in it but that has been removed. Still has the new servos 2 Hitec 645mg 2-Hitec 635h

new Futaba R6014HS receiver
brand new Futaba R6014HS never been out of box 170.00 new this one for 125.00 free shipping

Yellow Aircraft A-4 Skyhawk - 82
I never even took this one out of the shipping crate it was sent to me in ;-( The quality of work done so far is Very Nice ;-) Pictures show everything I have for it........... Wing t

jet tronics brake valve
brake valve in great shape 90.00 new get this one for 45 free shipping

Golden West Models
Have had this one for a long time, it developed steering slop and I took nose gear apart to fix and never finished it. Has an AMT 180 air start engine along with a complete spare AMT 180 engine, t

2 gear sequencer's
one jet tronics and one RCbee gear door seqencer both for 45.00 free shipping

Futaba multi servo adjuster
Futaba MSA-10 in good shape 90.00 new get it for 30.00 free shipping

Great Planes Christen Eagle II ARF - 29%
great planes christen eagle ( giant scale or 50 cc) I posted it as battle testef because need to be recovered not because its damaged, Asking price : $160

2 JR matchbox's
2 JR Matchbox's in good 70 each new get them both for 55.00 free shipping one missing jumper

2 spektrum voltage regulators
2 Spektrum VR6010 vottage regulators no switches 75.00 each new get them both for 40.00 free shipping

Frank Zaic and R.J. Hoffman collection
2 signed Frank Zaic books, 9 original books, and 5 reproduction books,

3 Hitec HS-7955TG servo's
3 Hitec HS-7955TG in great shape 100.00 each new you get them all for 220.00 free shipping

4 Hitec HS-5645MG servo's
4 Hitec HS-5645MG servos in great shape 40.00 each new you get all of them for 85.00 free shipping

Starduster Two. By-Plane
For sale my --Large Starduster Two --from RCU plans Dec 1990 Designed by Martin Fallandy Built by Tony Lentini of Long Iland N Y 's Cedar Creek Aerodrome in Seaford LI This is the single best lo

Hitec HS-5645MG
4 Hitec HS-5645MG servos in great shape 40.00 each new you get all 4 for 85.00 free shipping

2 Hitec HS-5955TG servo's
2 Hitec coreless digital HS-5955TG in great shape 100.00 each new get them both for 120.00

2 Futaba 9072sb servos
2 used futaba S 9072 SB servo's in good shape they was 80.00 each new get them both for 70.00 free shipping

Spektrum DX18 Gen 2
I am selling my DX18 and AR12120 powersafe receiver. TX is 2 1/2 years old and in clean condition. It has been an excellent TX, but Inlike the latest and greatest so I bought my DX20. Never had a b

Saito FA-40 New
New,never run or mounted Saito FA-40. $124.75 plus $9.50 shipping in the US. Paypal and money orders welcome.

Hangar 9 Beast
Wing Span 89~| (2260mm) Cost in the box $1199.99 DLE 111 $695/canester $308/Spiner Fiber Carbon $99.95/Prop $50 / Clear Fuel tank,lines and Fuel cap $78/6 large servo arms $95.94/3 Inchs double-sid

pilot rc sbach 36%
pilot rc sbach 36% jr servos, power box, 3 batts, 111 engine, opto kill, plane is setup right and ready to fly it has a spektrum receiver that is extra.

Great Planes Giant Super Sportster New left side wing
Have a brand new left side wing in the bag.Will sell for $45.00 plus shipping. Complete wing set is 199.99 at Towers.

HTS-Navi USB Telemetry for Hitec
I have a HTS-Navi that is open but never used. Its for using computer to record airplane telemetry. $25 + Shipping

RCEXL Ignition model 1220 for DLE-55
I have a new in package RCEXL Ignition system for 50cc engines. Model 1220 Only engine I know 100% this will work for is the DLE-55. Should work on most 50cc engines. $20 + shipping

Carden Aircraft Edge 540 -35%
For Sale: 35% Carden Edge, I built this plane in 2009 and it has about 400 flights on it. It is an absolute dream to fly! The plane has a DA120 with Planebender smooth pipes on it. It is equipped with

Great Planes Escapade .61 Wheel pants
I have a extra set of new wheel pants for the Escapade .61 for sale . They cost $32.00 new at Towers. Will sell for 18.00 plus you pay shipping.

Troy Built Models DV8R
DV8R Blue Angels scheme, with Spektrum 9 Channel Receiver with program for DX-9 or 18- Jet-cat 120, propane start,15HR.Good for a couple of seasons, Air retracts, and brakes, Booma Batt Share with pi

Hawker Hunter 90mm Composite EDF
This is a Hobby King 90mm composite Hawker Hunter. It's only been removed from the box for initial inspection and for these pictures. Stock picture added for reference.

Viper Jet 90mm Composite
This is a Hobby King 90mm Composite Viper Jet. It's only been taken out of the box once for inspection and again for pictures. There are a couple small cracks in the fuselage, as can be seen in the pi


Landing gear for jet legends 1/8 scale f16

NEW SOLAR D770 servos Five (5)
Five (5) Brand New D770 Solar servos All Five for $65 dollar shipped .....Lower 48 states only These comes with control control but do NOT include grommets or any mounting Hardware Bought the

11 Work Bench Tool Sanders
This is a bundle of 11 Various types of Sanders. One Metal Sander is 18 Inches long, one is 11 Inches long and one is a Contour Multi-Sander 11 Inches long. There are 4 Balsa Shaping Sanders 10 Inch

Ziroli Turbinator in 202 Jolly Rogers scheme
Ziroli Turbinator Professionally built and is ready to fly. Has JR servos and Hi-Tech. Has a newly refreshed M90 propane start from dreamworksrc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RGo2SCzcHc

DX-18 Transmitter
Spektrum DX-18 Gen 1 with factory software upgrade. I have two DX-18s and this one is only used with my simulator. Excellent condition IMO. Transmitter only. No receiver or servos. Charger and origina

YS Engines FZ110
Strong running YS 110 good compression. Comes with Central Hobbies exhaust stack. Putting a gas motor on the plane that this was on.

Great Planes Giant Aeromaster - 1.8
NIB Great Planes Giant Aeromaster 72~| WS

Great Planes Switch/Charge Jack Mounting Set
New Great Planes Switch/Charge Jack Mounting Set Includes Futaba on and off charge switch This device allows you to install your radio's ON/OFF switch and charge jack in one location, using a si

Power Deluxe 12V Starter
Excellent Condition LIKE NEW!! Tower Hobbies Deluxe 12V Starter With Banana Plugs And Alligator Clips, 1 NEW EXTRA Rubber Insert. Hardly used and I'm no longer flying and don't use it

Graupner CAM FOLDING PROP Blades.12x 6 cm (4.8x2.5) - E-1336/12/6
BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE Graupner CAM FOLDING PROP Blades.12x 6 cm (4.8x2.5) - E-1336/12/6 $13.00 FREE SHIPPING IN USA. The propeller blades can be used as individual blades or combined with the spin

Bundle of 9 Work Bench Tools Accesssories
This is a bundle of 9 Work Bench Tools. Two are metal sanders and one is a metal Multi-Contour Sander. Three are shaping sanders and one is a covering Mitten. Also included is a 16 Piece Set of Watc

CARF Skygate L-39
I'm selling my CARF/Skygate L-39. It's a big (119~| long & 93~| wing span) jet. It has a Behotec JB220 (50lb thrust) turbine, Powerbox Royal with integrated 3 axis gyro, all high quality servos, wor

Bundle of 12 Tools and Accessory items
This is a bundle of 12 work bench tools and accessory items. All new items. I am asking $15.00 for the bundle plus the actual shipping costs to be determined at closing. If you have any questions p

Kingtech k210g 1st gen
This is a great running condition never crashed k210 with 748 minutes of total time. Comes with fod screen and gsu

Futaba T8FG
This is a used but in great condition Futaba T8FG upgraded to 14 channels. used for a year and then put away. No box or charge lead. Just the radio tested and works great

AGM-30 Gas Engine
Brand New never run gas 30cc gas engine. These are DLE clones, they look identical except for the name. Includes all paperwork and RCEXL ignition along with standoffs and prop bolts. Price includes sh

Hanger 9 Blue Nose Power 90
Hanger 9 blue nose electric power with Eflite power 90 motor with CC 100 amp esc and castle bec. Pnp with your rx and battery. It had a retracts bad landing that had the retract area damaged but it h

FeiBao F18F
This is a FeiBao F18F Super Hornet With JR servos. Full cockpit with full ordences. Never hard landed complete turbine and rx are not included Will trade for  turbine Jet

Yellow Aircraft P47 with G45
I got this in a trade but want to change direction and focus on more turbine jets. Comes with g45 engine with 4 blades static displays and 2 blade flying prop. 80 inches wingspan.   air retracts with

Extreme Flight 64" MXS EXP-Yellow
I have an Extreme Flight 64~| MXS EXP for sale. I built it, but never flew it. Now I'm getting out of the hobby. It comes with: Torque 4016T/500 MKII Brushless Motor Airboss 80 Elite ESC Elite 63m

OS 40 FP
New,never run with all instructions and decals in original box. Price includes shipping in the US.

JR R700 Slimline Receiver
JR R700 Slimline receiver. Excellent condition. Includes CH 58 crystal. Free Shipping

Zenoah G-23 Muffler
Zenoah G-23 muffler in excellent condition. Includes gasket and mounting screws.

Carl Goldberg Superfloats
For sale is a Superfloats kit by Carl Goldberg. They are 36" long. Kit is complete and in excellent condition.

Custom Nitro Starter, New Cone Hi-Tork
I have a custom made starter I used for about 6 years with no problems. Holds a 12v 7ah lead acid battery in bottom, with 2 banana jacks on back for accessories. Also has a glow plug holder on side.

Vintage Cleveland models P-40 Warhawk kit
Up for sale is a rare vintage Cleveland Models P-40 Warhawk rubber band powered airplane kit from the 1940s/50s. This kit is complete and even has the original glue that came with it (which is dried

Futaba 10CAP
Futaba 10CAP with TM-10(2.4GHz Module System) and charger with original box. This is a fully working unit with absolutely no issues, i flew with it regularly up until last year when i updated to a bra

Miller R/C Persuader Belt reduction starter 4:1
I have a never used 4:1 belt reduced starter for starting 55CC + engines. Neither the belt reducing part or the Dynatron starter have ever been used. I purchased it for my DLE-55 but crashed and des

Vintage Guillow's P-38L Lightning
Up for sale is a vintage Guillow's Lockheed P-38L Lightning kit that is complete and unassembled. This kit has a 40 inch wingspan. It can be flown U control, 049 free flight or rubber band power.

SureFlite Supermarine Spirtfire
For sale I a vintage all foam Spitfire kit made by Sureflite. I have had this kit for a minute but got a few other kits and this one is not needed. I also don't have the time to build it. The box is

JL F-22
JetLegend F-22 Great flying jet!!! Wing bags and tail covers Navigation lights, strobes on wing tips, landing light Functional canopy Animatronic pilot Gear was converted to electric by down

Cowl/Dummy Engines for 1/4 Scale Fleet Bi-Plane
1/4 scale cowl for a Concept Fleet Bi-Plane. The cowl is glass and the engines are made of wood and painted. Thanks, Rick

BVM F-86 Sabre, lots of extras
Extremely rare, new in the box BVM F-86 60~| kit. The kit is complete and unmolested with no work started ( a builders dream!) The fiberglass work is superb and light, build instructions, all hardware

Pilot Sbach 342 - 29%
Pilot RC 29% Sbach 342 in custom green scheme (special order) Hacker A60 motor- Xoar 24x12 prop Castle Creations Ice 160HV Futaba 7 channel RX 5 JR 8411 servos Red Arrow custom pilot Wing bags

Hitec HS-785HB 3.5 Turn Sail Winch
New Hitec Sail Wench Servo. I have 2 and both are new. I bought them for a project that I did not start. I will sell for $45.00 each shipped or $80.00 for both shipped. Thanks, Rick

HPI Racing RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo 69 Mustang
This is an incredible car. Four wheel shaft drive , Two speed adjustable tranny , Nitro star 3.0cc (.18 cu in) engine with pull start, It is new, never run, but it is not new in box. It was an op

The Aurora is an excellent short-field sport jet. It has a fuse that is approximately 107 inches long and a wingspan approx 98. Includes the following: Kevlar fuel tank thrust tube ER 50 Electr

Quadra 100 XL
NIB Quadra 100 XL single 10hp from a very reliable line of engines. Ideal for large warbird

Hawker Hurricane 92" kit PLUS

30% PILOT EXTRA 300 DA50



Dragon Lt. George Taylor 1/6th Scale pilot
New in the box! Free shipping to the lower 48.

Wings and elevator
For sale a brand new left wing Aeroworks extra 300 in yellow and blue. and a set of wings elevator and rudder of a Pilot Edge 540 used in very good conditions. The right Edge wing have a hole in the

I have 4 Fox Hawk .60's left with mufflers and Fox carbs. 65.00 each. Plus I have several Perry carbs. and Perry adapters for them (ask for more info on them). I can sell 1 engine at a time or al

I have a Vess 23A prop for sale. Excellent condition. Drilled for Da50. Used briefly before going carbon fiber.

Mejzlik Prop 23x8
I have a Mejzlik 23x8 prop that is brand new and undrilled for sale. Out of hobby and never used it.

Hitec HS-5625MG
I have a Hitec HS-5625MG for sale. Excellent condition. Used briefly in a 50cc plane.

Hitec HS-5985 MG
I have for 2ea. Hitec HS-5985MG servos for sale. Excellent condition. Used briefly in 50cc plane.

Hitec HS-7985MG
I have for sale 2ea. Hitec HS-7985MG servos for sale. In excellent condition. Used briefly in 50cc plane.

Hitec HS-7955TG
I have a Hitec HS-7955TG for sale. Excellent shape. Used briefly in 50CC plane.

Dx18 qq edition I lost the manual for it in a recent move purchased new at Hayes hobby house in fayetteville nc I can send pics if you want just pm me

Extreme flight 104in Extra$2800 PNP $3k BNF CAN DELIVER TO THE LEBANON PA FLEA MARKET
For sale is a beautiful Extreme flight 104in Extra 300! The airplane has roughly 6 flights on it, and is available in either BNF or PNP. This plane has been meticulously setup, and If you decide BNF,

Desert Aircraft DA-85
For sale one DA 85 with ignition and Pitts Muffler. $600 shipped with in the U.S. Make reasonable offer. Thanks

FMS 1400 MM (57") P-51B Dallas Doll
FMS 1450 MM P-51B. Band new assembled never flown. This is the newest version with sequencing inner doors. Comes with brand new 4s 3600 Mah li-po battery. Local pick up or meet within 50 miles of

Composite-ARF Lightning
Selling my Composite ARF Classic Lighting minus turbine and batteries. NO shipping at this time. Equipment: Jr 8611's on all flight control surfaces Spektrum AR 12020 receiver CAT UAT Power Box

Great Planes Slot Machine
New in box. Price includes shipping in the US

E-Flite Convergence VTOL BNF
I have a brand new condition in box E-Flite Convergence VTOL. I saw at the hobby shop and bought this on impulse. I hovered it twice, never went to forward flight due to backyard not having the room t

HET Super Sniper
Morning guys!.. If anyone is interested I have a HET SuperSniper 90mm for sale (not the XL). Its NIB. No gear or servos. just the airframe and the upgraded elevator/stab. If you fly off grass, just bu

New never seen Air AMT AT400 Airstart Turbine. It came with an airplane I bought and sold the airplane without having ever started it or flown it. Comes with Turbine 2 nose cones Air Start Umbili

BVM Jet Case (BobCat)
BVM BobCat Jet Case also comes with a full set of wing bags. http://shopbvmjets.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=85&products_id=588&zenid=ce4r8lipia1uv09g8glm6npbp2 $300 obo

Phoenix F-20 Tigershark
Hi.... This airplane come with another fuse and cooling..


Team Losi 8IGHT-T 2.0 LRP ZR.30X Spektrum DX3S
Losi 8ight T 2.0 Truggy with LRP ZR.30X engine. I got this in trade and was told the engine has less one gallon through it. I pulled the piston and liner to check the pinch and it's excellent so I bel

Tamiya Toyota Bruiser 4x4 Kit 1/10 (58519)
-brand new; sealed in factory shrink wrap -this one includes a bonus cleaning brush -sourced from reputable US hobby shop; not ~|grey market~| kit from Asia made in Japan will ship securely

Excellent Catamaran boat with Nitro Outboard engine and radio
Hi Up for sale is Catamaran with outboard nitro engine. I got this in a trade and I am not into boats anymore. Previous owner said that engine is almost new and that it had a few tanks of fuel. E

Zenmuse H4-3D gimbal complete with accessories BRAND NEW
Hi Brand new Zenmuse H4-3D gimbal with all accessories. Came on my brand new Phantom 2 H4-3D edition. I removed it and sold the drone in parts.Have no need for this gimbal. Has been sitting for abou

Carfp47 or 3W bearcat
Looking for a 3W bearcat or Carf p47

wanted a Carf p47 or 3W bearcat kit
I am looking for a Carf p47 or 3W bearcat Brian

moki 180 radial
Looking for a Moki 180 radial

Traxxas Summit RTR 1/16 brushless 2.4ghz
Hi Almost new Traxxas Summit 1/16 scale with brushless setup ready to run. I got this few months ago but never got the chance to really play with it. Decided to thin out the herd a bit. Truck is

8 PCS Slicone Transmitter Switch Caps
Quantity: 8pcs (4 short and 4 long pcs) Color: White x 2 Black x 2 Yellow x 2 Red x 2 Blue x 2 Multicolor x 2

nice pitts and radio pakage!
what i have here is a nice pitts plane! it has a nice 91 four stroke engine that runs great!! it has for servos hex tronik hx 12k hi-speed, a orx r62ox v2 rec, and battery, it will also come with a ne

lanier yak-54
what i have here is a nice and low time lanier yak-54, it has a nice and great running da 50,it also has a new fortitude tank and new lines, it also has a new tech aero ibec, throttle-1269-hv turnigy

Futaba 8J
T8J futaba. 2.4. Perfect Cond. Only Transmitter. $100. Can deliver anywhere in S.Fl. 786-290-5022

Heli-Max Novus 125 CP

Composite-ARF Flash
Classic flash. For sale Jr 8411 servos except steering is hitech mg forget the number of it right now , Email or call 561-441-5319. Will bring to Florida jets with a deposit . Minus turbin

Starter Ram 1000 , 750 plus ,Ram500
I`m salling starter for Ram 1000 .750 plus , Ram500 ; any other generic engine ; also adapter for some engine projects. It's in new condition and also includes: bullet, 3 post, 3 screw , 1 be

PilotRC 30% Yak 54
PilotRC 30% Yak 54 Firewall setup for DA60 or DLE55 Built and flown by someone in the hobby 25 years Never crashed, never hard landed Fromeco Wolverine switch 2 x 6 volt regulators 2 x Spe

I have 2 Fox .74 BB r/c that was slated for a hi-perf. twin project that was put on hold and I lost interest in that project, so buy 1 or both. They have mufflers and I have installed the latest head

Giant Bucker Jungmann
NIB 98.4in wing span LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Furious True-D Diversity Receiver
NEW:Furious True-D Diversity Receiver $50.00 buyers pay for shipping Ellis cell 407-860-4071

Fuji - Imvac BT-64A converted to EIS
A few years ago I bought this 64 cc fuji gas engine with spring start system from a friend who mounted and test ran the engine. It comes with muffler and EIS Ign. system. I have not as yet ran the e

f16 Starmax
F16 Starmax 1/10 Scale.Great Cond.Flaps,Slats and Retracts.Install your Reciever and Batt.Takes 6s 5000 Lipo. Will Trade for 8dx or 9 dx Spectrum. 786-290-5022 Anytime.Can deliver to you anywhere in S

LA-7 Airplane
Airframe with 8 Hitec servos and DLE 111. Robart Elec. Retracts Includes Wing-Tote Wing Bags add your receiver 96.5 wing span LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Pterodactyl 36R Gas Engine
New In box, with ignition, muffler and plug

30cc Escapade Ready To Fly
The plane is ready to fly after you install your receiver. Includes DLE 30, Hitec HV servos, 7.4v LiPo batteries on radio and ignition. It's in perfect flying condition. The engine runs strong and rel

Goldberg Sukhoi SU26MX - 90 kit
carl goldberg suklhoui SU 26 mx kit ( not an arf) w/s72 1/2 9o - 1.20 engine , flying wt 9-10 lbs. unique, out of production , , great plane , i have had 2, still have one , pick up local stan 3

TURNIGY SU -26 (sukhoi) 50 CC ARF
Turnigy SU -26 50 cc sukhoi i arf , 90% copmplete, just add radio equip. & connect conn rods , cowl cut for DA 50/ DLE 55 , install eng and throttle servo, beautiful a/c , black and yellow, w/s 89

Great Planes Giant Big Stik ARF RTF LPU
This giant scale Big Stik RC airplane (Great Planes ARF) comes with a Quadra gas engine and servos. It is ready to fly with your receiver and battery packs. The 80.5~| two piece wing also has flaps

Super Tigre S2500 1.5 CID
I have 3 of these 2500's for sale (65.00 each engine) they are used but in great condition smooth brgs. and very good compression. U will find these are great sport engines with good power for those

Lanier Sukhoi SU-31
Pro built 120 inch wing span Lanier Soukoi better than excellent condition , Will forward photo's upon request.Presently Airframe only (no electronics or motor) $1200.00 OBO

Byron Originals Giant Scale AT6 Texan
For Sale is a Byron Originals: Giant Scale AT6 Texan RC Airplane A high quality and highly regarded kit Wingspan 101 in Flaps, Air Retracts Two Piece Wing with all Servos installed. En

Giant Scale P51 Warbird
For Sale is a Giant Scale P51 RC Airplane Wingspan 85 in Fuselage 72 in Flaps, Air Retracts, Two Robart Air Tanks, Rx included. Toni Clark Zenoah engine All Main Servos are HiTec MG.

Super Tigre G-2300 Ring
For Sale: Brand new in box Super Tigre Engine, c/w original papers and boc. This engine is the Super Tigre G2.0 - 2.3, and is crankcase stamped Made in Italy. $95,00 USD...shipping to USA included i

Brushless motor 2250kv 4 poles
I have a BL motor 3674 4 poles 2250kv motor. It's way to much torque and power and not planning to upgrade driveshafts. Looking for traxxas velenion motor or castle 3800kv motor to trade.

New Power Board - PRO SERIES
Never used Power Board - PRO SERIES Board and switch only Had it for another project that never happened $60 shipped

HPI Bullet MT Flux
Lightly used bullet flux mt with a decent spare parts lot. A set of 12mm hexes so you can use normal 1/10 mt wheels. Just needs your 2s or 3s lipo and charger.

Clod Pounder
First off i have alot invested in this clod pounder. i had to buy each and every part had nothing laying around. this has got a redcat ground pounder chassis and traxxas summit links for the suspentio

Sig Somethin Extra 40 ARF
This plane is in great shape and flys very good and stable.Comes with magnum xls motor, futaba s3003 and s3004 servos,futaba receiver,spinner and prop.selling because i have not flown in a very long t

reflex .25 by aspect aviation
delta wing for .20 to ,25 engines 35~| wing span instructions and parts to finnish it in box

Syma S107
think its the 107 needs body has battery and battery condition checker never owned it found as is

SLICK 540. 50CC

Traxxas Rustler VXL and jato 3.3 bodies
both in good shape 30 bucks for both shipped or $15 for each

Garage Sale Ad!!
2.2 wheels and tires ,traxxas tx 2 channel transmitter with water proof receiver box 3 channel receiver and matching chrystals one 2 channel bec receiver , 7.2v 6CELL BATTERIES and wall charger and

Air retract set minus retract units
I have up for sale a complete air system for jets minus retract units.  I just want to go electric. All parts new in package: 1 Xicoy Gear/Door Sequenser with Failsafe 1 Xicoy V2s Electronic

Hitec Optima 7
An old flying friend had a recent stroke, can't do the hobby anymore. Have 2 Optima 7 available. All have never been flown. Would like $35 each for the 7's

Hitec Optima 6
An old flying friend had a recent stroke, can't do the hobby anymore. Have 2 Optima 6 receivers available. All have never been flown, 1 Optima 6 has small velcro on the back from mounting. Would like

Hitec Aurora 9 + 4 digital servos + extras
An old flying friend had a recent stroke, can't do the hobby anymore. He bought this 2 years ago, never used it, no models ever programmed. In original box with manual, stock AFHSS 2.4ghz module, char

enya 46 4C ll
This is the later version of Enyas 46 4 stroke.. it has been mounted but never run. Complete in the box. With original tools and paperwork.


1/3 Scale Fly Baby
For Sale; NEW 1/3 scale Bower's Fly Baby scratch built from the Balsa USA set of plans very nice scake model at 114 inches W.S. 24 pounds with also new US 41 motor and all new metal gear servos (7) co


Futaba synthesized module TP-FSM

Carb for supertiger 3000
Wanted carb for supertiiger 3000

USED EXCELLENT OS 108 (no muffler) One of the BEST engine OS ever made!!!!!! I have several of these 108's and at this time I have no use for this one. PAY MY ASKING PRICE AND FURISH FREE SHIP., PA

NIB, Great little engine. Small in size, BIG on power. I'm now have moved into large planes so I don't have any plans for this engines, so it's got to go. My lose, your gain! If U pay my asking pr

quicky 500 plane
40 size Q 500 plane plenty of flights on it,covering a lil ruff but still a solid airframe wing is foamcore i believe has all servoes small futaba. have a rossi 45 with pipe if interested. very fast w

complete airframe and carbonfiber tanks,airframe need two formers that are cracked replace,there made out of some foam,would replace them with ply.other than that its solid. foam core winds.includes e

DA Muffler J'TEC
I have a brand new muffler pitts wrap around  for DA 85 in the bag. Asking 65.00 and will ship. Will trade for a good .60 two stroke engine.

Great Planes Ultimate Biplane 1.60 ARF
Plane has been just sitting around getting banged around has all standard hitech wing servoes,no rudder or elevator servoes also has a g62 that ran fine when parked im sure it will need a carb rebuild

Great Planes Patriot - 40
flies great could use some new covering or simply fly as is,great for early season flying,helped me with hand eye cordination. has a jett 50 i believe.has mechanical gear,has all servoes i believe jr

Giant scale Skyrocket
For sale: very rare one of a kind Skyrocket. Wingspan is 120 and is powered by 2 G62's. Mix of jr and hitec servos. This plane was built and flown by the late Stinger Wallace. I have flown the plane r

Hangar 9 Fokker D VII
Looking for new in box Fokker D VII. Prefer local pickup if possible. Please leave info cash or trade. Condition of box not important.

Hangar 9 Extra 330L (1/3)
Battle Tested but fun to fly and many flights left. I had a DA 100 in it and it rocked!! Don't look at the brush marks, look at the PAINTING!! This thing is tough. The price is right. Local pick up.

Hangar 9 Spitfire Mk II - 60
Looking for nib . Prefer local area if possible. Cah or trade please leave info. Condition or box not impotant.

Hangar 9 Fokker D VII
Looking for fokker D Vii new in box. Prefer local pickup if possible.

Top RC Model G4 Super Galeb Scale Jet
** model is IN STOCK for immidiate shipping! ** Sky toys is pleased to announce the new Jet line from TOP RC MODEL. This is the G4 Super Galeb jet in the ~|Flying Stars~| aerobatic team colors.

Dla 32
Engine was running fine with plenty of power and now I cannot get it to give me a smooth idle. I ordered a new Reed valve block with reeds that I was told would fix problem cost 35.00. Don't know much

AMR 33% Waco Kit-NIB
For Sale: AMR 33% Waco Biplane Kit: NIB, boxes sealed, never started. I can bring to Lebanon Swap Event in March and save you shipping or can ship to you via UPS ground and you pay shipping. Cu

50 cc Airframe
Airframe only, I don't know what it is, but I used to. If somebody knows, please chime in. I had a DA 50 on it and it flew well, ~|REAL WELL~|. Good condition local pick up, it would be $200-300 to sh

Ziroli SBD Dauntless
I am searching for any and all accessories to complete a recent Ziroli Dauntless kit purchase here on RCU (15 Feb 2017). What I am looking for: 1) Robart or Sierra Precision Retracts (for Ziroli Da

GP Nieuport Cowl
Looking for the cowl for the Nieuport EP Great Planes used to make. Found fuselage and other parts but want the cowl if you have one not cracked. One of my favorite old planes to fly, but engine worke

NIB Irvine 1.20 Ring NO MUFFLER
This is a 1.20 (had to use the 1.50 to show picture). the spects. for the 1.20 and 1.50 are very very close so that will work. THIS POSTED ENGINE DOES NOT COME A MUFFLER!!!!! The stock picture shows

Skymaster Saab Jas-39 Gripen
Looking for a good used fuselage section for the Gripen (old version) with pipe and gear. Preferably the Sport Blue color but also the other colors will be considered. Thankyou

Futaba 9CAP PCM Air
This transmitter is very clean with no wrinkling or wear of the chrome & no broken switches or knobs. It comes with two Futaba 8 channel receivers on FM channel 38 plus a lipo transmitter battery pack

Dromida Vista Drone Green
Here is a Green Dromida Vista Quad or drone. Like new condition no issues or damage flies great. Thanks for looking

Carden Aircraft Cap 232 -30%
New in Box Carden 30% Cap 232. Great for 60-75cc motor. Boxes and contents are in ~|perfect condition~|. Can deliver to Perry Swap, local pick up in Chicago Area, or ship at buyers expense estimated a

Sig King Kobra - 60
Sig King Cobra. Very stable, excellent flying airplane and fast when you want it to be. Crawls to a landing. Plane is fiberglassed and finished in PPG automotive paint. Looks very nice. OS 61 F

(NIB) Saito FA-82 Four-Stroke Engine!
New in Box. Never mounted or run only handled. Comes in original box with all tools and paperwork. Not the newer B version. Nothing to use it on at the moment and it needs to be used. Thanks for looki

Flyzone Sensei Select
Here is a, new never flown, Flyzone Sensei Select this a returned item that I bought from a dealer. I checked out all servos, motor and ESC. All work great. There are a couple of dents and scratc

Senior Telemaster 98" wingspan
98~| wingspan Telemaster with Enya 120 and all servos. have not flown for a while and cleaning shop, covering on wing needs fixed but I can patch with same color . Everything for $200 or best offer

Spektrum DX9
Spetrum DX9 Excellent Condition.Purchased New Fall 2016 Used For Small Electric Planes. Includes Transmitter,Charger,Unused Neck Strap,SD Card and Owners Manual. $315.00 Shipped. Check On Clearing,M

Walkera 2701v Heli Receiver
Walkera RX2701V 3 axis gyro 7 channel helicopter receiver. This is a rather expensive receiver especially designed for helicopters. As you can see by the picture it’s a fairly sophisticated unit bu

Neil's models mark 2
Very rare I can't find anything on this one newspaper in box says 1974! Neil's models mark 2 I also have a roll of plans that is a Neil's models mark 1 that I will include in the sale.

New never seen Air AMT AT400 Airstart Turbine. It came with an airplane I bought and sold the airplane without having ever started it or flown it. Comes with Turbine 2 nose cones Air Start Umbili

Byron F16 Canopy & Cockpit
New Byron F16 Canopy plus cockpit, seat back, dash insert and instructions. For quick response email scaledynamics@yahoo.com

BJ Craft Biside. PNP
Selling my BJ Craft BiSide. Just needs Receiver. Has the following equipment; also will throw in 3 sets of lipos. Thanks. Plettenberg motor Spin 99 esc Hyperion Servos

I am doing a little spring cleaning-I have 17 futaba wall chargers -I have no use for and they were working when I quit using them several years ago. Will ship to you in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box

AeroWorks Yak 54 150cc
My bigger SUV broke down, so it is very hard to get to the field, so it's been collecting A LOT of dust. Aeroworks yak 54 (150cc size) converted to electric, most everything except the airframe is


SebArt Angel S Evo 50E Red/Blue
New in box 62~| ws

Kondor Model Products P-38J Lightning
New in the box with retracts. This is the green on top, grey on bottom with red cowls version. 83~| WS 60~| L

NIB Saito FA-30 Open Rocker MK1
For your consideration is a NIB early (MK1) Saito FA-30 open rocker engine. Engine has never been mounted, fueled or fired. Everything moves freely as a new engine should. All items are present and ac

Plans for Control Line Models
Below is a list of some of my Control Line Model Plans. They are all new plans and never been built on. They are all rolled plans but can be folded to maybe make the shipping charges a little less.

Second List of Old Timer Model Plans
Below is my second list of Old Timer Plans. They are all complete and can be easily built from. All these plans on this list are for the SLOW AND EASY FLYING MODELS. Most can easily be used with Nit

Plans for Old Timer Models
This is a quick list of the Old Timer Plans that I have on hand. I will list the names and Wing Span of each below. I am asking $10.00 for each plan, Or $25.00 for a bundle of any 3 plans, plus the a

3D Hobby Shop Extra 300 SHP 87 WINGS ONLY
Selling wings for 87~| 3DHS Extra 300 SHP. Lost fuselage in wing tube failure. Right wing has a couple holes in covering but structurally is fine. Left Wing is in perfect condition. Graphics are inclu

Cap 232 81" wingspan
Cap 232. Brand new. Needs ailerons hinged and servo slots cut out. Excellent looking plane and super clean. Please call or text with any questions for faster response. Its a black horse models with a

Giant stick
Have a huge giant stick. 105 inch wingspan. Has servos installed. Add motor and fly. Its used and has been flown but overall great condition. Call or text for faster response. 7046573456 Patrick

O.S. Engines O.S. FS-120 III Surpass (Pump)
2 FS-120S III Engines. These were installed in a twin engine P-61 that encountered a mechanical failure and was lost. Both Engines ran great and have great compression with very little time on them. H

4 1/2" or 5" white rose wheels
Looking foe a set of 4/12~| or 5~| white rose wheels with axles. Thanks

Hacker C-50 14XL NIB
New never run never mounted Hacker inrunner with 6.7-1 gear reduction RPM/v 1160 Weight 18oz Prop adaptor 8mm PayPal preferred Buyer pays shipping

Sebart Mytho S Pro 2m
Composite fuse with balsa built-up wings and stabs. One year old, in very good condition, served me well flying Advanced last year. Enjoyed flying it because I could see it well- even in poor lightin

Futaba 18SZ
For sale is a one year old Futaba 18sz. Comes just as you get it from Hobbico With R7008sb receiver, wall charger, neck strap and manual all still in the factory box. Lightly used transmitter, r

O.S. Engines O.S. FS-91 II Surpass
Used, Very clean inside and out. Great compression. Just could not get the the low end lean enough while mounted inverted. Might need new oring on low needle assy, not sure.

DLE 30
Very low run time DLE 30. Comes with ignition,stand-offs and muffler.

Extreme Flight Extra 300 50cc
88" ExtremeFlight Extra 300 DA 50 w/canister muffler HiTec 7955 servos on control surfaces HiTec 5625 on throttle Xoar Prop The plane has about 25 flights on it. No hard landings/No damage

goldberg tiger 60 with air retracts build by an old time modeler from a goldberg delux kit it has magnum 90 4 cycle motor and 5 servos . this beautiful well build airplane ready to fly just install y

Habu 32x
Hi, I'm selling my assembled Habu 32x. I bought the plane and never came up with the courage to fly it. Plane is in same condition as it came in the box and includes 7 metal gear to spec servos. Th

Sirius Super Test
I have for sale a excellent used Sirius Super Test battery tester. Works great. Asking $45 plus shipping. USPS money order only. No PayPal

118" Carden Extra 300 BNF!!!
Carden 118~| Extra 300. Professionally built by Cam and finished by Mike Hilderbrandt. I've owned the plane for about a 1 1/2 years and have flown it primarily for IMAC. It flys BEAUTIFULLY. N

Mariner 120 Seaplane
Lanier Mariner 120 Seaplane Ready to fly , including Futaba 8 ch. FAAST receiver, OS 108bx engine, new 1950 mah nimh battery. Plane is in very good to excellent condition(depending on your standard

Traxxas Stampede with XL-5 ESC
black body version come with charger and battery NICE 2wd Truck fast brushed system

Scratch built one of a kind extreme rc crawler. Built like a tank. Build sheet included. $650.00 Free shipping. 785-341-3286

Robbe Atlantis
looking for sails and booms or what have you

FUTABA Tx module HAM Band
FUTABA Tx modules I have two on Ham ch 7. They work and are in excellent condition. One has a different label on it case but it is a ham module. What u see in photos is what u get??. 25 dollars each s

Super Tigre G-90 Ring( muffler only)

HPI Racing Sprint 2 RTR
Installed a brand new castle sidewinder 3 esc and 5700kv motor Comes with controller, 7.2v 3600mah battery and charger Comes with GTR body and misc. parts

3W 170 Headers - like new - 1 flight on them
3W 170 Headers - Like NEW - one (1) flight on them. 3.5~| drop 4~| length

Byron Mig-15
I bought this a while back with the intention of building it. I just don't see myself ever getting to it this century. I was going to make it electric. I purchased a dynamax fan with a scorpion HK-503

I have a beautiful Mooney from Aerotech. Museum quality. Full cockpit. All composite. Two piece wing. Complete scale retracts. Beautiful beautiful plane. Built new in 2007. Has three flights on it. La

Waco YKS-6
Experiencing problems putting pics on RC universe. Send me your request for pics to waltmoucha@yahoo.com and i will email to you. Waco YKS-6 has been completely refurbished with Solartex covering on

Dodgson Saratoga Windsong Kit
This is a very rare kit and its also a complete kit Dodgson Designs Saratoga Windsong kit Up for sale is a vintage 1985 Dodgson Designs Saratoga Windsong kit, one of the first composite sail planes

Another complete kit for sale 40-91 size engine 66in WS

Davy Systems Corp P-47
Looks to be a stand off scale P-47 Looks to be a complete kit 40-60 engine 54in WS

Jemco Fw-190 Kit
This is a complete kit 29-40 size engine 50in WS

Marks Models Hellcat Kit
Just looking over the kit and its all there 40-60 size engine 56in WS

Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt ARF
Experiencing problems putting pics on RC universe. Please send your request to waltmoucha@yahoo.com and I will email to you.P 47 which has 7 flights and is ready to fly. All equipment was installed

Lanier Stinger Giant - 120
Does anyone have a Lanier Giant Stinger to sell? I'd like a kit or a built model. Please message me if you do. I do plan to be at Perry on March 3-4. Thanks! Kevin 812-653-5489

Item Description: The Shockwave has been test flown and trimmed out, it has approximately 14 flights. There is a minor scratch on the side of one inlet. • JR 8711HV servos on the primary controls wit

Walkera WK-2801 TRansmitter
Walkera Wk-2801 Pro 8 channel 2.4 Transmitter Practically new with PIT and PLT mode lock switch, adjustable knob , rudder mixing, throttle curve, servo exponential function, rudder exponential fu

Hangar 9 P-51D ARF
I'm looking for the Hangar 9 P-51D part number HAN5035. I have one but looking for a second to custom cover. This is the .40 size silver, blue and white version with tigers revenge on the cowling.

Corben Super Ace - 1/3 scale - plans
For sale are plans for the 1/3 scale Corben Super Ace Designed and drawn by Dan B. Santich Brand new -- perfect condition! plans are folded -- untouched $20.00 Shipping is Free!

tomahawk-design Futura 2.5
this is the Tomahawk -Design FUTURA 2.5 in exceptional condition , custom painted with all Savox high end high voltage servos throughout installed electric retracts with electric brakes BVM UAT, read

Zdz 180 champion

BJ Craft Invitation
Selling my fairly new BJ Craft Invitation. Ready to fly. Set up with: - Plettemberg Advance Motor and Jetti Esc. - Digital MKS servos. - Carbon fiber spinner and Prop. - 2 sets of 5400 F3A Unlim

Byron Originals Gee Bee R-2
Byron Gee Bee R2. Saito 61cc twin four stroke. Hitec 645MG servos. iGyro. JR 2600 and 2100 mah NiMH for Rx and Ign. Meticulously constructed w/many improvements in scale fidelity, appearance, and cont

The plane is a camodels PASSPORT, the setup for 10s,the motor is a dualsky XM6355DA-12-COMPETITION outrunner f3a engine size, servos are futaba digital, has a castle creations 80amp speed control

Sab 570 parts
Motor KDE 600xf 1100KV. Sab Goblin 570 swashplate assembly. A set of main blades and tail blades. One head assembly. One main gear. What you see is what you get. Low time on everything. Selling as a s

I have a excellent condition dx18qq number 0473 of 2000. It comes with cases, charger and flashlight. The screen still has original screen protector on it and has only been used in fair weather flying

Yak 55m 61cc (In perfect shape)
This is a yak 55m new with just a few flights. It is RTF (actually bind & fly) It's complete with a DLE 61cc, receiver and servos, extensions, batteries, just ready for your radio. It was set with a

Very nice 30" prop bag.
Up for sale is a nice prop bag. The padding and material used are very thick... great protection for your expensive props. Overall length is 30~|. *** $30.00 shipped *** Thanks, Craig Rid

JR R921 DSM2

Sullivan gas/smoke pump
Up for sale is a Sullivan gas/smoke pump. *** $10.00 shipped *** Thanks, Craig Rideout

Servo End Crimper and JR Servos ends x 30 Pairs
I have a few of these combos. You can get them with Jr/hitec servo ends or Fut ends. This is the best crimping tool we've ever used for making servo connectors. It also works well on 2.5mm balance

Top Flite P-40 Red Box
I have a very rare P-40 kit. Everything is complete in the box This uses a 40-60 size nitro motor Has a 60in WS

SIG Smith Miniplane Kit
Got this from a friend , The kit is complete , looks like he put the blind nuts on the firewall and looks like he pulled all the diecut parts and put them in a bag Specifications: Wingspan: 44 in

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