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Letter From Real RCGF Team

Dear customers,

RCGF is NOT merging with Valley View RC!!

Hello RCGF Engine Friends and Family. This is your REAL RCGF Engine design and marketing team.
Over the past 12 + years Zhejiang RCGF MODEL CO., LTD and NO ONE ELSE has offered, under our RCGF brand, more hobby engine sizes than any of our competition to better supply our customers with that perfect engine.
We are sure that a lot of you have seen all the bogus information flying around the inter webs about false RCGF mergers with Valley View RC and just a whole bunch of other junk that is Just not true.
Zhejiang RCGF MODEL CO., LTD has been the only company to legally use the RCGF brand name for all of the 12+ years we have been in business. The fact that some Jonny Come Lately wants to jump on our good reputation because they could not build a good product on their own will not be taken lightly.
Here is a couple of facts that you need to know…
Zhejiang RCGF MODEL CO., LTD, which includes RCGF USA , has been in business since 2007. The owner of Zhejiang RCGF MODEL CO., LTD also owns the RCGF trademark in the US .  Joe Nelson is our partner in RCGF USA . .

What we find odd is the company claiming to have made our engines all the way back to 2007, Yifei Aeromodel Technology Co., Ltd., the same company partnering with Valley View RC, has only existed since 2015.

Please verify the serial no of new Stinger Engines in our website .  For the big quantity serial nos of old RCGF engines from 2007 till 2018, please send the email to us for verify . Our staffs will verify them for you by email .

RCGF USA LLC will offer service for all the RCGF engines which sold by us or our authorized distributors . The updated Stinger engine parts will fit the old RCGF engines.

RCGF factory will only produce the new Stinger Engines which are with new better design and better material from now on . Stinger 70cc Twin , Stinger 10cc RE and Stinger 20cc twin etc will be released in Sep.

For more information please feel free to contact RCGF at [email protected]
or call Joe

  • 520-732-2200

Thank you,

Joe & Pam , Catherine(ZHENG XUAN)


Our NEW RCGF Stinger EngineS will ship to US warehouse within this week

NEW RCGF 15cc RE-Stinger



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