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Vintage Super Tigre G.40 Series X blue head
Vintage Super Tigre G.40 Series X blue head Up for sale is a vintage Super Tigre F.I.R.E. G.40 Series X blue head pattern engine. This powerful engine has a Perry carb, exhaust header flange, origi

Super Tigre X-61 G FIRE
Vintage Super Tigre X Series .60 pattern plane engine Up for sale is a vintage, very clean Super Tigre X Series .60 F.I.R.E. engine. This powerful pattern plane engine is ready for installation, gr

2 new XOAR 19-8 props
2 new xoar props drilled for DLE-35 Any questions please text or call 484-319-5030 Thanks Rob

Helicopter Turbine Power Cat with float
Helicopter turbine power cat complete with flote bind to flight with radio jr or spectrum need more information contact by amail

Flyfly DG808S 4m/157'' Glider
  Flyfly DG-808S 4m/157' RC Glider Electric Motor Version Availability: Multiple In

Richmodel Lingcat Electric Prop Jet 31.5''
  Lingcat Bobcat 380 Electric Pusher Jet 31' RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

F9F Panther 64mm RC EDF Jet (PNP) - As Fast As 95MPH
  Freewing F9F Panther 64mm RC EDF Jet (PNP) - As Fast As 95MPH Availability: In Stock.

Sukhoi Su-26 30CC 73.5'' Version 2 RC Airplane A
  ARFMFG Sukhoi Su-26 30CC 73.5' Version 2 RC Airplane A Availability: In Stock.

LX SU-47 Berkut Twin 70mm EDF 360 Degree RC Jet With Retracts PNP
  LX SU-47 Berkut Twin 70mm EDF 360 Degree RC Jet With Retracts PNP Availability: In Stock.

Lanxiang F-22 70mm EDF With Retracts PNP
  Lanxiang F-22 Raptor 70mm EDF RC Jet Airplane With Retracts PNP Availability: In Stock.

Goldwing Raven 50CC 88''
  Goldwing Raven 50CC 88'/2235mm Version 3 Aerobatic RC Airplane A With All Carbon Accessories A

SBach 342 71'' 3D Electric RC Airplane ARF
  ARFMFG SBach 342 71' 3D Electric RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

Edge 540 50CC 88'' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane
  Edge 540 50CC 88' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane Availability: In Stock.

Raven 30CC 74'' 30CC Carbon Fiber
  Skyline Raven 30CC 74' Carbon Fiber 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

SBach 342 70 60'' Thunderbolt
  Skyline SBach 342 70 60' Aerobatic RC Airplane Thunderbolt A Availability: Multiple In Stock.

Maratuka Bird Dog ARC
This is a Maratuka Bird Dog pretty much all framed up almost ready to cover. Wingspan is 88~|. It is designed for a 1.20 engine. Kit is complete and includes interior kit and Ram nav lights. Prefer lo

Saito FA-100- Excellent used, FREE SHIPPING
Have for sale one Excellent Used Saito 100FA-AAC 4-cycle engine, with stock muffler, no box or instructions.  The project that I had it planned for never worked out and engine was never mounted o

Compass Atom 6HV Flybarless Combo
The Compass Atom 6HV flew ONLY 2 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! Almost NEW!!!!!! INCLUDES: Scorpion Motor HKIII-4025-550KV 3 Cyclic Align Digital Servos DS615 1 Tail Align Digital Servo DS655 Flybarless Comp

OS 77 ducted fan engine for F-16 byron
OS 77 ducted fan engine for byron f-16 with an extra engine mount, new never use. the shroud has small chips but does not effect the function of it.

tail boom for JR helicopter
JR tail boom, the length is 720 mm and diameter is 20 mm

SH engine muffler
I have a SH Engine muffler, do not know if it is for airplane or helicopter ...the distance between the 2 holes is 1,21 inches or 35 mm

Behotec J66HP
Behotec J66 Diameter - 112mm Length - 292mm Weight - 1350g Max. thrust at 120 000 RPM - 19lb Min. thrust at 35 000 RPM - 4.5lb Consumption at max. RPM - 280ml/min Exh. temp. 630'C Total running time 1

Moki 1.80/ 2.10 needle walve wanted
I need a needle walve with o ring for moki 180/210 Good usable condition.

Edge 540 30CC 73.5'' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane
  Edge 540 30CC 73.5' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane Availability: In Stock.

2M Gaudius Electric Pattern Airplane
Here is my 2M JM Composites Gaudius 2M Electric Pattern Airframe. The airframe is in excellent condition. Never crashed, repaired, or any hard landings. This was the arf version that originally sold f

Gator R/C Typhoon 2+2 Pattern Airplane RTF
Here is my Gator R/C Typhoon 2+2 pattern airplane for sale. The airplane was scratch built from plans many years ago. I am the second owner of the airplane. It originally came from Kentucky and was bu

Piedmont Models Focus Sport ARC New in the Box
Well I have decided to finally part with the rest of my glow planes and go all electric. This ALMOST READY TO COVER Kit has been kept in mint condition, and was never started. All parts are still fact

AeroWorks P-51 Mustang
For sale is a brand new in the box AW ARC P-51 Mustang. Great opportunity to get the famous Aeroworks Mustang and finish it how ever you like! Many build threads here on RCU detailing how to take a

Jetcat P-200SX Low time!
I have a 200SX with super low total time. Runs and starts perfect. No crash history. Comes with everything in the pictures except my GSU. No trades please.

FG Aluminum Lower A arms for ON ROAD
A arms for FG on road car FG4472 suitable for all touring cars, Mclaren,ferrari,Viper,Megane.

FG Mitsubishi pajero BODY AND TIRES ONLY
This is a FG Mitsubishi Pajero Body and Baja tires ONLY. Will fit any 4WD chassis or 2WD chassis with some minor modifications.I did some Custom modifications to the head lights and radiator. will sel

FG bruslees/gasoline Monster truck
This is a FG 4WD monster truck with a NEW never use Castle Creations XL2 ESC and 2028 780Kv motor. It has a lot of torque and and it is very fast. You can use up to 8Lipo cells and it has 30,000 RPM

Lanyu ASW28 2.6m/103'' Unibody Scale RC Glider (759-1) PNP
  Lanyu ASW28 2.6m/103' Unibody Scale RC Glider (759-1) PNP Availability: In Stock.

NitroModels Hero Eagle 100
I have a new in the box Hero Eagle 100 Version 2 Dual EDF by Nitroplanes. The Jet package includes: Hero Eagle 100 Fiberglass (71" wingspan x 71" fuselage),  2 Castle Creations Phoenix

NIB Hacker Q80-7M
This is a NIB Q80-7M mounted only never powered. all documentation included in original box. Technical Data: Power range max. 5500W (15 sec.) Idle current bei 8,4V 1,9A Resistance

NIB RCG 30cc Gas eng w/CD ignition PRICE LOWERED!!!!
With its easy starting characteristics and reliable low-maintenance running the RCG 30cc is an excellent engine. RCG engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability. Feature

Hunger Hunger 4500MAH 6S 30C MAX 60C 22.2V NANO TECH
Brand New Capacity: 4500mAh Cells: 6S Volts : 22.2V Continuous discharge rate : 30C Max discharge rate : 60C Max charging rate : 5C Apply : for Aircraft , Helicopter With connector :

VortexX 5000mAh 5S 40C Max 80C 18.5V EC5 Nano Tech
Brand New Capacity: 5000Mah Cells: 5S Volts : 18.5V Continuous discharge rate : 40C Max discharge rate : 80C Max charging rate : 10C With connector: EC5 Apply : for Aircraft , Helico

MRC thunder King
This is a vintage MRC thunder King. It has 2 motors Novak Dually ESC, Futaba Magnum Junior. 2 Futaba servos. it has 4 extra Baja King tires and wheels, and many many spare parts.Also has a TEKIN peak

Byron F-15 Needs landing gear mounts other wise RTF Turbine JET
Okay, So i have alot of fun with this jet. My last flight the stock Byron gear gave out on me. So I decided to buy new landing gear which I did. I have a friend that is going to help me build the ret

Byron Hellcat canopy NIP
I have two Byron Hellcat canopies. These are NIP and hard to come bye. !st one is a fixed canopy made of a little lighter material. 2nd. one is a lot heavier and used for the sliding canopy option

MXS-R 30CC B 75''/1915mm Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF
  Skyline MXS-R 30CC B 75'/1915mm Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

Gee Bee Y 50CC 97.4'' RC Airplane
  Gee Bee Y 50CC 97.4' RC Airplane Availability: In Stock. $799.00

LX F-22 Twin 70mm EDF RC Jet With Retracts ARF
  ,br> LX F-22 Twin 70mm EDF RC Jet With Retracts ARF Availability: In Stock.

large FLY FLY mig 29
I recently purchased this mig 29,I will include the 90mm fans,2 36mm edf motors,2 50 amp esc units, MAY CONSIDER TRADE

LX F-22 Raptor 70mm EDF RC Jet Airplane With Retracts Kit Version
  LX F-22 Raptor 70mm EDF RC Jet Airplane With Retracts Kit Version Availability: In Stock.

LX F-22 Twin 70mm EDF RC Jet With Retracts Kit Version
  LX F-22 Twin 70mm EDF RC Jet With Retracts Kit Version Availability: In Stock.

MX-2 30CC 73in ARF
  Skyline MX2 30CC 73' 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane Green A Product Description Features: Latest structure. Very good quality. Easy installation. Complete wit

Evolution 2 Meter 77.5'' F3A RC Airplane
  Evolution 2 Meter 77.5' F3A RC Airplane     Availability: Multiple In Stock.     Product Description   Specifications: Wingspan: 77.5

Gee Bee R3 20CC 59'' Fiberglass
  Gee Bee R3 20CC 59' Fiberglass RC Airplane   Availability: In Stock.     SPECIFICATIONS: WING SPAN:59"(1498mm) LENGTH:49.6"

Skyline SBach 342 70 60'' Aerobatic RC Airplane Carbon Version Orange B
  Skyline SBach 342 70 60' Aerobatic RC Airplane Carbon Version Orange B Availability: In Stock.

MXS-R 30CC A 75''/1915mm Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF
  Skyline MXS-R 30CC A 75'/1915mm Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

Yak 54 30CC 73'' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane C
  ,br> Skyway Yak 54 30CC 73' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane C Availability: In Stock.

Starmax MX-2 1400mm EPO Aerobatic RC Airplane PNP
  Starmax MX-2 1400mm EPO Aerobatic RC Airplane PNP Availability: In Stock.

Balsa USA Phaeton - 90
Description Wing Span: 70 inches Wing Area: 1576 sq. in. Wing Loading: 16-17 l/2oz./sq. ft. Flying Weight: 11-12 lbs. Fuselage Length: 54 1/2 inches Engine Size: .60-1.08 2-Stroke .90-1.20

Vintage Controlaire Galloping Ghost Transmitter
Selling my Vintage Controlaire GG Transmitter. Recently overhauled by Jay Mendoza in CA - works perfectly. Frequency 27.145 . I obtained a Citizenship NPT so this one is excess to my needs. Asking $12

Habu 2
This is a Habu 2 with about 10-12 flights on it. Has electric retracts and flaps. Comes with a 3200 mah 4s eflite battery and 2 3300 mah 4s gens ace batteries. Each battery has 3-4 cycles, so they ar

Team Losi Aftershock
lower front arm is brock needs new pull start if you need more pics let me know ty sold or traded as is

nearly new TARANIS RADIO with receivers & telemetry modules
this radio is not very old at all. the protective covering is still on the screen. comes with what is seen in the pics. sold as is, no warranties are given or implied

Top Flite F4U Corsair - 60
Selling my Top Flite 60 size Corsair. Plane is very well built and in excellent condition. Only has a small rash on the front of the cowl from a slow speed nose over (tail hit a bump in the runway).

Green Model Tiger Moth
This Tiggy has a 50 inch wing span upper and lower with an E-Flite power 25 out runner and a 40 Amp E-Flite ESC. Plane has been flown about 20 times. Never a hard landing. It will float along at half

E-Flite AT-6 Texan 25
The plane is ready to fly. Hitec servos thru out, JR low profile retract servo for spec robart retracts for this model. E-flite Power 25 outrunner, 40 amp Castle esc and 10amp BEC, custom cockpit, han

Kyosho Piper J-3 (40)
This is a Kyosho Piper J-3 Cub 40 ARF. It has been assembled and is just about ready for the air. All you need to do is install the JR 7 channel receiver (Ch. 46) and 4.8 volt receiver battery (700

High End Technology Typhoon 600-42 Electric Ducted Fan Motor with heat sink Only two flights on the motor Product Information: Specially for EDF 90 mm jets -Diameter : 36 mm/1.42 inch

Wing Span: 81~| (2057 mm) Length: 63.5~|(1613 mm) Wing area: 7.55 sq. ft (70.12 sq. dm) Wing Loading: 39.5 oz/sq. ft (117 g/sq. dm) Flying Weight: 18 lbs (8.2kg) *Weight Informati

Davis D1W 1/4 scale Sport Plane
FOR SALE: 1/4 scale model of Davis D1W(1920's sport plane) Built from Reid's plans. Covered with 21st Century fabric. Wingspan = 90 inches. Power= Quadra 42 gas, with spring start. This is a ver

Lanier Giles 202 (3.2)
FOR SALE; 35% Lanier Giles G202, Ready to fly Zenoah GT-80 gas twin for power- spring starter, stock mufflers. Servo's - Ailerons=Hitec HS945MG, Rudder=HS645MG (2 ea.) Elav.= HS645MG (2 ea.) Dual

Goldberg Ultimate 10-300 30% ARF
FOR SALE 30% Goldberg Ultimate. Ready to fly Zenoah GT-74 for power, - spring starter - B&B mufflers Servo's Hitec HS5645 Ailerons=4 ea. Rudder= 2 ea. Elav. = 2 ea. Dual RX battery installation &

Stearman Bi-plane, 1/4 scale
For Sale: !/4 scale Stearman bi-plane. Built from Bob Dively kit. This is the ~|Super Stearman~| version, with round cowl and wheel pants. wingspan = 96 inches. Sachs 5.8 C.I. gas engine for power.

4 meter glider ARF fiberglass body
this is a new plane, it has not been built or started, it is only out of the box, it is a 4 meter glider you can have it powered or not, i was going to tow it so i do have a tow hook i can let go wit

Fleet Model 2 Bi-plane
For Sale: 1/4 scale 1929 Fleet model 2 Bi-plane. Built from Concept Models kit. Span = 86 inch. Quadra 42 gas, for power. Has spring starter. All new construction, - never flown. Covered with 21st C

New 3W 170
New 3W 170 With mufflers. Never seen gas had used mufflers installed. Bob Williams 801 809 7740

Walkera wk-2602 with antenna
This radio was bought and never used. It is in NEW condition!

Pilot-1 Waco YKS-6 PDF Parts
This is a new fuse, cowl and windshield! There is slight defects in the cowl mounting stand offs but hidden when cowl is mounted! other then that it is nice. Crating and shipping will be for Greyhound

This is one of those Classic radios from the easy days, The JR XP 8103, PCM & FM, AIR, 8 channel radio. It is in perfect working condition , Includes the wall charger, 4 JR servos (3NES L-401s and

OS 1.20 Surpass Silencer Muffler
This is a silencer for an OS 1.20 Surpass. The internal threads are 11mm. New never used with pressure fitting.

O.S. Engines O.S. FS-91 II Surpass
Good used OS .91 Surpass for sale. Good compression and smooth bearings. No box or manual.

Byron T34 Canopy
New canopy only, never installed for the Byron 1/6 scale T34. Shipping paid by buyer, plus Pay Pal fees will be added to the invoice! Prefer check or money order.

Gold Edition P39 Canopy
This is an extra canopy I have. Is new, for the T/F Gold edition P39 kit, or replacement for your crack one! Price plus shipping to your zip. Pay Pal fees will be added! Prefer check or money order.


Saito 150 engine sale Pending
For Sale or Trade Saito 150 I took it in trade a few weeks ago and i dont need it I would like to trade it for a J-3 cub airframe or an electric 3D balsa only must have an esc and motor No foamy

OS 120 Surpass 4 stroke engine LIKE NEW !!!!
I'm selling this since I want to put a DLE-30 on my 72~| Waco (see Pictures) Took pictures on the plane for easy viewing I got this plane from a fellow modeler in a trade for 3 other planes ( I don'


Futaba 18MZ
Futaba 18MZ Purchased New in Feb of this year. Perfect New condition, only used to program a plane. I'm moving into a new house soon and have no time to fly to justify holding onto a radio of this c

Sig Astro-Hog - modified
I am selling my great flying and beautiful Sig Astro hog. I have made the following mods: narrowed fus, cleaned up nose, rear turtle deck, built up and wire braced empenage, clipped and squared tip wi

MOKI 150

Tru turn 3" spinner
Tru Turn Red anodized 3~| spinner drilled for da/dle 50-55. Slight scuff

1/4 Scale F86 Sabre REDUCED for Quick Sale"
19995.00 REDUCED TO 15000.00 Firm for Quick Sale Patel 1/4 Scale F86 Sabre 1 of 10 kits made Built by renown builder Joe Grice Flite Metal Finish All JR Servos and receiver 1222 Power

BVM F-4 Phantom REDUCED for Quick Sale
12000.00 REDUCED TO 8500.00 FIRM for Quick Sale BVM F4 Phantom Built by Pro Builder Bill Harris All JR Radio Equipment JR 1221 RX JR 8411 servos all Flight Surfaces JR 351 air valve servos JR

BVM F-86 Sabre REDUCED for Quick Sal
6495.00 REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE 5000.00 FIRM BVM F86 Sabre Built by BVM Builder Tom Wood Jr All JR equipment per BVM JR 1221 RX JR 3421, 9411 and 351 servos 2 JR 370A Gyro's Ailerons and R

Jet Central Cheetah - Low Hrs YOU SAVE $1000
Will be at Best In The West - can deliver there - buy now and SAVE $1000 off new! Selling my near new Jet Central Cheetah with less than 3 hours on it. 31 pounds of thrust...I am the original owne

Yellow Aircraft Starfire II - 82
I have for sale a Yellow Aircraft Starfire II aircraft. The plane has been partially built. Wings have not been glued on so they are removable at this time. I just got too busy and never finished it.

Sport Plane
60 Size Rookie w/ SAITO 91. 57~| wingspan 5- hitec servos Motor has about a gallon of fuel thru it. Local Pickup. $ 300.

Great Planes Super Sportster - 120
Sportster 120 READY TO FLY W/ SAITO 180. Hitec 645 servos. Tru turn spinner. Motor has about 2 gallons of fuel thru it and runs smooth Local pick up $ 500.00

Great Planes ElectriFly CellMatch 2S-6S Balancing Meter
Still in great working condition and its just the meter SPECIFICATIONS Batteries Supported: 2 - 6 cell LiPo/Li-Ion Balancing Current: 50mA Voltage Precision: 0.01V Voltage Range: 0-5V per cell

Sterling Stinson Reliant 60.00 PLUS SHIP!
For Sale is a partially built Sterling Stinson Reliant R/C Plane. This is Kit # FS33, wingspan 57 9/16~|. Fuse is 38~|. This is a 40-50 size kit. The Wing is built and covered. as are the Rudder El

RJL K.61
New in the box, never even pulled out of the plastic bag. RJL K .61. Perfect for a vintage pattern project or ? $150 shipped to your door.

truck bodies
10 bucks a piece plus whatever shipping would be after its boxed up for mailing

7.2v ni-cad,nimh 5 hour charger
works 10 bucks shipped

black widow charger
works 40 bucks shipped

Garage Sale Ad!!
heavy duty springs , 2000 mah batteries , motors equivalent to 750,s and 540,s bearings , glow plug for 16v engine, assorted connectors asked for prices, brown slipper 5bucks shipped

hover lite 2 channel heil
needs a new tail rotor motor and blade

Mikado Logo 10
Selling a Mikado Logo 10 in excellent condition! This has never been in a crash and only flown a handful of times. Its been hanging from my ceiling for a few years, wishing to be flown but I won't eve

Garage Sale Ad!!
tires n rims 25 bucks shipped transmitter with waterproof box and receiver with crystal 40 bucks shipped manual speed controller and transmission from a koysho 2wd truck trans needs center gear a

Minicopter Joker 2
This is a very lightly used Joker II helicopter. Its a fantastic flying machine, I just don't fly it much anymore. Its been a few years since it was built and so I'm not 100% certain as to the details

Robbe Schluter Futura Youngblood SE S2990 + Custom Painted Canopies + Spare Parts
I'm selling my Robbe Schluter Futura Youngblood SE S2990. This model is (or at least was at one point) the model that won world championships. This is not necessarily for beginners but is more for int

Hangar 9 P-51 Miss America
I have what I think is a complete unassembled 60 size P-51 Miss America. This kit is made up of spare parts. The only part that is not new is the engine cowl and spinner. I also have the box for it. T

Super Tigre G-2300 Ring
NIB Super Tigre G2300 without muffler.

Thunder Tiger PRO 40 BB ABC
Used Thunder Tiger Pro 40 The engine ruins great. Brand new muffler included

Hobbico 930 DC Peak Detection Charger
Used Hobbico peak detection charger. Puts out voltage but display dosesn't want to play. Make an offer plus shipping.


Top Flight Trim Seal Tool
NIB Top Flight trim seal tool. Add trim schemes to your project. Ships USPS..

OS 32 pull start marine engine
this Is a OS 32 water cooled engine for boats with built in pull starter gas tank and universal ---------------------------- --------------------------------------------

Dumas PT 109 1/30
all new siren and light will fire bottle rockets through tubs all new has never been run

bucker jungmeister
new RTF new G-62 engine with jump start local pick up all new ------------------------------------------------------------ WILL PART OUT new G-62 with new jump start

Nosen 1/4 scale aeronca champ
all new RTF new ASP 108 engine HD servos local pick up

cessna 337 new
new RTF Cessna 337 80' WS , 64 long 8 servos Hitec Hexronik vote meter front OS 46FSX engine back 46 thunder tiger local pick up

VortexX 5000mAh 5S 40C Max 80C 18.5V EC5 Nano Tech x 2
I have 2 new lipos, One lipo is great and the other has a slightly puffy cell on bottom. I posted the readings of the cells Capacity: 5000Mah Cells: 5S Volts : 18.5V Continuous discharge ra

Keleo Radial Exhaust Manifold
F/S is a Keleo radial exhaust collector for the Saito R3 170 and 200 engines. This is in excellent condition and is originally for a Gee Bee plane , but easily adapted to other applications. It has an

Futaba 8UHPS PCM
Good condition Futaba 8UHPS SUPER RADIO! Aside from the classic wrinkling on the chromed trim pieces and one broken switch toggle (guessing any 3 way radio switch would work as replacement) everyt

Heli Shaft tester(Dial Indicator)
This is a westwerd list for $189.99 from Grainger tools gauge will check your main shaft without taking helli apart. Original cost was $129.00 will sell for $60 + shipping about $5.00. Pay Pal fe

DLE-111 stock mufflers x2
2 x DLE 111 stock mufflers. Will sell one muffler for $45, both for $90 (buyer pays shipping & if paying using Paypal, buyer assumes the 3% transaction fee).

Robart Front Strut
Robart #654, 3/8~| Fixed Steerable Nosewheel. Got this for a project and didn't need it. All that has been done was take it out of the wrapper to see if it would fit. Retail is $89.95, will take $65.

Smart-Fly Power System Eq6
The PowerSystem Eq6 combines three Smart-Fly products into one compact, light system. The unit has eight channels, six of which have the Equalizer (servo matching) function built into them. The unit

Smart-Fly EQ-10
The PowerExpander Eq10 can be used with any size aircraft. It has "Smart-Sense inputs which will isolate a bad battery pack It supports an optional failsafe switch which enables or disables bot

Pitts Python Bipe with outrunner motor and ESC
Relisted was sold but check never Came . Please if you want it pay for it , Can take it to the Fedex store or the UPS store for sipping you pay the store direct , Please can only Drive 60 Miles t

Great Planes Super Stearman & 35 CC Vi
May Trade for a Electric Ducted fan Jet , Please NO JUNK should be at a 80 mm to 120 mm , from 6 cell to 12 cell lipo This is a New Assembled Great Planes Super Stearman , Has about 8 flights on it

Futaba S3010 Std. High-Torque
This is a used futaba s3010 in excellence condition servo, works great.   This will include grommets and eyelets              

Bridi EZ-Z 100
Includes plans. All balsa wood and hardwood in good condition lazar cut. 98 1/2 inch wing span. Powered by a wench or electric. Modification to electric is simple. 2-piece plug on wings.

Prices for for one receiver .... without crystal. Crystals are 10 each ... there in another ad. FM RECEIVERS: 2 NER 226X FM 6 ch .... $25 1 NER529X FM 9 ch .... $30 2 NER 549X FM 9 ch ..... $4

JR crystals ... ch 15 to 60 ... both Tx & Rx All of these are 72mhz ... nothing else ... $10 each

Comp-ARF CARF MX2 150cc 40%
All composite MX2 from Carf. I started the assembly. two piece cowl is down. the dreaded canopy is done. landing gear bolted on. Tail wheel is on. That's about it. The hardware is in the original unop

Hobby Lobby Skimmer - EP
All lazar cut parts, 70 inch wing span, balsa and hard wood pieces in good condition.

Top Flite P-51D .60 ARF N.I.B. +Free Shipping
Top Flite .60 Size P-51 Mustang ARF  Brand New-in-Box $285.00 includes free shipping & insurance.

Airtronics M12 FHSS-4 2.4GHz Radio System w/92014 4-Channel Receiver
This is an Airtronics M12 Digital high response telemetry system radio. The radio comes with the micro RX-471 receiver and everything in the picture including extra grips, drop down adapters, and rech

Mejzlik 25x12 3-Bladed propeller
Mejzlik 3-Bladed 24x12 propeller drilled for 6-bolt DA or 3W engines. Like new condition. Cost over $130, asking $90.00

Mejzlik 24x12 3-Bladed propeller
Mejzlik 3-Bladed 24x12 propeller drilled for 6-bolt DA or 3W engines. Catalog No. 324120. Like new condition. Cost over $110, asking $75.00

1 used HPI Apache SC brushless 1 used body in good shape 1 used roll cage (really does help save the body, lol) 1 Hitec ePowerBox 30amp part# HRCP4174 bought from towerhobbies in july 1 Hitec U

Saito FA-65 GK
Like I said, I got this engine in a trade. I have never started the engine, But I know the person who had it. He has been in the hobby for over 20 years. He told me that he just over hauled the e

78 Inch Lanzo Bomber
Complete recover using transparent Yellow and Green Monokote. Turnigy motor and ESC. Very nice Sunday flyer. Pass the tranny around and let everyone take a turn! This is LANZO weather, folks! Summe

RC Guys Pitts S1 - 33%
Update, Sept 11. Building new Home. Need to sell for out of pocket expenses. Update 8-12-2014. Got her marked down to 50 cents on the dollar of cost. Wow, such a deal! UPDATE 3-29-2014. Flew

Wild Hare F6F Hellcat - 85 Inch Span
Bigger project - building a new home. Dropping the price a bit to fund a CARF P-51D. Not going to give her away, but will make some effort to sell this fine F6F. This is from Wild Hare who order

Senior Telemaster ARF
This is the HL Senior Telemaster, 8' span, with DLE-20 side exhaust running a 15x10 MA prop. Has highly modified flaps that really drop down for maximum drag. I used large control horns coupled togeth

Serpent Viper 977 WC
I'm selling my Serpent Viper 977WC. The car is a roller, it comes with the tires, aluminum rear pulley, Transponder mount carbon, Flex system front and gas cooler. It also comes with decals(some decal


Wren 75 Turbine - New/Unused
I've got a Wren 75 Jubilee purchased in October 2012 that has never been installed or started except at the factory. It is Kerostart with approximately 18lbs. of thrust. Ron Ballard at Wren USA told

E-Flite Shoestring 15e Electric Balsa Plane - RACE SETUP EFL4205 - Fully loaded and Upgraded
Hi I am thinning out my Radio control airplane collection. Up for sale is The E-Flite Shoestring 15e in the RACE SETUP.  That means I installed the Power 25 1250 KV Outrunner motor.  I ra

AeroWorks, 37%, Extra 300, Beautiful and ready to fly, just add fuel. 3W 150. $3100.

Oracover (UltraCote) Fluorescent Red covering material (NIP)
UltraCote is the brand name that Oracover uses in the US. This is exactly the same Fluorescent Red covering material that Horizon Hobby sells for $22.49 (on sale), and theirs is currently backordered




***ROBART 3 3/4" TIRES***
1 PAIR OF ROBART 3 3/4~TIRES..NEW....one with out package.. $12 A PAIR($2 SHIPPING)

E-Flite Blade SR
Traded this with a buddy..to much for him...Heli looks like NEW...one blade has lite scuff on tip with covering missing...all channels and switches work as they should..charger works good..battery is


Great Planes Cosmic Wind Minnow/OS .91FS
Partly assembled...Tail glued together,Wing glued together...need control surfaced glued on..Radio installation.. both wings have minor wood damage about 12~| in..removed covering and repaired..new c

I have a new assembled Axial EXO TERRA Comes with castle motor and servo.....just add RX and battery, and tear it up! Body included!

Balsa USA Sopwith Pup - 1/6
This add is for a partially completed Spad and a new in box four stroke .56 O.S. Engine . All componets of the Spad are fabricateed/finished, curentlyfinishing the body. All compoents/ accestories fo

P51 Top Flite
P51, Large Top Flite, professionally built from the kit, 3W 75 engine, complete, ready to fly, has had only 1 flight, just add fuel. beautiful. $3500.

Spectrum DX4R Pro radio w/ case
This is a like new, Spectrum DX4R Pro Radio with aluminum case. I used for one indoor carpet race. Did not enjoy enough to continue. 275.00 shipped

Aero Works Experimental
Giant Suhkoi, 33%, DA 100 twin, one of a kind, absolutely gorgeous, ready to go, just fuel it, few flights. $2900.

Hangar 9 Cap 232
Hangar 9, Cap 232, 33%, Brison 6.4 CI twin, very powerful, ready to go, just add fuel. $1600.

twin engine Cessna

CARDEN CAP 232 35%

DJI 550 on steroids
Dji 550 with E600 with 3 10000 battery With GOPRO and ground station with shark goggles 23 min. Flight time fly with 2 10000 battery get 27 min flight time

Radio Craft 33% Extra 300
Radio Craft 33% Extra 300, professionally built, deluxe, absolutely beautiful, DA 100 twin, perfect $3200.

( 2 ) Hunger 5000MAH 3S 50C MAX 100C 11.1V NANO TECH LIPO
Capacity: 5000mAh Cells: 3S Volts : 11.1V Continuous discharge rate : 50C Max discharge rate : 100C Max charging rate : 10C Apply : for Car, Boat, Aircraft With connector : EC5 145mm

Digipulse Multi-Charger
Ace R/C Super Digipluse Multi-charger with wires. These are in great shape. Includes Instruction Manual.

Aero Works Edge 540
Aero Works Edge 540, 33%, DA 100 twin, few flights, complete, just put fuel in. very nice. $1650. 

spektrum dx7s
Dx7s, like new, has charger, along with book and box. Transmitter only Any questions call 419-305-4397 Joey $150 or best offer

GP Predator 500
The GP Predator 500 is equipped with the following: ST 500 Engine ( Specifically designed for Q500 engine , just before the Nelson era) with tuned muffler and 3 carbs, one of them for racing. Mi

Great Planes Pitts Special - 1/3
I am looking for a canopy for the Great Planes 1/3 scale Pitts.

Raptor Rigger P Spec
Up for sale a Raptor Rigger P Spec set up is a Leopard 4065 2700kv,a new Swordfish 120 ESC, and speedmaster hardware also Hitec steering servo. Rigger is in very good condition does have a few scratch

JetCat Titan
Very nice Jetcat Titan excellent condition About 4 hours runtime, had initial titan upgrade from jetcat usa No battery or GSU Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fee

HPI Racing RS4 Micro RTR mustang drift
Hpi micro rs4 drift editionVaughn Gittin Jr.used in excellent condition come with battery need charger

RC Airplane Prop 16x8 Tank Tailwheel Exhaust Landing Gear Wheels plus
This is for an assortment of miscellaneous new and used RC airplane items that have had little wear and maintained, like new items. This includes: APC 16x8 prop, white tips, minimal usage. One

Bud Nosen P-51 D Mustang
For sale beautiful Nose P-51D many mods to original kit. model is being sold less motor(DA85) main gear (sierre) batteries and receiver . these item are removed for my newest project a P-51B. It

Traxxas Stampede VXL
Traxxas stampede brushless wirh esc trackstar 60 amp and trackstar brushless motor 12t 3300kv and 2.4 radio ststem you need battery only

RCPowers.com SU-29 Mig
For Sale : SU-29 Mig Electric Thrust Vectoring Great shape RTF BNF 2 3S Flight Power 1800 Mah included $165. OBO Local pickup only Thanks , for looking !

For Sale Gravity Hobby warbirds

Fly Baby .... BNF
For Sale : Like new...... Fly Baby Scale Electric BNF Features: • ~|Plug and Fly~|, • High level of scale detail • 4S brushless power system pre-installed • Metal gear digital servos (

( 4 ) Hunger 2650MAH 2S 25C MAX 50C 7.4V NANO TECH LIPO
Capacity: 2650mAh Cells: 2S Volts : 7.4V Continuous discharge rate : 25c Max discharge rate : 50C Max charging rate : 5C Apply : for Aircraft , Helicopter With connector : XT60 113mm

Traxxas Stampede with XL-5 ESC 2.4 ghz
Pede 2wd xl-5 come with axial radio system 2.4ghz all is in excellent condition

1964 Andrew S-Ray
1964 Andrews S-Ray full build kit. All wood in excellent condition & ready to build. $110. obo will trade.

VisionAire BNF with AS3X Technology
For Sale , Like new VisionAire BNF with AS3X 3 S 2200 Lipo Included Aircraft is RTF...and in perfect shape Local pick up only...will not ship ! $225.00 OBO Thanks for

Hobbico Field Box with Starter
Electric fuel pump, igniters, and the torque starter and included. Power Panel II. Battery hold charge for weeks.

( 4 ) Hunger 2200MAH 2S 35C MAX 70C 7.4V NANO TECH LIPO
Capacity: 2200mAh Cells: 2S Volts : 7.4V Continuous discharge rate : 35c Max discharge rate : 70C Max charging rate : 10C Apply : for Aircraft , Helicopter With connector : XT60 107mm

Traxxas Revo 3.3 (2009)
Truck in very good condition, MOTOR HAS BEEN COMPLETELY REBUILT W/NEW SLEEVE, CRANK, PISTON, CLUTCH, AND BELL GEAR ,body in very good condition, only a few minor scratches and dings!  Tires are v

REDUCED PRICE - Mejzlik 20x12 3B carbon fiber propellers
Three Mejzlik 3B carbon fiber propellers - two and drilled for a DA-50 or similar four-bolt pattern. These propellers are in excellent condition and have painted tips and are balanced. Asking $60 each

Reduced Price - Sierra Retracts with tires and brakes
Three gear set of Sierra Retracts, tires and brakes for Ziroli P-38 or similar sized airplane. They are in excellent condition. Asking $450.

Saito FS-30
Bench run Saito 30. Mount and fly.....this is a NITRO engine.

REDUCED PRICE - Glennis wheels - no brakes
Glennis tires and hubs for three gear system. Mains are 6~| Dia. and nose is 4.5~| Dia. Asking $175 or best offer.

Trenton Terror
72 inch Ben Buckle Trenton Terror Kit (Full Build). Kit is complete and the wood is in perfect condition....ready to build. $140 shipped. U.S. only.

Feather Merchant
Feather Merchant Old Timer by Lehmberger Enterprises. 72 in. span. For 19-29 2-s glow engines, a 30-40 fs would pull this airframe fine. Wood is top quality and plans in excellent condition and both

REDUCED PRICE - 5" Ziroli Spinner
Two Ziroli 5~| spinners drilled for DA-50R or engine with similar 4-bolt pattern. They are painted Olive/brown. Asking $45 each, $80 for the pair.

Mutiple Transmitters in good usable condition.
Five transmitters (5) for Local pick-up. All are in working order.

K&B .40 R/C Ball Bearing
In good condition.

Pilot Yak 54 - 37.5% (set of wings Only)
Set of wings for sale w/o ailerons for a Pilot Yak 54 37.5% asking $200.00 or best offer. Thank you for looking

Set of DuBro 4.5" Treaded wheels
Set of used 4.5TV DuBro treaded wheels with fill valves. Asking $17.50 for the pair. Thanks.

1/4 Fokker DVII
Kit built 1/4 scale Fokker DVII.  Very well done,  ceconite/dope correct colors.  With Zenoah G38 excellent flying example,  no bad habits at all.  About 90" wing. 

Top Flite Score ARF
Top Flite Score RTF..INCLUDES: Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, decals factory installed bellcrank, adjustable leadout cables, spinner, landing gear, wheels, hardware package

Hobbico NexSTAR Select - 46
Like new Hobbico NexStar select 46.. Everything but transmitter and "Missing right landing gear". Everything else perefect. This is a large wing aircraft so I would prefer local or clo

EG Aircraft 60cc Extra MXS-R
This has a 60cc DLE that runs perfect. Plane is in really nice condition apart from the wheel pants. All high end equipment and nicely built. This is a great 3d plane and flies amazing. The Spinn

Goldberg Heritage Series Skylark 56 Mark II ARF
This is a radio controlled, glow powered, Almost-Ready-to-Fly, Goldberg Skylark 56 MK II ARF .40 sport scale airplane For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers. The classic model first released in 1

Boomerang Jets Boomerang Sprint
This Jet is a workhorse Jet. Awesome flyer. Has a bit of rash and new tail booms from an incident recently. Was belly landed with gear up. Has A Kingtech K-80 with low run time. All Re

Top Flite Cessna 182 - 61 Saito Engine
No time to finish This is partially completed, needs finishing. All parts and blueprints included. Comes with a new cockpit interior. Comes with a Used Saito FA91 Engine.

Cessna 150 Aerobat ARF
Fiberglass Fuselage 2 Flights No major damage, no scratches Includes 2 JR- NES-537 Servos and 1 JR NES-507 Includes Saito 150 Nitro Engine, new Comes with an extra fuselage. The balsa on it needs

Seagull Space Walker II - 120
seagull space walker 120,plug in wings ,Zenoah G26 all metal gear servos .add you're receiver and go fly

Xtm X factor axles
Xtm X factor axles I got these xtm axles thinking I was gonna build a monster truck since the axles are big but decided to go with my mad force axles.these are used but in good condition.what you se

Saito FA-65
This is from estate sale, the Engine appears new , good compression ,no marks on engine or muffler.

Saito FA-80
New, still in plastic .never seen fuel.

Garage Sale
Have the following: (NEW) (1) Balsa Shark kit combo. Comes with (1) MicroDan 2505-2900KV Outrunner, (1) aluminum spinner, (1) 5x5E pylon prop, (2) HS-55 servos, (1) roll of Ultracoat Plus cover

Sig Kadet LT-40
New,Kadet LT-40 kit. 70" wing span and requires a 40-46 two stroke or a 40-54 four stroke.Converts easy to electric. Complete kit that has never been started.Nice building and a great flying ai

Skymaster F-18 E/F Super Hornet BNF
Skymaster F18 with AMT Turbine. Has over 30lbs of thrust. All JR digital servos, Spektrum RX, Jetronics door sequencer, brakes and active spoilers. Also has detailed cockpit. I hate to let it go but j

DJI 550 on steroids
Dji 550 with E600 with 3 10000 battery With GOPRO and ground station with shark goggles 23 min. Flight time fly with 2 10000 battery get 27 min flight time

Quadra-Aerrow Q52SS 3.1 CI With Pitts style muffler
Have a Quadra 52SS 3.1 CI in great condition Crank Straight carb just rebuilt with new gaskets Adjustable pitts style muffler that cost $80.00, Spring Starter, ready to go. no need for a ignition b

*Rare* Bud Nosen MR Mulligan 108" WS
Bud Nosen Mr Mulligan With Quadra 52 3.1 CI 108 Inch Wing Span covered With Solartex Fabric All servos included And battery Just Add receiver and Fly . Flaps And Ailerons Hitec 645MG Elevato

AeroFly Pro Deluxe AFPD
AeroFLy Pro Deluxe Platinum Edition with Interface. Shipping Not Included

Behotec Landing gear
I have for sale this gear all new from Altecare C50 Behotec heavy duty all terrain struts with Swing arms.   Two main and one nose.  I am not going to use.  Asking $315 shipped.&nb

470mm H Frame Quad Brand New Quadcopter
am selling a project I started and have not had time to finish. This is an HK H frame quad. I have not had the time to work on it lately so I am moving it on. All that is required is a battery, contr

Powerful RC plane engine starter with battery - NEW - Complete and ready to use
12-18 volt 6-1 gear reduction starter w/3cell LiPo and 2 inserts (one of each size). We deliver the starter with both inserts - which works on most spinners. If you would like only one insert pl

Hangar 9 Extra 260 27%
I have 3 fights on her , great plane, all  jr.   a6020servos, g160 trinagy 257kv.  esc, 160amp with programer, 2-5cell lipo batts, 5000mah, 25c, 37volt, plane is sweet, plane is

3D Hobby Shop Velox 70"
3d Hobbyshop Velox 70~| Blue/White BEST OFFER Specs: DLE 20 w/J'tec wraparound muffler RcExl Kill Switch AR6200 Align DS 610 (3) Savox 1256 on rudder Xoar 17x6 3 broken ribs from hangin

3D Hobby Shop AJ Slick 71"
3d Hobbyshop 71~| Slick BEST OFFER Specs: Gas model Orange/White OS GT 33 Align DS610 servos (4) Dual batteries LIFE w/dual switch Spektrum AR8000 Vess 19a Contact: 802-237-9189 or vin

Extreme Flight Extra 300 78"
Extrem Flight Extra 300 78~| - Airframe only - Blue/White BEST OFFER Pristine condition Extra Uncut Cowl Previously mounted DLE 30 Local Pickup Only contact: vin@scratchbin.com

Here we have a new terremoto by red cat new in box call if interested 4046643113

L-39 Jet
This is a Jet Legend L-39. it's only been flown 3 times, and is in excellent condition. It is powered by a Jetcat p120 completely redone by the manufacturer rep. JR Servos throughout the Jet.

Combo only $599 !! Fly-Model Navy Cat Jet CF + Air Retract
ARF kit. Top quality balsa/plywood construction, perfect for experienced pilots. Come with all hardware and accessories, engine and servo are separate purchases. Forum: http://www.rcgroups.com/for

Fly-Model YAK55M 30cc 3D with C/F Wing Tube
Top quality balsa/plywood construction. Come with all hardware and accessories, engine and servo separate purchases. Available Colors: Red&Yellow or Blue&Orange Specifications: Carbon F

Goldwing ARF-Brand MX-2 72'' Electric RC Airplane ARF Red B
  Goldwing ARF-Brand MX-2 72' Electric RC Airplane ARF Red B Availability: In Stock.

MX-2 50 3D Aerobatic Electric/Nitro RC Airplane A Green
  MX-2 50 3D Aerobatic Electric/Nitro RC Airplane A Green Availability: In Stock.

Yak 55M 70 60'' Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF
  Skyline Yak 55M 70 60' Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

Sbach 300 30CC 73'' Carbon Fiber RC Airplane C
  Sbach 300 30CC 73' Carbon Fiber RC Airplane C Availability: In Stock.

Skyline Extra 260 50CC 88''/2235MM Aerobatic RC Airplane A
  Skyline Extra 260 50CC 88'/2235MM Aerobatic RC Airplane A     Availability: In Stock.     Product Description   Specif

Freewing 6-CH F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Full Axis Vector Thrust Aerobatic RC EDF Fighter Jet PNP
  Freewing 6-CH F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Full Axis Vector Thrust Aerobatic RC EDF Fighter Jet PNP

Yak 55M 30CC 73'' A Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane
  Yak 55M 30CC 73' A Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane     Availability: In Stock.     Product Description   Features: Stron

MXS-R 50CC 89''/2260mm RC Airplane With Carbon Fiber Parts Yellow B
  MXS-R 50CC 89'/2260mm RC Airplane With Carbon Fiber Parts Yellow B Availability: In Stock.

LX F4 Phantom Twin 70mm EDF RC Jet Grey With Retracts and Electric Brake, High Speed Up To 160kph
  LX F4 Phantom Twin 70mm EDF RC Jet Grey With Retracts and Electric Brake, High Speed Up To 160kph

Slick 50CC 87'' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane
  SLick 50CC 87' Carbon Aerobatic RC Airplane     Availability: In Stock.       Product Description   Features: S

Goldwing ARF-Brand Pitts 30CC 60''/1530mm
  Goldwing ARF-Brand Pitts 30CC 60'/1530mm Version 2 RC Plane Red A Availability: In Stock.

Richmodel P-38 Lightning - 52
  Richmodel P-38 Lightning Electric 51.5' RC Airplane ARF Availability: In Stock.

LX SR71 Blackbird Dual 64mm EDF Jet With Retracts PNP
  LX SR71 Blackbird Dual 64mm EDF Jet With Retracts PNP Availability: In Stock.

Slick 540 50E 55''/1400mm B 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF Pre-Hinged Carbon Version
  Skyline Slick 540 50E 55'/1400mm B 3D Aerobatic RC Airplane ARF Pre-Hinged Carbon Version Avai

MX-2 50CC 88'' 2235mm Aerobatic RC Airplane Carbon Version
  Skyline MX-2 50CC 88' 2235mm Aerobatic RC Airplane Carbon Version     Availability: In Stock.       Product Description

LX F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Degree Vector 70mm EDF Super Scale RC JET ARF
LX F-16 Fighting Falcon 360 Degree Vector 70mm EDF Super Scale RC JET ARF Availability: In Stock. Product Description Specifications: Wingspan:860m

JR XP7202

PMT Pegaso Kronos 040. I have up for sale TWO PAIR (4 total) PMT Pegaso Kronos 040 rc on road tires. NOS. Brand New. Never mounted. Shipping to lower 48 only. Any questions.. just ask. $35.00 + $5.

2 MBXST TRUGGY Race Rollers. 5 bodies. TONS ON NEW PARTS. **LOWER PRICE**$250.00 takes them. Free shipping to lower 48.

NE GRP .21 Tuned Race Engine

Yokomo Drift Package D1
I have a nice Yokomo 4WD drift car with everything to run except rx/tx and battery. Still have the original box and new unpainted body. All steel driveline, Associated esc,interior roll cage, wing, ex

Wanted 4 to 4.5" Aluminum spinner

Yellow Aircraft F-18 landing gear and wheels
Yellow Aircraft F/A-18 (twin) retracts. Includes wheels and tires. Never mounted. Brand new over $1000. Get them now for $450. Buyer pays actual shipping. Pictures to follow

Traxxas TRX 3.3
Motor is BRAND NEW, needs break-in, comes with all new parts, including one-way bearing, EZ-Start motor assy, air filter, clutch, bell gear, glow plug, carb, exh manifold and will throw in a used Revo

Saito Radial nitro or gas

Axial scx10 rubicon
I have a axial rubicon scx10 I built from a kit has a hitec 645mg servo rc4wd 55t motor Traxxas xl5 esc 2.2 super swampers on rock stars has extra uncut unpainted body and top with extra decal sheet h

Percival Mew Gull

23x12x3 CF Biela prop and 4"TruTurn spinner
Three blade CF Biela prop. 12X23, and 4~| TruTurn Spinner This prop and spinner have been drilled for a DA85. I ended up running a two blade prop, so this prop and spinner is no longer needed. I w

RC Guys Super Decathlon 1/4 scale 98"
NO SHIPPING Has Spektrum 7 channel receiver, w/Hitec 645mg servos. DLE 30 Flies great! Being sold as a ~|bind and fly~|.

HPI Racing Baja 5B
Looking for any old Jays RC RAT ROD bodies. I need two sets. New or Used.

NIB - Wren Turbine MW44 Gold
Hey Guys, I have a new in box Wren 44 Gold. Everything still in plastic. Save money on a new turbine. First $1950 gets it. If PayPal is used you will need to add fees. Thanks Michae

JR Vibe 50 nitro heli and a raptor 50 heli
I am selling a JR Vibe 50 nitro heli. This is a very nice helicopter. It has Thunder tiger carbon 600 blades. Curtis Youngblood mp5 pipe and ATG v3 governor. . Remote glow. . JR DS 8900g digital tail

AeroWorks Extra 260 50cc
up for sale is a nice 260 purple and wite and black one airframe only 375.00 or with dl50 550.00 for pics or more info just call or txt anytime at 740-497-7017 thanks for looking todd

Royal-Air 20H
I have this 48" wingspan plane that was originally a .25 glow kit. I was going to make it electric. So, Now is your choice. No landing gear or electronics. Have more pictures if needed. LOCAL

smart fly EQ-6 with opto kill
smartfly eq6 works great for more info or pics just call or txt anytime at 740-497-7017 thanks for looking todd

UltraRC 3D Buddy
Review from RCU http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=461 NIB $50.00 obo buyer pays shipping

DA drill jig
I believe this is for DA 170 Dont know tho I dont have anything that size 6 bolt pattern

titanium tail wheel for 35%-40% airplanes
Titanium tail wheel Everything moves perfect Dont know the brand but I know its one of the best out there What you see is what you get

JZpropellor 22 6/10 Wood
New JZ prop 22 6/10 NIP.

Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D ARF - 61
NIB but the wing was damaged in shipping see picture. Very ez fix and priced right. Buyer pays shipping big box. asking $150

I bought this engine several years ago to put on a 30% Goldberg ultimate. I have sold the plane and have the engine just sitting, time to sell it. I am the second owner so I don't know the entire

O.S. Engines O.S. FS-91
OS FS 91 S new in the box with muffler and 10 3/8~| flex exhaust tube. Box and papers as well. $12.65 Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box 13-5/8~| x 11-7/8~| x 3-3/8~| 11~| x 8-1/2~| x 5-

Robart Cessna 310 Gear Package
New In Box Robart gear package for Top Flight cessna 310

4-Hitec HS-5645MG , 985mg, jr537
6 servos 4-hs5645mg 1-hs985mg long wire 1-jr 537 Everyrhing works perfect, As you see them in the picture

O.S. Engines O.S. .46 AX
OS 46-AX with only four flights on it complete with muffler and box

O.S. Engines O.S. .46 AX
New in Box OS-46-AX complete with muffler and manual

Top Flite F4U Corsair - 2.1
FOR SALE: Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair Kit *** NEW IN BOX *** Only opened to make sure nothing is damaged - NEVER UNPACKED!!! ALSO INCLUDES ... BUNDLE DEAL!!! 1/5 Scale Full Interior Cockpi

Dave Patrick Models Extra 330L with BME 50cc
Dave Patrick Extra 330 RTF Has BME 50cc gas motor. sevox servos 1256TG on Alr, and HItec 645MG servos on ele , rudd. Ignition batt is hydrimax NIMH 2000MAH 4 CELL THAT IS NEW. Fuel tank is

Tamiya M26 Pershing T26E Tank - EP
Tank also comes with two (2) sets of metal tracks.

SW Lower Michigan Garage Sale Ad!! Ohio, Illinois, Michigan & Indiana
I can send pics of anything not pictured if you ask. No shipping unless specified. Assembled planes are subject to local pick up only.... Futaba 7Cap native 2.4 tx only. Good condition with lipo up

Main rotor Bullet blade set for Blade 130X---FREE SHIPPING
New, Never Used E-Flite main rotor blade set (E-Flite black bullet blades) for Blade 130X. These are new, but not in original package. Will ship free to any USA address if asking price paid.

O.S. Engines O.S. .25 FX
Clean little 25 FX by OS.....would work nicely in a trainer or smaller plane.....Joe 510-812-6224

FOR SALE: Slimline Inverted Pitts Muffler #2135 OS BGX 3500 This is a new & unopened package (see photos). Normally sells for $75 at LHS FREE SHIPPING!!! PayPal or Cashier's Check only Th

Magnum XL 91FS AR
I have a nice four stroke by Magnum for sale that I used in a Cub.....selling the Cub and want to sell the engine as well...Runs great...Just tune to your prop and flying style....one small fin broken

47% Decathlon PRC
PRC 47 % Decat. ZDZ 210J with JMB cans, JR 8711HV and 8711 sevos through out, Two DSM2 JR 12 channel rx. Local pickup or I'll drive within a 200 mile radius of Pensacola, Fl Steve

Losi 22 2.0 Trade for Nitro TLR 8 or RC 8
I have a losi 22 2.0 with a smc motor 6.5 esc is msc max pro Rc omg servo . Just add your radio and batteries and race . it also has a cab forward body that I was running on it . The car is

PAW English diesel .19 Mk II engine
P.A.W. .19 English diesel engine Up for sale is a very nice, little run PAW English diesel .19 r/c engine. This little engine is very clean with minimal run time. Includes original box, and paperwork

PILOT 37% 120cc Edge 540 Green Scheme
Turn Key Excellent Used PILOT 37% 120cc Edge 540 Green Scheme! Starts Easy! Awesome power to hover! Spektrum BNF DSMX AR9020 Receiver, use my DX18 program. EME 120 w/DA Mufflers, Redline 40:1 non-eth

Vintage 1970's Parker Pelican kit, NIB
Vintage 1970's Parker Pelican kit, NIB Up for sale is a rare 1970's kit from Parker RC Planes, the Pelican. This cool old kit is perfect, new in the box and is very high quality. Looks like an Airt

Sig Kadet Senior
Have a New in the Box Sig Kadet Senior that is still in the factory shrink wrap. It has never been opened and its a very old kit. This was one of the very best ~|trainers~| in it's day and probab

Rare House of Balsa "1/2 A Pete" Kit NIB Very Nice Kit!
Rare House of Balsa ~|1/2 A Pete~| Kit NIB Very Nice Kit! Here is a NIB House of Balsa ~|1/2 A Pete~| full build kit. Kit is unmolested. Parts have never been removed or parts bags ever been opene

Sig Rascal - .049
Sig Rascal 49 inch Laser cut kit Up for sale is a new in box, Sig Rascal laser cut kit. KEY FEATURES: Classic looks Laser cut parts Full size rolled plans Includes molded wheel pants Clear w

Hunger 5000MAH 2S 25C MAX 50C 7.4V NANO TECH
Have one Brand New Capacity: 5000mAh Cells: 2S Volts : 7.4V Continuous discharge rate : 25C Max discharge rate : 50C Max charging rate : 5C Apply : for Car, Boat, Aircraft With conne

Garage Sale Ad!!
A good friend that is getting older. Ask me to sell these motors for him. These Motors left, are NIB never been run. The 1 motors have been run, are in great condition. These are asking prices.

These are a complete set of landing gear from Yellow Aircraft and are nice.

losi Wheels and foams
Ok so i i sold all of my rc cars and now i have TONS of stuff left, i have tires parts accessories etc. you name it. so here we go with the first batch Losi wheels these are 2 rear wheels and 4 f

Looking for used DLE-20

Hanger 9 30cc Spitfire
Dropped Price $1500.00 New H9 30cc Spitfire. Flown 7 times. DLE-35RA and eflight electric retracts. Only damage is on the left wing at the leading edge were the 50mm cannon was bent on a nose over. Ot


O.S. Engines O.S. .15 LA Blue-S

Yellow Aircraft F-4E Phantom II - 82
Like new YA F4 Phantom comes with : WREN 44 Gold turbine with 15hrs since last service ALL high torque metal gear servos (JR and Hitec) Spring Air retracts easy to fly, no flaps required shi

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