This is a digest of the RCUniverse video archive, which contains RC cars, RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC jets, RC park flyers, and radio control events of all types.

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13Kavan Projeti - EPProjeti Fly ByHigh Res - 613 KB
14Flying Styro Kits Rare Bear Reno Racer - EPI was impressed with the Flying Styro Rare Bear. From the ultra simple construction to the great flying characteristics, I think it is worth the investment for some lunchtime flying enjoyment or for indoor racing with your buddies.High Res - 303 KB
15Modell Studio Twin AventuraAventura II Take OffHigh Res - 475 KB
16Graupner Showflyer - 60ShowFlyer in a hoverHigh Res - 683 KB
17Graupner Showflyer - 60Video of Showflyer flippin' & floppin'High Res - 383 KB
18Hangar 9 46% TOC Ultimate 10-300In the end all I can say is, WOW! From the time I opened the box, to when I fired the motor up for the first time, I had no MAJOR issues with this kit...High Res - 7.5 MB
Med Res - 3.3 MB
Low Res- 639 KB
19Top Flite P-51D Mustang 1/5 Scale ARFBased very closely on the kit's design, the introduction of this famous P-51 offering in ARF form has caused quite a buzz.High Res - 3.48 MB
20Great Planes Extra 300S 1/4 1.60 ARFTake off and Landing.High Res - 4.4 MB
Med Res - 1.4 MB
21Great Planes Extra 300S 1/4 1.60 ARFAerobatics Video OneHigh Res - 6 MB
Low Res- 1.9 MB
22Great Planes Extra 300S 1/4 1.60 ARFAerobatics Video TwoHigh Res - 5.5 MB
Low Res- 1.8 MB
23Hobbico NexSTAR Select - 46Take off and Landing the NexSTARHigh Res - 4.8 MB
24Hobbico NexSTAR Select - 46Flying, Loops and RollsHigh Res - 4.8 MB
Low Res- 1.5 MB
25Sportsman Aviation Paramount Freestyle ARF - 60Flying, Full aerobatics and 3DHigh Res - 9 MB
Med Res - 3.3 MB
26Sportsman Aviation Paramount Freestyle ARF - 603D, 3D and a little more 3DHigh Res - 3 MB
27Hangar 9 Funtana 3D - 40Video of the Funtana with the Saito 72High Res - 5.51 MB
28Hangar 9 Funtana 3D - 40See the AWESOME flight performance by Zak West High Res - 6.68 MB
29Cen Racing TR4The TR4 is the topic of this review and CEN boasts quite heavily about this 2 speed transmission, 4 wheel drive nitro car.High Res - 5.0
30GWS A-10 Warthog - EPI'm a huge warbird fanatic, and with the short flying seasons in Ohio, I need to keep some small electric planes around for the indoor flying season and those occasional afternoons that warm up in the winter. High Res - 4 MB
31Lanier RC Laser 200 ARF - 3.2At $599 the Lanier 1/3 Scale Laser 200 ARF is an awesome value for a giant scale plane. Quality construction and a complete hardware package make it perhaps the best buy on the market to date.High Res - 4.5 MB
32Kangke Texas Hurricane - 1.2A unique, easy to assemble, 2.4-3.2 size 3D machine! The Kangke Texas Hurricane is a real show time performer modeled after the plane that made Debby Rihn-Harvey famous!High Res - 5.48 MB
33Team Losi XXX-T Sport RTRCatching some Air!High Res - 1.58 MB
Med Res - 322 KB
34Team Losi XXX-T Sport RTRHaving some fun!High Res - 4.79 MB
Med Res - 810 KB
35Kyosho Pitts Special S-2C - 40Following the Pitts S-2B is the S-2C. The differences in the full scale model promise better vertical lines and increased hang time.
36Cermark Javelin II - 46The Javelin II is a beautiful plane that offers quick assembly (less than a day) and great performance. It is priced well and you get a quality product in return. Aside from the very minor misses like replacing the clevis', the plane is a tremendous value and would be a great pattern plane for the beginner as well as a seasoned pilot. High Res - 2.97 MB
37Kyosho Fortune 612If ever there was a boat for the first time sailing enthusiast, this is it! High Res - 6.09 MB
38Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D ARF - 46WILD 3D - Rolling Harriers, Blenders & Torque RollsHigh Res - 7.84 MB
39Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D ARF - 46Take off, hovering and rollingHigh Res - 4.36 MB
40Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D ARF - 46A little Pattern Flying with the U-Can-Do 3D ARF - 46High Res - 3.41 MB
41Hobbico AquaCraft Nitro HammerThere is nothing more fun during the peak of summer than to head off to the local lake or pond and tear up the water with a nitro powered boat.High Res - 1.52 MB
42Northeast Sailplane Javelin 2Wow what can I say? I hate to admit that Sal was right :-) While I do not see myself selling all my Gas and Glow powered planes, I can certainly see the attraction to electric flight.High Res - 5.9
Low Res- 1.9
43Flying Styro Teddy BearSee the Teddy Bear in action.High Res - 3.1 MB
44Midwest Aerobat"The Perfect Second Airplane" - That is how Midwest touts The Aerobat, their new intermediate trainer. The Aerobat is similar to their popular trainer, The Aero-Star 40, but it sports a semi-symmetrical wing, less dihedral, and larger ailerons. High Res - 6.3 MB
Med Res - 2.1 MB
Low Res- 266 KB
45JR Voyager E CCPMThe JR Voyager E is the perfect solution if you are looking for a heli that you can fly anytime, anywhere without disturbing anyone!High Res - 3.3 MB
46Lanier RC Mariner 40So, get out the rowboat, and waterproof those receivers… WE'RE GOIN' FLOAT FLYIN'! High Res - 3.0 MB
Med Res - 526 KB
Low Res- 253 KB
47Northeast Sailplanes Accord III did not feel that I was given up anything by going to an electric plane other than, of course, fuel, noise, mess, etc... High Res - 4.8 MB
48Kyosho Caliber 30 ARFThe Caliber 30 ARF can get you into the air in no time at all thanks to its very complete pre-assembly.High Res - 4.1 MB
Low Res- 1.3 MB
49Goldberg Ex-Treme 330 ARFWhen using the 5 star maximum, I couldn't help but give it 5 start in just about every categoryHigh Res - 2.82 MB
50Kyosho Inferno MP-7.5 Sport/GS .21RKyosho's MP-7.5 Sports RTR 4WD Racing buggy is one awesome machine. With the 7.5's long and impressive track record, it is no wonder this car is anything but!. High Res - 5.68 MB
51Kangke MonocoupeIf you're looking for a classy giant-scale model that's quick and easy to build, can accommodate a wide variety of engines, has wonderful flight characteristics and is just plane (pun intended) fun to fly.....High Res - 3.42 MB
52Model Tech Excite 90All in all this was a VERY comfortable plane to fly. Extremely predictable in it's reaction to situations.High Res - 3.96 MB
53Midwest Products Co. U.S. Coast Guard LifeboatIf you ever wanted a boat that not only performed scale-like, and also has exceptional scale details, and can go from box to water in less than an hour.High Res - 2.6 MB
Med Res - 1.6 MB
54Hot Bodies Online A7 CorsairIf you have been thinking about getting a ducted fan jet, the Hot Bodies A7 Corsair will not disappoint. High Res - 3.0 MB
55Klein Alpha JetI am intrigued by the inherent design of the fan/motor combo and its ability to develop enough thrust to not only help the plane fly, but to propel it at great speeds.High Res - 4.0 MB
Med Res - 2.0 MB
56S2G BOLEROTakeoff and Landing VideoHigh Res - 1.33 MB
57S2G BOLEROAerobatics VideoHigh Res - 850 KB
58DuraTrax Axis Buggy w/TORQ - RTRIs this a beginners 1/8 scale buggy as Duratrax proclaims? I would have to say yes.High Res - 4.2 MB
Low Res- 600 KB
59Kyosho Speed Vee 800 - EPKyosho has a impressive line of model R/C boats that seems to be continually growing. The Speed Vee 800 is an achievement that they should be proud of. High Res - 2.50 MB
60Wild Hare R/C Giles G202 35%It was immediately apparent that this was a substantial model.High Res - 14.9 MB
Low Res- 4.32 MB
61AeroWorks Extra 300L - Profile 91/1.5In FlightHigh Res - 2.0 MB
Med Res - 1.2 MB
62AeroWorks Extra 300L - Profile 91/1.5HoveringHigh Res - 5.9 MB
Med Res - 1.7 MB
63Graupner Funky ChickenWhat? You mean this thing really DOES fly? It sure does and surprisingly well.High Res - 2.2 MB
64Creek Hobbies Sukhoi 31M - 120It features high quality construction, is beautifully covered and painted, and flies like a dream.High Res - 3.0 MB
65Great Planes Model Distributors Venus 40Great Planes Venus ARF Video Montage 1 High Res - 3.1 MB
Low Res- 1.2 MB
66Great Planes Model Distributors Venus 40Great Planes Venus ARF Video Montage 2 High Res - 2.5 MB
Low Res- 1.2 MB
67Kavan He-162 Salamander - EDFThe HE-162 feels much like a trainer in the air.High Res - 4.0 MB
68Kyosho FV-1000The jet is at home performing high-speed low passes on the deck...High Res - 2.4 MB
69XTM Racing X-Terminator RTRXTM's X-Terminator 1/8th RTR 4WD Racing buggy is one impressive vehicleHigh Res - 4.2 MB
Low Res- 1.2 MB
70XTM Racing Baja Blade 2WD NitroI found the Baja to be a lot a lot of fun for not a lot of money.High Res - 1.8 MB
Low Res- 322 KB
71DuraTrax Evader EP RTRWell designed, rugged and fun to drive RC vehicle.High Res - 3.2 MB
Low Res- 932 KB
72Jet Set Viper Twin 2Viper Twin LaunchesHigh Res - 1.5 MB
73Jet Set Viper Twin 2Viper Twin MontageHigh Res - 2.4 MB
74Jet Set Viper Twin 2Viper Twin Hop Up MontageHigh Res - 2.6 MB
75Jet Set Viper Twin 2Viper Twin LandingHigh Res - 618 KB
76Pelikan Dynamic 400 Racer - EPFor the experienced pilot, It's a great plane to have around for some exciting flying - and it turns heads at the field too!High Res - 6 MB
77Hirobo Lama SA-315B - 30The best part of the Lama is it is ready to fly right out of the package.High Res - 2.2 MB
78Quick Quick 60Montage-1 (Hover,invert,auto)High Res - 1.6 MB
Low Res- 286 KB
79Quick Quick 60Montage-2 (Flying around,Piro Flips,loop)High Res - 2.72 MB
Low Res- 479 KB
80GWS Zero - EPTakeoff Video...High Res - 499 KB
81GWS Zero - EPLanding Video...High Res - 447 KB
82GWS Zero - EPLoop Video...High Res - 568 KB
83Morris Hobbies Top CapThe TopCap is an absolute HOOT to fly... Having flown the Knife a good bit this year, the TopCap was every bit as capable and just as easy to fly.High Res - 3 MB
84GWS Slow StickIf you are new to the world of Radio Control Models and do not have access to a flying club or an instructor, the GWS Slow Stick will have you successfully flying in no time.High Res - 2 MB
85Alfa Models P-47 ThunderboltThis planes scale looks AND flying attracted both interest and attention out at the flying field.High Res - 3.9 MB
Med Res - 1.7 MB
86Hangar 9 Clipped Wing TaylorcraftA thing of beauty! That is one of the many ways of describing Hanger 9's new Taylorcraft.High Res - 2.74 MB
87World Models Fun World 3DHovering...High Res - 4.5 MB
89World Models Fun World 3DMixed 3D...High Res - 2.6 MB
90World Models Fun World 3DBasic Aerobatics...High Res - 4.5 MB
91Hot Bodies DIRT DEMONMonster trucks are all the rage right now for r/c drivers and every company is scrambling to make the biggest, fastest and most indestructible truck on the market! High Res - 7.86 MB
92Inside RC Plugs RCUWatch the video in which Dubro President Jim Broberg dubbed the "best in the industry" for finding information on radio control models.High Res - 598 KB
93How to Install Robart RetractsAt first glance, setting up a pneumatic retract system can seem complex and difficult. However, as we go thru the basics of setup and operation I think you’ll agree it couldn’t be simpler. High Res - 6.25 MB
94Flying Styro P40 WarhawkThis P40 Warhawk had great promise and is an extremely attractive warbird with tons of panel lines, rivets and other scale details.High Res - 2.96 MB
95Warehouse Hobbies Enforcer Super G I was completely blown away of the performance as compared to my electric and nitro powered boats that I have owned. High Res - 7.34 MB
96David Johnson on: How to Install Robart Hinge PointsInstalling Robart hingepoints is actually a simple process. Several different glues can be used, but I use a polyurethane glue because of it’s foaming action, strong holding, water cleanup and long working time. High Res - 4.96 MB
97AeroFlakes Indoor Fun-fly eventSuper Flea in Flight #1High Res - 3.92 MB
98AeroFlakes Indoor Fun-fly eventSuper Flea in Flight #2High Res - 5.41 MB
99AeroFlakes Indoor Fun-fly eventFoamy UltimateHigh Res - 3.47 MB
100AeroFlakes Indoor Fun-fly eventWright Flyer Video...High Res - 3.03 MB
101Century Bell 222 - ARFIf you have always wanted to own a scale helicopter but never wanted to invest the huge amounts of time and money that typically is involved with such a project then take a look at the Century Bell 222 ARF as well as the other ARF scale helis in the Century product line.High Res - 9.46 MB
102Sportsman Aviation Hot KnifeThe Hot Knife ARF comes in at a price that usually buys you just a kit... but is it a winner?High Res - 4.64 MB
103Lanier RC Razor 3D ARFLanier's entry is the new Razor 3D arf and is available in 4 different schemes. It promises to provide the full gamut of aerobatic and 3D maneuvers, and with a projected weight of 4.5 -5 lbs. it ought to be one cool ride.High Res - 4.85 MB
104Mecca Models Fiesta ARF The Mecca Models Fiesta ARF is a low wing pattern ship with oversized control surfaces which helps this aircraft double as a limited 3D aircraft.High Res - 10 MB
Med Res - 3 MB
105Cen Racing Grey Thunder EPWhen I opened up the colorful box, I quickly examined the contents. The hull is constructed of ABS plastic. All the electronics are installed as well as the drive train and motor. High Res - 1.68 MB
106Swanson & Shoope Fat Free TacoThe Taco is an exceptionally fun aircraft to fly. All the excitement of wild aerobatics can be found in a package that fits in the back seat of any car. High Res - 9.55 MB
107Wattage Turbo HawkWattAge has grown a reputation for fun and inexpensive electric planes, so I was excited to see they had produced an Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) version of their very popular WattAge Hawk.High Res - 3.72 MB
108Solomon RC RC SkyDiverAlthough not new, one area that is drawing a lot of attention lately is radio controlled skydivers.High Res - 2.9 MB
Low Res- 890 KB
109Fayette Flyers of Georgia SEFF 2003Mac Hodges B-29High Res - 3.53 MB
110Fayette Flyers of Georgia SEFF 2003Jason ShulmanHigh Res - 1.37 MB
111Fayette Flyers of Georgia SEFF 2003Gary Wright doing a little mowing with his Logo.High Res - 2.86 MB
112Fayette Flyers of Georgia SEFF 2003Dave from Radical RCHigh Res - 1.34 MB
113Fayette Flyers of Georgia SEFF 2003Stevens AeromodelsHigh Res - 1.53 MB
114Fayette Flyers of Georgia SEFF 2003Wayne Ulery's Wright FlyerHigh Res - 1.30 MB
115RCNT Winter Bash 2004Off Roading, high flying funHigh Res - 30.5 MB
116Sandbox Bash 2003 Thrashing in the sand with an In-Car Cam!High Res - 3.99 GB
117 RCNT East Coast Bash 2003RC Car and Truck high flying adventure at a BMX Track.High Res - 26.0 MB
120Hobby-Lobby Pigi 3DPigi 3D hover/flying indoors.High Res - 8.46 MB
121GWMP E3DDan Loris flying a Hacker powered E3d indoors.High Res - 7.08 MB
122Hobby Lobby Mini Gee BeeSteve Corzine shows some really cool flying outdoors!High Res - 10 MB
123Hangar 9 Cessna 182 Skylane - 150Now you will experience the spirit of the Cessna in this giant-scale dream-Hangar 9's 1.5-sized replica of the real deal.High Res - 5.43 MB
124Quique Somenzini Yak-54Quique Somenzini flying his own design Yak - 54High Res - 24.7 MB
125Chip Hyde flying Aeroworks UltimateChip Hyde flying Aeroworks UltimateHigh Res - 23.8 MB
126Great Planes Lancair ESGreat Planes created quite a stir when they introduced the Lancair ES in late 2002.High Res - 5.04 MB
127Charlie Evans' Shrike IINew Years Test Flight!High Res - 130 MB
Med Res - 44 MB
128XTM X-Cellerator The XTM Racing X-Cellerator is a WINNER! I can't imagine asking for anything more in a RTR...High Res - 2.06 MB
129Megatech TEMPEST GLADIATORI was immediately impressed with the power to weight ratio. The Gladiator's chevron tires grip firm and launches it very well from a stand still. Once it gets up to speed it literally jumps into second gear with authority.High Res - 3.07 MB
130Fan-Tastic Models AT-6 Texan - EPFan-Tastic Models (FTM) has designed a new electric indoor/parkflyer--a scale version of one of the most important aircraft of all time.High Res - 4.19 MB
131 Diamond Dust/Whiplash ComparisonThe Diamond Dust has been out for a while, and the Whiplash has been making its mark also. Although the two look similar when completed they are quite different.High Res - 6.55 MB
132 Diamond Dust/Whiplash ComparisonThe Diamond Dust has been out for a while, and the Whiplash has been making its mark also. Although the two look similar when completed they are quite different.High Res - 8.62 MB
133Thunder Tiger Victoria Yacht SailboatBuilding the boat was fun, but the real fun was sailing the Victoria. High Res - 2.88 MB
134WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWram Show 2004 Coverage- Quick HeliHigh Res - 14.9 MB
Med Res - 4.9 MB
Low Res- 2.3 MB
135WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageMike Mayberry from HitecHigh Res - 9.25 MB
Med Res - 2.59 MB
Low Res- 1.43 MB
137WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWRAM Show 2004 Coverage with Bubba from Lanier RCHigh Res - 8.27 MB
Med Res - 2.34 MB
Low Res- 1.27 MB
138WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWRAM Show 2004 Coverage with Dave Patrick from Dave Patrick Models......High Res - 8.26 MB
Med Res - 2.45 MB
Low Res- 1.23 MB
139WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWRAM Show 2004 Coverage with Planes Plus...High Res - 6.6 MB
Med Res - 1.91 MB
Low Res- 1.02 MB
140WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWRAM Show 2004 Coverage with Jamie Marks from FMA DirectHigh Res - 13.6 MB
Med Res - 3.85 MB
Low Res- 2.09 MB
141WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWRAM Show 2004 Coverage with Sal from Northeast Sailplane ProductsHigh Res - 11.6 MB
Med Res - 3.28 MB
Low Res- 1.78 MB
142WRAM SHOW 2004 CoverageWRAM Show 2004 Coverage with RC ShowcaseHigh Res - 7.64 MB
Med Res - 2.22 MB
Low Res- 1.15 MB
143 A little Back Yard Bashinghi-flying, mud slinging off road RC Car fun!High Res - 7 MB
144Troy Built Models Foamy Extra 260A little 3D performance.High Res - 12.5 MB
145Century Twinstar 30 ARFWith a relatively minimal investment of time, I was able to build an awesome looking helicopter that commands attention at the flying field.High Res - 2.71 MB
Med Res - 857 KB
Low Res- 471 KB
146DG Flugzeugbau DG-600 MDG 600 sailplaneHigh Res - 4.18 MB
147ICARE LunakLunak vintage super scale sailplaneHigh Res - 1.91 MB
148Kyosho Mad Force 21 4WDThe Mad Force turns effortlessly giving complete control to the driver and when mixed with throttle inputs makes it one of the easiest 1/8th scale trucks I've driven!  I was nervous at first about the suspension but it really does it's job over the rough terrain.High Res - 3.75 MB
149Hangar 9 F4U CorsairHangar 9’s ARF version of the famous F4U Corsair warbird legend is in a class by itself. It features all the usual Hangar 9® ARF amenities like top-quality balsa and ply construction, UltraCote® covering and all necessary hardware.High Res - 11.1 MB
Med Res - 4.21 MB
150Tom Pierce RCU Member Strikes Gold! RC Universe member Tom "NEO" Pierce made headlines at the 2004 Weak Signals RC Expo held April 2-4, in Toledo, Ohio. Tom entered his 85" SBD Dauntless in the static competition at the show, competing alongside a seemingly endless number of top notch RC models. High Res - 21.5 MB