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BH Westland Wyvern Electric
ut of production and impossible to find. What I have here is the Black Horse Wyvern, that has had a complete rebuild of the retracts mounts and supporting ribs. The original owner broke the gear mount

PST Reaction replacement tail
Replacement tail unit for the all composite PST reaction.

Fairchild 24 Plans
27 percent, 117 wingspan, 2 sheets, brand new, drawn by Wendell Hostettler. Very well illustrated.

ESM 72" Spitfire ARF + Accessories
New ESM 72~| Spitfire MK XIV ARF kit complete. Out of box. Not started. Includes Dave Brown Spun Aluminum Spinner, Robart pneumatic retracts, original + upgraded spare canopy. Unable to ship this

NEW! Pitts Muffler for DLE20 20cc Gas Engine May fit other engines with 32mm center to center Mounting holes. Please check attached dimensions. Comes with mounting bolts and gasket $42.99 p

Pitts Muffler DLE-55/DA-50/DLA56 PLUS SALE
Brand New Pitts Muffler Fits, DLE50 / DLE55 / DA50 / DLA56 / GP50R, JVO 52 plus others! 50cc size mounting holes are 40mm center to center For instructions on how to add a Muffler Bracket,

Turnigy transmitter battery for Spektrum DX8
This was my spare transmitter battery for my Spektrum DX8 system. Very lightly used, should be compatible with some other Spektrum transmitters as well. 4000mAh! Enough juice for days of flying and

Keleo Scale exhaust for 1/5th size Mustang.
have a keleo scale exhaust was used on DA 50 and installed on Top Flite 1/5th Mustang. Works like it should and looks like none other for exhaust Call if you have questions call 785-550-6545

Premier 1/4 Scale Pilot
For sale is a Premier Pilots 1/4 scale Luflwaffe pilot with optional leather jacket and flying hat. I aquired this in a estate sale. The oxygen mask is not broken but there are a couple of item loose

WARBIRD PILOTS New 1/3 Scale Pilot Figures
www.warbirdpilots.com 'Warbird Pilots' All New highly detailed 1/3 Scale Pilot Figures available now!!! Designed perfectly as an RC Pilot Figure. These pilots will fit perfectly in your 1/3.5 and 1/

Century Jet Retracts
Pair of Century Jet retracts. Gear is in perfect condition and looks to be .60 size.

Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt - 60-90 size ARF
Has a Saito 91 in the nose. The bearings are shot in so it will have to be replaced or rebuilt It has Robart Air retracts and all the servos are in the plane. No receiver. This is a good flying war

DV8R Retracts w/struts and brakes
I need the DV8R landing gear for finish my model. If you have one to sell, please contact me. You can ship for me in Brazil or another part of US. Thank you.

Springer Nose Wheel Struts
I have for sale two (2) Springer nose gear struts. One is 1-1/2~| from axle to strut horseshoe and the other is 1-3/8 from axle to strut horseshoe. Never been used. Price is for both units.

Pro Jet A-10 Thunderbolt
Built up fusealage 1500MM Wingspan Takes 70 -74 mm fan units Fixed gear Comes with servos installed

Super Tigre 3000 Parts Rear Cover Also Fits S2000-G3250
SELLING ASSORTED SUPER TIGRE 3000 PARTS FROM INVENTORY. Rear Cover, also fits ST2000-G3250. Used but in excellent condition. Made in Italy $12.00 plus shipping

Super Tigre 3000 Parts: Cylinder, Piston, Rod Assembly Free Shipping
Selling assorted Super Tigre 3000 parts from my inventory. Piston, connecting rod and cylinder are used, clean and in excellent condition. Have been stored for some time. Compression is good in my

Super Tigre 3000 Parts - Complete Front End Assembly Free Shipping
Selling assorted Super Tigre 3000 parts from inventory. Used/clean in excellent condition. New parts for this engine no longer available. Complete assembled front end, housing, crankshaft, drive wa

1917 Bristol M1C 152'' span
Up for sale is my newly finished 45% WW1 Bristol M1C monoplane. Designed and built by myself. Construction is balsa and lite ply. Dimensions are as follows: wing span-152~|, fuse length-111~|, chor

27% mxs-r
i have a 27% mxs-r 3d plane. it got hanger rash but not to bad! its also got a dla 32cc gas engine with three extra props and gas tank come and get it! local pick up only know shipping!!! thanks for l

JetsMunt VT80BL Kero Autorestart NEW IN BOX
NEW IN BOX ZERO TIME Turbojet Jets Munt VT80 Guaranteed thrust in ISA conditions: 80N (18lb) at 150.000 RPM Idle thrust: 4.5N (1lb) Idle RPM: 45,000 Si

ViperJet 250 Zeal Jets NO TURBINE
Zeal Viperjet ( Carf type ) with all JR 8911 servos, Powerbox Champion SRS ( Futaba set up ). Electron electric R40Evo Retract and brakes with digital programmer/sequencer with touch screen. ( LG15

Raptor 50 RTF
I have a raptor 50 in new condition with PRO 50 h and muffler..engine..no crashes comes with pro blades gy 401 gyro..futaba 9254 tail servo. Add your receiver to be ready to fly..I have flown this

33% hanger 9 yak
i have a new 33% hanger 9 yak with a new evolution 80cc gas engine. with a new spektrum dx7 with a receiver like i said its all new! it has a new carbon fiber prop,new hanger 9 prop covers,new spinner

Premier Pilot 1/4 scale full body pilot
Premier Pilots Check our website: www.premierpilots.net General Description. Each pilot has a full body. At only 5.5 oz clothed, they are the lightest articulating pilots available. Each pil

JMD Models Luscombe Silvaire kit
JMD Models Luscombe Silvaire Kit New in box 105 inch wing span, 1200 sq. inches engine, G38 or equevalent

Bisson pitts Muffler for K&B 40 and Screaming 48
BCM Pitts muffler for K&B 40 and Screaming 48. Does not have pressure fitting.

Goldberg Sukhoi SU26MX - 90

Sig Kadet Senior - 46
NEW! Kadet Sr. Sport. Has never flown. has all the servos and electric motor equal to 45 nitro engine, brand new battery just charged and placed into the plane, has 60 amp bec has arming switch. Ready

O.S. 75 AX ABL
O.S. MAX 75AX ABL 61A CARBURETOR E40 With TOPFLITE WARBIRD MUFFLER and HEADER $225.00 USD Payment~|: MO Cashiers Check Pay Pal

Pilot Sbach 342 - 40%
I am selling my 40% pilot sbach. Plane is in very good condition,red and black scheme and ready to fly.equipped with: DLE 170 new still breaking in Hitec servos-7990 Smart fly turbo Brand new sm

Slot Machine
GREAT PLANES SLOT MACHINE with hinges, marking tool and extra blades. Payment Methods: M.O, Bank Check or Pay Pal

Afterburner LED Ring Controller
Hello Guys, Up for sale is an afterburner LED ring controller. the sale includes only the controller - NOT the LED ring. Specifications: 1. Designed operate similar to a real afterburner for

BDT - Wireless Data Terminal
The BDT - Bluetooth Data Terminal, is a Bluetooth interface from your Android Phone and your Xicoy ECU (Kingtech, Merlin, ATJ, Jet Central etc). The BDT app does anything the original GSU does, inc

TDT - On board turbine backlit display for nearly All Turbines
Hello Guys, i am selling the TDT (Turbine Data Terminal) for Jetcat V6 Jetcat V10 Behotec Merlin KingTech Old Kingtech New Jet Central and any other turbine that uses Jetcat, Projet, Kingt

RTDT Telemetry + Display unit for Turbines
Hello guys, Up for sale is the new version RTDT Telemetry - Turbine Data Terminal + Radio Telemetry - all in one! now you can enjoy the benefit of a super backlit display + real time data monitori

MDT- On-board Micro turbine display for nearly All Turbines
Hello Guys, i am selling the MDT (Turbine Data Terminal) for Jetcat V6 Jetcat V10 Xicoy V6 Xicoy V10 Behotec Merlin KingTech New Kingtech Old Jet Central and any other turbine that uses

RDT - Turbine Telemetry Adapter for FRSKY Radios
Hello guys, The RDT is an extremely lightweight ( Simply plug in and use! You get the following telemetry data: RPM Voltage Pump voltage Status Throttle Shipping anywhere in the world i

Universal Pulsing Smoke Controller
Hello Guys, Up for sale is one of the coolest gadgets ever made for the RC jet world ! The PSC - Pulsing Smoke controller. Ever wanted a PULSING smoke effect? now you can get 22 different patterns

FB Jets Large L-39 Kevlar tank
Hello guys, I have a NIB never used FB Jets Large L-39 Kevlar fuel tank. these go for way over 100$ + shipping. prices to sell at 50$ + shipping. Dimensions: length: 260mm width: 170mm hei

Composite-ARF Ultra Flash RTF W/12X
Up for sale is an excellent Comp-Arf Ultra Flash in the Swiss scheme Ready to fly with JR 12X radio. Charge, fuel, and go fly! KingTech 140 w/14.6hours Behotech retracts w/Airtech linkage. Behotec

Hostetler Gilmore Red Lion Precision Cut Kits 84" WS
Had this a few years with intentions to build but haven't gotten to it- time for someone to build it! Nice wood, looks to be all there and in good shape These kits do not come with cowl , molded parts

Great Planes Ryan STA 82" WS
Still thinning the collection. Was going to convert to electric and never intended to sell, but it’s been sitting too long and needs to be built and flown. Close inspection shows all parts remain as t

E-Flite PT-19 450 45" Wingspan
Box top is a little faded. Contents are still taped in place as shipped from the factory. It's never been unpacked. Box size: 31~| x 10~| x 8~| and 5 1/2 lbs. Will be wrapped in cardboard for ship

wendell hostetler skybolt
i have a nice wendell hostetler skybolt. the plane has a sacks 62cc gas engine,new spinner,and new prop. the plane is done in cloth and painted all you need to do is add your servos and your gear of y

great plane's cherokee 40
i have a new great plane's cherokee 40. eveything is new to the build and has top of the line stuff know junk here! it has all new hitec servos all the way around! it also has a new brushless outrunne

wendell hostetler cessna 206
here is a wendell hostetler cessna 206. the plane has a 120 inch wingspan and yes its a two peace! it has lights in tail and it the wing and a scale nose gear! it has a 80cc gas engine. it needs a lit

thunder tiger gp-10x
i have a new thunder tiger gp-10x engine new in box never seen fuel! thanks for looking and god bless.

Dquad Obession X
They fly great but have found another build that I prefer. I will let these go at $200 per quad or take all 3 for $500.00 This is a steal of a deal and just need them gone. Each quad coast right at $4

Xoar Sword (Silver) 22x10 PJM Propeller
Xoar Sword PJM (silver) props. Never drilled, mounted or flown. These gas props are ready for you to drill, balance and fly! Both props $50 (includes shipping) CONUS paypal. Paid $33 ea + 11 shipp

Jet Central Dual Sequencer
JetCentral Dual Sequencer Specifications: 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and German) 4 pressure units (bar, kg/cm2, KPas, psi) Independent Gear and Canopy sequencer Ser

Biela 19x8x4 Semi-Scale Corsair Carbon Propeller
Four Blade propeller designed for: 19 x 8 Corsair - 45-55cc I mounted on static model, but propeller has not been drilled and has not flown. Biela Carbon propos come pre-balanced so this pro

Sullivan Validus GRS starter
Brand new Sullivan gas engine starter. Validus GRS Professional Engine Starter: Professional starter for large engines up to 350cc. It features a 3~| Aluminum Nose Cone, silicone insert, and HD 6 g

Wheel 50x19mm for 4 mm axis
50X19 mm wheel with rubber tire and ball-bearing for 4 mm axis CNC machined rim 7075, with ball-bearing, real soft rubber tire. Only 24 grams weight (included all parts). Perfect fits for some airli


Corsair 46-55 new in box
New in box from tower hobbies will include 2 new in box retract servos hitec hs-75bb

Joe Saitta 104" ME-163
104" wingspan ME-163, Fiberglass fuse, DLE-55 engine,Smart Fly Opt-Kill switch,Roto fuel tank,HS-5645 Digital servos, Has out rigger wheels that retract after takeoff. On final I use the Opt-Kill

Roban Superscale Bell 407 (700 size)
Price reduced by 100.00 This is a Roban Bell 407 (700) size prepainted kit. You will need to add your electronics to the aircraft. Includes scale lighting, landing gear, function doors and full i

GWS A-10 Warthog - EP
GWS A-10 Warthog foam kit. Grey color has an extra set of the ~|upgraded fans~| so there are 4 fans total. Appears complete.

13 1/2 ft. 1937 Aeronca C3
Scratchbuilt and designed by myself, 45% scale, 13 1/2' wing span, 34 lbs, Futaba servos 333 oz in. Power 120 twin JC Evo. Covered with orange 21st Century, trimmed with blue enamel, plug-in wing pa

90" Super Chipmunk
90" Wingspan Super  Chipmunk. Fuse has been glasses and painted,Brisson 50cc engine,Roto fuel tank,Smart Fly Opt-Kill switch,HS-5645 Digital servos, Has a two piece wing. Very Easy flyer!

H9 Carbon Cub
H9 Carbon Cub is in excellent shape. It has only three flights on it. The plane includes RCGF 20cc rear exhaust with pitts muffler, master airscrew prop, tru-turn spinner, 6' dubro tundra tires, stand

Lanier CAP 232 (1.5) NIB Kit
I have a NIB Lanier Cap 232 kit for sale. Box shows a little wear but the kit inside appears to all be there and is in great shape. I have held on to this as I used to have one back in the day and tho

Top Flite P-51D Mustang - 1/5 ARF
Top Flite 1/5th Scale P-51,DL-50 engine,Scale Exhaust(Keleo Creations) no longer available!,scale P-51 wheels,32oz Roto fuel tank,Smart Fly Opt-Kill switch,Hitec HS-5625 Digital servos. I have over $2

Blade 300 CFX
Selling the last of my Blade 300 CFX's. Ready to go, just Bind and Fly! Helicopter is in excellent condition and flies great! Save the best for last! Also included with the sale are all the new, sp

Castle Creations HV160 and RimFire 65cc
Have a RimFire 65cc and Castle Creations HV160 that has been sitting on the self that I just don't have a use for. It flew my Sukhoi Hangar9 Yak very well. Was flown on 12 and think it was around 60

yuneec quad copter
Yuneec 500+  quadcopter  like new  with 3 access gimble and camera GPS controlled from quad and transmitter..   if you lose sight of quadcopter just flip a switch and it will retur


hanger 9 1/3rd scale pawnee landing gear
Looking for new or used set of Hanger 9 1/3 scale pawnee landing gear with or without shocks.. would prefer a new set but willing to consider anything you have.

BH Models BNF T-28 Trojan saito fa100 TRADE Please Read.
NITRO T28 with flaps. 67~|wing Motor satio fa100 Apc prop true turn spinner All servos. Receiver spectrum Case power master fuel 6 gallons With pump 12 volt starter Glow plug warmer

Andrews Aeromaster Too Kit NIB
Vintage Aeromaster Too kit in very good condition. 3 Plan sheets plus pictured instructions. Canopy is very nice. Wire hardware bag unopened. Kit appears too be undisturbed. Excellent flier! Ships

AeroWorks Laser 200 30cc
Airframe only. Canopy has been damaged due to popping off in flight. Presently set up for an OS GT 33. LocaL pick up only.

Ziroli AT-6 Texan
Fro sale is a set of Ziroli AT-6 plans. These have not been used and are rolled in the tube. Asking $35.00 plus shipping.

NIB Hacker Q80-8M Electric Motor 50cc Gas Equivalent
NIB Hacker Q80-8M electric motor. Equivalent to a 50-80cc gasoline engine. I have multiple of these for sale (yes this is the second set of four I am listing). First four sold so if you missed these t

Fat Shark teleported v4 fpv headset with camera
Fat Shark teleported v4 fpv headset with camera Vs1100

Jet collection sale
I have a lot of high end airplanes that aren't getting flown and I'm thinking about just getting out.. BVM Mark 1 bandit. Rtf minus batteries and receiver. Kingtech k100 kero start. Great flyin

GS Warbird collection sale
Comp arf 1/4 p51, rtf minus red and batteries, retracts plus tailwheel, dle 85, digital servos, smoke system, 1 flight. Airframe from comp,arf is,$1890, retracts $900, shipping ***. $3000. (The only t

100cc plane sale, 3dhs, comp arf, wm, sd
I do old low energy 3d so the airframes have low stress 3d hobby shop 104 slick, new dle 120. I just installed it, flew previously on a dle 111. hitec 5955tgs. Rtf minus batts and rec. $1700 3d

Cermark Viper Mk II
This airplane is in new condition and professionally built. Includes Jet cat P-80SE Turbine with 6 hours total time. Add your receiver, bind and fly. The engine is guaranteed to be in excellent condit

Cassini Aeromodels F3A VIPER ARF
I won this in a local raffle I'm not into pattern flying so it's for sale has a 55~| wing fly's on .40 - .46 two stroke 4 channel. prefer LPU but will ship on Buyer Dime

Hobbico Field Box
For sale is a barely used Hobbico field box. Comes with the power panel, Hobbico Torquemaster starter fuel jug electric pump and plumbing. No 12V battery included, and if I'm shipping it, no fuel ju

Byron Mig Canopy
New Byron Mig canopy. For quick response email scaledynamics@yahoo.com

Byron Sliding Mustang Canopy
Byron P51 slider canopy in PETG. For quick response email scaledynamics@yahoo.com

Laser Models Laser Arrow Delta wing framed up
This is a Laser Models Arrow flying wing. I think the company went out of business? It is framed up and ready for finishing, will use anything from a .40 to a .91 2 stroke, or you could convert it to

VBar Control RX-Satellite
It is NEW without its box. The wire installed is for the old VBars before the NEO. In order to connect it to VBar Neo you will need to purchase the wire for it through Mikado($10). This is why i am

Ultimate team 3-d
Ultimate biplane. Everything is there to fly just needs remote.

CNC Machined-Laser cut Build & Balance stands
CNC Machined-Laser cut build & balance stands. Made one of these for my own personal use and liked it so much decided to build a few more. These have high quality non marking polyurethane casters, 1/2

6mm-x-3mm-Neodymium Magnets x 50
I have lots of these $15.76 for 50 shipped

10mm-x-2mm-Neodymium Magnet with 3M-Tape x 50
I have a few sets of these These come with sticky tape on one side $20.91 for 50 shipped

Saito FG 90R3 Radial
Saito 90cc gasoline 3 cylinder engine NIB. Bought earlier this year. 9 inch diameter is too big to fit into my 50cc Zero. $1500 market price so this is good deal for asking price. $1225 includes s

Bill Hempel 50% Yak 55
Bill Hempel 50% Yak 55 with 275 cc 3w completion series twin spark. E-mail for more information rhymerph@mymts.net glenr

Powerbox Cockpit SRS
Features SRS: Serial Receiver System provides the facility to use receivers with serial interface: Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX (incl. X-Plus channels), Multiplex M-Link, Futaba S-Bus, HoTT, JR X-BUS and

Magnum XL-70RFS
In great shape, smooth with strong compression. Never crashed.Price includes shipping in the US.

Twinsync by Wike RC new.  I have the instructions also.

JR PCM 10X Air
JR 10x in working order, all switches work with no broken switches, has Life battery with balance plug. 9channel 2.4 module,radio is in excellent condition. Please add 3% for paypal

30CC Valiant (Electric Power 110)
Extremely clean 30CC Valiant E-Powered. Unlimited vertical with the power 110 and 12 minute flight times off 10S 5,000 MAH packs. Plane has been flown a handful of times. Comes RTF with: Hitec HD s

Goldberg Sukhoi ARF - 1.20 (4-cycl)
Goldberg Sukhoi 72~| with O.S 1.20 4 Cycle with Jr PCM 10 with servos asking $300.00 text me at 937-679-0051 pick up only.

Jackal wings and horiz stab assy
Extras left over that i got with the original plane. No langing gear or servos.just both wings ang horz stab.

2Jetcat solenoids NIB
I have a pair of Jetcat solenoids that are NIB. Please call or text 617-538-7755 Matt for any questions. Price to sell $175 for the pair

Hitec X4 Multi Charger
Selling a slightly used Hitec X4 AC/DC Multi Charger. Can charge 4 batteries at a time. Plus it charges 6 different types of batteries. Uses AC or DC power supply. Asking $175 plus shipping and3% PayP

Vintage Kyosho Big Brute
Up for sale is a vintage Kyosho Big Brute rc truck. This truck is in good condition for its age and has only been used three or our times. It has some minor scrapes and dings from usage but overall

2- Fromeco 5200 LiIon Battery
Selling 2 NIB Fromeco 5200 LiIon Flat Pack batteries. Wish to sell as a pair. asking $120 for both plus shipping and 3% PayPal fees.

2- Futaba S9177SV
Selling 2 Futaba S9177SV High Voltage Servos that are NIB. Wish to sell both for $220 plus shipping and 3% PayPal fees.

Vintage Tamiya Lunch Box
Up for sale is a vintage Tamiya Lunchbox rc truck. This truck is in pretty good shape for its age. It only been ran two or three times and it comes with a new body kit and decals. There are minor c

RC Turbine Engine (JetCat 180 RXi)
JetCat 180 RXi, new, unused, but was installed in airplane that was sold separately. Includes FOD screen, GSU Terminal, engine mounts and cables, A123 Battery, JetCat Smoke Pump, and Mini GSU. Will

Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt ARF
Nice p47 biult with all the good stuff, lipo batt, to art retracts, difrent scene than the box, little devil, Saito 480 radial on gas, flies great. Just don't fly it much, needs to be flow. This thing

Pica Spitfire Mk IX - 1/5
i have a pica spitfire 1/5 scale mk trop all covered in fiberglass rivets and panel lines 3 blades aluminum spinner retracts aluminum wheels ready to paint this plane was flying is used and

DA-50(new in box)..Jtec pitts muffler(NEW)...
Selling for a friend a brand new, DA-50 and the Jtec Wrap around pitts muffler....reducing the price....great price for both $600.00 shipped .....the spinner in the picture was sold....thanks for look

YS Engines .45 FR (Rear Exhaust)
I have for sale a YS .45FR new in the box with the tuned pipe and header I was going to use but sold the plane

TechOne Neptune 64mm EDF Jet - PNP
LPU Only , as its to big to ship Its in great flying condition, Never crashed . Nice fun flyer at any speed, Wingspan 48.4in / 1230mm Length 24.8in / 630mm Flying Weight 660 - 710g Pow

Electric power grab bag
I have the following motors and ESC's that are excess to my needs. These are being sold as 1 lot. DESCRIPTION: 1. EFLight POWER 60 outrunner with Jeti ADVANCE 77 OPTO PLUS controller Used, excell

CMPro Lancair 360 /Mk2 50
Brand new in box. Blue and white color scheme. Beautiful ARF kit. $130 Plus Shipping

Chargers - New
Up for sale are two chargers. 1: Hobbico ACCU Cycle Elite (near new) Complete with power supply etc. 2: Dymond Super Turbo Charger Brand new and never used. $65 for both Shipped!!

HobbyZone Super Cub S 1.2M - BnF
Hobby zone super cub s BnF basic. Brand new in double box ready to ship. Just add charge your battery,add, bind and go fly!!

Hangar 9 Aresti 40
Hard to find Areati 40 by hangar 9. Plane is in mint condition. It's a great sports pattern plane. Cowl has some surface cracks but just cosmetic. Also comes with all servos installed. Ready for

2in Kraft wheels
I "m looking for two pairs of Kraft 2in wheels.

DLE 55RA Gas Engine. Bought this year, runs perfect and has been used little. Very clean and reliable. Free shipping upon receipt of payment.

Spektrum DX9 Black Transmitter
Spektrum DX9 Black 9 channel transmitter. Bought this year, perfect condition with little use. Includes transmitter, hard shell case, and charger. NO RECEIVER - TRANSMITTER ONLY. Free shipping upo

Spektrum DX7 Gen 2 Transmitter
Spektrum DX7 Gen 2. Perfect condition with little use. Includes transmitter, case, and charger. NO RECEIVER - TRANSMITTER ONLY. Free shipping upon receipt of payment.

Skymaster Mig-29
Unbuilt Skymaster Mig-29 in the German Scheme (Yellow, Red, Black). I bought it 2-3 years ago and it's been sitting around since then. Selling because I don't have time to finish it. Includes:

5 spectrum rx
I have a total of 5 spectrum rx for sale. 3 ar7000 with the extra rx attached 1 ar600 1 ar610 $100 shipped for all of the, won't separate

Smart-Fly Power Expander Pro
New Component List: Smart-Fly Power Expander Pro Super Regulator 2 Jumpers Pin & Flag Failsafe Switch 2-4cell Lithium Ion Battery Packs Reason for selling: These New items were instal

Ace 1/3 scale weeks special NIB
Ace 1/3 scale weeks special NIB. I bought this years ago. Have been collecting kits for years. Decided some have to go. This is a very rare kit. This is for sale only, NO TRADES! $400 Buyer pays ship

Byron Mig 15
Byron Mig 15 all framed up flying surfaces glassed ready for servos and power. Has removable wings

Byron F-16
Byron F-16 all framed up with sevrvos installed on control surfaces. This is later version with stab servos in the tail. Has retracts installed all parts to finish . Comes with extra set of wings and

Hitec Spectra Pro module
I am looking for a Hitec spectra Pro module or module on ch 51 for my Aurora 9.

jr -pro-pro transmitter holder
I have transmitter holder hands free good shape you can ajust height make it easyer to hold radio I take cost 90.00 it fully adjustable sides,on,off . over the sholder up or down. leaves hands free

hobbico accu -cycle pro-elite
this a hobbico accu-cycle pro elite charges 1-10 nicd or nimhs or 1-3 lithium-polymer or li-ions it charges,discharger,analyer for rc it comes with own power supply,hook it up to 12 volt and temp s

Kraft rec and servos
Kraft 4 ch rec. 72.830mhz, 2 kps-25k servos, 1 reg, 1 rev. with switch harness. just pay postage.

Tamiya King Hauler Shortened cab
I have a Tamiya King hauler semi Cab that I cut off for a dump truck project, I never used , I also have the sleeper can , sell $25.00 shipped

turnigy accucell-6 balance charger/dicharger
this a trnicy accucell-6 balancer,dischager with balanceing board. comes with book,and some charge plug

F/S Bennett chassis parts for clod
I have some original Bennett racing chassis parts for a Clod sell $25.00 shipped rare

Ziroli P-51 Mustang
i have this assembled p-51 from ziroli, its ready to paint, comes with all servos futaba, robart retracts. only 6 flights with a brison 95 (engine not included), tail wheel retract robarts. one piece

O&R 23 SP ignition engine
UP for sale O&R 23 SP ignition engine, great compression, original condition. shipping free in lower 48 states all others pay difference. Serial # 070285

Top Flite F4U Corsair - 60
i have a brand new kit top flite corsair gold edition i bought it a few years ago but never had the time to built asking $120 obo + shipping

BME-50cc, CH electronic ignition, BME pitts style muffler, very little run time, Piston still has milling lines on skirt Note that this is a beam mount engine, I think BME is the only one set up l

O&R 29 ignition engine
Up for sale O&R 29 ignition Engine, 65.00 OBO, original condition great compression. Free shipping in lower 48 states all others pay difference. Serial # 013634

ME - 262

Carl Goldberg Tiger 2 kit
This is a Carl Goldbetg Tiger 2 kit, an all time favorite, and a great flyer. Kit includes very nice wood, plans, manual, and canopy. Wing Span: 61 inch. Wing Area: 680 Sq. In. Length:

Great Planes Big Stik 60
Big stik 60 very fun and easy to fly. can be purchased ready to fly with your futaba tx. OS 75ax. 3 inch red truturn anodized spinner apc prop. Futaba R617FS 7-channel FASST RX. 4 Hitec 645MG

Sbach 60
For Sale Hanger 9 Sbach 60 very exciting and easy plane to fly. Can be purchased ready to fly with your Futaba TX. Saito 115. turbo muffler. truturn spinner and apc prop. 4 Hitec 645MG and 1 hi

Blazer Backlash Gen 3 lite carbon
Backlash Gen 3 Carbon lite Vacuum bagged sides, floor for added strength Carbon rods added at 3 forward bulkheads Has Blazer turning and bracket, Insane transom hardware Comes with driveshaft an

JS Model TZ-V2 3D Frenzy
This heli is in new shape, Only a test hover was done then lost interest in the hobby. It was built about two years ago with all new parts.The gyro cost more than I am asking for the whole heli. If yo

QAV 500 PROJECT, this is a project I started but lost interest in, everything is new, unused in excellent condition, no issues here. The following is included: QAV 500 frame w/aluminum arms, T-MOTOR M

1/3 Scale Elder
Not sure who the manufacturer is, 1/3 scale I believe a modified ELDER , 116~|WS fuse70~||,has a Zenoah G62, functional flying wires and functional landing gear, futaba S3001 servo on elevator,S9202

Byron Corsair slider Canopy
This is the optional Byron Corsair sliding canopy only...

Turnkey Elite Aerosports Shockwave
EA Shockwave with less than 30 flights was my demo for the first part of the 2015 show season. Sold it to a friend locally and he NEVER flew it. He's focusing on full scale so this is on the chopping

MTW tuned pipes RE2 for DA-120
Here is a complete setup of RE2s with 50mm drop headers for DA 120. Never crashed or bent!!! Includes; headers, tuned pipes, couplers, fasteners, flex extensions. You can see specs in Desert Aircr

Great Planes Extra 300 SP
Brand new, flies great. Rtf, just add receiver and battery Os AX46, all hitec MG servos, except throttle. Prefer local pickup near Greensboro, NC

Blade 230 S BNF (BLH 1580)
New in the box bought from Horizon Hobby (full description available at Horizon). Includes an extra battery so there are a total of two flight batteries. Cost at Horizon is $249.99 for the Blade and

New in box EMCOTEC POWERFUEL 380RX electric fuel pump a must for any large 4 stroke engine, opened for photos only. Asking $225 shipped to the lower 48 states, payment in form of PayPal (add 3%), pos

Robart 1/3 Scale Cub Landing Gear, New assembled for photo, has not been mounted. Sold the plane this was intended for funding other project, no longer need. Asking $175 with shipping in the lower 48

Dessert Winds ME 109
I have for sale a beautiful 100~| Dessert Winds ME 109 warbird. It has a fiberglass fuselage, foam balsa skinned and fiberglassed wings and tails, has a Quadra 75 on ignition for power, high quality J

Royal Lockheed P-38 Lightning laser cut short kit
Royal Lockheed P-38 Lightning laser cut short kit, plans & instruction. Buyer will receive nice, clean laser cut wood parts & plans only. SPECS: scale: 1/8 5 - 6 servos 6 functions

37% MX2
37% MX2 This is an EG Aircraft MX2 air frame that has less than 2 gallons of fuel with Sport flying on it only. No 3D Flying at all. There are no crashes, hard landings or damage. The DA has

Great Planes Reactor Biplane .61 GP/EP

AIRBUS A-400M Laser Cut Short Kit & Plans 76" WS Electric Power
Large Scale Airbus A-400M short kit & plans. Buyer will receive nice, clean laser cut wood parts & plans only. SPEC: 5 - 7 servos Weight: 9 pounds 5 - 6 functions radio 76 inches

Saito FA-100

Tatone mufflers
Two identical mufflers. Not sure what they fit. Holes are 1 13/16 apart

Control Horns
I have a bunch of control horns for sale. Here's what's included: 2- Rocket City Swivel Clevis Super Horn #8 Thread 4- Rocket City Swivel Clevis Super Horn #10 Thread 6- Nelson Hobby 8-32 Swivel L

OS 108 160 motor mounts
OS 108 and 160 mounts. One is modified for 160 to fit.

OS 108 160 muffler parts
Various muffler parts for OS 108 and 160 2 stroke glow. Prop nuts and washers.

Great Planes Piper J-3 Cub (60)
A Great Planes J-3 Cub NIB, looking for a builders home. Very nice wood, decals, windows, plans, manual., just a very nice builders kit. $100.00 Wing Span:: 76.5 inch Length: 49 inc

AquaCraft AirForce
AquaCraft AirForce RTR New with Upgraded Evolution 52 Engine New. Brand new assembled and test started. Comes with Futaba/ Aquacraft 2 channel Transmitter and new 6 volt NiMh Battery installed. New E

Graupner MZ-18 W/ GR-12L 6 Channel Receiver
I have a nice Graupner MZ-18 with 6 channel receiver up for sale. This is a very nice radio with tons of features, touch screen is perfect no scratches. The radio has a Graupner 4000 mAH lipo battery

Graupner MZ24 Pro NEW $399
Brand new Graupner MZ24 Pro with two 6 channel and one 8 channel receivers, charger, micro-SD, carrying case, strap. Never used. Include all items exactly the same as in this video: https://youtu

35% extra 300 w/ tuned DLE 111
Fully ready to fly with all servos and electronics. Includes brand new lipos, JR failsafe receiver with 4 satellites. All JR digital servos made in Japan. I can deliver plane near 07002 or 18334

Top Flite P-51 A kit
This is a Top Flite P-51A Mustang, with very nice wood, decals, plans, fittings pkg, manual, plus a Conversion kit to make it into a D model. For the builder who demands the best in a builders kit.

Top Flite Orion
I have a NIB Top Flite Orion I would like to trade for a Top Flite Kwik Fli III.

Bill Hemple 50% Cub
Have flown this 50% cub that I picked up at Joe Nall maybe 10 times. I love the way this clipped wing flies with the ZDZ-210. Unlimited Vertical!!! I sold the trailer because the neighborhood asso

Hyde Mount for Ys Engine
Not certain if it fits 120, 140, 170 etc. Probably all Acquired in trade Maybe Merle Hyde could chip in and answer. Or Chip Hyde for that matter. Call Jim 918-638-7999 tulsa

Call Jim 918-638-7999 Tulsa

Zenoah G-62
1 Gallon through. Call Jim 918-638-7999 Tulsa

1/3 Bucker Jungmann
I have discarded the box in the last 6 months, but the kit is still in the plastic. Call Jim 918-638-7999 Tulsa OK

Great Planes Giant Super Sportster
For sale Great Planes Giant Super Sportster w/ a like new Fuji 34B gas engine. Fly's great and I have new wheel pants and a cowl still in plastic bag for it. Price is $395.00 pick-up only. Just ad you

Team Losi Night Crawler Roller
I have a nice Losi Night crawler roller , it's 1/10th, has integy 55 turn crawler motor, and a hitec metal geared steering servo,also includes nib Futaba 3PM fm radio, No Reciever, includes a full ext

Hangar 9 P-47 D Thunderbolt Dle 55
Never Flown. Assembled with Electric Retracts. Bind and Fly. Call or text for more info. Prefer Call. Reference the P-47 for sale. Don't check this much. Jim 918-638-7999 no shipping

Great Planes Extra 300 Dle 30 RTF
Thinning the Herd. Flown about 5 times. Includes DLE 30 Gas Engine. Local Pickup. Call Jim for more info. 918-638-7999

Hangar 9 Hellcat W/ Dle 30
Probably 6-8 flights on plane and engine. Electric retracts. Bind & Fly. Call Jim for more info. Don't check here much. 918-638-7999 no shipping

Top Flite P-51D Mustang - 1/5 ARF
Have a new in the bag chin piece for the bottom of the wing in the front.$10.00  Will ship no problem.

NIB Super Tigre G-51 Ring (incl. NIB Slimline Pitts Muffler)
I have 2 NIB Super Tigre .51 Ring engines. These are a far superior power 2 stroke glow engine where you want a .40 sized plane to excel. Each engine has stock muffler AND a NIB Slimline Pitts muffler

Electra turbine
Turbine Electra composite. Blue retracts and all servos bypass and tailpipe add RX and turbine and fly..only 5 flights so far

JetCat P-60
Brand new p60 see serial # 7407 never out of box. Non kero start. 1 year old

Alula-TREK Glider-Slope-DLG-Motor Glider-BNF-Free Ship
Dream-Flight Alula-TREK Glider Can be flown as a slope soarer, discus launch glider or a motor glider. Comes with two separate fuselages, one for soaring and one for motor gliding. Comes with the

Top Flite P-51D Mustang - 60 ARF
I have a new in box Top Flite p-51 ARF (60-120 ), the flaps have been installed but all else is untouched. I am hoping I can find someone who is willing to swap the Top flite (60-120) P-47 ARF in simi

K-140E Turbine
Used engine for parts. Propane start, no ecu or egt,engine was in a crash,serial #166,no damage to compressor,shaft,burner,exhaust wheel,or can. Have propane and fuel solenoids.

Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt ARF
I have a new in box Top Flite p-51 ARF (60-120 ), the flaps have been installed but all else is untouched. I am hoping I can find someone who is willing to swap the Top flite (60-120) P-47 ARF in sim

BVM King Cat
Custom Dupont Paint. All the recommended JR digital servos. Booma regulator. Pitot tube for airspeed telemetry. Extra tires and Flex Plates. Wing and boom bags. Overall condition 9.9. Shipping or d

Kits For Sale NIB
All Kits Are new in the box unstarted unless noted,prices listed are the selling prices,lowball offers will be ignored. Due to varied work schedule most things are shipped on Saturday morning .All m

Up for sale are Constant-tension wide-band clamps. Most of these clamps are new and some have some wear that was used for testing. Specs: .597~| wide, min diameter w/no tension .700~| diameter, ma

Teflon/PTFE tubing 5/8" ID
Up for sale is Extreme-Temperature Teflon® PTFE Semi-Clear Tubing with a temp range from -400F- 500F Tubing dimensions: 5/8~| ID, 11/16~| OD, wall thickness 1/32~|, length 8~| This works well a

Up for sale are Constant-tension wide-band clamps. These clamps are zinc plated with an black oxide coating. Specs: .597 wide, min diameter w/no tension .925~| diameter, max diameter 1.125~|. Th

Up For sale are O-rings of various sizes and type. I mainly use them for replacing the O-rings in Du-Bro fueling valves in the standard and large. My price is $1.25 for a set of ten (10) O-rings,

ESM F4-U Corsair
NEW IN BOX, PICK UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING! NO TRADES! Features: -All composite fuselage construction, with built up wings and surfaces. -All scale details molded into the fiberglass parts, includin

ESM Hellcat
NEW IN BOX, PICK UP ONLY, NO TRADES Features: -All Composite fuselage construction with detailed panel lines and rivets molded in, Built up wing with fabric covering and painted detail on all su

Enya .15 IV model#3304 Super clean!
Super clean and reliable Enya.15 IV. This is a classic performer! Price reflects engine condition however, don't hesitate to make me a reasonable offer.

O.S. Engines O.S. .40 LA Blue in excellent condition
Broken in and flown twice. Super clean! Reliable OS engine. This is a great video representation! https://youtu.be/028PjsE2oNk

Spektrum DX8
This Spektrum DX-8 system has been my primary system and I have used it for everything from Park Flyer to giant scale. Includes box, neckstrap, charger. Transmitter battery has been upgraded to a 4000

Transmitter Switch Color Nuts
These work with Futaba, JR, DEVO, Also works with Taranis also the new QX7, but they do sit a little higher then the stock ones is what Im told You get 12 nuts with Tool and they come in Yellow, B

Laser 150
This engine is in great shape. Runs fantastic." Comes with a Tru Turn spinner and a Swtich Glo Pro on board glow igniter module. I contacted manufacturer and they said it was made in 2003. The

530PCS 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Set
I have a few boxes Package includes: (Quantity+Diameter+Length+Color) 80pcs x 1.5 x 45mm Yellow 80pcs x 2.0 x 45mm Blue 80pcs x 2.0 x 45mm Black 60pcs x 3.0 x 45mm Green 50pcs x 4.0 x 45m

Have excellent running 20cc zenoah gas engine, that has extremely low time. I purchased a pristine taylorcraft plane with this engine mounted. It started right up and I flew a few times and decided

O.S. Engines O.S. .46 FXi
Strong running engine in overall great condition. Excellent compression, smooth bearings and runs perfectly. Glow plug included, complete, nothing damaged or missing. Asking $40 plus $8 for shipping i

O.S. Engines O.S. 1.20 AX

Garage Sale Ad!!
The following list of used engines are from the estate of a deceased control line modeler. He did not fly much, but was a prolific builder. They look to be low time, but are gummed up or seized as mar

Hanger 9 Super Decathalon
MAKE OFFER NEED TO MOVE. Awesome super nice Hanger 9 Decathalon 138 ~| wing span All JR equipment used All JR extensions used DS 8611 servos on all flying surfaces New A 123 airborne pack JR alu

Futaba R617FS
I bench tested each receiver and found no problems with any one of them. Plus all were working perfectly when I removed them from the planes. $55 each. $50 apiece if you buy more than one plus free s

Starter, panel and battery box
I am pretty much out of glow planes and have a starter, panel and battery box I no longer need. Come get it all for $20 Now $15 Now $10 Now $5 Now free

AeroWorks Yak 54 - 50cc
Up for sale is a beautiful Yak 54 50 cc aerobatic airplane from Aeroworks in almost new condition. It comes with custom wing and tail bags. It is powered by a DA 50 engine turning a Xoar 22 X 8 pr

Sirius Limited Edition Heavy Duty charger, Reduced
Sirius Limited Edition Heavy Duty 2 Amp charger. Checked out and it works. Will charge 2 large receiver batteries at once. Thanks, Mike 75.00 No box or instructions on charger. Fr

46" Foam Float cores
Sea Plane Supply Deep V Bottom w/flat at the step foam cores ( 2 ) 46~|. Un touched still in the plastic bag. cost new on these are 56.00 + shipping. Can deliver to Lake Perris, or Lake Havasu

HEAVY DUTY Robart 151 & 158 large scale landing gear, set of 3
set of 3 L/G. 2 mains and 1 front steerable landing gear. NIB

George W. Bush Jet Pilot
Pretty awesome jet pilot will some incredible equipment. In excellent condition although the box is a little worn. Dubya is 12 inches tall.  I'll pay shipping.

TamJets A-4
Here is my Tamjets A4 Skyhawk in Blue Angels livery. All equipment was brand new! Which includes Jetcat P-100RX Turbine. Turbine has approximate of 2 hours run time. Runs flawlessly and comes with IO


SLICK 540. 50CC


Composite-ARF Extra 330L 2.6M ARF - 4.8
This is a gorgeous, well-built example of one of the highest quality giant scale aerobatic aircraft in existence. It was built by an expert builder and flew at Joe Nall in 2005. All composite const

Falcon 120 jet nitro models
White and orange, in great shape never flown. Everything there. Kit only, 175.00 shipped. Just the airframe, nitro models

Jet retracts pro link
New retracts , tri gear , two main , one nose, alum. Wheels and brakes, and tires not used . In new condition.300 shipped. Pro link

Composite Arf Mig-29
Looking for a NIB Composite Arf Mig-29.

Good day everybody! I have for sale 1 side exhaust Dle 20 engine. This engine is in great shape and runs amazing. I purchased new. I have burned a little over 1 gallon of fuel in it. It is

ultra fash
TOP OF THE LINE ULTRA FLASH  just like new with jet monts - 200 JETI central box 400 with 24 channel servo interface , XICOY flight computer & recorder FC1 ,Cortex  Jyro . ,Biotech C-40

Ohio Model Products Edge 540 Profile
Ohio Models Profile 58' Wing OS .90 FX Ready to Fly Receiver Spektrum Battery A123 Fuel her up and Fly.

Evolution 15cc Gas Engine NIB
Selling a brand new in box Evolution 15cc Engine. This is the earlier version. It has never been mounted or seen fuel. Buyer pays for shipping. Thank you.

Evolution 10cc Gas Engine NIB
Selling a brand new in box Evolution 10cc Gas Engine. This is the earlier version. Has never been mounted or seen fuel. Buyer pays for shipping. Thank you.

Xoar Props-- Price Reduction
Lot of Xoar Props beachwood 19-10 new 20-8 new 20-10 new 22-14 drilled 6hole pattern never mounted all in perfect condition, new 45.00 including shipping

BH Models T-28 Trojan 61
BH MODELS T-28 TROJAN.BIND &a Fly. E-flite motor power 80 & E-Flite ESC.(No Shipping)

Robart retracts 520 Tricycle gear
New set of 520 tricycle gear complete with air tank, hose, main gear wires and valves.

KingTech K-80
Hi; I am selling my King Tech Turbine K80 20 lbs thrust with all electronics needed for installation to run the engine. It was recently returned to service by King Tech Turbine for 25hrs check up

Garage Sale Ad!! Kits!!!
1) House of Balsa Chipmunk ½ A $75 2) House of Balsa Bonanza ½ A  $75 3) FlyZone Tiger Moth (used) $50 4) Great Planes Giles 202 60"WS TS .40-.60 or FS.71-.90 $100 5 Great

BVM Ultra Bandit Revoc Custom Wing Bags
Brand new set of revoc custom wing bags for ultra bandit. these cost 260.00 including shipping from revoc. buyer pays shipping.

Phoenix Strega 40
Selling for a friend,a BRAND NEW, Ready to fly Strega....just add receiver and battery.....Has a brand New OS 46 (2 stroke)...never had fuel....all JR servos installed..Reducing the price to $150.00 .

YAK 54-BRAND NEW......

Pro-Link landing gear assemblies
complete set of Pro-Link landing gear including wheels and brakes. mains: 5 5/16~| long (mounting surface to axle extended), 3 1/4~| wheels, all Pro-Link. nose: 6 1/4~| long (mounting surface to axl

PST Jets J600
Pst 600R 14 lbs. The power box shows 46 minuets , 20 starts.

Hangar 9 Funtana S 3D .60-.90 ARF

Byron F86 Sabre
Byron F86 Sabre, New in the Box as shipped from Byron Originals. I don’t know if it has retracts, and I’m not going to unpack it to see. Buyer pays actual shipping charges. I will take to UPS for

Great Planes Big Stik 40
.40 size plane with a OS .46AX glow fuel engine. Roughly 2 1/2 gallons of fuel through it. All Futaba S3004 servo's and the alerons have carbon fiber push rods with ball joint for smooth and strong op

Need OS E4010 Muffler for 61FX
I need a muffler for an OS 61 FX engine. P/N is E4010 or equivalent.

Scorpion SII 5535 190KV ELECTRIC MOTOR WITH cASTLE eDGE 160hv esc
This is a new Scorpion SII-5535-190KV brushless motor and new Castle Creations 160HV electronic speed control. This can produce the power of a 50cc gas engine. Using an APC 20x10 prop on 12S lipo ba

Dave Brown 6 inch Spinner, Ultimate
New in package- Dave Brown 6in aluminum Ultimate spinner. Cut for Mej 28.5x12x3 blade. Light backplate, drilled for DA 150. $100, free shipping.

EMHW Bellanca 3.4m XXL NIB Kit
Hello Guys, I have a NIB EMHW Bellanca 3.4m XXL Kit. I picked this up with all intentions to build it, but I have my Storch, JW Sopwith Pup, and GTM SE5a all in line before this one, so to free up

6 inch Carbon Fiber Spinner, 2 blade Extra
Light backplate, drilled for DA 150. $100, free shipping.

6 inch Carbon Fiber Spinner, 3 blade Ultimate
Light Backplate, drilled for DLE 170. $100, free shipping.

5 inch Fiberglass Spinner, Red.
3 blade, Ultimate. Aluminum light backplate, drilled for DA 150. $75, free shipping.

Yellow Aircraft Spitfire Mk XIV
Time to think about your winter project. Full kit of Yellow Spit, retracts, cockpit kit, full decals, spinner. Everything straight from Yellow Aircraft. You can't beat the price Local pickup o

5 inch Carbon Fiber spinner, painted red.
5in, carbon fiber, painted red. Aluminum backplate drilled for DA 100 and DA 150. $50, free shipping.

5 inch Extra Carbon Fiber spinner
Cut for Mej 28.5x12x3. Light aluminum backplate, drilled for DA 150. $100, free shipping.

5 inch Carbon Fiber spinner, 2 blade. Extra
2 blade, Extra. Light aluminum backplate, drilled for DA 100 and DLE 170. $80, free shipping.

Byron Bonanza V35B
New on the Box Byron Originals Beechcraft Bonanza V35B ,as sent from Byron, never unpacked. I don’t know if it has retracts or not? I have no intentions of unpacking to see. Buyer pay actual shipp


5 inch Fiberglass Spinner, Extra.
Aluminum backplate, undrilled/uncut. $65, free shipping.

5 inch Carbon Fiber spinner, 2 blade
Ultimate, 2 blade. Light backplate drilled for DA 100. $80, free shipping.

Hacker 70-sb-pro esc new in package free ship
$70.00 USD Seller Pays Shipping For Sale Hacker 70-sb-pro esc new in package free ship The new SB Pro series speed controllers ESC feature new technology called "switching BEC", that al


4.5 inch Fiberglass Spinner, Blue
4.5 inch Fiberglass spinner, painted blue. 2 blade, aluminum backplate- drilled for DA 100. $50, free shipping.

3.5inch Carbon Fiber spinner, 3 blade
Light backplate, drilled for DA 100. $45, free shipping.

4.5 inch CF Spinner, 3 blade.
Aluminum backplate, light drilled for DA 100. $65, free shipping.

Byron original Baron 58
New in Box Byron Originals Beechcraft Baron 58 kit. Comes with retracts and spinner. Very nice kit new never started. Buyer pay Actual shipping charges, I will take to UPS for shipping. Box size

P-51 House of Balsa, .40 size kit

4.5 inch Carbon Fiber spinner, 2 blade.
Light aluminum backplate, drilled for DA100 and DA150. $75, free shipping.

5 inch Fiberglass Spinner Extra. Undrilled, Uncut aluminum backplate.
$65, free shipping

AeroWorks Extra 260 Free Style, QB

Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt - 61

Garage Sale Ad!!
The following list of used engines are from the estate of a deceased control line modeler. He did not fly much, but was a prolific builder. They look to be low time, but are gummed up or seized as mar

4 inch Carbon Fiber spinner, 3 blade- drilled for DA100
$40, free shipping.

Duralite Battery Tester/Load Meter
For sale is a Duralite Battery tester/Load meter. I bought this new little over a year ago from my local hobby shop who still had one. I dont think you can buy these new anymore. Great tool for the fl

4.5 inch ultimate fiberglass spinner. aluminum backplate, undrilled/uncut

4 inch fiberglass ultimate style spinner. aluminum backplate drilled for DA 100

Vess 27B propeller
New unopened Vess 27B ,similar to 10 or 12 pitch Also a 24 12 Zinger drilled for 100 to 120 engines. Both for 40.00 shipped in conus

Sky hero mini spyder with dx7s radio rtf
for sale a skyhero mini spyder with camera and dx7s radio with charger eagle tree navigation system receiver to transmit via goggles or monitor 2 batteries with battery charger extra blades and carryi

Futaba 12FG + (3) 7ch Fasst Rx
Paypal only please. If you don't want to use Paypal please don't make an offer...too many issues in the past. Used excellent Futaba 12FGA Tx with (2) R607FS and (1) R617FS Rx. Tx is equipped with

27 10 propeller
27 10 custom painted carbon prop. Used it on my DLE 111. Works perfect . Cool looking too. No defects or nicks . Perfect condition Cost new was 125.00. Shipping 8.00

DLE 120 with mufflers
This DLE motor is in excellent conditon. The motor has enough flight time to be broken in. The motor fuel mixture was 40:1. I flew a 37% Pilot Edge 540 with this motor. I used about half throttle

Showtime 90 with Saito 125
Showtime 90 with a Saito 125. In good shape. Comes with Hi-Tec servo . 350 or best offer. 979-253-1352. I have a lot of extras I will give. Chargers and rc parts. Call for details

Jetcat P180rx
This is a P180rx with just over 6 hours of run time and was sent back to jetcat for failed to start. Jetcat replaced the starter o ring and working perfect. Comes with gsu but no battery. Will only

Kingtech k170F kero start
This is a complete k170f with everything pictured plus gsu. I'll confirm hours but in very good condition with kero start upgrage

TBS Tango TX with 1 Module
Have a FPV >TBS Tango Transmitter been using it for a short time FPV Just not my Thing , Will ship free to the lower 48 States in the box , NO charger with the radio a USB cable is required ,it is a

Garage Sale Ad!! Giant Scale Gas Engine Mufflers
New in Package are old stock I have of 3W and DA muffler systems. Will be adding more but this is what I have listed at the moment Qty Description Asking

Garage Sale Ad!!
The following list of used engines are from the estate of a deceased control line modeler. He did not fly much, but was a prolific builder. They look to be low time, but are gummed up or seized as mar

Zenoah G-62
For Sale Zenoah G-62 (3.8ci) Engine +Magneto Ignition system +B&B Muffler (installed) +Engine mount plate (installed)+New Boca Bearings (Installed) +3 inch Prop Shaft Extension (Installed) +

Kyosho Calmato 60 Sports
For Sale Is a Kyosho Calmato9 Sports 60 Evolution 61 two stroke 72 inch wingspan Throttle JR DS 821 Elevator JR DS 821 Rudder JR DS821 Ailerons 2 each JR ST47BB. No Crash Damage Nice Flying

Full body pilots
Hello guys, I'm looking for civilian full body pilot figures -- 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5 scale. Any help or leads would be appreciated! Thanks, Patrick

Seagull Edge 540 .60
For sale is a 60 size Seagull edge 540 This plane has a wingspan just under 64 inches. It is powered by an OS 91FX two stroke engine with less than a gallon of fuel run through it. 2 ea JR DS 537 o

Hangar 9 Cessna 182 Skylane - 150
Cessna 182 Skylane Remote Control Airplane by Hangar 9 This is a large airplane with a 94 inch wingspan It is powered by a Saito 150 Golden Knight 4 stroke engine. It has functioning flaps, a scale


Welcome! I am offering a vintage Sterling WACO S.R.E. remote control balsa airplane model kit. This kit has a finished wingspan of 56 1/2~| and will require a .40 to .60 engine. This kit is compl

NIB Saito FA-120
NIB Saito FA-120S $250.00 Shipped CONUS

Flying Wing
For sale is a homemade flying wing, much like the very popular Zagi. Comes as a bind-and-fly with motor, servos, esc, and receiver (DSM2). Flies great on a 3S 1800mAh battery (no batteries included)

Hangar 9 Tribute 4D 36
For sale is a bind-and-fly Tribute .36 airplane. Comes complete with servos, receiver, battery, all pictured parts. It has the normal wear and tear of an older plane, but still flies like a champ. B

Looking to buy a Tamiya f350 high lift
Looking to buy a Tamiya f350 high lift truck, lmk what you got

Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 ARF
4 year old TT Raptor 30 V2 ARF TT .39 engine Carbon Fiber Blades Light paddles Futaba 9252s on controls Futaba 9254s on tail Alight Ignition regulator CY Solid G Gyro

I-Jets Black Mamba 30lb thrust kero start
--Last Price drop.. This is bottom dollar. Low time 30# thrust with Kero Start, under $1000 shipped -- Thanks for looking. Up for sale is an i-Jets black mamba Kero Start 30lb thrust turbine se



Brand new Futaba 18SZ
Hello up for sale is a brand new Futaba SZ color touch screen radio. This radio is brand new never used completely sealed with full documentation neck strap battery and switch. Includes R7008S

Bonzi Sports Bonzi
this is a 50~| Bonzi with hardware and motor. never finish never run. has custom JD paint job. boat is immaculate. please see pictures.

96" catamaran
this is a 96~| cat with twin 2 cylinder zenoahs with RCMK top ends. boat has german hardware. needs to be finished. please contact me for more information or pictures if you need any. has all the pip

Sig Kadet Senior - 46
Red Sig Cadet ARF .46 size Brand new condition. Only owned for 2 years and rarely flown. Super Tiger .45 Motor + Prop Futaba servos all around Add rx and fly Prefer Local pickup or meeting wi

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