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Sig Kadet Senior - 46
Sig Kadet Sr. Sport Brand new, never been in the air... Has all the servos, electric motor equal to gas .40 or 45 new lipo battery It is TURNIGY NANO-TECH 2700mah 65-130 C discharge 3 cell High Disch

Seagull Extra 260 - 1.80
extra 260 with dle 30 6 5645 servos kill switch ar7000 receiver asking 450

Spektrum DX9 with Case
I have near new Spektrum DX9 transmitter with metal case complete with 2000 mah Li-ion battery, charger, neck strap, instruction book for sale. It is like new as it was used only 4 or 5 times by the

Great Planes RV-4 (40)
For Sale. Great Planes RV4. This kit was purchased by me from Towers Hobbies 6 months ago. I let it sit for 2 months without doing anything with it. I'm not flying or building much anymore. I di

Hallmark 5’ x 9’ inclosed trailer
Im selling my hallmark 5’ x 9’ inclosed trailer. It has two rack to holder two fuselages and two wings. They are hinged and can fold away or be taken out if you dont want to use them. Local pickup or

Skyline RC Sbach 73"
Brand new with 6 savox servos and 8 channel Spektrum AR8000. Servo info: Three Savox SC-0251 (.18/222) Two Savox SC-0252 (.19/145) One Savox SC-0254 (.14/100)

Zenoah G-62 and schlundt gear.
Selling this well proven combo, included is 34/20 prop, engine, gear, exhaust, and easystart for the engine.

Hacker A50-14XS V3
I have a Hacker A50-14XS V3 (520 rpm) new in the box for sale. Price is $85 and shipping is free to anywhere in the continental US. Prefer PayPal.

New in Box G10 OUTRAGE G5 Flybar Head Kit w/ Fiberglass Blades KRG5000 (Kit)
New in Box G10 OUTRAGE G5 Flybar Head Kit w/ Fiberglass Blades KRG5000 (Kit) $200 USPS Shipping included. Designed by the well-respected helicopter designer Charley Stephens, this new heli def

AeroWorks 3D Trainer
This plane was completed by a Master Builder. 30cc gas engine, 9 channel Spektrum Receiver, 3 Axis Stabilizing Gyro, hitek 5645 servos Life Batteries and WING BAGS. A+condition

Byron P51 Complete Gear Door Set
If you have the original set? You'll notice that the inner part of the doors are stamped metal. One bad landing and there trash. Or if you are missing the doors completely? Here is a chance to compete

Midwest Sweet Stik kit - .40. New in box.
Brand-new classic Midwest Sweet Stik 0.40. Complete and all factory parts included. Perfect condition and ready to build. High-quality balsa. Sharp die-cut sheet parts. Unopened bags of small par

Radio Shack Xmod
Looking for Xmod cars from radio shack. Can be complete or a mess of parts. Looking to revamp and add to my collection to run with my sons and friends. Not interested in the off road line (trucks/H2)

Spektrum AR12100 powersafe
It is new. Installed in a plane but never used or been in the air. Coms with 4 satellites and soft switch.

Desert Aircraft DA-120
Up for sale is my DA120 which I no longer use. It is a fantastic running engine and a joy to operate. Red line oil 40-1 from day one, never crashed or had a prop strike or dead stick. It has about 100

Yak 88 x 3 and Hangar 9 Beast Biplane Sale
Getting out of the hobby. Actually have been out for a couple years and these planes are taking up space in my shop. All are in good condition. I will list each plane separate but have a bunch of ac

Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt - 2.1
this is a kit built p47  from Tf     it is complete RTF less receiver   has hi tec servos  and robart retract  also has flaps flys great the engine is a g6

PL Prod Partner
PL Prod Partner with Hacker C50-14XL Comp motor, JR DS8411SA on Rudder (pull-pull) and Ailerons (qty 2). JR3421SA on elevators (qty 2). APC 20.5X14 prop and Gator R/C flow thru spinner. Tech-Aero

Top Flite F4U Corsair - 2.1
this is a very nice kit built corsair from TF   is complete RTF  only needs your receiver it has futaba and  hi tec servos  robart retracts all around and flaps the plane is a

CARF. SU. 31
Composite ARF. SU 31 , All composite Sukhoi 31, 2.6mm, DA 100 with pipes and MTW canisters JR 8911 HV servos, and 2 Spektrum servos on SWB duel rudder tray , SWB metal arms and rods Custom tail w

Modellbau Tornado/ Navy Cat x2 parts
2 X MODELBAU TORNADOS. .. These would be great for spares 1 appears brand new... Looks like it was purchased to rebuild other 2ND one has been flown and had gear torn out.. It has servo

Hangar 9 F4U Corsair 60cc
Everything was bought new for this build approximately 2 years ago.currently set up with jeti 14 channel receiver.duralite lithium batteries and all hitec servos.the engine is a saito 84cc gas radial.

REDUCED cunningham lazyace
chuck cunningham lazyace , 62 in. w/s , new OS 95 4 stroke w/ only 4 oz run time to set set up , covered in solortex , local pick up , will drive reas. distance to deliver , 450.00

Servo Plug Wing Harness (GET 2 FREE)
I make these in 22 and 26 Gauge servo wire using MPX connector I can make them with JR/Hitec or Futaba wire Two Plug Wing Harness 26g $12 each 22g $15 each Buy 2 and Get 1 Free 26 Gaug

reduced BTE Flyin' King
BTE flying king , OS 95 4stroke ,covered solortex , has bomb drop that holds 2 lbs of candy , only 8 flights on her 4 with drops ,also has flaps, 550.00 OBO , local pick up will drive reas. distance

For Sale Socket head servo screws #2 - 7/16 or 9/16 choice 50 to a package not 24 like some the socket head is 5/64 and these come with a built in washer. This is a one piece unit and not

Thunder Power RC 5 Cell 5000 MAH
Selling out of the hobby again. These two batteries are Thunder Power, G6 series, 5 cell, 5000 MAH, 65C, lipo batteries. They have only been charged via a balancer!!! Both batteries have maybe 6 ch

E-sky Lama 2
2 E-Sky lamas with controllers and battery chargers, One complete, the other is complete but has broken tail... lots of parts, some new,, neither has been flown in years,, would need alot of tweaking

Futaba 12FG
This is the 12FGH version. I bought this new and have been the only owner/user, well except for my wife who also flies. Screen has always had a screen protector on it and the screen is in like new con

Great Planes Big Stik 60 FUSELAGE & tail feathers

Super Tigre G-3250
Brand New Super Tigre G-3250, Made in Italy, with Box, Paperwork & Radial Engine Mount (plus standard backplate). Plus extra mount. These Big Super Tigres are Outstanding, Long-Lasting Engines: Re

Enya VT240 39.85cc Four Stoke Engine
For sale is a New in the Box Enya VT240 4 stroke glow engine. Comes as pictured with tools, mount, pipes and paperwork. Specs. 80 deg V Twin 39.85cc 3.2hp/10,500rpm weight 1,700g with radial mo

Spektrum DX7
This is the older version of the DX7. The stock image shows the correct one. I am not bothering to take a photo cause it is in exactly like new condition and is stored inside the OEM Spektrum Transm

Align GP780 Head Lock Gyro
Up for sale are two Align GP780 Head Locking Gyro's. I bought a TREX700 F3C to build a aerial photography platform and was going to use the stock GP780 gyro, along with 2 more for a 3 axis gimbal sys

Airtronics 94102Z (8 servos)
Here are 8 Airtronics 94102 servos. One of them has a broken mounting tab and one gear with a couple bad teeth. The other 7 work OK. These are the later version of the 94102 that have correct wiring

Align DS610 Servo
Up for sale are three brand new in box/bag, Align DS610 servos. I upgraded to JR servos on my TREX700 F3C, and was going to use these three servos for my gimbal, and never finished. They came with t

Hubsan X4 H107L Black and Silver
Only a few flights! Bought it as a novelty and only flown it 4-6 times max! Comes with extra batteries for the quadcopter, many spare props, extra batteries for the transmitter (new in package), and

FlyZone Sensei Wing Mounting Screws
Here are the over priced and sometimes hard to find nylon screws for mounting the FlyZone Sensei (and others) wings. When I couldn't find any in stock anywhere I went straight to the manufacturer a

TREX 700 F3C
Up for sale is a TREX 700 F3C Align Helicopter. I built this with AP in mind. Maybe 6 years ago. Designed and built it and test flew it only a hand full of times to work out the kinks and vibration

Need Head and Ring for O.S. 91 FX
I need a good head and a new piston ring for my OS 91 FX. Maybe you have a "parts only" engine you don't need?

Pc-21 Pilatus
I bought everything new for this build 2 years ago.it has a kingtec 60 turboprop with very low use.all servos are hitec 7955.its set up with a jeti 200 central box with duralite lithium batteries.for

72" Marquart Charger and others
For Sale short Kits: EAA Bipe-80~|-$189.99 EAA Bipe-88~|-$199.99 L4/NE1/J3 Cub-129~|-$279.99 Flybaby-84~|-$189.99 WW1 Bristol Scout-97~|-$249.99 Miss Los Angeles-72~|-$209.99 Miss Los Angeles-

1/4 scale Jodel
Modeled after full size home built. entire model was stripped and re-covered with 21st Century and enamel paint. Was featured in Model Aviation on 'how to recover model'. Span 100~|, two piece wing, G

Falcon 22x10 Carbon Fiber Prop (Gas)
For Sale is a NEW Falcon Carbon fiber prop 22x10 with tip covers for gas or glow engines! $55.00 with FREE Shipping within the USA to the lower 48!!

JR XG-11
1 year old JR XG-11 radio transmitter comes with extra battery and wall charger works like a charm switching to Jeti or would not be selling see my feedback buy with confidence. you will be plea

Futaba R6008HS Receiver
For sale is a Futaba R6008HS in excellent working order with NO crashes. It has some glue residue on the side but does not effect its performance at all. $55.00 with Free Priority shipping via USPS

Futaba R6208SB Receiver
For sale is a Futaba 8 channel S. Bus Receiver R6208SB in excellent working order and NO crashes.! I has some glue residue on the back and side but does not effect its performance in any way. $70.

Electron ER 40 EVO
Brand new, never used ER40EVO Electron retracts. The mains have the 1/2 strut mounting and the nose gear has the 8mm pin setup. The nose gear also has the steering servo plate. These are the latest ge

JR R1222 Power Safe Receiver
This is the JR R1222 PowerSafe 2.4Ghx. receiver with 4 remote receivers. I took it out of a plane to switch to a different type receiver. This one was working great when removed. Don't need it anym

Great Planes RV-4 .60
Up for sale is a IMAA-legal, 1/4 scale model rare no longer produced quarter scale Great Planes RV-4 remote control airplane it comes complete with DLE 20cc gasoline engine on off switch Optical fuel

Sig Four Star - 120
Up for sale is a kit built Sig four star 120, with all servos installed, a new Os engines 120AX 2 stroke engine that provides excellent power and strong pull outs to unlimited verticle. fuel tank inst

Seagull Ultimate Biplane 90
Up for sale is a in good condition Seagull models ultimape bipe. It comes complete with All high torque solar servos installed, a DLE 20cc gas engine, on/off switch, fuel tank installed. Its never bee

O.S. Engines O.S. FT-160 Twin (Price Reduced)
Currently powering my SIG 1/4 Scale Clipped Wing Cub. Engine runs well, never crashed or damaged. A great choice for this size aircraft. Will accept check, Postal Money Order or Bank Transfer. Paym

Roto Motor 85FS-NG 4-stroke BIG Christmas SALE
New ROTO 85 FS-NG Now we are introducing on the market the new modified engine ROTO 85 FS-NG. This engine has excellent speed transitions, easy starting and higher power. New gas engine especially

Roto motor 50V2-50cc BIG Christmas SALE
Roto Motor 50V2 Engine In Stock   New gas engine with electronic ignition,does not include mufflers,especially designed for planes, really well constructed and very friendly to u

Roto Motor 25V-25cc In Stock
New gas engine especially designed for planes,RC Model Gas Engine with Muffler and Electronic Ignition, really well constructed and very friendly to use.The Roto motor is very high quality enginering

Roto Motor 35Vi-35cc BIG Christmas SALE
New gas engine especially designed for planes,RC Model Gas Engine with Muffler and Electronic Ignition, really well constructed and very friendly to use.The Roto motor is very high quality enginering

Roto Motor 35fs/35cc 4-stroke In Stock
.  New gas engine especially designed for planes,RC Model Gas Engine with electronic ignition, really well constructed and very friendly to use.The Roto motor is very high quality enginering prod

3D Hobby Shop AJ Slick
71~|| Slick - orange scheme All Hitec servos, with recommended hacker brushless motor and ESC. APC prop. Airframe is in good condition, never crashed. Flys fantastic. Pickup only.

ESM Producing Company Pilatus PC-21
Never flown ESM Pilatus PC-21 with DLE 30 and ESM air retracts. All Hitec servos and Spectrum receiver.

40% Decathlon
BNF 40% Decathlon with DLE 111 engine, all Hitec servos, powerbox power distribution, and 9ch spectrum receiver. Flys and looks great. Never crashed and in very good condition. Willing to travel up

JR xbus connector

Thunder Tiger Imagine50 - 46
Great flying airplane, bright and easy to see in flight. With everything 200 Without engine 150 Just airframe 100 Pickup only in socal

Thunder Tiger Piper J-3 Cub
Partial assembled, needs servos, and pushrods. Wing Span(mm / in.) 82.7~| (2100 mm) Length(mm / in.) 48~| (1215 mm) Wing Area(sq. dm² / sq.in.) 850 sq. in. (55 dm² ) Weight(g/ lbs.) 6.5-7.5 lb

F-16 Falcon EDF with Byron Fan system on 12s
This Byron F-16 has been converted not only in the motor bay but also in other areas such as the tail that needs bulkhead for reinforcement to withstand EDF flight. All modifications have been made an

Garage Sale Ad #2
Purchase more then one item and save on shipping! Local pickup OK. 1. Used Magnum flight box with Thunder Tiger power panel, Magnum hand crank fuel pump, and glow plug engine clip $15 2. Origi

Garage Sale Ad!!
Buy more then one item and save on shipping. 1. (3) Sig Ryan STA cowl 7 3/4 X 5 1/2 $10 each 2. (2) Sig unknown cowl 5 1/2 X 4 1/2 $10 each 3. (3) Sig Smith Minnie Plane cowl 3 5/1

All aluminum traxxas T-Maxx with os engine
All aluminum this thing has many upgrades everything is aluminum has an os engine , comes with extra fuel tank, hose, laser thermometer, spektrum remote and others, check photos

KingTech K-170F

Royal Cessna 310Q Kit $250.00 Free Shipping
For sale is one Royal Cessna 310Q kit, new in box. 72~| or 64~| wingspan. I have not inventoried every piece as I don't want to try to repack it. However, it is obviously factory packed. The wood an

Saito FA-200Ti AAC In-Line
Initial run-in during Summer 2017. Two gallons on test stand, one gallon while installed inverted in aircraft. Height of fuel tank (too high and not movable) led to carb flooding difficulties and rear

Saito FA-82
Great-running engine; last run Summer 2017; selling because plane is now hanging in a bar.

World Models Clipped Wing Cub - 1/4
Airborne/World Models 1/4 Clipped Wing, 88 inch wing, Model will fly excellent on a Saito 125, 150 or gas NGF 38cc 4 Stroke. Also an FG 21 will fit within the cowl If you like 2 stroke engines

2 Quadra 50s
For sale are 2 used Quadra 50s The running engine has a new carb that needs playing with, I'm tired of working on it. It last flew 1 month ago in a Top Flight Giant P-51 and had plenty of power. I

Century F-4 Phantom kit.
Decided on a different F-4 so I would like to sell this one. This is an older CJM F-4 Deluxe kit. Includes cockpit. drouge chute kit, CJM retracts with the shrink link and impact engineering pneuma

For Sale a big lot of PCM Futaba and JR mixed  - 2 JR 8103 radios - one PCM, one Spektrum module and Futaba Radio with Spektrum module.  I don't know the value of this anymore so $100 buys i

Picco .90 marine

Like New Spektrum DX7 Heli
Like New Spektrum DX7 Heli never used outside, no scratches or scrapes. Battery hold charge but may need to be replaced due to age. Includes system charger and USPS Priority shipping . Original pla

Hobbico SkyVista - 40
does anyone have one?

Hangar 9 Taylorcraft - MINT Condition - Flown once
Hangar 9 TaylorCraft ABSOLUTE MINT - Only flown once beginning of season.  Has DLE 30 with 18-8 prop.  Has one ground tune run on engine then 1 trim flight.  Everything was brand new f

Comp-Arf Yak, 2.6 meter
This is one of the early 2.6 meter Comp-Arf Yaks with the original paint scheme. It is equipped with a 3w 106 engine that runs GREAT. WAY more power than this big, superlight bird needs, which makes i

60 Size Dynaflite Fun Scale P-51 Mustang Kit - Free Shipping
60 SIZE FUN SCALE DYNAFLITE P51 MUSTANG R/C BALSA MODEL AIRPLANE KIT. NOS in Box, Complete and with plans. This is a Very Rare Vintage Dynaflite P-51. The design is a great combination of scale o

10-piece tool set designed for RC use. Everything fits into a zipper pouch. The set includes the following 10 pieces: Curved ball link pliers. Long nose pliers with cutter. Wire cutter. 1.5mm,

Aluminum jig connector soldering aid station
Accommodate 2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5/5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm bullet connectors, XT60, XT90 and T-Connector (Deans). Makes it simple to solder connector to a wire.

Extreme Flight 88" Edge Turn Key Ready
Had fun with the plane for 2 years and now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it. The firewall was knocked out, fixed with fiberglass cloth and all is well. The cowl is rough and the canopy has a h

Hobbico Avistar 40 II MonoKote - ARF
Wanted: Replacement fuselage for Hobbico 40 Avistar

1/5 A-6 Intruder Matrix Machine gear
Looking for a set of 1/5 A-6 Intruder landing gear by Matrix Machine. I believe the Matrix gear fit the old DCU / JetMart A-6 kits If you have a set to sell please send PM or email me direct at

I HAVE NOW BEEN TOLD THIS PLANE IS A GIANT AEROMASTER. The plane is kit built. Cloth type covering and painted. I bought it at an estate sale. I flew it for the first time today. 10-20-1

NIB Don Smith LA-7 Kit & Accessories
I have a full wood kit, plans, cowl, canopy, spinner and 3 reference books for the Don Smith Lavochkin LA-7 WWII fighter I would like to sell. Everything is new. If purchased new today, these items

Century Jet Models MIG-15 (91)
I have a full composite kit with accessories, retracts and scale reference material for the Century Jet Mig-15 that I would like to sell. Everything is NIB. This is the Deluxe kit as described on Cent

Super Tigre G-61 Ring
This engine was use in a GP Illusion for two seasons. In my part of the country we fly on the average 35 weeks out of the year approximately once per week. I had four .61 engines on four different

Super Tigre G-61 Ring
This engine was use in a Dirty Birdie for two seasons. In my part of the country we fly on the average 35 weeks out of the year approximately once per week. I had four .61 engines on four differen

Dinogy 65C 6600 12S Saddle Pack Set(3 X 4S)
Dinogy 65 C, 6600mAh Saddle Pack Set (3 X 4S) for 12S operations: - BVM-Style Saddle Packs - 10 inch Leads with Deans Connectors - 4inch Balance Connectors - Approximately 25 cycles over 3 years

Hangar 9 B-25J Mitchell retracts
I have the complete Robart air retract tri-gear system with diamond tread wheels for the Hanger 9 B-25 Mitchell airplane for sale. The system new with diamond tread wheels was around $450. I am aski

Futaba R617FS
Switch to JR Transmitter. Never used this receiver.

Hobby People Superfly
The Superfly is brand new (never flown). It has a 54.5 inch wingspan and operates on 3 channels. (Aileron servos can be added)

Dinogy 65C 6600 12S Saddle Pack Set(3 X 4S)
Dinogy 65C, 6600mAh Saddle Pack Set of 3 X 4S Batteries - BVM-Style Saddle Packs - 10 inch leads with Deans connectors - 4 inch Balance Leads - Approximately 25 cycles over 3 years - Always store

Hitec Aurora 9 with Optima 7 RX
Hitec Aurora 9 transmitter with RX 7 channel Optima 7. Prestine condition. Still in original box.

Axial Wraith
Axial Wraith kit assembled. Holmes Hobbies Crawlmaster 13T plus Torquemaster BR-XL. Flysky FS iT-4. Many extras as well. Losi Xcelorin 17.5 turn. Holmes Hobbies Trailmaster BLE Pro. Lowering kit. Axia

Talon Jet
I am sellong one Century Jet Talon Jet with a Jet Cat P120 with only 4hrs on the Motor and it has the new wings that they came out with later. I am selling it do to two many planes and not time to fly

Gas Boats for sale
Up for sale 3 gas Boats in Perfect condition Like New Proboat Rockstar $700 U 1 Elam plus $700 Power 47 Spektrum $500 Any Question Please PM Trade for Drone

Paasche Double ActionAir Brush
New in box Paasche VL #5 set with air hose and two bottles.

BME BME-116 Extreme
BME 116 Xtreme This is a new never used or mounted BME 116 Extreme with the recommended Twin Cylinder Falkon Ignition, Twin BME-116 mufflers, Two sets of engine stand-offs, 4" TruTurn Aluminu

Jet Legend 1/6 scale F-16
This is a Jet Legend 1/6 F-16 need a 160 and up turbine. It has speed brakes, operating canopy, Powerbox Evolution, electronic Gear/Door Sequencer with built in brake control and failsafe, LED Afterbu

Sirius Super Test, battery discharger
Sirius Super test ( 2 Pieces ) In very good condition. Used to discharge your batteries. Thanks, Mike 55.00 Free Shipping

Top Flite FW 190 GS
I'm selling a recently purchased plane that is in immaculate condition! It has all the good stuff! Only selling because I'm looking fo a large scale P-47..... below is all the detail as listed in prev

Quadra-Aerrow Q100M
Quadra 100 in good to fair condition. Needs spark plug and crab adjustment. Other then that pretty clean. Has good compression and comes with a spring starter.

Quadra-Aerrow Q100
Quadra 100 last run about a month ago. New spark plug. Sold the plane and buyer did not want the engine. Engine has some fin damage but does not affect the performance of the engine.

Vario Skyfox boxer OS 160 twin four stroke Stainless steel exhaust 660 mm blades 5-645 servos Futaba 240 gyro 9254 high speed servo on tail roto 4 servo head GV-1 gov McDaniels on board glo

Fuji - Imvac BT-24 Air
These engines were removed from my new T-50. They have two tanks of fuel through them (Lawn Boy Ashless Oil). Engines were never flown before electric conversion. They are as close to new in the box a

Top Flite Sealing Iron
Top Flite Sealing Iron This is the Top Flite Sealing Iron used to apply fabric or film onto model airplane kits. . FEATURES Uses 110V AC power source and reaches between 100 to 350°F 165 Watts

Great Planes 2-1/4 Aluminum Spinner
Great Planes 2 1/4 Aluminum Spinner very good condition. Machined For Accuracy, Then Polished To A Gleaming Finish. Easy To Install, Having A Bolt-On Design, Centers Each Spinner Perfectly On Its B

Top Flite Power Point Propeller Balancer
NEW Top Flite Power Point Propeller Balancer With Instruction Manual. Retails for $23.00 Plus Tax And Shipping Charges....SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY!!! ; YOURS FOR ONLY $14 .00 Plus shippi

Hangar 9 Aspire - EP Glider (RTF)
Beautiful Hangar 9 Aspire EP 2M Glider Excellent Condition Ready to Fly: Includes 2 Channel Hitec Radio, Receiver & Servos, (1) New Jeti Phasor 30-3 Brushless Motor, $100.00 (2) New 12X6 Graupne

Carden 300S 35%
NEVER FlOWN. Professionally Built by John Seilhamer. 3w 100 w/smoke, JR8311 servos 1800.00. Will sell Airframe for 1300.00

Balsa USA Piper J-3 - 1/3
For sale is a Balsa USA 1/3 j3 cub. Zenoah g62, Jr Servo's, spectum reciever. Solartex covering. Comes with regular gear $1500.00 add floats for $250.00 more Local pickup in MN

Hangar 9 Carden Edition Yak 54
For sale is a carden yak. DA 50,Jr servos. JR reciever. Powerbox smoke pump.RTF.$800.00 Local pickup in MN.

Futaba R148DP - 50
Futaba FP-148DP rx on Ch. 04. Works perfect.

Moki 1.80
This is a nice Moki 1.8 30cc engine. Runs like a champ. Comes with a prop adapter and a Pitts style muffler. It appears to have some repair to the muffler mounting holes. The muffler fits tight and do

Hitec RCD 3500 Supreme
Hitec RCD3500 on channel 45. Other xtals available 51,55

Hitec Micro 555
Hitec Micro 555 on channel 45. Have other channels 51,55

Futaba 50MHz and 72MHz TX Module
Listed here are three Futaba transmitter modules. 1 - FP-TK-FM 50MHz Channel 02 2 - FP-TP-FM 50MHz Channel 04 3 - FP-TP-FM 72MHz Channel 45 Free shipping

Props For Sale Axial, Xoar
New props for sale Axial 26 x 6 1110 $ 60.00 Xoar 26 x 10 $ 25.00

Pegsasus RTF
I am getting out of the hobby and am selling my professionally built and undamaged Pegasus plus some other items. Pegasus 2M Plettenberg Advance 30-10 Falcon 21 x 14 V2 YGE 90 F3A HV Emcotec ar

Powerful RC plane engine starter with battery - NEW - Complete and ready to use
12-18 volt 6-1 gear reduction starter w/3cell LiPo and 2 inserts (one of each size). We deliver the starter with both inserts - which works on most spinners. Much lighter and eaiser to manage th

VX-60 (SWIWIN 60) Auto-restart
This is excellent condition SWIWIN 60 (Branded as VX60, same as ACE turbine from Global Jet Club) Auto Restart with 4hrs 58min since new. This turbine, never crash and never had any issues. Never flam

HpI SAVAGE flux RTR Stretch kit installed Custom body 1979 ford Red that's on it or a 1979 ford body green. Your choice. Brushless stupid fast. Runs on 4 or 6 cell lipo not included Truck is

Sig Astro-Hog - 40/60
New In box Astro-Hog RC kit plus a New O.S max LA 40 engine and 3 rolls of Black Baron Film 2 red and one white. It's kit number Rc-55 by Sig manufacturing. Large 71~|~ wingspan everything is included

Hitec 985 servos
I have 6 of these Hitec analog 985mg servos, I used them in a 1/3 Cap 580 for a couple of flights and sold the plane, now in to EDF jets so I don't need these servos. These are powerful on 6v or 4.8

40 size Laser
For sale is what appears to be a custom built laser. This airplane is beautifully built and is museum quality. Appears to never have been flown or started. Hinged Cowl Wing extension that can be


Blade CP S
cps in good shap custum landing skids very nice and microheli blades comes with battery need to bind to spectrum trasmitter and extra blade and i have micro heli swash plate not installed 30,00 value


Team Losi LST 2 1/8 scale
Brand new with head lights and back spoiler just tested truck BRAND NEW One extra red truck body

blade Mach 25 fpv racer
New in box with two battery,s never flown 229.00 with two new battery,s

New in box carry case heli 200qx

40% yak 54 rtf with new dle170cc engine. Engine has warranty
No crashes, minor cosmetics, great flying airplane, Easy to fly and land. Has jr8711 servos and giant seiko servo for rudder. The motor was purchase about 3 months ago, still under warranty. 773 965

O.S. Engines O.S. .46 FXi
Strong running engine in overall great condition. Excellent compression, smooth bearings and runs perfectly. Glow plug included, complete, nothing damaged or missing. Asking $40 plus $8 for shipping i

O.S. Engines O.S. .46 AX, Excellent
Low time, in nearly new condition. Compression is excellent, bearings are smooth, includes glow plug. This engine runs perfectly and is very powerful. Nothing missing or damaged, ready to mount fly. A

Seagull Extra 260 - .91
For sale is Seagull Extra 260 .91. with saito 120 and hitec 125 and 175bb servos. Airframe is in good shape and engine runs great. 225.00 Will not ship. Feel free to call with questions. 989-763-1899

AeroWorks ProX260 .46-.60
Aero-works ProX 260 .46-.61 rtf with servos and O.S. .55. I would consider a trade for a 3D capable electric in the 44 to 50 inch range.

Extreme 700
Mikado 700 extreme Electronics: JR 8917 HV cyclic, tail futaba bls 256 hv, kontronic jive hv, Scorpion 4525-520 motor, full size vbar with SATs. Main blades and tail blades 1 battery tray.

KingTech K-170F
Kingtech 170F #163 Serviced, upgraded with new shaft tunnel & tapered shaft and reset. added back app 3 hours on it. Runs great, My F16 is about 52lbs wet, and this turbine works well with it

JR 12X Battery module
Looking for the battery module that came with 12X transmitters. Ok is there are no batteries in it.

Goldberg Wild Stik 1.20 ARF
Selling a new in box Goldberg Wild Stik ARF. This very hard to find ARF is a excellent flying plane with huge aileron, rudder, and elevator and flap surfaces. With a computerized radio and 8 channel r


HSD Turbine Super Viper
HSD Turbine Super Viper Custom Has some flights on her and flies well. I did upgrade servos and hardware. I was not satisfied with the stock setup. *Hitec Servos mostly & upgraded hardware

Lanier Taylorcraft (1/4)
Have a 1/4 scale clipped wing Taylor craft. Kit is in the bones. Well built I did not build it . Was built buy a guy in Indiana . Needs finish sanded. There is one peace of sheeting that has gott

Century Jet Models Hawker Sea Fury
Have a century jets hawker sea fury basic kit. Had all the fiberglass and foam peaces. Also have plans and retracts as well. Fiberglass fuse is very well molded . Does not come with spinner. Asking

Great Planes Super Skybolt - 60

Midwest AT-6 Texan - 1.20
NIB Midwest AT-6 with Robart retracts. Free shipping in the continental US.

OS 48 Four Stroke
Runs great, smooth and strong compression.

tuned pipe
I bought this for my 1/4 scale car however its just a bit to high it hit the top of the canopy. It has never been run and is in perfect condition.  It's for a gas engine 23cc to 32cc

Trade ehang ghost drone 1.0 ios
Trade my brand new ghost drone , never flown or even had the battery charged or in it Looking for any rc related item , really looking for rc race cars, trucks , rollers or whatever I'm into everythi

Last One BNIB Vintage Kyosho RV-3 New Un-started Kit
BNIB Vintage Kyosho RV-3 New Un-started Kit. $220 with free shipping to the lower 48. 1/4.5 scale kit specially designed for .35~.45 (4cycle) engines!! Perfect for an OS Max FS-48S! Or easily co

Kangke Waco-UPF7 RTF
Kangke Waco UP7 with FPE 2.4(40cc) engine. W/s 72 inches. Design changed so more visible than original. Ignition battery- Hydromax 2700 mah 4.8v Receiver battery - Frome Lithium ion 2400 mah 7.4

World Models Intruder - 90 (Pattern)


I have 3 brand new wooden 22X10 propellers by Valley view Rc  these are factory drilled to fit Dle 55 or Da50 engine drilled at 2 O'clock.  buy 1 or all $20 each

JR DS8611A / DS8411
I have 4 DS8411’s and 2 DS8611a’s for sale. All were serviced at Horizon beginning of the year, 10-15 flights since. One 8411 I’m leaving the 1.5" JR aluminum arm on because the screw head stripp

Desert Aircraft DA-50-R
Selling my DA-50 because I am mainly flying my larger planes now/ thinking about getting into jets. Great engine, just rebuilt by DA end of last year (January 2017 ish) and flown 10 times since. Stock

Bridi Cosmic Wind
Has hanger rash on edge of stab Combo of Futaba and Hi-tec servos AR 6210 Receiver OS 108 Absolutely Great Flying Machine

1/4 Scale Grumman Duck

Looking for a pair of dle 120s. Prefer good running condition. I am building a big B25 and shes gonna need some power.

DerJager Biplane WW1
This is a scratch built DerJager WW1 style biplane. Wingspan about 9 feet, 90~| length. Powered by a beautiful running 3W 120 swinging a 30x10 scale prop. Hitec servos, flies great. Flown today,

Aviastar 120 and 200 Engines(NEW) in box..
selling for my friend (2) brand new engines...the 120 for$175.00 and the 200 for$225.00.....total $400.00....will sell seperately...both come with a Bisson...(new) pitts muffler....payment would be po

Great Planes Lancair ES EP Electric
Selling my Great Planes Lancair ES Electric version ARF kit. This is new in the box and was opened to take a picture. It comes complete with electric motor and gear reduction box. It even comes wit

Midwest Sweet Stik kit - .40. New in box.
Brand-new classic Midwest Sweet Stik 0.40. The box has never been unpacked since it left the factory. Perfect condition and ready to build. High-quality balsa. Sharp die-cut sheet parts. Unopened


Need a prop hub extension
I am looking for a 2~| prop extension for a DA85 or 100.

Howard DGA Mr. Mulligan
Howard DGA Mr. Mulligan built from Bud Nosen plans with many modifications. Wing set up for wing tube. Ready to fly. Currently fitted with a new Zenoah G62 Will sell with or without engine. Howeve

BVM F-16 1/6th PNP
BVM F-16 1/6th PNP Used Excellent! 3rd Place Winner at 2015 Scalemasters! Includes.... Warbirds Pilot BVM Afterburner Ring (2) Li-ION SENTINEL Internal Balance 5200Mah Receiver Batteries Powe

O.S. Engines O.S. FS-200S

Saito FA-150S GK

FW -190 120 SIZE

Great Planes Cap 580 1/3 Scale
For sale complete kit (new in wrapper) $400.00 cash or postal money order. Local pick up. No exceptions.

NIB Hacker Q80-8M Electric Motor 50cc Gas Equivalent
NIB Hacker Q80-8M electric motor. Equivalent to a 50-80cc gasoline engine. I have multiple of these for sale. This is the V1 version with the single output shaft and not the equivalent 4-6 hole bolt p

Zenoah G-26 Air --Price Reduction
Slightly used, but not yet broken in, Zenoah G-26. Pitts muffler, RCGF Ign. No original box, nothing broken. Includes velocity stack. Has a couple hours run time, was going to be used on a Ziro

Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU-31 33% (1/3 Scale) SALE THIS WEEK ONLY $1300 pick it up !!!
THIS WEEK Local pick up only $1300 if you pick up in Orlando. Would take guns, rifles and ammo as equal trade Look no offers any less so please do not waste my time with ridicules offers. These pl

Balsa USA Sopwith F1 Camel NGH 38cc 4 stroke Gas Engine I got the engine from ~| ibcinyourc ~| ALL Hitec 645 Metal gear servos Ready To Fly Local Pickup Only

3W 3W 60 WOW like new this week last price drop.
This is a 60 CC engine.Lubed and put away. steal at this price. I have had several years and was barley used 15 flights for a large warbird. has 4.8 ignition will take 6 volt if you buy a new ignitio

K&B .61 R/C
This is a New in the Box K&B .61 Engine. There is really nothing more to say.

K&B .61 R/C
This is a new in the box K&B .61 with Perry Carb and Perry Pump. Would make an excellent combination with a vintage pattern plane.

jetjoe 1400 new inconel burner
Have this brand new and new style burner for jj1400 so if you have one burned or deformed this is what you need to make the turbine work again thanks.

Bvm twin turbine power rafale
Hi I'm selling my bvm rafale with two super eagle for power or just turbine ready ,recently replaced retracts cylinders and some other parts from bvm with remote drop external tanks and lights + I hav

ESM Producing Company F-7 Tigercat
Esm tigercat. Modified to 3 piece wing ( removable panels) Sierra landing gear. Dle 20 engines. 3 blade props. All hitec servos. 12 or 13 I believe. 3 switches, 2 a123 batteries. Ready to fly.

Yuneec Typhoon H
Have this nice lightly used 4k drone for sale .this drone was used only ones maybe for five flights to recover jet from a very tall corn field about 3/4 mile from a flying field.


Hangar 9 Taylorcraft
Hangar 9 taylorcraft clipped-WING wingspan 85in lenght67in weight 15lb g38 engine all savos Vinnie g 352 5094869

GreatPlanes Electrifly Cosmic Wind EP
ForSale new in box Electrifly Cosmic Wind ARF Wingspan 36.inches Length 32inches. Recommended motor .10 Brusless APC 8x8 prop 11.1V 1800Lipo ARF # GPMA1811

F16 Cenmark Turbine VT80 RTF
For sale is my F16 Cenmark with a low time Vt80 TURBINE Jet is ready to go jst ad rx an batts.... This is the original build thread I’m the 3rd owner in case u wondering http://www.rcuni

O.S. Engines O.S. .46 AX
This engine looks and runs like new. Very powerful engine for it's size. Good compression, and very quick response to throttle opening. Muffler included. This is simply a easy to run, strong,

Kyosho Hien 50 (USA Code Name - Tony) Kawasaki Ki-61
This is an rare model of an unusual plane. It is a Kyosho Hien 50, which was a WWII Japanese plane, Kawasaki Ki-61, which was code named Tony by the US forces. According to Wikipedia, Wikipedia

Seagull Razzle 3D
For sale is a Seagull Razzle, plane has all the servos and is a 3D plane. Plane has a Thunder Tiger 61 Asking $100.00

Hangar 9 Advance 40 - VRTF
For sale is a Hanger 9 Advanve 40 Pattern Plane with a KB 40 on it, has all working servos as well. $100 Call or text 6064816722

Hobbico Hobbistar 60 MK III
Hobbistar with OS LA 65 engine and all working servos. 70~| span, comes with a FM radio that operates plane. $125 Call or text 6064816722

Tower Hobbies Trainer - 60
For sale is a Tower Hobbies 60 with a OS 90 powerhouse on it. Also comes with radio that operates plane. $150 Call or text 6064816722

Enya 09- Motor
For sale is a very good condition Enya .09 RC motor. Comes as pictured with muffle and RC carb. Has good compression and the piston and cyclinder are very clean. Asking $40 shipped or offer.

Balsa Wood
Karya Dasar Utama  can do custom balsa machining of Parts, laser cutting, small or large dowels, cutting sticks or block to length, custom triangles, custom trailing edges or ailerons, and custom

Up for sale Rimfire 50cc in like new condition used only ones. needs bullet connectors Im asking $185 thanks for looking

CARF Eurosport gear package
Full set of gear set up for CARF Eurosport Intairco Wheels and mains struts Prolink trailing strut for nose gear MAP retracts with direct steering linkage Spare set of tires. All n good

G-62 power Futaba Giant Scale Servo's Less Battery and RX 1150.00 plus shipping Will Sell less motor 750.00 plus shipping

Trainer 40
62~| Wing Span TSI-46 Motor Futaba & JR Servos

Great Planes Escapade
Rossi 40 Motor Futaba Servos Less RX and Battery

Zenoah G-62
Zenoah G-62 Bennett Mount Carb Linkage Carb Stack Mac's Headerpipe

Hobie Hawk wing 10ft
Looking for a 10ft Hobie wing. Just the right wing is fine.

Balsa USA Sopwith Pup - 1/4
I'm actually selling the engine thats on this plane and giving the airplane away free. the airplane is a Sopwith Camel I am unsure of the maker of the model. The engine is a Saito FG 33 radial 3 cyli

JR RG1131B 11 Channel DMSS Reciever
Installed, but never flown. Includes everything in picture and nothing more.

**Hangar 9 1/4 scale PA-18 Super Cub**
This is the Hangar 9 PA-18 Super Cub PNP (106~| WS) model with an Evo 33 and Spektrum 6180 servos pre-installed. Sells for $1199.00 minus RX. This one includes a Spektrum AR9110 DSMX 9 channel Powersa

Bud Nosen Cessna 310 Retracts
Looking to purchase a full set of the Century Jet retracts for the Bud Nosen 310 Thanks Danny aeroplaneart@aol.com Cell - 914 - 380 - 2302

top flight cessna 310
i have a nice and new top flight cessna. eveything is new to the build and was not cheap! its got the very best of eveything! it has two os 55 ax two stroke engine's,plus it has true turn spenner's,pl

Large Scale P51 Warbird
For Sale is a Large Scale P51 RC Airplane (Hangar 9 P51 150) Wingspan 79 in Fuselage 68 in Flaps, Robart Air Retracts, One Robart Air Tank. Saito 220 engine All Main Servos are Futaba93

Large Scale P51 Warbird
For Sale is a Large Scale P51 RC Airplane Wingspan 85 in Fuselage 72 in Flaps, Air Retracts, Two Robart Air Tanks, Rx included. Toni Clark Zenoah G45 SL engine All Main Servos are HiTec

Robart retracts 520 Tricycle gear
New set of 520 tricycle gear complete with air tank, hose, main gear wires and valves.

Bantom station bc6hp charger
balance charger for up to 4000m/a batteries

metric tool set
metric driver set,male and female with reversible ratchet,including regular and Phillips drivers .made by K&s,very good shape, and high quality. excellent for helis and drones at the field or bench .c

dymond super turbo charger
This charger charges NiCad/nimh cells from one to twenty six. two modes' charge/ discharge. a very good older charger which has not been used very much. Holds ten battery files

HANGAR 9 EXTRA 300 For sale is my H9 35% Extra 300 with DA 100. A great flying bird! Hitec 7955s & Savoxs servos. matchboxes on wings. In good shape, no damage. Add your receiver, fuel and fly!

Phoenix Super Decathlon
Glow/Gas/or Electric Super Decathlon New in the box just no time to build. Local pickup only Thank you

BNIB Vintage Aerodrome Models Flybaby Kit
BNIB Vintage Aerodrome Models, LTD Fly Baby low wing balsa kit A New Un-started Kit. $210 including USPS Priority shipping to the lower 48. Tis is not the Flybaby Bipe option. About 1/5 scale kit

Six airplanes for sale - Tampa area - NO SHIPPING
Six different R/C airplanes for sale - cash, pick up in Largo, NO SHIPPING Phoenix Tucano, 62~|, 45 size electric motor with 80 ESC, all servos, can use 4 to 6 cell (not included), RTF just add rx

Marblehead RTR with your Tx,Rx. New sail servo. $395.

Composite-ARF Eurosport ARF
3d euro kit...got in trade...included pipe,tanks and gear (not in pic) Airbrake cut out...has intake inlets Pretty good condition Please email for extra pics Bjarrett61@gmail.com No

JRX TX Module & Rotorx TX Moudle
JRX TX Module Futaba / JR 2.4 Ghz and one Rotorx TX Module 2.4 GHz only have one antenna for the 2 modules Shipped to the lower 48 states

Stock Byron P51 Canopy
This is the stock Byron canopy that comes in the kit. It is PETG not the slider version..

Spektrum Module DM9
Spektrum DM9 Module 9 Channel Aircraft Module

Saito FA-90TS
The Keleo exhaust is included, I do not have the flex exhaust, ignition wires or original manual. The instructions can be downloade from Horizon's site. The engine is new, no fuel or mounting.

ESM giant scale Corsair
Selling a giant scale ESM Corsair marketed by VQ Warbirds - https://vqwarbirds.com/product/esm-50cc-corsair/ It has a JC Evo 60cc twin engine with stock mufflers, electronic ignition module, I thin

Smart-Fly Powersystem Competition 12
The PowerSystem Competition 12 combines three Smart-Fly products into one compact, light system. The unit has twelve channels and is a perfect match for the JR R1221 or the Futaba R6014 receivers. The

50% Decathalon
Troybuilt 50% decathalon DA-200 4 cylinder K&S exhaust system 11-8711 servos 2- 8411 servos smartfli power box and voltage reg Graupner smoke system SWB trays and linkage all A123 fromeco batt

Vario Skyfox boxer OS 160 twin four stroke Stainless steel exhaust 660 mm blades 5-645 servos Futaba 240 gyro 9254 high speed servo on tail roto 4 servo head GV-1 gov McDaniels on board glo

OS GGT 10 Gas not glow
OS GGT 10 GAS, Like new less than 1 hour run time, no box or instructions. Ran very well, was used in a float plane. Thanks, Mike Shipping include, RCU will not allow me to

Skymaster Avanti XXL
Yellow/black/red AV02B Includes: Cockpit with Pilot Main Gear Doors included (they are currently removed) PowerBox Royal SRS with internal iGyro (iGyro not configured for flight, don't need it :

Brand new in box RC10B64D team kit
Hello all. Up for sale is a brand new team associated RC10B64D team kit. Never opened. Purchased as a spare kit but never got to it. Comes as if you purchased from local hobby store or online. Pur

Reduced DJI Inspire 1 Pro V2 with Extras / DJIWarranty
For Sale: Mint Condition: DJI inspire 1 Pro V2 with Zenmuse X5 Camera Two Remote Controllers Back pack setup 5 batteries One TB 47 and 4 TB 48 extra props battery charging hub Never crashed or any har

"PROFILE'S (2).....Like NEW....
Selling for a friend....(2) very nice ....clean, profiles, they both have all the hardware still on them....selling both profile's for $60.00.....that's right both for $60.00....will drive a reasonabl

JetCat 180 RX
Selling a JetCat 180 RX with all accesories included when new. S/N 180286. Motor has never been crashed or damaged. Recently pulled from airframe after selling without the motor. But, i no longer need

35% Areoworks Yak 55 Airframe
Aeroworks 35 % Yak 55 airframe only. Has aprox 20 flights on it and looks brand new.Comes with wing bags and. Also comes with the rudder pull pull system left hooked up . Leaving the carbon fiber con

Robart 100 degree rotating air mains complete set
This is a complete set for 1/8 scale model Corsair, Mustang etc. Set includes: 180 degree rotating mains, scale retract for tail wheel, air control kit, 3 1/4~| main wheels, tail wheel, air line restr

7 used servos in working order: Futaba S3004, S3003, 4 Hitec Standard HS325 HB, 1 Hitec MIGHTY MINI and a bag of asserted Arms, Horns and Wheels.

3W 212 B4
Helping a friend sell this Around 20 gallons of fuel, Bowman rings, walbro carbs, upgraded carb mounting blocks and reed cage housing. Comes with headers and canisters. SN#0211041 Asking $1,40

Classic Flash
Great flying Classic Flash with p120 propane start. two saddles tanks can be used for additional fuel or install your own smoke pump. Hitec servos all around. Trailing link struts, regulator inst

Wild Hare R/C Extra 300LX Special
This airplane has only been flow about 10-15 times. It has been sitting so the batteries may need to be replaced/recycled. It had a brand new Zenoah 62cc installed when assembled. It has digital servo

Top Flite F4U Corsair Model Kit .60-80,60"
Open Box. Rudder and stabilizer frame assembled. All other parts untouched. Includes new in original package: 12oz fuel tank, fueling valve, 3' of fuel line, replica radial engine and cockpit kit. Pay

Garage Sale Ad!!
1. 35% YAK Russian Thunder, DLE 111, Servo Board, Carbon fiber gear, J&J Tail wheel carbon fiber, HD digital servos, JR Tail servo 300oz, Carbon fiber prop vess. 3 Battery NiMH in good shape. No recei

O.S. Engines O.S. FT-160 Twin
OS 160 twin 4st, with sullivan onboard glow , lost sight in one eye can't fly anymore , 435.00 shipped , pics. on request

Hangar 9 Cessna 182 Skylane - 150
Us engines 35cc mag motor 5 flights after break in. Hitec digital servos. HD power switch. Liion battery. Castle creations regulator. Flies great. Needs flap repaired which I can do. See picture. She’

Pica spit Brison 50cc. Rtf 550. Airframe and servos 275 obo
up for sale is airframe and servos NO RETRACTS airframe has only a hand full of flights on it asking 300 thanks for looking Servos r hitec 645 on flaps and alerions and on elv halfs will sell rtf f

TOC-Xtreme Yak-54 - 35%
This plane has a DA 100 like new and all Hi tech 5645,5955 digital servos, Smart-fly Plus power board It has been flown 4 times on only 10 minute flights. It is in New condition and ready to go. I hav

Waco YKS-6
. Waco YKS-6 has been refurbished with Solartex covering on fuse, silver monokote on wings, trimed with spa blue enamel spray with red pin stripe. G62 is basically new, all new High Tec 645mg servos

BVM Bobcat XL
Hi All, Looking to see if anyone has a fuselage for a bobcat! Let me know what you have.... Thanks, Tommy 917 416 0163

Chuck Cunningham Flybaby
New,complete Chuck Cunningham Flybaby. 84" wing span and requires a 61-91 two stroke or a 91-120 four stroke engine. $229.75 plus $29.50 shipping in the US. I accept paypal and money orders.

Royal F4U-1D Corsair
NiB, Royal F4U-1D Corsair. Excellent condition. 44" wing span 20-40 engine $159.75 plus $24.50 shipping in the US. Paypal and money orders accepted.

House of Balsa T-6 Texan
New in Box,House of Balsa T-6 Texan. 44" wing span and requires a 15-19 engine. $69.75 shipped in the US. Paypal and money orders accepted.

Fox Eagle II 60
New,never run or mounted. Fox Eagle II 60.Ringed piston. Comes with original box and high and low speed needles. $89.75 with free shipping in the US. Pay with paypal and money orders.

Great Planes Slow Poke Sport 40
New,Great Planes Slow Poke Sport 40 kit. 60.5" wing span. 40 two stroke or 50 four stroke engine. Great to convert to brushless motor . $89.00 plus $19.99 shipping in the US. Pay with paypal

Futaba R6014FS
I have for sale a spare R6014fs rx, sold the plane it was in and don’t need. No issues,good as new. Asking $90 shipped

Enforcer Man O War
I have had this just laying around Ihave a insane cat and a thunder boat so I don't have any room for it hull is in pretty good shape I replaced the rails along with a new fuel tank mount there is no

Byron Corsair slider Canopy
This is the optional Byron Corsair sliding canopy only...

Exceed Drift Star
Up for sale is a Exceed Drift Star rc car. This car is in good condition with very small body scrapes on the front and a missing rear wing. This car has only been ran two or three times then put awa

Prefer to sale local but will possibly ship if no local buyers This is a beautimus plane see read all details Joe Seagull Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister Seagull Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister 20-22 cc 16

Aluminum Servo Arms x 10
Arms are 35mm long I have servo horns for JR, Hitec, Futaba JR / Airtronics & KO - 23 Teeth Hitec - 24 Teeth Futaba Savox Xcore HL HSP Power - 25 Teeth Colors will Vary $37 shi

O.S. Engines O.S. .60 FP

Astro Flight Model 101 Whatt meter

JR 12X
JR12X Radio, Great Condition, DSMX upgrade, 2300Mah eneloop battery pack upgrade Includes: Radio, Case w/lock keys, Strap, Trainer Cable, PC cable, and original charger. Used my own charger for char

Top Flite P-51D Mustang - 60
For sale is a top flite p51 with B conversation it has a os91 4 stroke up front futaba servos and air retracts. I would rank this a 7 of 10. I does have some hangar rash and looks like one elevator ha

Ziroli F6F Hellcat

Zlin 526 Akrobat ARF
For Sale Great Planes Z-526 Zlin Akrobat ARF NIB $175 cash check or money order no paypal might trade for a yellow 4 star 64 arf

JTM Viper 120
Selling this beautiful JTM 110-120mm EDF Viper-Jet for a friend. It is ready to fly with your transmitter but listed here as ARF. Paint scheme is the copper, black and white scheme. Has A BVM 8

Losi XXX-SCT for sale or trade
Have a Losi XXX-SCT for sale, lots of parts, 3 1/2 sets of tires, 2 sets never used or only used 1 time. This was barely run, raced a couple times, practiced with it a few times, back yard run a few t

Aronca C-3 Collegian Razorback Plans
1/4 scale, 2 sheets, brand new, drawn by Philip S Kent. Easy to build 107~| wingspan

Futaba R6014 HS Fasst 2.4 Receiver
For sale is a Futaba R6014 HS Fasst 2.4 14 channel receiver in very nice condition. I works flawlessly! $100.00 and includes FREE USPS Priority shipping within the USA to the lower 48!

45 Percent Rivets
Beautifully hand laid glass fuselage. Have landing gear, cowling, wheel pants, and beautifully cut foam wings and tail surfaces. Everything goes. Local pickup.

Ziroli Bob Downey's Ole Tiger
Beautifully built, 42 percent Cassat ole tiger. All flying surfaces are beautifully hinged with servos in the wings. Brand new DA 60 under the hood, spinner, prop, cowl all mounted. Hard work all done

BVM King Cat
This BVM King Cat is a 9 1/2 out of 10! This King Cat is one of the newer body styles. It's only about 6 years old. Under 5 hours on a Jet Cat P180 RX; this baby really gets out of town with this mons

Saito FA-72
Saito 72. Good motor with good compression. Has a couple of gallons thru it. 120.00 shipped

Saito FA-91S
Saito 91. Good running motor with good compression 115.00 shipped

Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt - 61
Top Flite P47 arf with Low time Saito 125. All hitec servos EXCEPT the retract servo, no servo for that. Retracts have not been installed. Canopy and interior has not been installed. 400.00 LOCAL

Saito FA-91S
New in box saito 91. Does have the instruction but DOES NOT have the tools. 185.00.

Futaba Switch Harness w/Charge Plug Futaba J
NEW Futaba Switch Harness w/Charge Plug Futaba J $6.00 PLUS POSTAGE EMAIL ME FOR PHOTOS

Pro Heavy Duty Futaba J Servo Y Harness Connectors
(2) Pro Heavy Duty Futaba J Servo Y Harness Connectors. (24 inch.) Retails $12.00 each SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY YOURS FOR $12.00 Plus Postage. Email me for Photos

Futaba Servo Extension
This is a Aileron Servo Extension with Futaba J Connectors. This extension goes between the receiver and the aileron servo to make the wire longer. On one end of the wire is a male ~|J~| connector a

Macs 8.5cc pipe
Looking for a new or good used Macs #1250 8.5cc muffled tuned pipe.

Garage Sale Ad!!
I have new in box airplane engines enya 91 4 stroke 150.00. super tiger x 61 rear exhaust a real speedy engine with tuned pipe pipe is used this is the one made in italy. 150.00. thunder tiger pro 6


FreeFly Alta 6 and Movi M5, Connex, and batteries for sale
Alta 6 used for one job has maybe 2 hours on it like new condition no problems have all original parts and literature with it, has Futaba receivers on it but can take them off if not needed comes wi

Skymaster A-10 EDF Twin 120 DynaTam fans
Selling this beautiful jet for a friend. Listed as ARF-But with your Radio it is RTF. Requires a Spektrum radio. PNP Jet This Jet packs 2x 120mm DynaTam fan units Artic Camo paint scheme. Has a

Contra Allure
selling a mint condition, bind and fly allure. Here are the specs.. -Allure builders kit put together last winter (contra fuse) -original landing gear/tail wheel hardware -2x Spektrum A750 HV dig

Composite-ARF Eurosport ARF
Selling Euro in Swiss Air Demo scheme. Great flying jet as you know. I bought this used from a guy here a few years back. I upgraded the stock gear with a nice set of Pro Link retracts. Has smoke tank

TRex 250 Pro DFC
TRex 250 DFC rtf. Two sets of spare blades Five sets of spare tail blades Numerous spare parts, main masts, head linkages, spindles, etc etc Eflight 800 mah 3S battery new Align DS415m servos

Red Wing SBach 342 27%
-Red Wing SBach 342 30cc RC Plane: -Wingspan: 73 inches -Overall length: 69 inches -Flying weight: 13lbs/6oz -Center of Gravity (CG): 147mm COMPONENTS: -Dave Brown Ultimate 3-BLADE Aluminum S

With the DS-82-DIA HST Schubeler launches a completely new jet propulsion system. The system is based on a new 12-blade axial compressor wheel which is driven by the all new Schubeler electronic co

MaxAmp 9000mAh 7s True 100C Batteries
• 9000mah capacity • 7S 25.9 volts • True 100C rating • Lifetime warranty • 5C fast charge capable • 100% waterproof • Built today with factory fresh cells • Built with genuine 12awg Deans Ultr

Fei Boa 1/6 scale F-16 Thunderbird
Brand New ,Just finish Build Never flown ,factory installed gear and doors ,why wait 6 months and pay $ 600.00 for shipping ,spend all winter building when you can this one ready to fly in a few hours

XT90 Male/Female x 12 pairs
I have a few more of these

Concept Models Inc. Concept Fleet
Beautiful rendition of the Fleet in US Navy colors for scale master competition. Original docs included. Highlights: Dope and aluminum powder finish fuse and bottom wing. Sprung L. G. struts. Lith

BVM PNP Cougar
I am offering my Gorgeous BVM PNP Cougar that was pro installed by Tony Quist. In addition to the BVM supplied PNP equipment I added: 1. IGyro 3e 2. Spektrum Powersafe RX 3. Two RX LIPO 4. L

Hangar 9 T-34 Mentor - Yellow
Hangar 9 T-34 with custom made removable hatch for LIPO access. Has all Hi-Tech servos. CASTLE ESC for 6S packs. JR RX 9 Channel (Spektrum works) and a HI-TECH Gyro. Fixed gear, but retracts can be in

T1 Models
I am selling an excellent example of the T1 built by Jeff T of Simi Valley. This was Jeff plane which I purchased for my kid to fly at BITW (he won Rookie of the year with this plane). I have since ac

Vario EC 135 - 1/4 Scale Electric
Vario 1/4 Scale Electric Heli with all the bells & Whistles ready to fly, just add your choice of radio and you're off. beautiful and rare Heli. Has scale lights and functioning doors. Beware of

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